January 18th, 2019
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 What's up duuudes!!!! Time to start logging my adventures. There are a lot of chill dudes on here and I've really enjoyed reading your field reports. I've been inspired to start my own for a few reasons: -Hold myself accountable -Keep track of my successes/areas needing improvement -GIVE VALUE (hopefully) So, my story will unfold throughout this thread but for now the basics. I got out of a four year relationship about six months ago. I've done a lot of introspection and developing of myself in the past few months and a lot of my life is really rocking right now.... except for women. Thankfully I've gotten to the point where I'm really confident in myself and happy so I'm looking to spread the love! I was also sick of just thinking about pickup- reading the forum, watching youtube videos etc. TIME TO TAKE ACTION!

So there is a meetup group in my city that focuses on pua- chill some new potential wings. I met up with them tonight and we had some dinner talked basics about opening and transitioning into closing, came up with a bit of a game plan and set some goals for the night. Goals- can't stress how important these are, if you don't have clear set goals you wont accomplish anything! Im still figuring out my overall goals from pickup but I realize I at least need to have very clear goals for my nights. Primary Goal: Have fun, be social, don't get in your head Secondary Goal: Be physical in every set and get some solid phone numbers

There is a two set sitting down in a little booth and I walk up commenting that is a HUGE beer! There was this tiny girl NurseHolly nursing a beer half the size of her and another ZooBreann chillin out. Some fluff and pretty soon i'm sitting down squished against Nurseholly- she is fucking gorgeous- brunette, petite great legs that I'm leaning against and occasionally grazing, seems to have a kickin body. We are just bullshitting I'm learning about them they're learning about me. Some tests but otherwise pretty chill. I notice that I feel very relaxed and am just entertaining  myself, dont' care too much about their reactions or opinion of me.  I seed dancing and my wings have left for another bar. I get both their phone numbers and get hugs. Nurseholly says i only do sitting hugs. I say NO REAL HUG and pull her out of the booth. She hugs me close and hard then she grabs my chest as we bullshit a bit more. Zoobreann seems really chill but Im more attracted to nurseholly. Plus these girls are roomies so i can't quite game them both-- Gah! Excellent first set and I'm having a great time- off to the  next bar. 

Next set is waiting in line to get to the rooftop. It's a group of six girls that are all stunners. We're bullshitting and just fluff. ChicagoModel keeps trying to get in front of me in line to be with her friends. I don't let her until she starts becoming a total bitch. Okay fiiiiine girl and I let her through. Then I'm boxed out, buddies ahead of me in line these girls turnign their backs towards me. Fuck that shit. I'm not just gonna stand here for the next ten minutes by myself. I persist because they love me they just don't know that yet. Get some more of the girls names and start talking with chicagomodel. this chick is a model so she is pretty gorgeous and almost my height- I'm 6'4". But she's blond, doesn't seem intelligent and a total bitch, so I am just gaming her for something to do. Chicagomodel is acting aloof staring at her phone. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE COLOR?! breaking rapport tonality don't give a shit. She doesn't respond but i stare her down until it becomes more awkward to not answer. We start talking a bit more and I get bored of her and shoot the shit with some of the other friends.

Get to the roof and this place is classy. Tons of hotties and model types. I walk around a bit looking for my new friends and get in my head a bit. OKAY FUCK THAT SHIT- dont worry be happy. I talk with a few people they are stoned and pretty boring. I get a couple bad reactions but Im happy it doesn't faze me. I know it's not me it's them. Time to find some cooler chicks. talking with some girls at the bar while i wait for a water. she starts talking about how nice her ass is- turns around and shows me- i just go in a grab it- wow thick fucking booty it was nice. She says i was jsut going to show you not have u feel it. Im like it's cool girl. I also end up grabbign her friends ass later- she is less into it and gives me a bit of shit, i briefly apologize and they stick around. EASIER TO ASK FOR FORGIVENESS THAN FOR PERMISSION. I just met these girls and within minutes was just feeling up their asses out of nowhere :P

One thing I want to point out that I'm proud of is taht I approached THE HOTTEST girls at this place. talked with some so-so's talked with dudes talked with a lot of people. But I actively approached 9's and 10's and was not intimidated in the least.  I am a quality guy and want hot women, but not just hot women. I want hot, intelligent, fun women and the only way to find out is to open. I talked with two girls and brought a wing in and chilled for like 30 minutes. these girls were cool. my target was studying to be a PA and i found out she had broke her arm so I'm pretending to be a doctor and giving her a physical jsut checking her out- grabbing this, grabbing that. She gives me a shit test- "i bet you don't know what these bones are" pointing to her forearm. I have to think a bit- it's been years since i took human anatomy but get them (radius and ulna for those interested) test passed, girl impressed with my knowledge. I say she is cool lets hang out give me yoru number. but she had a serious bf who she is about to move to pennsylvania with. Oookay thats alright. She's like "u can have my friends number tho!" I hand her my phone she enters her number saves her name... whatever. I dont' really care-won't be pursuing this. this chick ended up texting me later ~2am lookin for a booty call. Nah girrl it's cool.

I'm shootin the shit with some cool dudes and all the sudden i see this girl facing away from me. Blonde, thin, white pants with a floral pattern, and an AMAZING ass. turns out she had great tits too but damn that ass was mesmerizing. I lose my train of thought with the dudes, I'm like "hold on" March straight up to this chick tap her on the shoulder "Hi I saw you from over there and had to come over you are absolutely gorgeous!" "i'm guacamole what's your name?" she soaks it up and is loving me -- then her fiance goes in to kiss her on the cheek. Ohh u got a man- TOO BAD. I say i hope i made your night better and proceed walk over to her friends "so you must be her hot single friends" we shoot the shit and seed dancing. this is kind of boring so I say my goodbyes and meet up with one of my wings.

