January 18th, 2019
The Life and Times: Gosling 1.0
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Fellow RSDer's, Hello!  and welcome to my first ever FR Journal
Background:   Ive been in the game for about 18 months now. (used to post under a different handle) Had great success within the first month of this. Went out a lot. Started seeing a girl, got semi serious, began gaming less, half hearted gaming, things got full relationship status for 8 months. 
Ive been out of the relationship for 2 months now, and Im feeling great. Slowly getting back into things, and im learning a lot, but this is mearly just the begenning. That is why Im starting this field report journal. Documenting everything, learning along the way, and getting feedback. 
Im 24. I have plenty of venue options for gaming (large Tri County area in Florida). This is it, the time is now. Time to get serious
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 Thursday  6/6

So I head out about 45min to the biggest city in my area. The drive is worth it when you consider the amount of gorgeous girls that flock all around. Its a huge plus thats theres 3 or 4 mega dance clubs down there too. The only downside to this city are prices. Cover at most places will set you back a lot, on most nights. Unfortunately, (in terms of getting in) Kasakde was playing and cover to get in was going to be ridiculous. However, this club is located inside of a mega upscale hotel and the lobby and outside valet area is a great venue within itself. So from around 4am till they close at 5am I spend my time inside the lobby waiting on the outflow, and girls at the valet. 

I must have talked to 10 or so sets, not going to include all of them about 2 or 3 stood out, and lasted relatively long. Of the 2 sets that went well, there was one that I need to take alot away from because it could have been a pull. It had a lot of logistics going for it.

Set 1: 
4 set. Needed to warm up. Im in the valet line about to talk to these stunners. Im a lot in my head and dont go for it. I look behind me and theres a 4 set, in their late 20's. The leader of the group was being loud, yelling, and bitchy really for no reason. I could tell the girls were pissed at her, but wouldnt say anything. I turn back to them and look at the chick. Aye! girl, be chill no more yelling. She was like massively confused. The friends were releved that was saying something to her lol. blah blah blah for a little. She calms down and says something how shes pissed from being inside and shes hungry. I say shes so much better at this volume. She says she wants to go to get like mcdonalds or some shit. Bust on her and tell her not to put that shit in here body. As soon as I say this she kinda blows me off like, yeah w/e im hot I can eat what I want. She wasnt that special, probably about and 8. But, her friend starts to qualify herself super hard to me. Omg, yeah mcdonalds is so bad for you I never eat that shit. (funny because the hottest one of the group was the leader girl, 6'0 and skinny, too skinny) The girl who started engaging was thicker lol. Anyways, shes like yeah you must workout huh? Are you a personal trainer? I work out like 3 times a week. I stayed in set for like 5min (sole purpose was just for warmup) so I say nice to meet you guys. Oh.. haha and just for self amusement as I leave (b/c the leader had walked away from the group, think she was getting the keys or some shit) Im like good like dealing with that one the rest of the night lol. They all bust up laughing in agreement.

Set 2: 
Im still outside in the valet of the hotel. 2 girls are leaving the club and coming down to the valet. As one is making her way downstairs I reach out the hand of god. Its weird because she wasnt about to take it, but she had a semi smile on her face, like she wanted to but was confused as to what was going on..? Idk. She reaches for my hand and holds it very looses, as she is still skeptical? Look her in the eyes. Trust.. love...   Smile at her. She holds on tighter to my hand as she does I pull her closer to me. Tell her I love her, she laughs and gives me a skeptical smirk like flirty smile. Shes asks me if im from LA? Yes (self amusement..) She was like omg I am to, me and my friend are staying her at the hotel. Great logistics. I give her a hug, pull her in close and whisper into her ear. Your sexy as fuck. She giggles. She said there getting into their rental car to go get food. I get her # and tell her im staying at the hotel for the weekend, we should hit up the pool tommorrow. Get the # and they go on their way. 

