November 21st, 2018
90 Day challenge - Daygame/nightgame - becoming a verbal Ninja
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90 Day challenge starting tomorrow

Starting a new journal for the 90 day challenge.

Present level: Kind of stuck in intermediate purgatory with short glimpses of more advanced levels - I have pulled a few really good sets that look like Hotseat footage so I am wondering why I dont just do that everytime I am out. I am pretty good at opening and getting things started up, my verbals are getting much tighter, my getting physical skills are pretty good - my two main issues are escalating things towards sex (but I try to implement natural instincts method so this is on a more subtle level) - nevertheless I need to push things forwards which has been challenging sober at times, and staying in set - I tend to bounce to fast on a high note or because the interaction goes stale - and then I have an issue with outcome dependence when a set with HB9+ goes well and I get in my head and worry about things fucking up. Also I dont approach enough in the day so day game will be a big part of this.

I am combining game with my healthy low carb lots of veggies diet, 20 mins daily meditation, 5 days of exercise pr week primarily cardio - but this has been the case for the past year so already a habit actually and I am fit and healthy - should be able to stick to that. So the main issue will be to get the game stuff done obviously - but I live right by a great area for day game and there is lots of activity in the bars over the summer around here and generally very good nightlife/bar scene with tons of options most days of the week.

I will also do one of the Hotseat exercises each morning - either: Make a boring story interesting for 90 secs, free association for 90 secs or speak out whatever image is in your head for 90 secs.

Also I will blast through 4 minutes breathholding with no hyperventilation (thats cheating) - currently my personal best with no hypervantilation is 3.15 mins.

I will be sober throughout - have been going sober mostly for the past few months and have had my best nights sober as well so will stick to that.

Excited to see where this will lead - for me game has proven to be one of the best macro momentum boosters I have ever found so will be massive to immerse myself into this. I currently work on my own projects so can plan my time as I wish more or less. I am sure this challenge will have massive impact whatever what the result will be - I am super ready to push this hard. I had a momentum crash a while back because some things got messed up and I didnt push it for a while - so need to get back into the groove again.

90 days - approach minimum 5 girls every day except for Sundays - always go for pull or number at least
Sunday is off duty and for reflection on the past week.
Daygame Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Nightgame Thursday, Friday, Saturday

I will update my reports daily.

Ready to get it on.
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90 Day challenge - Day 1

Monday - Daygame

Realize my verbals skills have improved alot and that I should not ask the girl for favours

Did the first approach around my office - a two set - just a hey whats up what you up to and banter on from there - good little interaction - I am getting pretty good at the emotional/visual stuff girls really dig. Start out confidently and go fast into the emotional/visual communication mode with lots of storytelling. Was fun because my friend was around and he also spoke with the girls but in the usual chode manner - trying for rapport tonality and chode questions non-stop - this seems so weak and boring when you compare to the emotional/visual form - cant believe I didnt figure this out before I learned about the principles from RSD - there is no dynamic in it - its like opening a champagne bottle that does not pop - its flat - thats what it is. So the blonde is attracted for sure - I notice her checking me out with the elevator look - she gets friendly and gets closer - I work the negative expressions and order them to do things - being assertive and confident is what matters - then the friend gets fed up with being neglected and wants to leave - drags the blonde away too - didnt get her number - their office is close so will bump into her again.

Next approach is a street set HB8 standing on her own on the phone - she hangs up - there is a security guard next to her so I hesitate - then I tell myself thats doesnt fucking matter and I approach with hey what are you doing - you are waiting for someone - where you going - overwhelm her a little bit - but she is happy - asking me questions as well - telling me I am handsome - we talk about what she does - she is a painter - mellow the conversation down to calm her down - shaking hands exchanging names - I almost get in my head a few times and react a bit to what she is saying - gotta work on this - but it goes pretty well - number close her. Not my best street set for sure - a little shaky - not as relaxed as I should be.

Next set is a girl walking behind me on a pedestrian crossing - she is on the phone too - speaking loud - she hangs up and I turn around asking about the phone call and her accent which I found funny - she is kind of freaked out but still smiling - walking with her for a while - dont manage to get her to stop - she turns left - I let her leave.

Next set is a HB9 buying stuff at a bakery - I wait behind her for a few seconds and approach as she leaves the counter - I ask what she bought at the bakery and tell her she is pretty - she is kind of weary and walks the whole time - I walk with her - then she has to buy a ticket for the metro and I stand waiting for a while which I thought would be awkward but actually wasnt - for her it probably was - she comes back and I talk abit more about myself - then go for the number - she agrees and give it to me but I think its a flake - I was definitely the seller in this set not the buyer and the dynamics was kind of wrong - but this was my most challening day game set ever with a girl who seemed pretty much indifferent so all good - focus on the reference.

First day of the 90 day challenge - target was 5 daygame approaches - only managed 4 - ran out of time in the end as I had an appointment - so will have to do 6 today to catch up - there was a number of sets I could have and should have opened earlier on but hesitated and didnt do it - most of them was because it was walking two sets - need to figure out how to deal with walking two sets - what do you do with the other girl? Game both?

Also it was kind of stressful to set an approach number target for daygame - I knew I had two hours which should be more than enough time to open 5 sets but if i hesitate with the good ones it wont happen - Julien talks alot about the abundance mindset and how important this is - tell yourself there is an infinite amout of time and an infinite amount of sets to open - it was a bit stressful running around trying to find sets within a limited time frame - think this mainly was because I got annoyed with myself that I didnt approach a few obvious sets and I felt I wasted time and didnt make progress.

Generally the blaze opening strategy seems to work out fine - just say hey what you doing and take it from there - seeing Juliens Hotseat footage is super inspirational for this type of interaction - remember the tonality and the eye contact to project the right things - the key is just getting in set - just like night game - no one remembers the opener anyway - just start talking. I am a little bit unsure about whether using the you are cute/pretty thing is good or bad - maybe for HB6-8 its good but for HB9 and above I dont think its necessary - compliment personality and qualify instead.

Also Im struggling with the buyer/seller dynamics when the girl seems weary and kind of standoff-ish - the set with the HB9 was kind of pathetic when I look back on it - but it was the first time I bumped into this type of indifference. But will have to maintain the buyer frame of mind - more self amusement and leading the conversation would be the key I think.

Also I almost got in my head a few times when the girl say things I really dont expect - then its like taking a punch and I snap into my head for a while which messes up my body language and eye contact for a few seconds - before I get back into the right headspace and out of my head again - need to be even more unreactive to what she says and be in my own world.