He is chilling with a threeset of blonds. (what the fuck is with all these blond girls? Im much more into brunettes) Turns out these girls are all sisters and they're bangin hot, but they are also pretty vane and stuck up. just some rich kids without much personality or interest about them. my dick keeps me there we shoot the shit and i play around with them but it doesn't go much of anywhere. We hang out some more talk wiht a variety of folk and decide to call it a night. I met some cool dudes that I will definitely be hanging with more which is huge. I couldn't get myself to go out alone so I'm glad I'm meetin some like-minded guys who I can beast with. 

It's about three-thirty in the morning now and I realize how important it is to recap my nights and meditate on my successes/where I can improve. Succeses: -Not outcome dependant, I am confident in myself and know that I can give value, it's just a matter of finding those worth keeping -Almost everything I opened hooked right away- people were loving me -I talked with the hottest fucking chicks. Not intimidated in the slightest -Several numbers, one actually pretty solid that I will follow up on. (She also texted me around 1:30 but i didnt see it.)  I realize i need to start taking some notes about these girls so i can keep them straight because i'm already seeing how easy it is to lose track.  Needs improvement: -Get the nitty gritty down sooner, aka logistics about who they're with what they're doing and if they have a bf. no reason to waste time on them if logistics won't work out. -I was physical to a degree but I need to amp it up. go hard or go home buddy! - go for the pull So I realize this probably got long. just kind of spewing some of the more memorable sets. WHAT DO YOU GUYS LIKE READING ABOUT? I'm doing a lot of this for myself but I also want to give as much value as I can. 

Peace, Guacomole
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 What's up players!? Hope everyone is working towards what they want and enjoying what they have.

I'm a bit frustrated at the moment. It is so easy to just fall back into old habits, to do what you're used to, to take the path of least resistance.

It was a big step for me to just go back out and hit it in the club and when I did, I went all out and had a great time. I've thought an analyzed about that night more and realized how important that is. If you want to improve quickly you need to A. Go out + B. Analyze/talk about your performance, strengths and weaknesses and things you could have done better.

Problem is I haven't been doing A. Last weekend I stayed in got invited to an outdoor concert and didn't go for some reason, just made some excuse to myself. I realized that part of why I am not really pushing it hard and going out a ton is because I don't have clear set goals.

I've never really made it any more defined than wanting to expand my social circle and meet new women.

I got out of a really serious relationship about nine months ago. It was really fucking intense. I was in a lot of pain and really had to analyze my life and what I wanted. For the past few months I've been feeling ready to get back out there but haven't taken action. I need to sleep with some other women - PENIS NEEDS LOVE - I also need to expand my social circle. I neglected a lot of my friends for the past couple years and moved apart from others due to differences in direction. 

I know I don't want to get in a long term relationship right away. That will happen at some point but it's not what I'm looking for. I want to have fun with women but not let a single one occupy all of my social time. I wrote down a list of all the non-physical (and physical) attributes I'm looking for in girls. But, I'm not going to find out if any fit my criteria if I don't approach! Saw an absolutely gorgeous girl at the gym today- super fit with just an incredible ass and perky tits. I DIDN'T APPROACH. I don't know why just didn't have the drive, easier just to not do it. That was the impetus for me writing right now.

I have quite high standards and I don't know how far I'll bend them to get my dick wet. I think it's important to realize sleeping with them is a great step to see if they fit standards, and you can keep them a fuck buddies if they are actually cool/fun/intelligent etc. Not knowing this can't be something that keeps me from approaching, it will figure itself out.

A lot of this stuff will figure itself out, it just takes action. Since I don't have super clear set goals of what I want to accomplish then I think a wise step would be a 30 Day Challenge.

Primary Goal:
Approach and conversate at least one girl every day.
Due to my current work schedule I'll be focusing more on day game but go out at least one night a week to the bar/club
If I see a gorgeous girl I need to approach

Secondary Goal:
Have 4 dates
Kiss 4 girls
Sleep with 1 girl

These are general guidelines and I will continue to re-evaluate. The important part is forcing myself to take action. Holding myself accountable and starting small. Just 1 girl a day. Totally manageable.

I had a lunch date with a girl earlier this week at work, tentative plans for a day 2 this weekend with a girl I knew at my old job and going out with a wing from the forum. This is all without going out, let's see how much I can accelerate.

What did you do in your first 30 day challenge that was particularly helpful? Where there goals that you felt were crucial to your success? What did you struggle with? How did you hold yourself accountable?

I read some really enjoyable field reports on this forum. I aspire to give value like theirs do. I feel bad and at how chodelike this is so far and it almost kept me from posting. But, you can't help others untl you help yourself. I've got to accept where I'm at and focus on the process and things will move from chodey reality to exciting pimp shit. Looking forward to getting to the point where I'm having mad success and starting to give value to the community.

Until next time
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What's up dudezzz!?!?!

Went out to the clubs last night with a few dudes from this forum. Not even sure what their handles are yet but all of them seemed pretty chill.

There were six of us which was not necessarily ideal but we ended splitting of pretty early. First place pretty dead, lost of old people and people still eating.

Then to a dance club. I wasn't approaching much walking around but once we got here I started it up. Go grab a water from the bar and lean up against this girl as I'm ordering. She opens me up about how I'm alll on her and I just grab her around the waist, our faces like 6 inches from each other. don't know what we talk about but I'm doing a great job of staying physical, chilled out, laser eye contact. I want to go dance, tell her find me later and peace.

Dance with several diff girls on the dance floor most notable is this chick wearing a super low cut black dress. She has HUUUUGE tits and I claw her in stare her down.  This gets sexual real quick, I'm rubbing my hands up and down her legs and ass. I'm hard almost instantly and start grinding up against her. We make out a tiny bit. Stay close, foreheads pressed together, staring into each other's eyes.

Make out some more, I say "SKO" and pull her to the edge of the dance floor where there are booths. Push her down into the booth, and straddle her -- realize this is probaably a bit too intense so I sit down to her side and we real talk a bit. Start making out more I'm grabbing her tits which feel so amazing and rubbing her pussy. Two girls come and grab their purses from under the booth and then one of her friends comes and asks if she's alright. She's like "ya im good" but now she's in her head since her gfs are watching, doesn't want to seem like a slut. She peaces back out to the dance floor.