Set 3:
I begin to walk back into the lobby. Theres a 2 set sitting by themselves by the stairs. Im about to walk in, but I give a quick glance around for my friend first. I look back at the girls, their in a conversation, and one is like yelling vagina out loud. Its like all I picked up on, lol. I look at her as she realizes she is pretty much screaming it. Give her a quick smirk, stand look at her, she goes quite as I give her great eye contact. I walk over to her and yell vagina at her. She yells back penis at me. I take it, and decide to go with it. Penis? You got a dick girl? (Im pretty sure Tyler had a vid about fucking with a girl by saying you got a dick girl. lmao) She actually busts up laughing over this. I tone it down from there. General questions now. Age, where you from, whats your name. She said shes there for her dbay and their waiting on their other gfs to get out of the club. We go back in fourth with some playful bs banter. A few minutes later 3 of the gfs come out and they are ready to go. I target the leader of the crew. I tell her me and your friend like each other, shes really cool. This chick just wants to leave and kinda blows it off like yeah yeah w/e were going. I tell her I love her leggings. These fucking tight black leggings that were gold studded, and her ass was amazing in them. She becomes a litttle bit more engaged and we bs about them and clothing lol. Its actually pretty beneficial to know (or pretend to know) a little bit about fashion, just like whats hip and shit I guess? lol, who knows, but it does help IMO. The group decides its time to go, my girl gets up, I give her a hug. I pull her close and say nice meeting you, and say I'll never see you again, and pull away from the hug. She looks at me confused and shit. She pauses and then says not if you take my number. I give her my phone and she puts her number in. 

It was a great night. I need nights like this as im building up reference experiences. I went through my processes that lead to a successful night. By my standards (based on where my game is at right now.) Logistics were great with the girl from the second set, she was staying at the hotel, and I thought that if I pushed harder or was a bit more advanced I could have made something happen. Shes from out of town, so thats finished. I got the # from the girl in the third set, so we'll see where that goes. 
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 Friday 6/8

Was out with a couple of friends. We were all sold on the idea of going to a large dance club downtown. We arrive and its not looking that promsing at the time we got there. Its more of an after hours place, $30 cover, and we decide to ditch that and head to the clubs by the beach. We walk up to the door to one of the 'big 3' clubs on the beach. Cover is $40, even worse lol. We get to talking to a door guy and he's willing to drop the cover pretty cheap actually. Essentially we just tipped him to get in. Best part of this interaction however, is that theres a guy leaving the club and he just kinda gives me his VIP band. I put it on discretely. I then tell my friend to stop the two girls that were leaving and take their bands. They give away their bands, and were good to go. 
We get inside and head to the dancefloor. For being 245am when we eventually get in, its still pretty packed (clubs in this city close at 5am.) The dancefloor is decent, but theres alot of dudes. The hottest girls that I see in the entire club are secluded in the tables by the DJ booth, and in the VIP area in the back. Luckily for us we have the wristbands;)  We head to the back VIP area. Were in and theres 3 or 4 large table areas and a raised table area behind us against the back wall. A lot of hot girls at tables, pretty much just mooching off guys bottles, typical. Wanted to talk to a couple of girls, but wasnt in the right head space. I danced a little to myself. Enjoyed the music. Tried to hype up my friends. Pretty much danced around them clapping my hands. Knowing that we got pretty hooked up and are in VIP where these other chode guys had to drop 1-2k on a table ;)