I have to add that its tricky around here because I switch around doing this stuff in my second and third language - both are at advanced levels but its definitely more complicated to avoid getting into your head when you use languages that are not your mother tongue - think the key is to use random sentences and words even more than what I am doing now - like Julien does in his daygame sessions.

Verbally in terms of daygame I had more success and felt more in charge a few months back but thats what happens when you dont keep pushing at it - there is immediate setbacks so thats a lesson learned - I think I need to speak more shit and self amuse more than asking too many questions - day game needs more questions and comforting than night game I think but in order to dictate the interaction I need to stay in charge verbally and talk more.

Also I need to remind myself that many girls will appear disinterested - especially HB9+ and not get freaked out by that.

Interesting day - excited about the next session.

Good things:
Blaze natural approaches
Approach with nothing
Natural conversations

Bad things:
Reacting too much
Was the seller more than the buyer
Didnt approach walking two-sets
Hesitated and wasted too much time

Be the buyer
Dont react
Talk more/self amuse more
Approach - also the two sets - dont wait
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90 Day Challenge - Day 2

Tuesday - Daygame

Realize relaxation is the key and that I should not hesitate - nothing good comes from hesitation

First approach in the elevator in our office building - the usual hey whats up where you going - she gets startled and confused - other people in the elevator so I guess the social pressure was too much for her - I keep talking but there is a guy waiting for her downstairs and she runs off.

Had a very good verbal session with the blonde girl I met yesterday - she came over - definite IOI - I blabber off about old fashioned names, who the coolest actor in the old Beverly Hills series was - I try to talk her into stealing alot of cereals from the breakfast buffet in the Hotel she is staying at - also i work on the negative expressions - saying I hate that name it sounds stupid - and on putting her in situations where she thinks she said the wrong thing - saying things like - you think Im a comedian - do I look ridiculous to you - she gets instantly super self conscious and I turn it around fast with a smile and say just kidding - a little manipulative yes - but for the sake of self amusement and with a statement of empathy right after its cool. She seems pretty ready for a visitor to her Hotel room before she leaves town.

Next approach is in Starbucks before a meeting - I stand next to her and pretend to misunderstand her order as her wanting to prepare her own coffee - I talk about my own past experience as a Barista and how I hate coffee now blah blah blah - not hot - I place my order and leave.

Next approach is a walking set - I leer over my shoulder and see her - slow down and walk next to her - she is on the phone - when she hangs up I ask who you talking with - then where you going - she is going for dinner but cant find the restaurant - I ask which one it is - she tells me - I say I know it and we walk towards it - I ask more questions for comfort - she is happy and says at some point I dont have a boyfriend - she starts asking me questions - this is on - we reach the restaurant - I get her number - then I tell her what she should order in the restaurant and that she should say she knows that boss to get better service. End - very good street set - smooth and natural - I am much more relaxed today compared to yesterday.

I scan for more sets - spot two good sets that I dont approach and get annoyed with myself for not doing it - then I get on the metro and realize I have an issue approaching in the metro and cant get myself to do even though there are two more really good sets. Then I reach my neighborhood and walk around the malls to find more sets - again I miss a couple of obvious ones - what happens is that I spot the set and hesitate and because I hesitate I decide it would be too creepy to approach because I already stared the girl down for a bit. I think this is because I dont want to end up in the seller frame on the approach - its like if I see the girl and I turn around and run after her and go in I feel like I am the seller trying to meet her - when I do it naturally like just catching up with her or standing close to where she is standing its much easier to make it casual and natural and start out in a screening buyer frame - or at least on equal terms. It should be possible to flip the script from seller to buyer fast after a direct and intent driven approach - need to work on this.

I open another girl on the way home - same situation she is walking - I catch up with her - I say yellow and point at her shoes - she gets confused and looks down - her shoesare yellow - I say I like her shoes - then ask where she is going - what she has been doing - get a nice conversation going about nothing really - she stars out weary but gets much more relaxed after a few minutes - number close her later - good set as well - very smooth.

Also again I didnt approach two sets - this is another thing I still need to work on - but as with any other thing - do it a couple of times and its within your comfort zone - so just need to push myself a bit.

Opening walking and standing sets are no problem anymore - thats cool.

So the main things Im struggling with are:

1. Opening two sets or groups in day game
2. Hesitate too much and miss out on obvious sets
3. Getting into the buyer frame after a direct approach

My vibe and verbals were much better than yesterday - smooth and relaxed - didnt feel the pressure to approach as I did yesterday - possibly some kind of first day of 90 day challenge anxiety - but also related to having to open 5 sets - today I opened 4 so I am two behind schedule - its OK. The sets I dont open I will catch up with on Sunday which orignally was day off - but to remain accountable to my promise to myself I will catch up on Sundays from now on - this is better than stressing too much over having to reach a specific amount of sets which I have found leads to unnecessary stress and poor performance. When I get better opening 5 sets in a two hour daygame session will be no problem - I already know this- problem right now is that I still miss out on obvious sets because I hesitate and because I havent been able to approach two sets yet so I run out of time. There are lots of sets around - just need to approach when I see them.

The blaze approach is really super - the vibe is chilled and relaxed from the beginning - I will definitely keep doing this over the direct and intent driven "you are cute I had to meet you" approach - which instantly would put me in the seller frame. The important thing is just getting in set - however you get in set totally does not matter - say anything and take it from there - you can tell the girl you like her later to qualify her. This way is much more natural and congruent with my style - get into the buyer frame from the outset - screen her before you say you like her.

Good things:
Much better vibe than yesterday - much less nervous
Good natural approaches on walking sets
Two solid interactions with number close
Buyer frame
My verbals and ability to free associate and jump around topics and emotions are getting better and bettter

Bad Things:
Hesitate on obvious sets and dont approach
Dont approach two-sets

Dont hesitate
Figure out how to deal with buyer/seller frame on two sets while letting the girls know which one of them you are interested in and why

Will start to work more on pulling from day game soon - these evening sessions are usually set within a limited time frame so it doesnt make alot of sense to try to pull when I dont have time to actually do it - thats why I think a short day game session on Sundays would be great for practicing this - Sundays I would have time to follow through.
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90 Day Challenge - Day 3

Wednesday - Nightgame - sober & alone

Realize I eject to fast and that some degree of intent and escalation is necessary