Dance with a few more girls and then realize all my wings have bounced. Text one and meet up on the rooftop of another place. chat some girls in line and realize that as I'm going up a bunch of people are going down-- started to rain. Turns out it felt really good and was just a drizzle. 

i walk up and see this fucking 10 that I went to high school with. Walk up "I know you!" and she gives me a big hug. We catch up but just friendly stuff, she is there with her fiance. Impressed with this girl she seemed like a total ditz in HS but has really gotten her shit together.

Find my boys and chill a bit talk with some foreigners that are pretty nice. See a girl in this cool looking dress with amazing legs I chase her down, turns out she is moving into this vip zone, I grab her on the edge of it. "i had to come and tell you your dress is super cool" she looks at me for a sec then opens up. "it's not a dress see?" grabbing the bottoms and pullign them up they are like shorts and I see more of her amazing legs. this girl is gorgeous. just got her mba quit her 6 figure job now doing some marketing for a startup across the country. she is totally trying to validate herself to me but we are too logical. i'm grabbing her but not expressing enough intent, it fizzles and i talk with other girls.

lots of other sets go on the dance floor which is pretty lame but i bring the party. nothing is hooking too hard there aren't enough people dancing but i have some fun just being dumb. eventually peace out with chris to go back to the dance club we were at previously. as it's about 1:30 and bars close at 2. This other place is a bit less classy and really hoppin' so probably a better place to end the night.

Walk a ways to this place with my new buddy and we get to know each other a bit more, he seems like a chill dude. just havin fun yellin at people saying random shit on our way over.

Get in yell at this girl as i'm walking down the stairs "Melinda" or some shit realy excited pretending i know her. She's like no that's not my name and i'm lke omg u look just like her. we are blocking the staircase so I'm like come up here and pull her up the stairs. give her a huge hug. she is super into me and we are just swaying side to side and talking. too bad her party of eight is leaving and keep pressuring us. I'm like "two seconds, two seconds!" "just wait we're falling in love!" and some other random shit but she eventually is pulled away. 

I was a bit sad to see this one go she had that really innocent looking face, beautiful dress brunette, absolutely amazing body. felt fit and slim but definitely had some curves to her as well. ARRGGH so hot.

head down and hit up the dance floor, four girls having fun dancing i grab one of them and she loves it. She's pulling me around I'm pulling her around. I hug her and spin her around like 5 times. she's grinding her on my leg and while I have two big handfuls of ass. I bend over and pick up her legs so she's cradled in my arms flip her around (this girl is like 5'2" 100 lbs) and then grab her underneath her ass and lift her high above the crowd. We are groping each other and having a ton of fun but she is super drunk.

I make eye contact with her friends and smile. talk to them a bit to make sure they know i'm a good dude and throw my buddy into the mix. all four of these girls are pretty hot but a bit too drunk. I go to grab some water and chill for a few.

Head back out to the dancefloor and claw in this black chick who has some amazing curves. there is some kind of old school r&b song playin, a bit slower and we get sensual real fast. we're up in each others faces grabbing smiling. she starts grinding her ass into me and we're basically fucking with our clothes on. flip her around grabbing her ass grabbing her tits, and i keep going in for the kiss. she's no doing it but it's so sexual i'm not phased.

then her friend pulls her "we're leaving" I stick with them "no we're falling in love!" I pull the two of them aside. tell the friend in front of this chick,  I think you're friend is super cute, we're falling in love let us dance more or something like that, just expressing full intent. they talk about being lesbians i suggest a threesome just being super physical. the friend doesn't want to dance because the chode with her was trying to kiss her and was totally creeping her out. DAMN YOU CHODE! you oblivious cockblocker! Hug my chick and peace out.

The lights turn on and we walk over to the original four girls. try to get a bit real with them so they remember us as we both are into our chicks. I tell the friends "i really like your friend (tiny chick) but she is too drunk" etc just expressing my good traits and value... we walk out with the four of them and they keep saying stuff like girls night and whatever. we just keep plowing and walk with them. 

Stop on a corner and just talking trying to pull planting "i'm hungry" "food, FOOD" three of these girls are down but the fourth is the mother hen and is just shooting everything down. I try to get real with her get her on my side. She is just testy since nobody wants her. We are just talking and trying to pull for probably 20 minutes. Until mother hen finally pulls them away.

we walk back to our cars and talk, i text my girl but have accidentally saved her number wrong and it goes to my wing so i retext her will call her later today.

The Good:
- I did a better job of expressing intent and being physical. last time i was out i was a bit more high energy and all over the place. 

- When I'm on the dance floor I am good at being high energy/having fun, clawing girls in. I love dancing

- I did a much better job of just being chilled out when i was approaching off the dance floor. just coming in friendly, chill, laser eyes. so many of these opened up super well. 

- Really great job balancing intent/freedom from outcome. I got blown out by several times and just laughed them off. like no offense taken just laughing and moving on to the next. I'm so glad that I don't take these things personally and it really isn't even something i'm worried about. I guess this shows how comfortable i am with myself in my life right now.

The Not so Good:
- Overall intent. the primary goal was definitely to just have a good time and one of the dudes that seemed pretty solid that I was with was saying this should be my ONLY goal. But since i'm still so new to this I do need to focus on other goals as well. I don't care too much if i accomplish them or not but it's important for me to have some more direction and ideas of what I want from my night.

- Something I should have done better was to work on getting more real after the initial physicality and fun. I want to go on day 2's with girls and I only got one phone number which i don't expect much from. I need to keep this in mind next time and focus more on creating deeper connections and planting day 2 plans.

I went to an awesome yoga class this morning and chilled with some girls after talking. Definitely feeling like this social energy is carrying over. It is so much more my natural state and I'm looking forward to just becoming more and more social whenever and wherever I am. I've got a couple girls to call today and then I'm going to a show tonight that my buddies band is playing in (woulda been a perfect thing to plant and show my value) 

Life is good. Making some chill new friends that also want to game. Meeting some gorgeous women. Living it up.

