December 10th, 2018
From Stockholm with Love - Special report
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14.06.2013 - Starting with an unpleasant surprise!
- I do some warmup playful sets on my way to the airport...nothing really hooked, i take as a small game
- I am wandering around at the airport, thinking wether to approach anyone. I decide to ditch that option, and just chill read, since most are leaving to other directions.
- I reach the area i am living in in Stockholm , that I booked over a private flat service . I refuse to beleive it, since it is around 30 minutes outside city center in an area called rinkeby, and ONLY bored assylum seekers, no bars, nightlife...etc ( do not get me wrong, i am of middle eastern origin myself, but the area is really not inviting for pulling, or hanging out with a set). I start thinking to myself: Ok...the spontaneous pulling option is kinda diminishing right now. But still...i will do my best. After getting lost for 40 minutes, i finally find the flat i am staying in. I meet the owner which is a sweetie, and a tiny little german girl. She sounds bored, but a bit a-sexual, so i give up on the idea of gaming her in there. I am thinking of still going out, it is around 20:00 and the mixture of laziness and frustration kind of kicks I just jump into bed.

-Location is key for location rating is 2/10
-Still issues with gaming in social, relaxed situations (no cold approaches)


15.06.2013 - Nightgame is sick here!
I hit down town really early ( the harbour and Grand hotel area), open with a cute chinese girl...chit chat with her, then facebook close her....nice warm up start.
Then i walk around, the streets are still empty, i guess i came too early...did shit loads or short "hi, how are u are pretty" approaches....but they cause a big smile and they leave...obviously they are very straight and too much hard core. 
I decide to refine it a bit, and work on the classical look:"u have a nice tshirt", "funny hat" "nice pants"....and looks way better.....2 other chinese cuties ( those girls are hot and responsive to me somehow) and 2 crazy australian cuties give me their facebooks.
The swedish girls are ultra hot! do not remember so many hot girls in one spot. But also they are as cold as the german sets, if not colder.

Anyway, i am moving on i feel good getting ready to wreck it on night game....i do some meditation at a hotel, then i get a sad phonecall from a family member that pretty much fucks up my mood. 
I hit a fast food restaurant and start eating crap, and thinking of just heading to the flat and giving up, since my mood is a mess.
I do not do any approaches, then just ask someone on the street, about a good place for dancing here...they tell me about a location called "golden hits".
I hit it around 10:00 pm. It is packed, but also the quality in there is not really the nicest. I am following the concept. "just one more set" by Ozzie. To just approach at least once, before going home.
I approach a group of 3 girls: one 9, one 7 and one 5....epscially the 7 is very responsive, asking questions and getting a bit physical. I stay in there warming up....then walk around watching the energy and communications. Pretty much the girls are the ones approaching, and giving clear IOIs, then men are just standing there like dorks. The good looking guys pretty much have the best cards. Some guy keeps approaching with the same is painful to watch this guy, since he is too much try hard....but at least he doing something. If he would work a bit more on his style, language, loose facial hair and put a big smile on, he would wreck it! since he was obviously the only guy approaching. I approach another girl wanting to buy drinks....she basically shoves her neck and ears in my face....her friend does the same....the girls here are very physical, once they get into state or have some booze.

Highlights of the night:
-I notice a cute red tshirt girl, maybe 22 years old dancing on her and shaking her booty....the chodes around her do decide to grab her, and start dancing face to face with her. really close with heavy kino...she speaks no english, but responds well to my kino, and when i say shit like "i love u" to her.

i pull her to the second floor.....she gets lost in the masses in there....then i do not find her again later....she has been pulled for sure, because she looked pretty DTF

-Open 2 cute 19 year olds outside, they tell me i am cute and guess my age as 28 Ego boost, why not.
-Open and hug 2 other older cuties outside and mess with them on how unrelaxed the swedish people are.
-See this huge titted woman, open her with a hug..she is very recepitive, although she is standing with 2 other chodes....nice opening of mixed set.....i chit chat with her....then i spill half of my beer on her, which basically kills the mood....i eject saying nice to meet i would have loved to suck on those boobies.
-I feel more and more exhausted, and the place is getting more like a sausage i call it a night, and head home around 2:30, which is really early...but the bad news i heard on the phone and my tired feet kind of killed the stamina for me. Or maybe my subconsceouns is too afraid to close? maybe it expected things to be more complicated?I dunno...the obvious for me is my tiredness.

-Nightgame is easier in Stockholm, than in Berlin! the girls are more agressive, and everyone espects a fuck at end of the night . The Bullshit of :  "I am here only to dance" u here in Berlin, is a lot less here.
- More Agressivness, more intent, more killer spirit and more stamina is needed.