Set 1:
Ended up in set dancing with this thick chick. Id say fat, but that would be disrespectful lol. She wasnt spanish thick, in a good way. ok, She was chubby. It's whatever though. We pretty much start dancing from the beggenning of the interaction. These girls did not look like they should be in the VIP at all, or let alone the club in general. These clubs on the beach are known for stunners, and the other girls usually dont go below a 7. This got me into a Huge Realization. Theres two things that I realized. First, I let the environment play into who I should be approaching. If I see a girl that looks like she doesnt belong in the environment I wont waste even giving here the time of day. The truth is I Shouldn't Give a Fuck! However, even though I let go, danced with her, just ended up trying to amuse myself, I was still conscious of the surroundings (what other girls were around, who was looking at me dancing with this girl who was... socially out of place) This was both a good and bad thing in my opinion though. I say that because when I was dancing with this girl I would see about 6-8 girls at at table upstairs over looking. The more that I was just self amused the more they would look down at me. They were amused by it, but also confused. Im a good looking guy, dressed well, clearly an oddity to be dancing with this fatty, but they were intrigued. The second thing that I realized that plays off of the first is I only want to be talking to the hottest girls in the club. Its like I cant let myself go up to ugly girls and try and talk to them. IMO its like im wasting my time. I think I get like this from an ego stand point. Its like, Im this young good looking in shape well dressed kid, why would I waste my energy talking to a girl that looks like she doesnt keep herself together. Idk, definately something to think about moving forward. 
So I end up ditching the fatty and get one of my boys who was just watching this go down, and we head to the raised VIP table in the back where the girls were looking down. We get up there and I go straight up to a 2 set. 2 girls from Panama, but who live in the city, roomates actually. 
Set 2:   
I come up to the railing, as they are over looking the club, and I start clapping my hands. I kinda just hop up and down a foot away from the closest girl vibing to the music. They just kinda look at me and smile. I wasnt looking for any validation or to them to start talking to me based on just this. I was just having fun knowing that im in a great club, in VIP surrounded by hotties;) The one closest to me (5'6 tan skin light brown hair great body in a fucking sexy skirt showing off her legs) starts to clap her hands as well and she is now more animated. I go in now and engage both of them by grabbing both of their shoulders and pulling them close to me, "I love this fucking city" Im in a great mood now and they can clearly see how much fun im having. I tell them im from out the country and im in the city for a month. Then I ask them the basic questions shit. Find out their both 21, from Panama, living in this city, and they are roomates. I tell them I love them. I tell them im moving in for the month. I tell them im the best roomate ever. Im just kind of vomiting so much random bs out for my own self enjoyment. They know im joking around but I just keep stacking funny statements that make me unreactive to their responce lol. I tell them I will cook for them, but I cant clean. I cant pay rent, but im really fucking fun. They are eating it up. So some guy gets up from the table and makes his way over to the set. He says something to them and points at the table. He was either trying to get them to sit back down at the table, or offer them more to drink. The girls obviously decline, beause the immediately goes back to the table and sits back down. A song I like comes on and I re engage the fun. I start jumping up and down clapping again. My girl is into it. Im just feeling like picking her up in the air and twirling her around, so, I do;)  But, but... I forget that she has a drink in her hand lol I pick her up spin us around and the drink spills over the both of us Haha. I get reactive a lil to much probably. Omg, im sorry haha, I do kinda laugh it off. She's cool about it though. From this point I just really dont know where to go to continue the conversation. I don't wanna stick around for the sake of just clinging on. So I tell them Im gonna go meet up with my other friend and catch them later. 

Lessons from the night:
I need to just let go. Dance with some fatties. make a fool of yourself. I dont have a problem getting rejected by hot girls. But I do have a problem "wasting" my time by talking to girls that IMO arent worth the time of day. I also need to improve on moving sets forward, or getting girls more invested in a conversation. I had to do most, if not all of the work in the 2 set w ith the roomates. When the conversation went stagenant I could have kept plowing or going for fun, but something was just like, No. Why keep amusing these girls. Either leave or get the to invest more in the conversation. I think I played the moved based on my current level in the game. But im here to improve and I want to be progressing, and moving sets forward. I could have pulled my girl to the side, and got to talk to her one on one. I will try for this the next time im in a 2 set. Its sometimes more difficult when the girls are in a VIP area. IMO they feel like they have to stay by their social status hub. 
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 Thursday 6/13

Stayed local. Went to a local club in my area. School is out for the summer so a lot of girls are down from college. Start the night great, get in for free ;) They were trying to charge $20 which for this place I would never pay lol. They have a notable DJ there this night. Its pretty packed when we get there around 1:30. I had 3 sets throughout the night.

