November 19th, 2018
my friend got stabbed 4 times gaming
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I was choked by a random dude outside a club in DC. All I did was approach a girl I saw walking by. I didn't even touch her of anything. She smiled but kept walking, so I walked for a bit to try to get her to stay and talk to me.

Out of nowhere a tall dude came up behind me and put his arms around my neck very forcefully. I started choking involuntarily. Eventually he let go.

Police was literally 20-30 feet away. They didn't notice.

I started to call out to them afterward, getting pissed, but my friend stopped me. He tried to cheer me up and get me to move on, but it kinda soured the rest of my night.

Honestly there are some real scum bags out there. I don't see how any sane, rational person can call people like us, just approaching women and having fun, douche bags. At least I never resort to violence when a woman I like is being hit on.

That's scary OP, getting stabbed like that. Your friend is fortunate the guy didnt have a gun or inflicted more serious injuries. I'm only 19 and this kinda thing has never happened to me. I was totally unprepared when it did. My life could have ended.
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Kid_Ink wrote:
this was at an 18-22 club...
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Turok wrote:
solution = don't game in south bronx
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