December 13th, 2018
thoughts on pickup from a guy who has slept with 100+ women
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i watched the blueprint in early 2009 then registered here a couple of weeks later. i have learned a lot but have given back very little. the more i go out, the more i see guys who understand nothing or cannot display what they have learned. here i will give some kind of "guide" and my thoughts to pickup with some common tactics i have used.

it's a very long read but worth it. RSD gave me the chance to become a man with the charisma of tony stark and the sexual prowess of a hungry lion. it's time to give back. i rarely post and dont aim to post after this again. i would like to thank all the instructors but especially tyler, tim and jeffy.

Tyler is cool for everything but the best for understanding the EGO. a must for anyone is to understand how he explains the ego and what it does to you.
Tim's laid back approach is needed to be cool around women: he is just buzzing. i remember first watching his swagger and just thinking "what the fuck? hes acting like hes a shark, just killer".
Jeffy is amazing for his attitude: no bull-shit. not afraid.

i dont know what has happened to Tim or Jeffy as i dont keep in touch with RSD anymore but they were big help to me. their articles and videos are amazing.

some background information:

-> i have slept with 100+ women. i lost count after a while but my game is tight. i have gone out a lot - for some months i would go to where i was living just to sleep, shower, shit and eat food. i would be out the rest of the day. how many girls u have slept with does not dictate how much you know but i have gone out a lot and have gotten results time and time again.
-> i travel around europe but am focused in london most of the time.
-> completed a degree in mathematics.

if you have watched the blueprint, at some point early on tyler says something like "you can watch this again and again and you will understand it differently and at a higher level". this is the single most important line in the blueprint and in general, pick up. as you develop your game and you start understanding more, principles you have learned before now seem different and at a higher level. information you took in before, after you have learned new things and have a different/new perspective, is like new information. it is why the blueprint is all you need - keep watching it and you will have a game tighter than a virgin's (which isnt really that tight).

the basic model to picking up women:

open --> connect --> close.

you OPEN the woman by introducing yourself. you CONNECT to show why you and her should be together or have sex. you CLOSE to ensure this happens.

how important is each? as an average, each is worth 33.333... %, so they are each as important as each other. but some situations call for a big success on the OPEN, some call for a big success on the CONNECT and others are a big success on the CLOSE.

newbies ask "but how do i open? what's the best opener"? after that it's not easy to identify how to give technical advice on the model. here is why.

whenever you say anything, you should have a purpose as to what you want. and we want sex from a woman. that is it. when you open. you are most likely worried about the tone of your voice, of being rejected, of not having a chance, of choosing the wrong opener, when you connect you are worried about if you're being too sexual, if this is going in the right direction, if she is interested in you. when you close you are worried about setting up the perfect date - ideally her/your place. and so on.

so your purpose is not to have sex, but to avoid embarrassment. to avoid humiliation. this is where you have to take a step back completely and see it as this. the open-connect-close model and anything else (push-pull, neg, any other tactics, which i will explain) all follow as a result of your purpose: whenever you approach you should have this clear in your mind: you want to fuck her and everything you are doing is a result of getting this to happen. you should not be focused on your opener, how you are connecting or how you close. you should be focused on fucking her. on what you want to make happen. not on what to say, but on what to make her feel and what you want to happen.

OPEN: some common openers are:

1. (eye contact) (keep eye contact) hi (pause) you're cute (some kind of response from here means she understands what is coming and has some experience, no response indicates she may be shy and has no idea what is about to happen).

2. hi, you're adorable, i just have to talk to you. OR hi, you're adorable.

3. hey you, come here. (point with your hand to your chest), im going to pick you up.

4. hi (take your phone out) (give eye contact), put your number in.

5. (eye contact) can i get your opinion on something? (the response here is usually SURE). im here to pick up beautiful girls and youre my first candidate. OR where are all the beautiful women around here? OR you just saw me and you didnt pick me up? why are you shy?