Set 1:
As soon as me and my boy walk in the venue I loose him haha. There was a group of 3 girls that we know to the left side bar. I figured he went over to say whats up to them. I turn right and go by the other bar. I can see that he isnt with the girls at the left bar. -Side Note: these girls are annoying as fuck lol. They are young, immature, they bring nothing to the table. I was glad to see my friend didn't go and say whats up to them because that usually means talking with them for like 15-20min. 
I decided that my boy must be in the bathroom so I make my way from the bar over to the bathroom area. Theres a girl standing outside, waiting for her friend to get out. I walk past her and she acknowledges me with a grin. Cool. Walk into the guys bathroom, my boy isnt in there. Walk back out and say whats up to the girl. She tells me shes waiting for her friend. Get her name. Where shes from, and her age. Aka my 3 basics for ever set. She tells me shes 20. I bust on her and say she shouldnt be allowed in (this club is 21+  but they will let in any girl w a fake, almost if your a 7/8+) 
Her friend comes out of the bathroom. The friend im talking to see's her and seems relieved and ready to go back into the club with her. I stop the friend that comes out of the bathroom before she has the opportunity to ask what im doing or who I am, and also before she has the opportunity to drag the friend and leave me stranded lol. 
Me: Ayeee
Me: whats your name
Get her name, then ask where shes from, then ask how old she is. She is submissive to all of my questions. When I ask how old she is she tells me she is 20...
Me: wtf girl! how the fuck did you get in this club
Girl: uhh I have a fake ID, duh
Me: Nah. That shit aint cool girl! All you lil young girls prancing around in here. Security needs to get your ass out of here. Your done. Your done in this fucking club. (pointing at this girls face) (I was pretty full harsh in saying this, but at the same time I did have a slight smirk on my face)
Girl: hahahaaha They wont kick me out. 
They start to walk out of the bathroom area and out toward the bar. To be honest I didnt know what to say or do at this moment. But the girl was walking away with a smile on her face. She was stunned when I went full harsh on her about the under age thing. I was gonna try and amp it up, but it was the first time I was experimenting with this. I didnt wanna chode it up or become uncalibrated by trying to get her back to me, so I just let her and her friend walk away. I go into the bathroom and actually take a piss. 
When I get out of the bathroom and walk out to the bar area the two girls are just standing there looking around for their friends. I go back in and re approach my girl.
Me: what the fuck are you still doing here?  thought I told you to leave. (Note: when I said this the first time I said it about 80% serious 20% smirk/teasing.  When I said it this time it was more like 50/50)
Girl:  -she doesnt really say anything from what I remember. She just pauses and looks at me. Like, this guy is just saying what the fuck he wants. She is also very confused as to why a guy would actually be telling her to get the fuck out. She is younger, and this has probably never happened to her before.
From here she give me the classic 'Anime Eye' look. -Just as a side note this is the first true time I've ever experienced this in such a short time of interaction. Total time talking by bathroom was like 1-2min tops. And time in this interaction was less than a minute, with no words exchanged by her. I just keep dominant eye contatct as she looks at my in a daze. I move my face closer to hers keeping eye contact. Next im making out with her in the middle of the pass thru area of the bar. We make out for a like.. 20 seconds? Idk. It was only long enough to where her friend was snapped out of her shock that some guy was making out with her gf after 2min of meeting her, and no real conversation. Lol. 
So she gets pulled away by her friend. Im left just standing by the bar with about 10 people who just witnessed what happened look stare me down (thats atleast what it felt like.  And, the wierd thing is if im in set and one of my boys is there with me, I wont realize other people looking, at all. I will just smile at my boys and move on. But being by myself and witnessing people staring at me was kinda wierd lol. It was the first time Ive had an insta-makeout like that, so with more experiences it will phase me less and less) 

