December 12th, 2018
8 Non - Game Ideas affecting your GAME.
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White Tiger

White Tiger

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1.  Logistics
This is THE MOST key to your game but NOBODY teaches this. Logistics are the KING.. If you don't have a place to pull. I don't know why you are out .. Either find a friend who would give you their room or Pay at hotel/lodge or whatever. 
Countless wings look at me like they want to come over to my place or use my place for the extraction. I am not comfortable with other guys having sex on my bed unless its foursome.

Condoms is part of the LOGISTICS -- Have it.. 

2. Stalking for later
Seen so many guys literally walking end to end till they can get GIRL in right way so that they can open her.. I was really pissed with guys .. They followed a set for almost a kilometer before girl disappared.. When I saw that.. I was like WTF GUYS.. Heard most timid response and in their mind -- they knew they had fucked up. no point of explaining me your reasons.. Unless you can open her later.. OPEN HER NOW.

3. Place Dilemma
Shall I approach here or not.. If you think u can hold a conversation.. then do it.. Else leave it.. There are countless women out there .. If you just keep approaching all of them.. you would never achieve anything else in LIFE.. Women aren't everything in LIFE. 

4. Money
Find a way to build abundance.. There is no other way to sugar coat it.. Its like growing trend -- All the pick up guys shifting to Marketing or Internet something or some program building. Everyone realizes that they have to do somethiing about it..
On another note . Don't be stuck up.. I don't know how many times I have given up amazing opportunities because money was the issue or headblock. I paid 10 dollars to get into club and it turned out to be dead place... I won't leave the venue because I had paid 10 dollars for it. I would stay till the end or feel robbed.. Sometimes you need to leave money on table. Saw wings not ready to shell out money when they wanted to go NIGHT GAME and even fucked my game. I have decided -- unless they have their shit handled -- I am not responsible for them. Do all negotiating planning or all that before coming to venue - not after. If you can't pay the door fees - You need to go and find other place where you can do your approaches. 

5. Now Vs (Could have done this and that) Later
Stop I could have done this or that in the set.. If you are learning and taking notes from it .. you are great. Otherwise move on.. You will probably do the same thing again next time in the set. If I had used that routine or that line or that.. You didn't .. move to next set.. rinse repeat.

6. Mental Masturbation
Countless guys have access to infinite PUA material and they keep asking for more.. I always tell them - reading doesn't make you smarter.. Applying what you read/see makes you smarter. I have stopped studying PICK UP material until I need it. I can't do kino escalation.. Find material for that.. Most of the guys have massive AA - Get used to area around you .. Most of us nerds have tendency to live alone and get excited at any chance of social behaviour.. Do your nerd stuff in PUBLIC place.. Sit with your laptop in cafeteria.. You will find things happening to you. Countless times you get approached by a girl or she comes and sit nexts to you and gives you approach invitation. 

7. Getting OFF - Track
Its human tendency to find a way to comfort zone.. Slowly things become about EGO or some other form of gratification. Its like landing a plane.. Even if you take 1 degree wrong turn.. You might crash the plane. If you are flying London to NYC - If you take 1 degree wrong turn you might end up in Florida. It would take forever to unlearn those mistakes.. Its about right practice not just practice. 

8. Having 0 Non- Game life

So many tend to stop talking to parents or stop conversations with their old friends because you think they are chode or something like that.. Game isn' t reality.. There is much larger life out there than sex. Have friends who can provide you reality anchors so you get it. Understand what is holding them back and what is getting you deluded. 
However also find a way to connect deeper with your wing than just meeting them for sarging.. Know what they like and what they don't otherwise it would never work out in long term.. You won't be able to communicate those messages and have great time.. Somehow you will manage to piss each other off.
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Idk dude I have absoultely no life whatsoever and it puts me more in the zone, I literally get off on feeling like a loser lmao, I think its hilarious though I am into marketing, etc.

but the thing you said that relevent is logistics, its ALWAYS been my biggest "sticking point" because I'll get so "lost in the moment" that I literally just forget about it or I just dont bring them up if I feel like its gonna fuck up my vibe
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