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 Didn't end up making it to my buddies show last night. Didn't meet hot chick from old work today. I'm feeling down. 

I reached out to a couple people to have them go to the show with me last night to no avail. I didn't want to go alone; feeling unable to answer an awkward question if it came up. I was tired from the night previous and excuses piled up. I told them I'd go too which makes me feel even worse. 

I'd kind of given up on this girl when she flaked on me a few weeks ago. But she would still end up texting me, so I'd move it towards hanging out. We talked briefly on the phone yesterday and planned to grab some ice cream today. The phone call was too brief, I was talking fast, and was kind of nervous. First time I've talked with a girl to set up a date in a looong time.

Text her after I played golf today. "Hey girl, lets get our ice cream on! Meet at 3?" She read the text right away but never responded. Ugh. 

It's hard to not take this personally. I was really looking forward to seeing her. I just want to delete her number and forget about it but I also want to keep it and reach out in a couple weeks.

Ahh, the foibles of not living in abundance. 

My last soccer match of the season (I play in an adult co-ed league) is tonight we are in the championship game. I re-injured my calf though and I'm not going to be able to play. FUCK!

The hard truth is this: Anything truly worth having isn't easy to get, and you can never win this game, you can only play.

I don't know why I thought everything would immediately go my way or deluded myself into thinking that I wouldn't fall into old habits of avoidance and laziness. I'm starting to make an effort, which is huge. I've gone out, which is huge. This first step is the hardest, but I've got to realize that it is just one step. I can't jump further ahead I've got to work at it slow and steady.

There are bound to be ups and downs and I hope to look back on this with a brighter perspective in the future but this is where I'm at today.

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 Ahhhh goooood timezzz

So I'm going to recap Friday and Saturday; hopefully somewhat succinctly.

So Friday night I was pretty tired from the work week wasn't thinking I'd go out. Got a text from my man Mark who needed some help to wing with some newer guys. I'm brand new to this stuff but I don't have trouble opening so I can help guys out who struggle with that.

The biggest success was just getting my ass out of the house and beasting because I really didn't feel like it/want to. I focused on being more expressive, outcome independent and had some good conversations but at the same time didn't stick with a couple sets that I should have pushed due to apathy.

Had a longer set with this girl in a super low salmon colored dress who brought up that she was staying in a hotel multiple times. For some reason I didn't pick up on where this could have gone--lol expanding my reality.

Nothing spectacular, nothing horrible. I was a bit apathetic and wasn't going very direct but I'm just glad that I made it out. Turns out that the best part of the night was probably meeting some more wings who were all really chill dudes.


Phew. So there were so many sets, so many women, so much fun. I'll try to just focus on the more memorable ones. I had a fucking great time last night.

Meet one of my new wings Andy at this classy club. He and one other dude are chilling with two models that are celebrating one of their birthdays. I casually strut in and plop down in a big leather chair after greeting my man. Laser eyes on birthday girl. "Come here" She gets up to shake my hand "no down here have a seat." and she sits on my lap, my arm wrapped around her waist the other resting on her inner thigh. This girl is clearly crazy but she's pretty hot. We're talking about sex within minutes and she has this zipper down the front of her dress that I start playing with. She says "lets play a game, you unzip it until i tell you to stop." I trace my finger down her cleavage and her breasts feel fabulous (probably around a C cup) and slowly unzip while staring her down. She says "alright zip it back up" I say "No!" and start making out with her instead. Gotta love when the first set goes so well but I've had my fun and decide to meet other women.

Cue: dancing with tall models, hitting on married women, spewing bullshit, full expressivity, fucking up words and sentences but somehow not missing a beat. Meet up gradually with a few more wings from Friday and I am just having such a good time. I get blown out of a couple sets but I don't let it get me down, just go on to the next. I gotta thank my boy Andy in part for this because this guy is a beast. He just approaches like crazy and would see something and without hesitation say "oh i got one right over there follow me" and we would hit it up.

Best set of the night: 

We're at a new place up on the rooftop. Dancing around then head to the bar. I have no idea what I say to this girl but I'm pretty sure it was nonsense. Doesn't fucking matter though- state transferance.  It's quiet enough by the bar where we can talk somewhat comfortably and we're in a lil bubble of love find out she is from the Ukraine and is a FUCKING 10. Andy is with her sister we lead them to go dance.

I'm pretty good at dancing and she is too. We're grinding all over each other and she is wearing spandex pants and has the tightest fucking ass. She is fit too probably weighs around 100 lbs but has curves in all the right places. I should mention that before we were even on the dance floor, we were cuddling with her back to me and I was already hard as a fucking rock.

This girl is so sexy. I'm like lets get real I want to get to know you and pull her towards the edge of the dance floor where there are these long tables. I find out that I went to college with this chick and we graduated the same year. Small fucking world! It was blowing both our minds because we went to a liberal arts college that has a population of ~3000; you figure if you don't know someone's name you at least recognize them.

She says "dance for me" I say "only if you dance for me next" I dance for a minute or two in front of her as she watches and stare into her eyes. I'm dancing kind of goofy but when I start making eye contact it gets more sexual. "Your turn" I lean back against this long table and spread my legs. She goes full on seduction. Damn this girl can move her hips so well. She's moving slow and progressively rubbing up against me. She grinds her ass into me then spins around and rides her whole body down my dick, rubbing her breasts against my friend. I'm thinking OMG I'm in fucking heaven. She is like "wow eeeeverybody is staring at us" I say "well ya we're both fucking sexy as hell" or something. we're so close to kissing just an inch away from eachothers lips for a long time she says she doesn't kiss on the first date, I'm unphased - girls and their silly rules.

We decide to go to the basement where the dancing REALLy is and find her sister. Before we head down I say let's exchange numbers in case I lose you. She sits on my lap and enters her number in my phone and calls it. She's happy and says "I actually really like you" and I'm like I know, I legitimately want to hang out with you soon. We walk down stairs to another club in the basement. It's the same building but a diff name. also classier I actually didn't get in earlier because I'm wearing my black nikes like a boss. She is like you'll get in anywhere with me. 