16.06.2013 - An instadate with a hot Qatar Airlines air-hostess

I meet up with an old friend of mine, we have a coffee together, he shows me the Stockholm old City, and i dicsover some madly croweded streets, with loads of hotties...i am officially in heaven.
I leave him 3 hours later....meditate, then start opening left and right:
- 2 ultra hotties with a compliment on their sun, thank hook
- a compliment to a tall cute readhead...she is ultra-responsive, and giggling on everything i say, but won't insta date on a coffee, says meeting eject
-Super hot northern african cutie, with the big arabic eyes....she hooks and chats for around 5 minutes, but nothing more
-I hit the old City area...i see this asian hottie with super long legs, and hot eighties style haircut....she is super responsive....comes with me to an instant date
we hang out for 2-3 hours...she is very compliant, and keeps qualifying herself by saying where she travelled, and how much she would love to visit berlin..........i say let us go for a walk...i start getting into my head, thinking of where to pull her....she told me she lives in the sheraton....if i tell her about the shit-hole i am right now, i would get talkes about how she is hungry...i say let us go for a drink ( no way in hell i am paying for dinner here, the prices are hell!)...and deep inside i am thinking of suggesting ( let us cook) but i refuse to speak it out....shit....she says she is going to her hotel, nice to meet u...bla bla....somehow with a mixture of bad pulling place, bad closing skills i lost in my opinion an easy pull of a hot exotic 9.
I head home, happy with the quality i am able to date now, but sad about the messed up closing.

-My mood is key, for having a long time game
- the pull situation is very important. Make it spontaneous like "let us cook something together"

17.06.2013 - More bad news mess up my game

In the shithole area, i still manage to open 2 cute asians , with many people around...with sorry, do u speak expected they look shocked like a deer in the light...because they probably never been approached here, unless offering drugs or in a sleezy
I get a call from a business partner, that one of our servers is down...i discover it has been hacked....i am sitting right now at a PC in a hotel, trying to fix things. What a hope i will be able to fill this special report with good news, in the next 3 days.....
Update: I managed to at least do some backup for the server thing, but it is hanging in there in my head and causing head aches. 
Managed to go out with an american guy. He seems to have cool game, and managed to watch the kinda of heavily playful american way of gaming. The girls were responding well, and we almost insta dated them. Maybe a little bit of pushing would have helped.
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Hit it hard in Stockholm. Despite all the contrary you are approaching that's great ;). Hope you have a great time in Stockholm ^^
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18.06.2013 - 21.06.2013 Free from Results orientation.

I am getting really nervous about the server thing, and it is not getting better....i am trying to solve this technical problem all these 3 days, and it is fucking up my mood, and i am getting phone calls from co workers and it is getting messy.
After that, i solve the technical issue somehow, by the end of my the mean time, while i am using the PC, i am experimenting with online dating....and manage to get 3 dates set up for the week when back in Berlin.....what a pleasant addition to the funnel.
I still try to make the best out of my vacation by doing the following:

- Following Ozzie "fear technology" style, i approach the toughest sets, seated sets, multiple cuties, approach in german...approach very direct ( i love you, you are pretty).....and notice energy getting into my veins. I feel unstoppable.
- Met with 1 american wing travelling with pretty nice game....learned a bit how to watch gamey american style game, have not seen that in a while :) ....but it is not my type of thing, at least for daygame
- Met with a local PUA, gave me insights about some so-called gurus he met, and happened to be crappy.....Almost insta-dated a cute group of japanese girls with him, but was not pushy enough
- Enjyoed my last day pick up free, visiting musuems and just enjoying the vibe....which brought me to relax, and think about my insights....see next points

Inshights of the Stockolm trip

-Daygame:  Not so easy as expected. The girls are amazingly hot, and the men are very stylish, so unless you look like Pierce Brosnan, you might have a problem here....or work heavily on your style and fitness....a lot easier it is to Pick up tourists, especially eastern asians, which are plenty here. It is good to warm up for daygame, get into state...and hit the clubs.
Area Recommendation: The old City

Seems easier than Berlin. The girls are physically more agressive and receptive to physicallity, since no one is doing it a lot. They also drink more than in Berlin, which makes a the job a bit easier. Also they kind of all know, they are there to pick up eachother, not to "just dance, or have a talk", like the bullshit german girls tell sometimes....definetly a great place for night game.
Area recommendation: All clubs and bars in the Sture-Plan area

Through the fact that i was basically stuck on a PC almost half of my trip, to fix some technical issues, i started experimenting with online dating.....and fuck yeah, it added a new stram of pussies to my funnel. The quality is not near daygame, but comparable with night game, and very easy.
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