March 23rd, 2017
Hard time while meditating
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Its been a week and a half since i started meditating,i do it everyday for 30 mins ,usually listening to "pleidian meditation harmonic spiritual 2012" or without music,with eyes open..still,i can barely keep my concentration on the breath,just got that feeling that im not doing it right...any ideas maybe or meditation aids??

,i wanna keep at it and start being more concentrated in general...
"Be still like a mountain,Flow like a great river"

 - Lao Tse Tung
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You can try guided meditations, they're helpful in holding your concentration, but not quite as effective at developing it like meditating without music or guidance (just my personal experience, I may be wrong). For example:

Keep in mind this is not a spiritual woo-woo technique that transforms your body into a shining ball of light (or at least ignore that part of it), the point is to develop your focus until you can do it on your own. As you become better at it you can drop them.

+ look into nutrition, bad food create brain fog (not just mcdonalds or coca cola, many things such as bread or pasta).
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Cut the music out. Waste of time.

You're doing fine.

All the bullshit that comes into your head to try and tell you to stop is exactly what you are working on.

Some thought comes into your head and instead of reacting to it, you don't. Vwallah, you slowly train your brain to remain focused and slowly cut down on the mental noise habits we build up.

Good work bro, keep it up.
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