She goes right to the front with me flirts with the bouncer and pulls us in immediately. This girl is a 10 she knows she's a 10 and she has got game. I realize that I don't want to be following her chasing her etc because I don't want to be needy so I immediately open some other girls. Texted Ukrainian beauty at the end of the night: Hey (college name) friend u are awesome :P i'll call you sooon

I'll call her later today hopefully set up some salsa dancing for later in the week or something. I'm not sure if this will go anywhere but I'll burn it to the ground.

Dancing around with several girls get a drink poured on my shoe by some bitches and and move around quite a bit. having some success on the dance floor but nothing exceptional. Then i go up to two girls and start dancing with them just acting crazy and having fun. Grabbing their hands spinning them. They are not into it but I stick in there. I realized later on that these girls were just kind of awkward and didn't know how to respond to this hot guy dancing wiht them. Persistance is key!

My target is finally grinding on my a bit and talking to her friend- looks like the friend approves as after they talk in each others ears she leaves us alone. I'm still kind of more "fun" dancing than "sexy" dancing with this girl and I'm a bit afraid I've set the wrong tone. Oh wait I think to myself, club girls all have ADD. and when the next song hits I just start staring her down and rub her up and down my leg. This girl is probably like 5'3" and I'm 6'4" so there is a bit of a height difference. I then pick her up and grab two handfuls of ass. start making out with her, I pull away first.

Then she's grinding on me again and I'm lightly running my fingers towards her pussy. She guides me closer and I start playing with her. The next time I pick her up by her INCREDIBLE ass I do so under her dress and I pull her thong to the side. I have my legs spread and one hand holding her up by the ass the other fingering her hardcore. This girl starts literally fucking my hand on the dance floor. She is bouncing up and down and is the way she is riding me I know she would be great in bed. Shortly after I say lets get real for a bit and pull her to some couches along the wall.

She just got out of a relationship looking to have fun and I'm super explicit. i'm going for the pull. It is so awesome that this is becoming part of my reality - actually planning how to pull girls in one night. I can tell she is thinking of she should take me home or not. I'm too direct with what I wanted... Should have babystepped it seeding things and slowly progressing lets get food lets go outside, youtube, pillow fight whatever. We both knew where it was going but talking about having sex makes the anti-slut defenses rise quickly. She doesn't think it's a good idea, I'm totally fine with that and pull her bakc out to the dancefloor for some great fun.

After club close we walk outside. this girl is genuinely surprised that I want to see her again. oohhh entitlement. I tell her to take my number she says take hers I'm realizing now that we're outside that although she had the body of the nine it was more the face of a seven. Still pretty but I have really high standards. I'm less inclined to take her number and makeout and peace. Looking back I definitely could have pulled this girl by babystepping more and burning it to the ground.

Meet up with a couple of my wings who are still out and do some street game. I'm more interested in sleeping but I'm a good wing for my man and separate girls as he is horny as fuck. have some fun grab some asses, give some piggy backs and call it a night.

-Getting out even when I didn't want to
-Approaching a lot, not getting too phased by bad reactions
-Having a great time!
-Getting physical being expressive

-Full intent; my reality is still shifting. I need to go for the close harder. I realize now that I can fuck some actually quality girls same night, they aren't automatically sluts and I'm also realizing that I'm getting to the point where same night lays are a distinct possibility.
-Baby stepping. I did a good job leading interactions from open to makeout but due to a lack of experience I wasn't able to continually lead slowly but surely to the fuck.

Overall a great fucking time and lots of new reference experiences to learn from. Shit, I guess I can't write a short field report, ha.
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 Phew, it's been a while, hope everyone is doin well.

Some general thoughts:

I'm still unsure about what I want out of all this. I've been feeling a bit unmotivated and haven't taken a lot of action lately. I know that I want to make changes in my life. That I want to continue to become more social and sexual. The problem is not being exactly clear on all of this/how far I want to take things/how hard I want to push. Owen talks about how much he HATED being a chode and how this worked to his advantage in motivating change. For me, I'm not as pissed off at current circumstance, but I can't tell if this is content or sloth. I'm definitely taking more action but I need to be more clear on my goals if I really want to accelerate my growth.

Once I'm out, I have a great time, and having even just one really excellent sexual interaction with a girl can make my night/next day. I have to remind myself about how much fun it is to flirt with girls. 

One thing I'm proud of is how much I'm analyzing and evaluating my sets and nights out. I haven't gone out a ton but I've measurably improved each time I'm out and I think a large part of that is due to this journal/thinking about my experiences. 

One thing I thought about a lot the following several days after my last field report was the girl with the amazing ass that I was fingering on the dancefloor. This interaction was eye-opening for me in several ways. I realized that I have the potential to have same night sex with really quality girls. It also taught me that a girl might be more aroused and ready sooner than I think. The major reason why I didn't pull this girl was because when we took a break from dancing I didn't lead. I was looking for permission to take her home and fuck her. I put the ball in her court. Also at the end of the night I thought she didn't fit my standards but I literally got hard later that week just thinking about her ass-lesson learned- if she turns you on at least fuck her once.

I don't have much experience at this point in pick-up interactions so I'm treading in new waters. I've grown accustomed to being entitled to opening hot girls, and assuming attraction, becoming more direct with my interactions but I haven't moved to the point of assuming that I will fuck the girl and assuming she will want to fuck me that same day/night. I need to work on this mindset as well as get used to continually leading. Baby step things but always be moving forward. I started doing this with moving around the venue, bringing them around etc but I need to transition this to leaving with them and fucking them. 

People often follow the path of least resistance. If I assume attraction and assume that we will have sex, and lead the interaction casually in that direction it will be easier for the girl to follow along in tow. Make it easy for her to say yes. Naturally lead things to sex and be entitled to that end goal, she will follow in place, even if this is something she's not used to/never done before.