6. hey come here, what's your name? OR hi you look cute, what's your name? (says her name) I hate that name. where are you from? (says where she's from) I hate this country. (she should be laughing or in awe). how old are you? (says her age) you're too young.

these are just some ^^. how you say the words and how you convey yourself is of importance. deep voice. don't stutter. use your body. i dont believe in pussy/weak openers. i believe that you should be strong when you introduce yourself. if you give your frame as being weak when you open, it's hard to change it as she has already made her impression of you. if you give a strong frame, she understands your dominance straight away. it's high risk/reward but only high risk depending on how you deliver the opener. if you deliver the opener properly, you get given the perfect chance and all risk goes out.

some extreme openers: make a comment on something nice that she has physically. important to get eye contact first

7. hi, you've got an ass like a hippopotamus on steroids, can i touch it?" OR "im going to touch it" then grab her hands with your hands and touch it. squeeze real good.

8. excuse me but your breasts are hypnotising, i was going to ask for your name but... (stare at her breasts, open mouth).. urm yeah, whats your name?

these sound perverted and stupid, but they work. strong dominance, close proximity, say it slowly and deeply and you make quick connections.

CONNECT: so how the fuck do ya connect???

1. ill ask her "tell me about you" - ill ask her what she enjoys doing then make fun of it. it doesnt seem like youre connecting - you're doing the opposite. you're pushing her away from you. but this is the real connection - ridicule her on the shit that she "says" that she likes and get her to admit what she really likes: to be fucked.

-> "i enjoy dancing and singing" will lead me to reply "well you can dance all over my body" or "singing? you can sing my name after i take you to heaven and back"
-> "i like to read books" ill reply with "what kind?" she will reply with "romance" and usually some shit like 50 shades of grey comes up. then it's just easy pickings from her, you ask her what she enjoys about the book then say something like "reading is very nice, it gives you a flavour of what to do and desire. but i prefer to act - i do what people read about. and im going to do it with you" or something like this.

2. ill tell her that i have huge life problems - i have commitment issues, problems with drugs, alcohol and smoking and ask her why im like this and if she can Fix me. what im doing is making her be involved in my development - she understands that im a bad boy and shes the one who can take me and fix me by imposing her feminine powers. something common that will happen:

me: "but baby i do drugs all the time, how can you handle me like this?"
her: "you'll have all of your focus on me and will be able to think of nothing else".
me: "is that enough? what if i still cannot commit to you and want more?"
then depending on what type of woman she is, how much she wants you, her mood, she may get pissed at you but in the ideal frame, it will lead to sexual escalation, what will happen is you are saying you are hopeless to your bad-boy instincts and she has to cure you. this will lead to her saying at some point:

her: "ill fuck you so hard that you'll be better, ill fix you baby".

3. comment on what she is wearing. such a simple way to connect with her. tell her how good/bad/shit/sexy she looks with what she is wearing. something like this:

me: "i love your red dress, so god damn sexy, its showing all of your curves. dont u know its illegal to look this good?"

me: "your bra is unhooked" at which point she checks it, and you say "i meant later, and your panties will be too". this gets a buzz going. her clothes can be used for connection. she chose what to wear.

me: "why did u choose to wear that top? to me, it's hiding your natural beauty. why are u wearing anything at all?"

you can connect on every day issues, politics, music, etc. whats important to me is that u break rapport - you call her views shit and tell her why she is wrong and use it as an excuse for physical escalation.

physically connecting is important. jokes are great for connection, even lame jokes. you can find so many jokes online ( is a nice site). after you say the joke, in close proximity, push her away as she is laughing, or grab her in, hold her hands and such.

you can connect by asking her to hold your hand, then getting her hand on your thigh or her thigh and taking two of her fingers and rubbing the thigh. obviously this gives a connection to rubbing her pussy.

CLOSE: this is about getting her number, getting her location and getting her body

getting her number: pick up is not about getting the number, just like how pick up is not about openers. its about you fucking her, getting her number is a way to meet up for next time. so dont feel amazing about getting the number. on top of the usual "let me get your number", here are some other ways to get it.