Set 2: 
I find my boy. He was on the other side of the club and is talking to some kid we know. I tell him what had just happened. He finds it funny, but doesnt believe me. He knows about RSD but really doesnt implement anything when we go out. I can see he's about to go into spectator mode with this kid. He get can get like this when he drinks. -As a side note, im getting better about drinking. I will have one pregame drink before we enter the club, and then be good for the rest of the night. (I can tell that right now I kinda need one drink to get out of my head, and then I just dont give a fuck. But, at the same time what I Know and now realize is I just need one Approach, and then im out of my head. But I dont think one drink is a big deal based on where im at in the game) 
We walk into the dance floor. I see a mixed set. About 5-6 girls and about 3-4 guys hanging out around the bar. Very clicky. At this point in the night after having a great insta-makeout from the set before I was very indifferent. I see a real cutie. She's in some high waisted tight black leggins and a hot pink cut off top showing of her flat stomach. This chick had a banging body. (shes was younger looking than the first girl I approached, I could tell she was like around 18... This club really does let in all hot girls w fake ID's Lol) 
I just walk by the girl and say hey. She wasnt dancing. Her energy was pretty low. In all honesty she looked pretty bored. I say hey and she acknowldges me. Shes alone and begins to move from one side of the bar to the corner where her gf's were. I just casually walk with her over to her gf's. I can tell shes trying to get over to them so she can sit down with them, or have the dominant girl of the group tell me to fuck off. I notice that and decide to be more dominant in my tone.
Me: Ayy ayyee
Me: stay here. I grab her on the wrist. Pull her back to me. make sure that she is now face to face with me. (great eye contact, and she can no longer see her friends) 
Me: (look into her eyes) Whats you name, Where are you from, How old are you
Girl: HBpinktop, local city, 17 (I thought she would atleast lie with her age and say 18. Most girls are affraid to admit if there under 18. Idk I think because I said it in such an authoritative tone?)
Me: Wtf. All you lil young girls in here. That shits not cool. Teen night is Tuesday. 
She smiles at this and laughs it off. I was just about to amp it up like in the first set, and tell her to get out lol. Then some dueche comes over, tries to grab her arm and pull her away. She doesnt give into him and still stays standing by me. I can tell he kinda takes an ego hit when she doesnt comply to him. So his next move is to yell over at me "shes with me bro" I just look at the girl for any indicator, but by her not moving and not going with the guy I could tell he was cleary not the bf. I whispered into the girls ear anyway and asked. She said no. I can tell he's taking a huge ego boost around his friends because the whole group is now looking at us. I want to continue talking to this girl. I can tell she is receptive. I pull the girl in by the watse and get close to her ear, I tell her im gonna tell them Im your friend, and we know each other. I calmly look at the dude and say No no dude, its cool I know her. Say this to him a couple of times. He's semi drunk, and I can tell its gonna be a problem. I love to implement any RSD tactics for the reference experience, and I remember Julien talking about telling a girl to say im her gay friend. So, I whisper into her ear one last time, tell them im your gay best friend. Tell them im your hair stylist. She finds this really funny and starts laughing. Only bad thing for me is she never actually told this to the dude. All he can see is me continuing to chat up the girl as he takes ego blow after ego blow. Lol. He actually gets Really pissed now, and I can see where things are about to go. Voice is escalating, and another girl is holding him back. I   a.) dont want to get kicked out, and not get to approach. and 
b.) dont feel like getting into anything over a girl. Im just like bro take your girl have a good night lol. A friend of his comes over to me with a fake hard look on his face. I just look at the kid and difuse it. Yeah bro I know your girl over there shes friends with my sister. Your boy was just being overly possessive. The kid drops his fake tough guy face, and tries to make friends with me or some shit lol. I just walk away haha. 