Went out around 11pm - open the first set outside the bar right after parking my bike. 2 HB6s looking to score - giving me massive IOI's from the outset but not my type at all - their friend sits with her head on her knees looking like she could puke any minute - I talk about spiked drinks and fake alcohol for a while - ask what the bar is like - dodge their questions about my nationality - the two girls who are not puking seem very interested - I am not so ditch them after a while and go inside. The place is kind of empty - open a HB7 by the bar asking if she likes the entertainment on stage - some weird nunchako guy performing to clumsy techno - talk about something else for a while - she is a bit shy and confused but has been drinking enough to deal with me - she introduces me to her friend a HB7 who is a bit more skanky and drunk and the first girl runs to the bathroom - i engage her and she starts asking me what I am doing here for ladies night - I tell her I am a trans sexual from Thailand and that I dont have a penis - she asks if she can check - I say sure and get closer to her - she loves this but dont dare to touch it - amping up the physicality while talking now - she asks where I am from - I say Africa and talk about my Giraffe farm and the fact that a Giraffe can see two km's into the distance - blabber off - she digs it - she asks what I do - I say im a fitness guru - she starts feeling me up - her friend comes back - include her now talking to them both - they are not super hot but OK - I am just having fun with this and cant really see myself spend alot more time with these two girlies - talk about my proclaimed transsexuality again - this time she is OK with grabbing my cock - talk about France and Russia, models, catwalks, difference between cities - I work the negative/positive expressions - use I hate that or I love that alot - this is getting easier to do and takes less and less reminding myself - feels natural to express myself like this. They ask about who I am here with - dodge the questions - I number close them both after a while and leave them - they text me later at night but was already asleep.

Open another set outside the club - go in with a question and blabber off in a new direction - two girls and a guy - one of the girls is cute - she engages me and gives me eyes - they are rolling up - we talk about venues and music, sense of direction, after hour parties, weed - the guy is most talkative and we find out we have same nationality so bond a bit about that - I cant find my bike and instruct the girls to help me look for it - have fun with them for a while - should have at least gotten the number of the hot one but didnt - initially I thought they were a bit young for me and I didnt make a move - but in retrospect fuck that - she was hot.

Off to another venue - on the way I spot a HB9 stepping out of taxi - ride past her thinking wow she was nice - I hesitate and after 10 seconds I turn around to approach but she is gone - probably entered one of the apartment blocks - damn I missed that - a lonely girl on the way home (I wish haha) - great setup for a late night street set.

Enter a new venue - no people here either - I talk with the DJ's and the VJ - bla bla bla - no girls at all - becoming friends with DJs and promoters is always good though - chat with a another guy who is pretty stoned - I approach a hot blonde HB9 who just came in - she is standoffish but friendly - I react a bit too much and act a bit tryhard because she gives me very little - find out she is dating the stoned guy I talked with before - they leave together. Spend some more time with the DJ's - then I leave.

Enter another venue which is also pretty empty - approach a seated 4 set of two girls and two guys - asking about the venue and how their night has been - one guy is very talkative - the girls dont talk alot - we talk about where to go next - blablabla - nothing happens and the girls are not hot - I head home.

Next time I go out Wednesday I need to head out a little earlier - its ladies night - found one venue that seems super good on Wednsdays - packed when I rode by it - will check that out next time.

Felt very relaxed and comfortable being out alone and sober - was quite cool actually - really starting to enjoy that because I meet alot more people on my own. Nice to be comfortable and enjoying this now - just shows how funny the comfort zone is - a while back going out sober was fucking weird and scary - going out alone was even more weird and scary - now its normal and nice - and I get much more out of my nights out.

Talked to tons of people tonight and approached the sets I had to - escalated well with the skanky girl in the first bar both verbally and physically. The rest was soso but also girls with bf's - have an issue with showing intent and gaming a girl when she is with her group outside the club where everyone can she and hear whats going on - need to work on this - should have done more with the young girl from outside the first bar - she seemed super interested but I didnt do anything but talk because her friends were there. It was a super setup - they were on their way home and just chilling out semi stoned outside the culb - be with the girl at the end of the night outside the club as Alex says - so I should have stayed with them longer but was eager to check out the next venue.

Was nice to get into the nightgame part of the 90 day challenge - really its no problem to head out for two hours at night and do 5 approaches - just need to get my ass out of the door - its always fun and unpredictable - and I always meet fun people or end up in weird situations. I live like 15 mins bike ride from loads of clubs so pretty good setup for shorter sessions.

Appraching groups is no problem - this is good.

The opening part is very smooth now - the opener is just any way to get in set - jump in with whatever chode comment or a question and dictate the rhythm and boom the set is on - the opener does not matter and there is no need to think ahead about that - just get in set and steer the boat from there. Incredible that this whole opening thing is such a struggle when you realize how little it means for the interaction.

Need to remind myself to escalate the sets abit - i guess the natural instincts method has confused me a little in this regard - earlier I would state intent and verbally and physically escalate fast which would lead to figuring out fast if the girl was down fast and either escalate more or eject - now I focus more on verbals and being chilled - I need to stay longer in set - my usual problem - constantly on the prowl for a better set - this wont yield results I think - commit to a set after figuring out logistics. My verbals are getting strong enough to deal with longer sets - they have improved massively - seeing the Hotseat and focusing on the natural instincts method shows the way to kick-ass verbals over relying on intent and rapid escalation. Also my frame is stronger and stronger so no need to rush it. However with less hot girls I should just escalate the fuck out of it for fun and to keep my physical and verbal escalation skills hot - I am pretty sure its correct that the natural instincts approach works best with hotter girls.

I think I can already start to feel some benefit of the challenge on my macro momentum and state - feeling good, confident, social, talkative, like a hover around a bit above other people I meet or see which causes most people to be reacting to me and not me reacting to them because I see their moves from sort of higher ground.

I am definitely back in the super present screening frame I have experienced before when my momentum and state is good - I dont see strangers or people - I see potential for something - I am friends with everyone.

Also I have decided to do Nofap throughout the 90 day challenge - when I think of it - when my overall momentum and state was best during winter I also enforced strict nofap polices for myself - there might really be something about this - check out elsewhere on the forum for a great discussion about this.