1. "i would ask for your number, but i already know it". her: "whatt??" me: "yeah its 34DD".
2. "i need to go soon but would love to see you again" or "i have to go, ive had enough of your shit, but ill take your number down and ill talk to you later"
3. pull your phone out, give it to her and say "you will give me access to your soul" or something like this.

if you havent opened her or connected with her properly, she may not give her number. she may not like u and still give u her number to ensure u leave her alone. this is a "flake". u fix this by opening and connecting deeply, to the point where the conversation is already past phone numbers - the phone number is just a formality.

getting her location comes after the phone number and with a strong opener that suggests u want her, the connect part should tell u her location, i.e. "do u live around here?". when you get the location you have to get to her head that you will go to her place - because when she goes home she adopts her usual frame, not the frame that you have put her in. suddenly u may seem creepy and she may have her friends/family/BF. if you have your own place, u have to make sure she knows your place and trusts you on where you live.

getting her body: when she comes to ur place or u go to her place, with a strong opener and strong connection u can forget all the other shit people say about "playing the right music or watching a movie first". you can make her comfortable initially and dont put any negative pressure on her. aka just be reasonable. she wants sex and at this point after a solid game it will come easily. dont even take her to the living room or go to her living room, take her straight to your bedroom or when u go to her place ask straight away where her bedroom is. simple and direct. no bullshit.

so that's the basic model, here are some strategies that i use:


this one is basic. most guys only know how to pull the girls in "you're so beautiful, i want you". but you have to learn to push away. you have to make her understand that you have many options, are independent of her opinion and whilst shes telling you that she wants u, u give her reasons as to why she cant have u or why she does not deserve u. some examples:

me: "youre too inexperienced, you wont be able to handle me"
her: "but i want you, teach me then"
me: "you are so pathetic, you dont even know how to give love. you dont deserve me"
her: "noo :( that's so rude, youre mean"
at this point she feels useless. she wants you because you gave her the impression that youre attracted to her. you have pushed her away.

now you pull her back in - "baby i dont know what i was thinking, i want you, i need you" and blah blah.

so the push pull is a way to get you away from being like everyone. you show that you can exist with out her.

i use this to ellicit sadness and a hole in me. after i have shown domination and teased her and maybe even fucked her, so we have some comfort. i will tell her that i cant love her and give her reasons why - she is not pretty enough, she is too inexperienced, she is too old, too young. i will tell her to make me feel love. do this in close proximity or out in public and u get a woman reacting to your frame.

me: "i cant love you, you aren't enough for me. i need more" whilst you hold her hand

and then she should react by giving you something!

i like to use what she says and what she does. if she has a saying that she uses all the time, i will use it. it makes a connection. if she says something like "oh i had a really good day today, i got promoted at work" i will say "i feel really bad because some girl told me that this blonde, big titted (what she looks like) got promoted at her job" -> you use what she says in some way. simple. this leads her to think that youre smart or quick-witted.

i like to sometimes be quiet, stare at her, hold her hand and just seize her. my eyes remain open, she will blow up by saying something like "what?! youre so weird?!". if she says something that isnt good to reply to, say you ask her how her day has been and she says "good" you will act negatively to it: ill keep quiet then tell her "what u said is so stupid". after sex or a date or some physical moment, just looking at her and being quiet creates a connection. simple to understand, simple to use. requires no speaking.
and sometimes you will want to really play with her. i have some "thermonuclear" strategies, ones that are quite nasty. these sound horrible and shit that would only work in fantasy books, but during sex and close physical connection, especially when she wants you, they work. it is based on her wanting you and not being able to have you.

CANT CUM: as youre about to fuck her you tell her before at how much you love her and that when you fuck her, youll cum inside her or on her (because you cumming on her is a sign that she has integrated herself onto you. when you cum on her, you have become her property in some way). then when she has orgasmed you must get her to want to make you cum - at this point you say something like "i cant cum in you, youre too cute" or "i cant cum in you, i dont love you" or "i cant cum on you, your body isnt good enough to deserve my cum". you then challenge her to make you cum and she will give u a monter lollipop blowjob or something. as she finishes u off, u'll say how happy that u are that she made u cum. OR you can be sadistic and stop fucking her after she orgasms and say "im leaving, you cannot satisfy me, im going to fuck another girl and im going to cum in her". just watch her face. if she isnt totally attracted to u of course this may not work. but she should be if youve gotten this far.

