November 18th, 2018
What RSD has taught me
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This post is for ALL of the RSD coaches. I've learned so much from ALL of you.

I've learned to not judge women.
I've learned to be positive.
I've learned to get over emotional pain.
I've learned to stop eating foods that dont contain nutrition/large quantities of refined sugar.
I've learned to become more conscious.
I've learned the ability to have empathy for girls in every situation.
I've learned to have boundaries that are healthy.
I've learned that my experiences are the most important thing to me.
I've learned to enjoy people in many different aspects.
I've learned to inspire women to have sex with me.
I've learned how to take reign over my mind and change my life situations.
I've learned to heal my own emotional pain.
I've learned the actual value of doing whatever it takes to get a girl. It's not ego or neediness - experiences with women you connect with go WAY beyond a notch on the belt.
I've learned to eat foods that keep me stable.
I've learned to take risks for fun.
I've learned how to share fun with others.
I've learned to approach a lot of people.
I've learned that people are generally nice.
I've learned to be okay with not everybody liking me.
I've learned to recognize my ego and harness it to create the best situations for myself and others.

In bold is the most important point of all. I had a life experience around 6 years ago that stripped away all of my happiness. 6 years ago, my poor diet and life choices are what I believe to have caused a brain tumor. I had to start from scratch. Recovery wasn't easy Physical pain everyday plus incredible overwhelming depression. Anything could cause me paralyzing amounts of anxiety and adrenaline.

I found Tyler's videos at this very KEY moment in my life. Exactly when I needed them. On some level, I sensed that Tyler was somebody who came from a very difficult past. I decided to stick at the videos and learn. After my traumatising life event, I was FUCKED. In literally EVERY REGARD a human could be classified FUCKED UP. I was unmotivated, paralyzed, emotionally/phyiscally weak, hateful, jealous, depressed. You name a bad trait in a human being, and I inhabited ALL OF IT. I'm not exaggerating.

So I very slowly implemented the conscious thinking and positivity that Tyler talks about over and over again.

I am very rarely fall into low-level thinking during my day to day life. And like I said, if I slip up, I can take reign over my mind and thoughts and pull myself back into the good groove.

So I took a bootcamp recently in Chicago. I wrote my review of the event, but I felt unsatisfied with the simplicity of what I had said. I wanted to review the value RSD in general has given me over the years.

As a side note, I get motherfucking pissed when people say RSD is a cult, or that Tyler psychologically manipulates for his own gain. The kind of people that say these things either simply dont understand, or it's that they get an erection from the mere thought of themselves being a victim of somebody (LOL!). For me, Owen is a friend who bailed me out of a really shitty life situation when I needed it the most. It's not a favor I can return to him personally, but rather I just naturally see people in pain around me, and I can offer help from an empowered position.

On top of all of this, I just had amazing sex with an amazing gorgeous girl that I had great chemistry with.

So yea, Thanks!

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Jacob Black

Jacob Black

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Sounds like you're doing well after your traumatic experience.  Keep up the good work.
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Thanks, great summary ill use it for post of the week!

The skeptic thing is fully all good btw, read Spiral Dynamics, its just their paradigm and many change in time.

Also read Tribal Leadership, they are stage 1 or 2 in development is all. Many WILL change. ;)

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