Good things:
Went out and approached alot on a normal quiet weekday
No nervousness or awkwardness being out alone and sober
Good Physical and verbal escalation with the skanky girl - no extreme escalation - just suitable to arouse her
Positive/negative verbals and frame control
Breaking rapport and eye contact

Bad things:
Hesitated from the street set
Have an issue making moves on a girl who is with her group outside a venue
Coming across tryhard and eager with hot girls who give very little feedback - this will take more reference experiences to figure out how to deal with - breaking rapport, eye contact, dictating the rhythm etc.
Can still amp up the verbal stuff

Dont hesitate
Make moves on the girl you want - even if she is with a group
Commit to a set after figuring out logistics - dont be constantly on the move for a better set
Take more risk verbally and dictate the rhythm with the hotter girls as well
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90 Day Challenge - Day 4

Thursday - Nightgame - Sober & Alone

Realize I am cool and that girls want to talk to me and that I should just play at cooler and stay in set

Hit a bar/club around 11.30 - its very empty inside - I go an talk to the DJ for a while and bump into another guy I met yesterday in another bar. This is a very high-end club where all the beautiful people go - very fancy. Chat with him and friend of his - more people start to come - suddenly there is like 15 girls in the bar and a handful of guys - several of the girls are hot - I approach a HB9 in the bar - saying hey whats up breaking rapport - she is standing with a friend and she start talking about her ears feeling weird - I talk about air condition and getting colds - she looks at me - I plow a bit breaking rapport - doesnt really work and she turns towards her friend and doesnt respond - I stand there for a while and eject thinking I will approach her again later - need to get into the reapproaching the girls who initially rejects me - also I should have plowed harder although I did keep breaking rapport and plowing - but when she turned around and didnt respond I ejected - keep plowing and self amusing. The rejections dont mess me up anymore really but I get annoyed when I dont deal with them properly and eject like a chode.

Next set is on the dance floor - approach a group of 3 girls - talk to all of them for a while - then focus on a HB7 standing next to me - blabber off about nothing - nightclubs, weird people, dancing, blablah but speak with good energy and I am pretty funny - she digs it - spend some time dancing around and chatting with her - then I talk to her friend for a while - and go back to the guys I knew after a while. I approach a HB9 that just entered the club - she is smoking - I talk shit about whether outside or inside is better - she looks at me confused and answers just as confused and turns around fast - whatever.

Its really becoming clear to me now that its often not really a rejection when the girl does not respond or turns her back on you - its just because the girl is confused and does not know how to deal with the situation - Alex seems spot on here - in this case and the first set with the babe in the bar - my approach is strong, carefree and relaxed - breaking rapport looking them in the eye - and it seems like they fumble around in their heads and does exactly what Alex says - "Duuh Duuh need to to reject because I have no idea how to deal with the situation". 99% of the guys talking to them will be trying for rapport and asking chode questions - its easy to blow them off - when a guy who knows about the principles approaches - the script is flipped and the girls get confused and insecure. This is badass - now I need to teach myself how to consistenly plow through and remain totally unreactive - and reapproach later if they dont respond to the first approach.

The friend to the girl from the previous 3 set comes back and say she is sorry she interrupted me and her friend and asks me to go talk to her again because she likes me - I tell her she didnt interrupt at all and that I left to talk to a friend and that I will come find them again later. I was not really into the friend - she was nice but not super hot - maybe..

I approach a tall girl by the bar - talk about the perfect living room and sandwiches - very fun interaction early on - I remain in the breaking rapport tonality and she is kind of cool but into our conversation - it turns kind of boring after a while - I have an issue with the energy in the interaction sometimes - I start out really good but cant maintain the pace - its not high energy really its just talking shit - but after a while the conversation turns logical and semi boring - previously I would avoid this by verbally or physically escalating but I want to avoid this and go more natural instincts style - think I can fix the issue by working more on eye contact, physical expressions and keeping the fun vibe - need to work on this. I reapproach her later - its still pretty much on but the same thing happens - its like when you are sober and you dont rely on physical or verbal escalation you need some firepower to keep things going - where is this supposed to come from??

Approach two girls on the dance floor talking about air conditioning again - they are kind of standoff-isf - I plow for a bit and turn around and talk to another girl - we talk about rappers and freestyling - its very fun - she is cool but wears really weird clothes - I enjoy the music and dance on - its getting kind of crammed and hot now - I need to be up pretty early tomorrow so decide leave the venue at 2am.

The friend of the girl from the previous 3 set comes back and wants me to talk to her friend - I say later - she asks if im too shy - I say yes and that I cant deal with the social pressure - she was kind of annoying actually so decide to not engage her friend and head home.

Outside I grab my bike and see an expensive looking HB9 standing by the roadside eating a sandwich or something - I think about approaching on my shitty bike but decide its scary because there is s group of 4 guys standing right behind her and I worry about looking like an idiot being rejected - then I remember that this is exactly the set I should approach to grow and I go - ride up in front of her and say jump up and come with me pointing to my bike - she thinks its hilarious - the guys behind her even applaudes the approach - she is not a HB9 but a HB7 unfortunately as I get closer so I kind of loose interest - but we have a cool little fun interaction talking about Karl lagerfeld, photos, hot-dogs and some other things - she asks for my number - I give it to her and heads home.

Pretty good night again- did my approaches and had a lot of fun approaching and on the dance floor sober and basically on my own - doing this stuff sober is probably the best thing I could do for myself - allows me to go out alot - not spend money and remain in top physical fitness and get max value out of my night in terms of learning. I was particularly happy that it was pretty easy to approach and vibe around in a venue such as this which is among the top venues in the city and the girls are really top of the line.

I have an issue with keeping the interaction going long enough and staying in set - initially it goes really well but it kind of stales after a while - when i dont escalate physically or verbally and I am not drunk I need to have some alternative ways to keep it going - I am doing pretty well on the approaching and vibing but feels like many interactions are only pushed to 10% of the capacity - I need to push ahead. Possibly also related to that in weekdays I need to be up relatively early the day after so I go easy and go home early - I am using these days to sharpen the blade and get my approaches done and will go all in during weekends.

Major rejection epiphany today as explained above - its clearly the girl not knowing how to deal with the situation - at least early in the night when they have not build the major drunk girl with friends situational confidence - its really fun to see them react to you and freak out because they are not used to be approached by a guy who has an understanding of how the dynamics work and who is not a total chode.

Good things:
Lots of good approaches and initial vibing
Felt good and on top of things in a high-end venue
Rejections does not mess with my state
Approaching groups

Bad Things:
Dont move things forward in my sets
Eject to early for things to happen
Dont reapproach

Need to stay in set
Need to find ways to move the interaction forward without relying on physical or verbal escalation in sober state
Rejections is often really just the girl freaking out because she does not know what to do
Need to push myself to reapproach

I need to amp up my sense of entitlement I think - a reason I bounce from sets because they slow down is because I dont feel entitled enough - If i was totally entitled I would not give a shit about if the interaction stales and just let the girl re-initate - so need to screen harder and be less entertaining. I think I have some pretty good skills actually - its like I am just not pushing hard yet - still happy enough getting the good reactions and split before it turns around - and before things can happen - this will yield nothing - play to win - not to avoid loosing - but remain patient and calm - stay in set. I should really do a bootcamp to fix these issues.
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90 Day Challenge - Day 5

Friday - evening game

Realize my social skills are really good and that any topic is a good topic with people you just met

Had to spend the whole evening at an opening reception for a new gym - and tomorrow morning I have to be there again fucking early to promote my biz - so no nightclub tonight - the opening reception was filled with hot girls though and I approached like a motherfucker so it still counts as a day of approaches - kept the verbals more low key because many of these girls are people I might work together with later so need to keep things in check.