So I'm really into Yoga and have been making a concerted effort to make it a larger part of my exercise routine. I am really into most of the teachers that I take classes with. I'm pretty good and when I'm practicing I'm very focused on myself/developing my practice and basically oblivious to others in the room. The yoga teachers I'm with definitely seem to dig this vibe and I get a lot of compliments from them about stuff. I engage in conversation with a lot of them and a goal I have is to fuck at least one of my yoga instructors. One is this slightly older Bulgarian lady with an AMAZING ass and sexy accent. I actually started getting a boner when I went to talk to her after my first class with her lol.. Yeaaaah intent.

Something that will help my quest to fuck yoga instructors will be to fuck yoga students. So I've started becoming more social with women after classes to build my reputation as a social sexually charged dude. God I love yoga, and many of the women that practice it :D

On monday night I got a text from a wing about going Salsa dancing tuesday night. Then tuesday morning the weirdest coincidence happened. I got a text from the Ukrainian 10 that I met a couple weekends ago conversation went something like this:

Ukraine: Hi Guacamole, do u dance salsa?
Guacamole: Yesh I do
Ukraine: Thought u would, r u a good teacher?
Guacamole: Depends on the student ;)
Ukraine: Haha ofcourse. Well I sort of need/want to learn
etc etc etc.

Fucking bizarre but it works out so I invite her to join us since at this tuesday night salsa place. Get there before my wing and a girl he brought and this is kind of my first experience doing solo game. I feel a bit stifled at the beginning but realize i just need to be social. Get a water from the bar and talk a bit with two chicks- they aren't here to dance so I go to the dance floor. There are like four chicks sitting watching at the side of the floor. Go up hand extended to hottest one "Let's dance!" she doesn't know how really but it's cool because I'm just learning as well. 

This was such a great venue- there were tons of hot chicks there and all of them want to dance. Super easy to open and almost everyone was really receptive. As I get better at Salsa i think pulling is going to get really easy here. 

I am musical and have good rhythm so I got pretty decent by the end of the night but I realized that I wasn't really gaming- just having fun. Because a lot of my sets were with both of us not knowing how to salsa that well it was more of a fun/joking vibe and less direct/sexual. I was completely fine with this but will focus on transitioning out of this the next time I go. I danced with probably twenty different girls all of which were at least a seven (well one fatty I felt bad for her sitting alone) and several that were really fucking smoking. Hung out with my wing and met his girl who was really chill/down-to-earth.

Ukrainian chick never showed but I wasn't even worried/didn't reach out. I actually got a really apologetic text from her at five in the morning about how she took a nap and just woke up lol. We texted back and forth for most of the morning today and I can tell she is pretty into me. We'll see where that goes...

I'm going to take more action. I'm going to write about it more regularly, even if just to post thoughts/reflections here. The act of even doing that helps motivate and push me.

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 Hey doodz

Props to everyone out there taking action and writing about it. I can't begin to explain how much value I get out of reading your field reports. The practical advice, the mindsets of improving and working towards goals, the adventures... Good shit. 

I've been struggling with taking action, myself. The last two weekends I haven't gone out. At the beginning I wrote a bit about a 30 day challenge and decided to start one. I did this because it seemed like the thing I should do. Just about everyone on here as done one and it seemed like the next logical step to boost my progress/process. Well, it was half-ass in conception and had no bearing on my actions after that date. Perhaps I will employ one at some later date but for now it's just not something that is beneficial for me.

A part of struggling to take action has been not knowing what I want out of all this and I've talked about that before. I'm not a super hard case. I have had some really ridiculous sexual adventures in the past but it was a long time ago At the moment I'm generally in a really good place in my life. A couple years ago up until almost a year ago it was a different story. I was struggling with a bunch of shit. I was depressed for a number of reasons and didn't know how to fix shit.

Then my GF broke up with me. This was one of those blessings in disguise. Still hard to digest at times because she is someone I'll always love but it was the kick in the ass I needed to make changes. I figured out a bunch of shit and I've seen progressive improvements in all aspects of my life since then. Well besides girls- I fucked around with one girl a few months ago but didn't have any desire to pursue it after the one time.

The point of all that being that I'm not in such a horrible place atm that I'm yearning for huge life changes. At the same time, I'm unsatisfied with my love life. I know that I want more choices, and want to be in the position to choose from a lot of high quality girls. The end goal is a monogamous relationship but I also know that I don't want that right now. I DO want different sexual partners, FB's NSA fun etc. I want to experience this lifestyle but not having SUPER CLEAR SET goals has been a hindrance.

Another obstacle has been my logistical situation. After I broke up with my gf i moved out and moved back in with my parents. We have a great relationship these days and it's generally a good thing but not when it comes to game. I'm 35 minutes away from downtown which is a big deterrent for me and logistically I don't have that freedom to pull girls to my place. It sucks and although I realize that some of this is a mental block and that there are other ways to pull I have struggled with this. I'm tentatively planning to move to my own place January 1st which is something to look forward to.

Something else that I've come to realize just in the past couple days thanks to reading other FR's is that perhaps I'm too goal-oriented. What I mean by this is I'm too stuck up on what I want from this, what outcomes I desire, and the big picture of everything. It's just silly to have something like this be holding me up because all I really can do is focus on the process. I need to get myself out there a lot in order to meet the wonderful, cool, beautiful women I desire. I need to start going for what I want without care for what results. I saw a gorgeous girl from behind at work today, I should have run up and talked to her but didn't. WHY?

There are other reasons I should focus on process as well. The fact of game is that you really don't control many of the variables. There are just too many factors that are beyond your control or comprehension. However, you do have control over taking that action initially. The more girls I talk to the more girls I get to know- the more girls I get to know the more girls I get sexual with- the more girls I get sexual with the more experience I have to repeat the process. By getting myself out there and just working the process, I'll eventually widen my funnel and be able to take advantage/realize more opportunities.

With all that being said, I'm about to go to a Yoga class. After that I'm going to this Tuesday night salsa place again with a couple wings. So I'm happy to be taking that action and will work on PROCESS. Something I struggled with a bit last time at salsa was just having too much fun not having a sexual vibe. This time I will focus more on progressing things and getting sexual, leading girls I like off the dance floor and escalating. I'd like to meet some girls that would be cool enough for potential day2's.