Set 3:
I find the girl from the first set aka  instamakeout BathroomChick. She's talking in a group. Just walk over pull her by the hand and face up with her, making sure she can't see her friends ;) #newlesson
She is super receptive. I try and go for the make out again. Kiss her on the lips, but she isnt about the makeout. I back off just stare at her. I had a goal that during the night I wanted to get into a set and do alot of non verbals. Trying to get the girl to invest more in me by laying back a little bit more, as im always up in their face. So I lean back and dont say anything. just give great eye contact and see what she has to say. It throws her off at the begenning. She looks very confused. But instead of trying to say something to kill the awkwardness I just stand there solid. Great eye contact. Great smile. Sure enough she starts to keep anything going with the conversation. She goes into full compliment mode on me. Your really hot. Your awesome. Your totally my type. From here I say nothing. I stand there slight smile/smirk noding my head. The more I do this and the more non reactive I am to her compliments the more into me she becomes. Her chode guy friend is pulling her on the arm telling her they have to go. She wont budge. Her gf comes over and tries to get her to leave. I knew she would have the best chance of getting her to leave. So I cut her off and pull her with one hand over to my girl and put my other arm around my girls shoulder as we all stand close next to each other. I say me and your friend really like each other. My girl smiles at me. She gives her friend a smile like, Yeah, I like this guy. The friend backs off a lil. I tell her 2min 2min I just wanna talk for 2min, the you can have her back. Your a great friend btw. Lol.
I engage in actually conversation with my girl now because I could tell her group was about to be leaving. I set the tone of wanting to see her the next day. She's super receptive and tells me to get her number. I get out my phone and have her put the number in. I call it and have her save my name. Been texting with this girl on and off over the weekend. Gonna make day2 plans with her this week. And if not fuck it haha.
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Thursday 6/27
Haven't updated in about 10 days. Pissed about that. I should be more dedicated. Last weekend (when I didnt post any FR's) was my friends bday, so we stayed at a hotel on the beach for the weekend. Pretty secluded trip. I had been working a lot so I treated it as a vacation. It was a vacation from pickup as well. 
Anyways, I'm back with this past weekends fun times and adventures. Me and a couple of my buddies went up to Orlando for the weekend. We got up on Thursday chilled and got ready for the night. Thursday night we head to a club. We get in and its packed. I was feeling great to be back out in a club environment, as I had been pretty much "off" the weekend before. I felt great at the begenning of the night, but I guess I let the new city/environment and also not being out in over a week affect me. Usually I love being in a different city, but this night was different. I would say I chode out for about an hour. It really sucked. I finally snapped out of it and knew it was time to take action finally around 1am. One of my boys had been talking to these girls by the bar. He was trying to buy them drinks. The two that he asked both declined actually. They were pretty stuck up. Nowhere near the quality of girls down where were from, but I guess in this city they get away with it Idk. I kind of cut my boy off from talking with them and started talking to the one closest to us. She was the somewhat receptive one of the group. It went decent but didnt stick at all.
I did kinda feel like a dick for cutting into his half convo with the girl. We meet up with my other friend and walk downstairs. We see two girls at the bar. My buddy (who was trying to buy the girls drinks upstairs) points to them and says he likes the one to the left. Like I said I felt like a dick for cutting into his convo, thats not really my style at all. So, I decide to go talk to the girl. She was sexy, about an 8.5 / 9 and the friend was like a solid 8. So I go up to the hotter one, which my friend liked. Come up to them at the bar. Clapping my hands. Staring at the hotter one. Point at her "you." Stop a couple feet away. Hold out hand of god. She is confused. Pretty neutral responce. But, she does comply. She takes my hand. Now, I usually will pull them kinda forcefully into me, and lead the convo from there. However, this situation I don't. I think because she was very receptive. So, I kind of like pull myself into her as she still stands by the bar. I come close to her, "who are you?" she still isn't receptive and she begins to turn to the guy standing next to her at the bar. I knew what was comming. Before she could get him I lean into her. I tell her she's really cute and I came over because my friend (who I felt bad for cutting off his convo upstairs) thought she was cute and really wanted to talk to her. She pretty much blew this off and continued to look to the guy next to her at the bar. She told me that was her boyfriend. I really don't believe the guy was. He came off very chodely. This girl had a attitude. If it was just her and her other gf I would have been a dick back, then joked around or something, but IMO due to the guy being there it just didnt make sense. However... I do decide to stay in set ;) I let the girl talk to the fake bf guy or whatever and I turn my attention now to the friend who is left alone lol. "aye" "whats your name" she tells me her name. She then tells me that I'm only talking to her because her friend blew me off. I tell her thats bs. That I really wanna talk to her. I tell her that her friend is stuck up. "I just hope that your more fun than your friend." She still isnt in. I turn back to the friend who is now talking with the fake chode bf. I tell her, what did I tell you when I came over? My friend over there thought you were cute and he wanted to talk to you. She confirmed to the friend thats what occured. But it was in such a non convincing way (she didnt want to be bothered with anymore of my conversations) that I dont think the friend 100% bought it. So the friend now pretty much thinks im talking with her because her friend blew me off. In all honesty I am now ready for this set to be over. I didn't really know where to take it from here. But, I am always looking for added reference experiences fro future reference. So, I stay in lol. The conversation goes nowhere as I'm tyring to tell her how I love her outfit and shit idk lol. Im pretty much ready to get out, then another guy comes over to me. He says that he's with her or some bs. At this point I have no reason or motivation to stay in this set. I say cool dude and I leave. Go back to my boys. They were watching the whole time and actually got I big laugh out of how I actually went in, talked to the girl, and stayed in the set, and got pushed out by two fake boyfriend chodes. This got me in a good mood. I was happy for taking action and staying in.