Anyways - its cool to experience how I am able to just go and talk to these girls now with very little hesitation - its really natural to do and its smooth sailing verbally. I just go in and talk about whatever I want to talk about and the girls soemtimes are a little weary in the beginning because some topics are a little lame but in 90% of the instances tonight they just get sucked in and start reacting and stick around. Its interesting because before I learned about this I would often interpret the girls weary reaction or slight confused attitude as an indication of disinterest - but they stick around and they react and get sucked in so its just the natural instincts at play here - super interesting to observe and cool to be able to do.

I was actually really fucking tired after a two nights with not too much sleep and a long ass day running around town for meetings - so felt a little tense and not in a super good mood when I entered the venue. I yell some stuff at the security guy outside and feel better and start approaching as soon as I enter - talk to several girls in there bouncing from set to set - open 6-7 sets in there - its actually a little bit tricky to handle professional events like this sometimes because the brain switches into game mode pretty fast now - and I need to keep things relatively low key for these types of events - but the focus I have put on opening and initial vibing and verbals in the first few days of the 90 day challenge has really had an impact and I feel super strong and powerful when I approach - like I can approach anyone and that im just alot more powerful than the girls I approach - I dictate and dont react too much to them. Its awesome.

Especially the last set with HB8 I did right before leaving was nice - the girl was into me for sure and I was talking about being in the womb, diving reflexes, blablabla - I made plans to meet with her again tomorrow. She is hot but working for someone we might partner up with workwise so need to think about what I end up doing with this girl. I opened her by going up and asking what the she was reading - this opening stuff is so easy now - go in with any question or comment and dictate the rhythm right after to let her know you are not a value sucking lonely chode - so open with anything and move the interaction forward right after - the opener truly does not matter shit - what matters is what you move from the opener.

So lots of sets - lots of good interactions - feel very powerful socially like i can talk to anyone - feel very solid - I am only 5 days into my 90 days challenge - I have improved alot already and have a lot to learn still - stoked about how far this can go - this is alot of fun.

Good things:
Opening many sets smoothly
Verbals and vibing
Feel very solid

Bad Things:
No escalation - but a reason for that
A little tense in the beginning because I was tired

Just talk to those girls
Keep working on the verbals

I was thinking alot about how to escalate things and move things forward and was a bit annoyed with lacking the whole escalation element in my game after switching from intent driven to natural instincts - but I think its really good for me to learn how to build up sets with limited escalation - I am learning tons of stuff from this verbally - will work on the escalation in the weekends when I have time for longer nights out. With all the verbals stuff I am picking up - then adding my usual dynamic physicality with the girls later in the night - thats gonna be dope! I have also started to make fun with the girls and the people on the street and in the metro - just shooting a random comment to people here and there - its super fun and great way to work up my state constantly.
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90 Day Challenge - Day 6

Saturday - Night game
- Sober and Alone

Realize random girls wants to fuck me and disappoint myself massively with not pushing things forward

Had a long day attending a professional networking event from early morning to late afternoon - I am enjoying these events tremenduously nowadays due to my strengthened social skills - I feel very solid and just get in front of whoever and start talking about whatever I want to talk about - its much less taxing than it was before because I am not trying to impress as much as I used to do (what everyone at events like this tries to do..) and because I put more emphasis on the sub communication than the content - unless its a client or something obviously - for chit chatting and making connections the things we learn here are super good.

Had two particularly good sets here with girlies - one was sort of a smart-ass type of high-energy fitness girl with massive confidence and and hot body - obviously used to the attention - a girl like this would have freaked me out earlier - now I just sit down next to her and start talking about whatever - we vibe a bit - number close her and set up lunch for next week.

The other one was this super sweet happy girl - was so nice to talk to her - just standing there looking her deep in the eyes falling a little bit in love - in the good way because I really enjoyed the interaction - no neediness - got into the nice bubble where I am just looking deeply into her eyes - really not paying too much attention to what she says just feeling her  - this is the sweet spot I know from previous sets right before things get heated up. She says she has  BF though - but have organized to meet her next week anyway. Well see where this leads - her BF is not around here apparently.

Its really amazing to be so relaxed about all these interactions in the day - most other people are somewhat tense - feels very powerful to be the one helping others to relax and enjoy the interaction. Again today shooting some random remarks to people I see on the metro or while waiting for green light on the bike really helps to amp state and mood and enable you to feel like you own the environment around you.

Get home early evening and crash out - get up at 10 and mess around for a few hours before I head out - sleeping in the evening before I go out never worked for me but I had to today because I was up so early and I planned a late night. But sleeping before makes me kind of slow in the head and a bit aloof - the vibe I exude is pretty bored/indifferent which according to some theory should be good - but I have only managed to really make this state of mind work once when girls where throwing themselves at me - the other times I just felt disconnected and annoyed. Interesting to see what will happen tonight.

I get the the first club and pop in - I make my way through the crowd - I dont need to start approaching asap or anything to avoid letting the venue get on top of me - I can approach pretty easily now anytime I want in night game at least. I get on the dance floor - the music is fucking amazing - high five the DJ - the dance floor is sort of empthy with people standing around it - I get into the center with another guy and 2 minutes after the floor is pumping - starting up a dance floor like this sober and alone would have been way outside my comfort zone a while back - now I am super relaxed and just do my thing. Approach a two set next to me and try to convince the girls to get on the podium - talk about that - get a little physicality going with the hot one HB8 - she responds well - change the subject - talk about a music festival - I call her a liar - involve her friend and tell her she should never trust her friend -  I fuck with her for a while and confuse her with contradicting statements about the organizers of the event we are at - more physicality - I dont listen to what she says - say my own things - neglect the friend too much and she looks unhappy - I number close the hot one and then they have to go. Being contradicing, dictating the rhythm (no need to respond to what she says - just say something else if you want to) and subtly dissing the girl really works wonders on arousal.