DOOR: a classic NLP move. if you are with her in her bedroom or watching a movie, you pull this move. just google "the door NLP dark seduction move" or something to get it. you make her feel that she cant exist without you and that you can be gone from her life in any minute. i alternate it like this.

say im out at a coffee date with her and we're connecting. ill just pop up with some excuse about her like "you dont look cute today, this girl over there is much hotter" and ill begin to leave to go to the other girl. or ill say "im leaving, u are not satisfying me". its just like the DOOR - you make her feel that she cannot have you or be secure around you.

about text game: i try not to use words like "haha" unless its called for and i never ever use words like "lol". i hate fluff talk. waste of time. holding back. the girl can do that.  every message is say is full of purpose.
if she texts u about where u have been or what u have been doing, ignore it and move on to what u want to do to her. "where haveu  been all day?" is just avoided or ridiculed "i went to mars and back".
some stuff that i have learned about other guys:
-> you dont learn from watching other men around women. its based on a specific relationship. imagine if a guy is a brother to a girl, of course they will be comfortable, so can u really say that you should be like him around her? maybe he's her boss or gay-friend or cousin. theres no frame to copy or something to learn from - each relationship with each person is dynamic. you make your own impressions, so learn from yourself.

-> if the girl is young, tease her about guys her age not being able to handle her. if she is old, tease about guys her age being impotent. when i am with a girl, i look at ways to remove other men

-> if a guy is trying to play around with you or fuck with you, dont feed into his frame. there are so many articles on this. if you really want to react, then react by showing dominance with the girl or by calling him out on his shit. its your ego thats making you react - if you have learned to be a cool, relaxed guy then you will think that you should always remain calm. so if some other guy is telling a girl around u "look at this guy, he's so cool, so relaxed", he's calling out your ego to accept you as having those traits. you can respond by moving away, by saying "ok cool" if you cant move away or you can lay into him "and youre even more relaxed. i havent seen u talk to one girl". what feed he's putting you in, put him in that frame. if he wants to make you jealous, make him jealous.
some thoughts on specific girls:

-> learn to SCREEN for the type of women. i didnt know how to act differently to low self esteem / high self esteem girls for years but learned. if you know straight away how she is behaving by how she reacts to what u say and to what u test her with, you can kinda tell what she will be like later.

-> in all my experiences with black girls i have to be dominant, she is used to a dominant frame in some way. i dont enjoy the ghetto culture or black culture that much so i remove her from it. this can be done for all girls - if u dont like the girl thats dressed like a and she lives like a and loves to adventure, etc, then make sure she doesnt talk about that with you.

-> learning to game muslim girls is the best way to learn. they are hooked by religion but are intelligent and can hold a good conversation. you learn about pacing - sometimes she has men with her and family/friends with her too so you have to be perfect. lebanese girls are the most beautiful for a reason - they are harder to get!!

-> i use a girl's culture to her advantage. if she is british then ill play into that by getting banter with her. but sometimes i ridicule the culture - imagine youre a british girl and u are used to british men every dya with tea and biscuits and newspaper. sometimes ill use it to liberate her.
and some thoughts on confidence:

-> nobody cares if you succeed. i look at myself and think only i can show myself. we all like our inner tyler durden - to be perfect and do what we really want. but nobody acts if you care that way. i want to be different and show myself all the time. i treat it like a social experiment - how can everyone be so contained in themselves? you can just fuck around with people by noting this.

