January 20th, 2019
Tinder Game
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If by "good" you mean "completely worthless shit littered with poor grammar to boot" than yes I agree

In fact if say the same for anything posted from - it's 4chan for backwards hat wearin bro dogs
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I heard it's best in LA to use this app
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What kind of tag lines do you guys use?
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richie rich wrote:
 I have sealed the deal with tinder girls multiple times. my general strategy is

me: "hi :)"
her: irrelevant
me: "you are absolutely gorgeous"
her: thanks, u too, ur sweet etc etc
me: "come hang out with me at _____ (fun place)"
her: this is where it varies, some will say yes, some will not reply to this, some will give an excuse. if i get a good reply I'll say
me: ok perfect text me xxx-xxx-xxxx

I don't like to have long convos...sometimes if its necessary i'll string it out but i've found its important to get the real # right away, if she's far away and really hot I'll get her snapchat so we can filrt on snapchat until im near where she lives. 

thoughts? any of you guys have a better strategy?

GIrls on tinder are 100x hotter than okq or pof, which is why i've really been trying to master it. I'm aware that most girls use it as self-validation, or as a fun "app" but I think if you have a good profile and you transition to get the # fast and have good text game this has the potential to be a steady stream of easy #'s you can convert to dates and once you have them in person it's game on. 

What the fuck!? No fucking way. That works consistently? That's insane.. It's that easy? What kind of 'hot' girl responds to that shit? I'm gonna have to try this app out.
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Definitely some smooth lines on the body building forums thread. sure might sound sappy or even have bad grammer , but it sure conveys the mood / message/tone
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Like a lot of these apps (Four Square, 9rubhub), Tinder seems to work best
in extremely condensed, lar9e metro areas where people are alienated
from each other and have a lar9e, casual datin9 pool. 

It really seems to streamline the process and I'm surprised that 9irls
will even use it, because it basically cuts all of the "9et to know you" shit
and barriers and hoops you have to jump throu9h in reality/okcupid
out of the way for you. It's like 9rinder for strai9hts, even the fuckin name
sounds the same. I a9ree with the above advice about 9ettin9 the #
as fast as possible and convertin9 to text.

I think it's better because it's a live interaction, basically like im-in9
with a hot babe you don't know. As the cultivated, spontaneous,
self-amused and witty pick up artists we are, I think this 9ives us
an advanta9e. You have a 9reat opportunity to spike buyin9 temp
and build attraction with who you are in the moment and not some
fuckin lame profile or slu99ish back and forth.

If it's based on "looks" to choose a match, and I think that's somewhat the case,
even with chicks, I'm wonderin9 why they use it. Maybe they're tryin9 to use
your profile pics to deduce how fun, diverse and realized your lifestyle is.
I would recommend, just like on OKcupid, choosin an array of pics
exhibitin9 a wide rane of emotions, social proof, adventure, variety
all that shit. 

What time of day you 9et on probably has alot to do with it too.
If you 9et on at 11 on a Friday ni9ht, maybe there's some lonely
chicks just wantin9 to hook up. It'd be a 9ood thin9 to 9et on
at the end of the ni9ht if you haven't pulled just to see what else is out there.

My buddy 9ot laid off it about a week a9o and he seems to be 9ettin9 repsonses
from chicks even thou9h he's kind of a weirdo/chode/not that handsome.
He said the 9irl was pretty hot, so who knows, maybe this app is man's best friend?
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Haven't even tried but i saw this video, Adam  shows his interaction and then breaks it down.
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Has anyone else completely stopped getting matches? I was getting ~5 matches/day and had 59 total, but I haven't gotten a single match in a week. Looks like I'll need to reinstall the program, but I don't want to lose all my current matches yet.
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 Tried it once and didn't get any matches at all in like 10 hrs. Hopefully it was just broken lol. 
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richie rich

richie rich

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A lot of it comes down to how good your main pic is. Most girls will make a .5 second decision. Make sure it's your best pic.

Yeah go for the # early and freedom from outcome are the 2 biggest things
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