Do two more half assed appraoches on the dance floor with girls that appears to have boyfriends in the room. Not many sets left in here - small bar - I talk with the DJ;s for a while and head out. Open a little cute HB8 right outside - telling her her hair looks messy and gelly - she says maybe she never washes it and says my hair is equally messy - I take her hand up to touch my hair - work the eye contact and get closer - a guy comes a and interfers and starts talking - the typical intimidated male provider response - talk the threat to death with logical questions - I respond too much to it and lose focus on the girl- but she is still all smiles and wants me to go in with her again - I say no because I have to be elsewhere - really smooth little set - instant attraction - getting close, working the eyes, getting physical, talking shit from the outset. It always works for me to go in and be flirty and bullshitty from the outset - the problems usually appear when I go in logical and non-flirty and have to build it up from a low baseline. This shouldnt matter - so I will work on both types of approaches - it works fine for me in networking game - starting out logically and turning illogical and flirty fast - more challenged to do this in night game - I think outcome depende plays a role here - I know I want it to work and make out, pull etc - whereas in networking game I am just trying to get to know the girl and letting her open up and make her comfortable so there is no outcome - I must work on being in the same frame of mind in daygame/nightgame as well. The outcome dependence really messes it all up.

Go to another club - its totally empty so leave again - go to another club - its semi empty and the music is terrible trancy shit so I leave again - go to another club - good vibes, good music and lots of people. Say hi to a few people I met during the week and approach a HB7 sitting by the bar - fluff talk - she starts asking me questions - introduces me to her friend HB8 - the friend is hotter so focus on her - vibe really well - we laugh alot - make fun of people - mix in some normal topics as well - the knob goes up and down - number close her - vibe a bit more - then I head towards the dance floor - a am approaches by a drunk HB6 on the dance floor - not interesting at all - chat with her - turn around and a blonde HB7 comes towards me - catch her eyes and tell her her hair looks weird - she is confused but smiling - then we talk about robots - she is super into me and actually not that bad - but unfortunately garlic breath - major turn off so I try to get rid of her - but its difficult - she orbits around alot and approaches me several times - groupie thing - we have a fun interaction though so if she didnt have the garlic breath I would have gone for it - she has a great ass too - we talk about how sad it must be to be the non-venomous type of snake - she is in my face but I am not really keen on her due to the garlic breath - dont eat that shit when you go out dammit!

Reapproach the HB8 from before - good vibes - meet her friend who is even cuter - we vibe well - talking about countries and music and food - bounce after a bit.

Approach several other girls - the super hot female DJ - some drunk girls by the bar - my intent is low - feel a bit tired and off track due to have slept to late and due to intensive networking sessions both Friday evening and Saturday morning/afternoon. The two super hot Asians comes in with a chode friend - there was my targets - nice. I dance around a bit to amp my state from the slumb I feel I am in - then I approach one of the two asian girls - HB9 - she sits down and moves to the music - I tell her stand up so I can try sitting in the chair which obviously is very good for sit-dancing - she gets up and we vibe - talk about shoes - I tell her my shoes are cooler than hers - initially it goes well - then It kind of slows down and I get too logical again and ask too many boring questions - I feel boring and bounce - move around some more - talk to other people - no problem being funny here - weird - reapproach her talking about elephants - it goes well again - but once again I lose momentum and start to doubt myself and feel boring again - bounce again - thinking about going home but she is hot - and sits there right next to me waiting for me to make moves - lots of eye contact and compliant to physicality - I get annoyed with myself that I get so outcome dependent that it messes things up for me - we vibe again interlance fingers - then she has to leave with her friend to an after hours bar and asks me to come - I say I will be there later - they leave  - I stay around chat more with the DJs and other people and then head for the after hours place - I get in and its packed so it really not possible to me, also super loud and hot - so I cant deal with it and head home at 6am.

Super annoyed when riding home - that I didnt pull the trigger with the Asian HB9 who was both compliant and quiet and attentive and clearly waiting for me - so disappointing that I can still become sort of paralyzed and chode-ish because I get stuck on the outcome - my verbals suffer massively from that - I get logical and boring and really had no idea what to say at times. Being kind of tired from two days of non-stop talking definitely was part of the reason -but its nothing new to me that I am cool as fuck with girls I dont care about and then when I finally meet someone I find really hot I freeze up and end uo choding up.

Thinking about it today the outcome dependence needs to be dealt with - dont know if I have to pull a few HB6 or 7s to get a rotation going to deal with it - but I didnt sign up for this to pull 6s and 7s - I have pulled 8s and 9s before so should be past that.

Verbally I totally forget to be playfully sexual and playfully hitting on the girl - I have put too much emphasis on the bullshitting skills recently which has been super fun and is super helpful but now I need to remember to balance it with playful sexual-ness and hitting on the girl-ness. Even though Alex dont like the word "escalation" - its still a big part of the whole vibing thing to hit on the girl blatantly to get into the emotional realm and get her reacting and aroused - it gives much more verbal firepower to use these playful SOI's - spikes the girls emotions instantly - and gives you control and her reacting to you - as long as it comes from abundance and having fun and non-neediness I see no problem with SOIs. I had massive success with those before and the interactions turns emotional instantly.

Looking back on the sets this past week the best sets has been those that contained SOI's and a heavy playfully sexual vibe. If I combine this with me new abilities to contradict, be positive/negative and bullshit around multipe topics - I should be good to go. I have clearly focused too much on bullshitting and to little on playful intent and sexuality - I need to combine these things.

My tonality and eye contact works out really well - except for when I chode out due to outcome dependece and my eye contact messes up. Physical expressions are OK too - I dont really get rejected alot which I attribute my opening skills which are very smooth now and my solid frame. I dont get tested alot either but that clearly because I dont use playful sexuality or hit on the girl enough - so need to work this in again.

On another note - two of the girls I number closed last week are hitting me with texts all the time - the rest I have forgot to text - need to remind myself to do this and set up a meeting fast. Some of the numbers I got didnt register properly in this smartphone app we use around here so they seem lost - thats annoying.

In general still feel very powerful and solid and centered - fix the outcome dependence, reincorporate playful sexuality and playfully hitting on the girl over constant bullshitting, and stay in set -which should happen naturally when I reincorporate the sexuality and hitting on the girl.

Also I am super motivated now - been thinking about the million things I should have said and done with the HB9 - I think I am close to a major break through.

