October 20th, 2018
More info about energy and motivation would be cool..
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 I'm actually interested more about where tyler and crew get the motivation and energy to do shit.

Doesn't tyler ever just say fuck it, i dont feel like doing shit, i dont want to hook up with no bitch, i 
dont feel like making a free video and i really dont give a shit, im just gona chill, eat a burger, have some fries, drink some scotch and go to bed.. and then slide down a level in
terms of productivity and have set backs..

How do you avoid this from happening?
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And, my desktop background?
(I got it from the RSDN Facebook Page)

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 I think the only way to prevent it from happening, is to have it happen and then manually unhappen it, enough times where eventually it stops happening.  If you lose motivation, remotivate as quickly as possible. The time you're unmotivated will get shorter and shorter until they don't even happen.
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