And with that I'm off, expect more in the near future.

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 Tuesday 8.13.13

Went to yoga and then off to salsa dancing. There wasn't anything worth hitting on at Yoga but I went to do some pull-ups afterwards and opened this chick that was attempting to learn how to clean. Gave her some tips got a lil physical but mainly just being friendly and giving some value. I need to work on being more social at the gym. I'm always so focused on what I'm doing that I rarely get in conversations with people. I also have this fear of not wanting to game it too hard there thinking i don't want to shit where i eat but there is definitely some wiggle room that I need to fill out.

Had a lot of fun dancing again and actually got several compliments from girls saying how good I was- (this is more a representation of how bad they were seeing as I still don't know much more than the basic step and a few moves) 

My focus tonight was eye contact and escalating interactions if I was attracted to the girl. First girl I go open to dance is with a group of friends, I take a second to evaluate which one is the hottest and then hand of god her to dance. She is around 5'5" and lives in Ecuador - just here for the summer. Some great cleavage going on and has a nice ass too. We dance and banter and there is a good fun vibe. I tell her she's gorgeous. In my head I think "lead lead lead" so I just grab her after some time "i'm thirsty let's get water" and don't wait for compliance. We grab water and I sit down, she comes down and sits next to me. We are vibing and getting more sexual and our legs are intertwined. She doesn't have a phone so she adds me on facebook. We talk about goals and aspirations and I sprinkle in logistical questions. Things are really on between us but she is with a few of her cousins and the pull just isn't possible. Hug and kiss and head back to the floor.

Dance with several different girls and focus on eye contact and balancing a fun vibe and a sexual vibe. Dance with some really hot girls but I don't really get anywhere. This venue is interesting and I'm still learning how to game successfully here. The vibe is interesting: lots of dancing and women but for some reason it doesn't really feel like night game, maybe because there isn't a ton of drinking and there isn't that crazy party vibe.

I've got too work early so I decide to head out around 11:30. The dance place is within a larger building with other restaurants and stuff and as I'm walking out two chicks are walking in. "u guys going to salsa?" they open up and it turns out they're British and it's one of their last nights in town. I guide them back to the salsa place with one in each hand. We go to the bar and they get drinks and then go to the bathroom to pour more alcohol in their cups, haha. I've gotten physical enough with them that Ive found out that they really don't have great bodies and that is a huge turnoff (not fit). So I leave for real this time. They seem disappointed and I probably could have burned it to the ground and banged one of them-logistics were there but I just wasn't turned on by either of them.

Walking back to my car there is a dude and two girls. As I'm passing them the single girl opens me and I spin around and start talking to her. I don't know how but within seconds she's showing off her tattoos to me and we're getting touchy feely. The other two are waiting in the car by now and I don't push any further and bid her goodnight.

Sticking Points:

Game itself. Some of it was I'm just learning how to game in different atmospheres/environments but I just didn't feel like I was that good tonight. Thinking about it I probably overestimate my skills at this stuff. 99% of my sex in the past has come from social circle/or situations where we've known each other through something. I've really only had sex with one girl from cold approach and taht was my freshman year of college. It's good to be somewhat overly confident in this but also good to realize that I am a noob and have a lot to learn.

Finding a balance between calibrating and escalating. Last night especially I didn't escalate much unless I was getting some signs of attraction from the girl and calibrating based off of that. In this sort of venue that is probably the best route and other places/times of the night are different but I couldn't help but feel like I was too reliant on a girls reaction to have permission to escalate physically. This is also something that will come with experience of finding different ways to escalate things and being able to read situations better to know how quickly I can without blowing out.

BURNING IT TO THE GROUND. This is huge. I left a lot of sets when they were still going well. I left my cards on the table. Julien talks about even taking girls home that you aren't that attracted to and just not banging them to develop the reference experiences. Part of this was me valuing my sleep more than sex on a work night but I felt bad afterwards thinking about how I didn't push things hard. There were also situations where a girl excused herself after dancing for a while or something and I didn't grab her or do anything about it. Persistance and taking what I want are traits that are valuable, I need to work on that.

All in all I'm happy to be working the process. Last night highlighted a lot of sticking points for me and different things to focus on. Nothing too crazy happened but I went out and I learned things so it was a success.
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Sunday 8.18.13

What up!

Friday night I was super exhausted from the work week and ended up going to bed around 10. Holy crap that was necessary, I got a good 11 hours of sleep and felt amazing waking up. Went to yoga and chatted with a girl I met a couple weeks ago. She is super cute and extremely fit- yum. We were just talking though and I wasn't expressing intent. This sort of situation messes with me when my first couple interactions with a girl are simply friendly, it makes it harder/less natural to start getting physical/expressing sexual intent. 

Saturday night was kind of whatever. Didn't approach much at the first place. My first couple nights out I hit it so hard and approached so much, I definitely was much less focused on the process/having intent and it showed. We bounced to another bar and I talked with a few girls at a bachelorette party. I also started talking to a dude's girlfriend and he got super weird and grabbed me with one hand around the neck and started choking me. This was strange, I'm not a violent person and definitely just worked to de-escalate the situation but it made me think about what my boundaries are and when is a proper situation to defend oneself. This didn't go anywhere and I'm confident in my social abilities to de-escalate and never get in a fight but it was a new experience and made me think. Guy was clearly insecure about some shit, damn.

Met up with a wings friend who is really fine. I danced with her quite a bit and found out after she left that she is married but out with some dudes without her husband? hmmm, I think she probably just likes the validation of having guys dote over her, but perhaps she likes some strange dick on the side, we'll have to see. Danced with a few girls, made out with one, played with her tits and grabbed handfuls of ass. Called it a night.

Walking back to my car I made eye contact with a girl sitting at a bus stop. She said "You've got confidence" and so I went over and sat next to her. She was a black girl in her early thirties, with great cleavage. We got physical pretty fast and were talking about a variety of issues in the US and then got onto the subject of sex. She gave me a few shit tests which I passed mainly by ignoring her questions and got decently close to pulling this girl. At least I finally had some intent and worked towards closing- first and last set of that for the night.