Good things:
Approched tons of sets
My bullshitting skills are getting better all the time
Opening is solid and initial vibing is solid
Feeling solid and centered
Reappproached 3 times

Bad Things:
Outcome dependence
Eject from sets too early
Forget the sexual playfullness
Forget the playful hitting on the girl

Get back into playful escalation
Stay in set
Remember the dictate the rhythm - dont react - dont respond to her - fell her and act out of your own intentions
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- Sober Game
- I need to pad myself on the back as well - its funny to see what happens in the clubs and bars now - I am without a doubt the person having the most fun and being the most social in there - and I am stone sober - thats hilarious - alot of people yesterday were asking me for dope because they assumed I was wasted :) - just in a really good mood (at least until I messed up the HB9 in the end) - thats pretty amazing to feel so much at home, relaxed and confident in a bar where I practically dont know anyone when I enter - sober - thats pretty good I think - and promising for the future and for my abillity to push through with the 90 day challenge. I am having much more fun than I had when I was drinking - and its really awesome to be clear in the head when everyone else are messed up late in the am hours.

What I need that the alcohol gave is the confidence to take risks with the girls in set - I am still to careful and worried about messing things up to take the big risks needed. However when I think about how fast I have been able to run around and fucking own the place, open sets and vibe sober - its been a week goddamit! - then I have no doubt that the ability to push sets forward and take risks will come very soon. Thats good.

Also I should recognize that I have had girls onto me the past 3 nights I been out giving me massive IOIs - and I havent really done anything but open them, talk shit and work with the tonality and eye contact - so its actually going pretty well and I am not even pushing physicality or verbal escalation yet - so when i start incorporating these things into my game again (from now on) it might get pretty awesome - maybe I should just lower the standards ands get a rotation going to rid myself of outcome dependence.

- Switching to Natural Instincts
I also have been a little bit confused about the switch to natural instincts - I took at very literally when Alex said no escalation - and because of that I was actually doing better a couple of months back when I would escalate fast physically and verbally and get make outs and stuff but would have problems with verbal bullshitting which led to many sets going stale fast. Now for the past week I have tried to push sets forward with verbal bullshitting only and trying to avoid escalation this has worked to some extent and my verbal game is much better now - but now I forget the sexual vibe, the intent and the escalation so it gets boring after a while. When I think about it I think some degree of escalation definitely is needed also in natural game - it should just be coming from a fun place and a place of abundance - like its just an expression not to be taken super seriously but that will arouse the girl nevertheless. Was exactly what I lacked yesterday - will implement from now on. Lots of playful sexual comments and topics - lots of blatantly hitting on the girl in a non-serious manner.
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90 Day Challenge Day 7

Monday - Daygame

Realize the casual daygame approach might not be ideal after all and that my main objective is to make the girl comfortable

Open the first girl while waiting for green light by an intersection while on my bike - she stands next to me - I turn over and say that this must be the slowest traffic light in town - she agrees and we we walk together over the crossing - chit chat about where she is going - she is an ok HB7 - as we reach the other side of the road I kind of stress a little and rush off instead of stopping up and talking more with her and getting her number - need to remind myself to continue the interactions longer - also in day game - she was totally receptive and curious. Nevertheless the interaction does the job - instant state boost and I feel good - its not just feeling good - its like feeling I fucking own the city and that I can do anything I want here - that people are here for my amusement - and that its totally absurd that people are so defensive and shy and so protective of their little egos.

I can totally see why day game is so important a part of this social development process - it shows you that there really is no boundaries for approaching and that it is in fact totally absurd that people are so tied up in their own little worlds and it also shows how fucking bored most people are (girls in particular). You do them a massive favor approaching them - and also do yourself a massive favor approaching them - its like a sudden spark of reality and awareness for both of us. Its beautiful.

I cruise around - see a hot girl - nogo the boyfriend is there too - see another cutie - chode out - its a two set -still struggling with those. See a girl outside a store with her Iphone - I roll up and ask if she just bought that phone - she looks at me and actually looks very sad and kind of waves me away  - I try again - she waves again - think there really is something wrong - I ask if she is OK - she looks pretty damaged and turns away - that didnt feel too good my state drops - then I remind myself that is no way to predict this and that my approach probably didnt make her feel worse at least. I cross the street and approach a little cute HB8 who looks from side to side - I roll over and say its this way and point right - then I ask if she is lost - she says no she is looking for a taxi and is in a hurry to an appointment - I tell her I will help her get one - ask where her office is - she points at a building - talk about the building - she is cute - then a taxi stops and she hops in - I mess up and dont get her number before she leaves - I stress out when things happen too fast - still not fast enough on the trigger - shame she was totally cute. Should have used "we will maybe never meet again" line.

I chode out from approaching a seated two set of hotties in a cafe area - go to the bathroom to pee and decide to approach when I get out - when I get out they are gone - approach when you have the chance.

I chode out from approaching a two set of model type girls - then I want to approach a girl crossing the street - she manages to jump in a taxi before I get to her - damn.

Next approach is a girl coming out of an office building - I approach her talking about the weather, airports and walking up stairs over taking the elevator - we vibe off - I am cool - she starts asking me questions - we exchange numbers - then her phone rings - shake hands with her - her hand is sweaty - I guess I made the poor baby nervous - haha.

Now Im in good state - I roam into a pedestrian area - I make random comments to people - approach a girl standing outside smoking - I ask her if i can borrow her umbrella while she is smoking - she doesnt quite understand - she asks for how long - I say until tomorrow - she thinks about it - I say im kidding and leave.

Approach a two set  - finally got into that - by asking again if I can borrown one of theur umbrellas because they have two - they are totally confused and looks down and run off. Might have scared them a bit - whatever.

So daygame is becoming easier - took much less choding out to start approaching - my approaches were relatively solid - just need to be faster on the trigger when the opportunity is there - also I approached two set - it fucked up but now this is within my comfort zone - small steps forward all the time. State is funny thing - after a good set im pumped - feel I can do anything and that people are here for my entertainment.

Still struggle a little bit with the structure of day game session - in one way its annoying to be hunting sets like I do walking around the malls - it adds pressure which I think messes up my vibe a bit and I get outcome dependent - its difficult to get into the loose relaxed state when you screen for sets constantly and rush around - in another way its cooi to be the hunter chasing prey and screen hardcore - if anyone wonders what being present is all about then go and hun daygame sets like this - thats presence right in your face - the girls can see it in your eyes - this guy is on.

Also happy that I managed to reframe the second approach with the very sad girl - this would probably have made me go home earlier.

Only one number today and only one solid longer set - this was not satisfactory - did my approaches though so OK - as much as day game is testing your fundamentals and verbal skills under massive pressure its also about realizing that you can approach anyone anywhere - it doesnt fucking matter - the feeling of owning the world around you, being able to do anything and that people are small toy soldiers in your world  - does this sound fucked up? Well it fucking rocks - I think this i core component of core confidence - doing whatever you want whereever you want - not giving a fuck about what other people think.