-> you are not your ego. i dont believe even in a "you". what "you" is a list of characterisations of what you have experienced, felt, believed and a list of items that creates you - ie youre good at maths, did something funny at prom that everyone will remember. you use these as logical bullet points to prove that you are good and worthy.

i dont like that - i think you should think that the real "you" is in a limbo or some place where you have no such features. you just are. and how you act does not define you. eckhart tolle explains this much better. the point is, i do not defer to my ego. this means that when i should be confused at why i didnt close the girl or get the job or do something properly, i understand that i just think that because i thought i did well and my ego is disappointed because i have not satisfied it. but in the limbo world my ego doesnt feed into that - nothing can change it.

-> whenever i have some success and lack motivation, i either look at people who are homeless or living in third world countries with nothing OR i watch something that angers me: just youtube "female supremacy" and tell me you dont want to dominate women. i think that you should not let success get to you, i.e. the more girls you fuck should not make u more relaxed. the more money i make does not make me more relaxed. i just want more - you can fuck 2/3/4 girls but have the understanding that just because you have accomplished this - it does not mean much to the next girl u are after, who does not care about your previous girls.

-> if you like a certain type of girl and like how she looks specifically or her accent, dont be fluffed by it. dont feel that u have to try extra hard for it. just be extra dominant and extra non-afraid. i remember when i was younger i would try different things with girls that i really wanted - sometimes it worked, but it was just too much effort.
some other points from travelling:

-> be careful at the place u stay in and the girls u stay. some will try to steal from u if u are a tourist and their country is poor.
-> not knowing a different language isnt the biggest barrier. she just has to know some english. u dont react to her not understanding english, she reacts to not knowing english.
-> forget any social conditioning about what people say about certain girls in certain countries. i remember going to Kosovo and being told that as girls are muslims they are tight and hard to get. complete bullshit. whichever country you go in, whichever region you go in, whichever store/club you are in, you keep your frame held high.
a nice image to pump everyone up: she went to the toilet, got on her knees, got an application to take a photo after a set time just to show her feet, legs, and ass, which i all asked for.

and some videos of me dancing whilst on molly with some chinese girls: (im the white guy, video was last year or maybe year before)

there's so much other stuff to say but this is just some stuff that i have learned. i hope u all have a good day
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 Wow, awesome read dude! Really enjoyed it, fucking great tips aswell, its obvious u have been hitting it up well! Keep it up man!
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 Hey man, thanks for putting efford into this, but it seems to me that you are using some material?
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Fuq that ass is nice.

Good post bro.
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zippyzag wrote:

CONNECT: so how the fuck do ya connect???

1. ill ask her "tell me about you" - ill ask her what she enjoys doing then make fun of it. it doesnt seem like youre connecting - you're doing the opposite. you're pushing her away from you. but this is the real connection - ridicule her on the shit that she "says" that she likes and get her to admit what she really likes: to be fucked.
How early after you open do you ask her about herself?

I have this limiting belief that you can't ask a woman about herself too early in a conversation because it is too personal.  What are you thoughts on that?
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Very helpful post man,

I learned it as "make her invest".
Although I don't have as much experience as you (by far), I somehow figuered, that I just had to stay in the right Mind-Set. The Mind-Set is "I am the Prize". If she wants me, she has to proove that she is worthy to have my dick in her. She has to invest and of course I have to make her to do so. Even by looking her deep in the eyes and give her a very challeging look, you can make her invest. She has to win YOU over, otherwise she could flake very easily.
I love the push-pull, and I love the "Drama"... It locks the girl in emotionally, and she wants to experience that...Would you agree?
This is what I like about the game, and this is what I wanna focus on mastering in the long run, even though I am quite at the beginning of learning success with women, so thanks for your post!
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 Nice bro looks good and that chick has a great ass by the way ;)
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This helped me understand push/pull and communicating man to woman. Thanks man
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 I was reading this post with a hard-on througout. Some tactics involved but great post for newbies nonetheless, as at the beginning you probably need to 'fake it till you make it' anyway.
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 LOL i don't think a guy who really fucked 100+ chicks would be in a pickup forum writing a wall of texts about it
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MacSWOLE1 wrote:
 LOL i don't think a guy who really fucked 100+ chicks would be in a pickup forum writing a wall of texts about it

^^ all of the RSD instructors hahaha
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