I've been going out only once or twice a week and thus have a lot of time outside of pickup where I've been analyzing my nights. This has had several negative consequences: first is that I'm overanalyzing and thinking way too much about how to go about things instead of just taking action, second being that I don't feel like pickup is a natural extension of my character but rather a mode that I go into.

I really want to work on changing these things. I don't want to set aside time where I'm going out to game. I want it to just be a natural part of whenever I'm out and about. I'm searching for congruence- I don't want to put on a pickup persona when I go out on a Saturday night. There have been times during the day at work or at the gym, where I see a beautiful woman and I don't do anything about it. It's not congruent for me to not take action, and true success with women will come when I am more congruent 24/7. I will strive towards always expressing my intent no matter the situation.

I love Cat's strategy of opening the first beautiful woman you see every day, no matter what. It's not a huge committment but it gets you taking action and seems like an excellent habit to form.
Beyong congruently expressing myself wherever and whenever, going out more will help. I've gone out a couple weeknights but last night was the first weekend night in three weeks. I felt rusty and was definitely not feeling things for the first hour. All of this is still pretty fresh to me so there will still be a gap between me/pickup-me but if I go out often enough I can start to bridge that gap.

One step at a time. Taking action.
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 Monday 8.19.13

Really fucking tired today. I couldn't fall asleep last night and ended up journaling about my personal development and weaknesses (life not pickup) until the wee hours.

Something I am committing myself to is telling the first beautiful girl that I see that she is gorgeous/cute/whatever/opening direct. I failed today. There was a cute girl walking in to work around the same time as me but was maybe 50 feet behind me. In my tired haze I made excuses and didn't approach. Also not sure exactly what level of direct I can use with chicks in the work place- probably will just have to be figured out as I go and is largely contextual. I work for a very large company on their international campus so it's not like I'm hitting on girls I work with/see every day, which is important to note.

I'm still making excuses, not going for things 100%. I'm not just going for it and expressing intent. My actions aren't congruent with my thoughts. I remember the first night I went out I saw this absolute stunner and without thinking I stopped in the middle of a sentence and walked up to her to tell her how gorgeous she was. It was a great example of expressing intent and not analyzing if I should or not. 

I missed another opportunity at the gym after work. I was stretching a bit after my workout and this really cute blonde chick with a bubble butt made eye contact with me and started smiling. If that isn't an invitation for an open I don't know what is. Yet she was walking past and going up the stairs to the treadmills and I didn't chase her down to open. Fuck!

I kind of opened a yoga teacher I haven't talked to before. Towards the end of our practice she came and gave me a shoulder rub and moved her hands down my back and pressed my hips further into a stretch. I went up after the class and thanked her for that and we chatted briefly about the benefits of doing things like that. I didn't push the interaction further at all because there were still a decent amount of people around but at least I went up to go talk to her. She is definitely my type physically but even more importantly seems like such a chill girl. She expresses some of her inner dialogue at times in practice and she is pretty funny/nerdy and seems really comfortable with herself. Super attractive. I'll have to work on escalating this and make sure I get more direct the next time I talk to her.

I started My Big Toe about a week ago and have been starting to get into it. I'm about halfway into the first book and it's really starting to get more dense/philosophical. I'm really enjoying it so far and it touches on a lot of topics and ideas that I've thought a lot about. I've been taking my time and really absorbing the content/taking notes of different things I really connect with and just enjoying the process. I think that this book will continue to be quite eye-opening for me.

Nothing too exciting has happened as of late in my pickup but I'm starting to take things more seriously/taking action. I'm also working towards making a larger commitment to this FR. I believe that this will help me develop in both directions; writing about my experiences helps me to clarify exactly what I can improve on and making a commitment to write regularly helps me keep tabs on my progress and pushes me to improve.

That's all for now, keep pimpin'

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 Wednesday 8.21.13


Ima keep this brief because it's 1am and I have to get up for work way too soon from now.

Goal for the night was just to be chill and have fun. Other nights out I've noticed myself being pretty high energy and I get the feeling like I'm compensating for something or trying to entertain. It's fine to be high energy like this at the club and dancing because I am just having fun but not so much at bars/weeknight venues. Going in with the "there is no reason I'm not enough" mindset was one of my main focuses. I wasn't worried about running game or trying to pick up chicks but just expressing myself, and being generally social. Just being me.

Met up with a few wings, opened some sets solo and then hooked a set that I was with for the rest of the night. Bounced them to the salsa place I had originally planned on going to and danced quite a bit with both of them. One was part african american part french part irish and had a huge ass. She kept rubbing it into me and I kept grabbing it. That was enjoyable. The other one was a blonde chick that was more into me but it wasn't consensual. It was good leading these girls around and spending over an hour together but I wasn't super attracted to either of them. Good being social experience and getting to know eachother but I should have pursued more sets and met more people just to expand on my night. In the future if I have fun sets remember that I can always leave and come back to them later, go and talk with hotties that you'll actually be more motivated to pull.

Danced with a few other girls at the salsa bar including this middle aged asian woman. I was laughing inside because for some reason this lady was turning me on. She had nice firm tits and a bigger ass and she was pretty sexual. I got really hard dancing with her and kept picturing my dick in her mouth. It's funny how many different types of women can turn me on based on more than their looks/age. She kept rubbing me and said she would look for me next week- it will be a good story for you guys if I end up banging her- lol.

Work has been pretty chill lately. I've taken on more responsibility and my new manager has been getting me networking and training on a bunch of new stuff. She is this indian chick in her thirties and we have a fun joking/flirty vibe together. I am really turned on by her as well. Man I love older women I love younger women I love skinny girls I love bigger girls it just depends on the time of day and how the mood strikes. 

Also met up with one of my best friends that just moved back from DC, great to see him- he's married and not into the game at all but we had a great time just chilling and catching up. 

Not really much to this post value-wise but Im just sticking to the habit of writing stuff out. Hopefully next post will have a bit more thougth/time put in.
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