Today further reinforced that the blaze and casual approach where I just comment on something to get the girl reacting to me - and then switch topic and jump into a more normal conversation thereafter works out very well for me. Will stick to that.

Good things:
Less choding
Very nice interaction in the longer set
Approached a two set
Got into really good state

Bad Things:
Still choded out on a few good sets
Scared the last set - it was sort of dark in the street - maybe they thought I was a criminal or something
Only one good longer set

Approach - dont hesitate
Extend the sets to the limit to avoid flaking
Be faster on the trigger when girls have to run off  - say stay for two seconds, we might never see eachother again bla bla bla and get the number.
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90 Day Challenge Day 8

Tuesday - Daygame/Nightgame (sort of)

Find a new method for day game and remind myself I must not hesitate or orbit

So I get out of the house pretty late for day game because I had too much work to do and because it was pouring rain - it was like 8pm or something - luckily I live right next to a bunch of big malls and a huge metro station so there are girls running around throughout the day. I approach the first girl on the street looks like a HB8 - nice shortdress long legs - I roll up and say that was a lot of rain - she freaks out and runs off without saying a word - weird - this happened yesterday too - made me realize that although the blaze casual opening is so fun and good for my state it might be too far outside many of the girls reality around here - they are simply too shy, insecure and inexperienced with men too deal with this kind of approach in day game - its not cool to freak out the girl and scare her - it doesnt mess my state up too much anymore but I dont want to freak them out so I need to adjust how i go about this - especially on the streets.

I spend some time thinking about this and come up with a solution:

On the street or walking set - open indirect with Hi excuse me and then a lame question and fluff of that and change topic fluff of that and exchange names and blabblabla from there. I need to focus on making the girl comfortable in these situations - they freak out easily around here - they are really super suspicious of peoples intentions and really socially inexperienced creatures.

In shops, supermarket, static sets (standing or sitting) where it makes sense to open situationally and where the girl feels relatively safe because there are other people around and its not dark - I can open blaze and casual with a situational comment - thats a nice umbrella fluff of that change topic fluff of that exchange names and blablabla.

I was very much against the whole excuse me thing for day-game and I think its alot more fun to go casual and blaze - but I think its necessary to lower the intensity in this place. If i was living in Miami or New York it would be different. As I have already realized this opener is just any excuse to get in set - so it could be anything - saying thats a nice umbreall vs saying excuse me whats your favorite vegetable makes no difference - just gotta change topics fast so the opener does not hang around too long and creates a forced interaction.

So I open another set inside a cafe after having placed my order - its a seated two set - I say excuse me can i ask you a question - they say yes - I ask them what their favorite type of bread in the store is - they respond happily and I change topics and talk about where I am from - talk about where they are from - blablabla - smooth sailing - pick up my stuff at the till - the girls are happy talk abit more - then I head out - this approach seems to work better around here so will proceed as pr above from now on in daygame.

I chode out from a walking two set of hotties - I dont approach right as I see them and end up orbiting too much - chode out feel like a creep and dont approach - need to pull the trigger faster.

Approach another girl in the supermarket who is standing next to me - asking her what apple is the best - she thinks hard and points to one - I say no the smaller ones are the better - ask her why she likes that apple - she says something about being sour and blabla - I pick uo my apples and say bye to her - not number close potential - she was kind of too young.

It starts to rain again - I head out though to meet some friend visiting from another city - we go to a ladies night but its totally empty - rain rain rain - I approach a girl coming out of the venue as I park my bike - say hey why you leaving she is happy and talks about how she is working there and that is kind of empty tonight - blablabla - we talk about what she does in there blablabla - she runs of into a taxi -  go to another venue - same story here - two seated groups of older people - not interesting. Dont do any approaches - and head home knowing that I have a big evening/night tomorrow to catch up on my approaches: have a semi-date with a south american girl - a few daygame sets here and there following my new method  - a networking event where there supposedly will be a bunch of creative type japanese girls - love those - and a big ladies night evening where I will cover at least two big venues.

The good thing is I am quickly expanding my comfort zone in terms of day-game: Before my 90 day challenge I was mostly comfortable with standing single sets - now I have done walking sets, standing two sets, sitting two sets, intersection sets, supermarket sets, cafe sets. Now I need to get really comfortable with moving two sets, get started on doing sets on the metro and get into approaching groups - this all seems much easier with the indirect excuse me can I ask a question approach - so this should be relatively simple to get into.

I can also see now how the I am enough mindset slowly gets imprinted into my head as I approach more and more - the good reference experiences and the ability to deal with the shitty reference experiences - I am enough also relates to the opener in day game - saying excuse me can I ask you a question might be chode-ish but when I say it its not chodish because I am enough. The I am enough mindset is great mindset for being relaxed and not turning all this stuff into a big production which will make you more relaxed and indifferent.

Good things:
Think I have found the right method for daygame in this country
Appraoched seated two set in a cafe - choded out from that yesterday

Bad Things:
Creeped a girl out - not my fault - people here are just really socially awkward
Not enough sets in day game - dodged a few obvious ones again - need to pull the trigger
No sets in night game - the city was dead due to the heavy rain

Work on the indirect approach as pr above and get a conversation going from there - save the blaze casual approach to where these makes logical sense for the girl
Approach more girls in day-game - dont hesitate
Tuesday nights are not good nights around here so need to get my five sets of daygame done
Dont orbit - appraoch or find another set
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Other lifestyle routines

I am sticking pretty well to my diet lean meet+vegetables + no sugar + low carbs and my exercise routines - les than 10% body fat - my body feels fit and tight -  running fast and light - preparing for my second marathon in December.

No drinking and no fapping goes well.

I meditate every evening for 20 minutes - seated eyes closed - its always difficult to assess what the impact of it is but I am clearly much more in control of my thought patterns - meditation helps alot with learning how to disrupt negaive thought patterns - I used to have problems with this but I feel clear headed and positive.

I eat a bunch of supplements which also seems to make a huge difference in my energy levels and and my restitution - I can eat less without feeling tired.

My breathholding training is going weel - the past four days I have done 3.00, 2.45, 3,15 and 2.50 respectively with just a few warm-up breaths - no hyperventilation. It gets really painful around 3.00 but thats what when I need to learn how to remain present and relax and not start looking at my iphone for the time - as soon as I look at the time I crack - definitely want to surpass 4 minutes within this 90 day challenge.
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