The second set of the night was with the girls from upstairs from earlier. Me and my boys went into the front room area when you first enter the venue. My buddy who tried to buy them drink approaches the receptive one. They talk for a minute, and he talks to the group. I go in and talk to the main girl of the group, who was actually the most receptive one. I notice she has a tatoo, we talk about it. Bs about other shit. "whats your name"  "where you from"  "how old are you"  to be honest all of these girls look to be anywhere from 19-21. This girl says she's 23. I call her bs. Tell her she looks like she snuck in here. She laughs and says she gets it all the time. She actually pulls out her id and she is 23. Our convo dies out a little bit, partyly because I am focused on IMO the hottest of of the group. Fucking sexy petite girl. Didnt get her age but shes like 5'6 probably 115lbs straight shiney dark hair, olive skin, great tits, and a banging lil body. She's wearing a tight and short red dress. This chick has killer legs and a great ass as well. Anyways, lol, Im in conversation with the main girl of the group and its not going anywhere and she is loosing interest. She is actually looking around for other of their friends. So, I just stare at my girl in the red dress. She isnt talking to anyone, and she is the super stuck up / non social hot one of the group. [As a side note: For me, everytime you encounter these type of girls its like they need so much more stimulus to even get the engaged in a conversation. Its like their a dead battery and most guys who say anything to them wont even spark the battery.] Anyways, Im staring at her. She notices but just brushes it off and looks beyond me. I stay looking at her and when she glances back over at me I reach out the hand of god. She notices it but still is pretty unresponcive and tries to ignore it. So, I keep my hand fully extended as she tries to ignore it lol. I hold this for like 5-10 sec. Then I point at her, then point to the ground right in front of me, the stare at her again with killer eye contact and a smirking/confident smile. Hold back out hand of god. She actually smile slightly and walks closer kind of hesitantly. My hand is fully extended and she grabs it about 3 feet away from me. As she takes my hand I pull her into me, forcefully this time. This caught her off balance as she gets somewhat propelled to me, but I catch her with both of my arms, hug her, and pull her close. This got her out of her little daze, but I could tell she was somewhat startled by it. I release her from the hug and hold her by the hips. Look into her her eyes "who are you" She tells me her name. "How old are you" She tells me shes 24. I call her a lil liar. I point to her face and tell her no one like a liar. I think this came off too harsh. I think I should have pulled her in and hugged her. The convo went pretty blah from here. That was the last set of the night. The club was closing as we were talking to these girls.

I definately got thrown off by being in a new city, or by being in a new venue. Some of it also dealt with taking the weekend off before. Whatever it was, I hate that feeling. I used to treat it like an excuse. An excuse not to approach that night. To treat the night as just "getting adjusted" as the first night out in a week. But, I do not let that mindset register anymore. To trust that by taking action you can save the night and make something of it feels great. Everytime you act on that I feel like it takes you shorter and shorter to take action. 
I am glad I stayed in the first set for the experience. During the second set I am proud that I went for the hottest one of the group. For not backing down when she ignored my first attempt. 
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Friday 6/28

College bar. Its been a while since I've been in a college bar environment. Personally I have never really liked them, but whatever. They are overly cliquey, and no one really wants to meet new people. They just want to talk amongst the people they came with and the people that they know that might be there. Again, whatever. Decide to make the most of it. 

We get in and its packed as fuck. It primarily a bar but there is a small dancefloor area. Cool. But its no like fucking shoulder to shoulder of fucked up college kids. The one up side there is a shit ton of younger college girls in here. We head to the bar. Get a drink. Head to the bathroom. I get out and im waiting for my buddies. Hot girls all outside the girls bathroom. I should be approaching/clawing/ whatever to stop the girls. I don't :/  They were all in groups and everything inside was so jamed packed and chaotic it seemed like the girls were so attatched to each other it was impossible for them to seperate. But fuck that noise, I should have been approaching.

We are over by the back wall and bar area. My buddies are talking to a 3 set. I could have jumped in and talked to one friend who was left of, but I didnt. I had my sights set on a 6 set of girls. I see the one thats most attractive to me and go in. Get her attention, and introduce myself. Pretty bs convo. While im talking to her I see two of her friends talking amongst themselves and looking at me. I look at one of the girls. She come over to me as I lock eye contact. 
Her: How old are you    Me: 22 (lie)    Her: Oh. Yeah I thought you were older.    Me: Whats your name    Girl: xyz    Me: Cool, how old are you    Girl: 18    Me: Are you from Orlando?    Girl: Yeah
Blah blah blah convo insues. She actually tells me she is moving away to another college town in a few weeks. I At this point im getting bored, as im about 5 minutes in this set. A song comes on that I like and I start jumping up. She smiles. I pull her close to me and try dancing with her. Some of her gf's are looking, but theres also about 6 dudes looking at me and her as well. They came as one big group I guess. She doesnt seem very into dancing around all of them. I should have tried to pull her to another spot. Lol, it was actually so fucking packed that might have been more difficult. W/e. My friends are just kind of starring at this point, as  the girls they were talking to left. 

We all go to the main bar in the center on the venue and just post up there. Theres a group of like 5 girls by the bar getting shots, having a good time. I look over at them. Makes me realize, that should be me. One girl is trying to order more shots. She is to my left ordering, and now waiting. She is vibing to the beat. I look over at her. I just start nodding my head to the beat as well. I start to tap my hand on the bar and tap my foot to the beat as well. Just doing this alone builds me up. I feel her getting closer to me or maybe im getting closer to her lol. Whatever it is we are now closer to each other. I start to back into her an grind my hip/ass against her very jokingly. She just kind of joins into the fun. I get more into it and start grinding harder. We just kind of acknowledge each other. Not much convo, but it was funny and it got me in a way better state. My friends got drinks and they signaled that they were going to the other side. I follow them and as im trying to get to them I see 2 girls walking at me. I claw the girl closest to me. She keeps walking. But I have her arm ;) Lol  I stay standing where I am and she is pulled back to me when I hold it. I have my head slightly turned to her, and I slowly turn around and pull her back to me. 
Me: Who are you    Girl: Jessica (receptive smile)     Me: Your cute. Where are you from?    Girl: Here    Me: I dont believe you  (pause) How old are you    Girl: 20    Me: Bullshit      Girl: hahaha   
I then pull her closer to me. "you know, your pretty cute" (pause) "just kind of sucks.."  Girl: what?...   Me: (staring into her eyes) I dont like liars    Girl: I know, Im really 18.  Me: I forgive you. Give her big hug.
Were vibing and shit but again, shes with a big group and she is super concsious about them. Some of her girls come over she gets caught up with them. I decide to get out and go find my boys.

Girl coming out of the bathroom. This was a layup open. She walks out of the bathroom with 2 friends in front of her. I just point at her and she stops. Completely letting the 2 other friends walk away. She comes right over to me. I pull her close and give her a hug. The girl was either dancing all night, or on drugs because she was drenched lol. At this point I dont really give a fuck though. I can tell she is now wondering where her friends are so I hug her, pick her up in the air, I lean against the wall and drop her back down with her facing me to the wall. We start dancing. This girl is super into it . She turns around and starts grinding her ass on me. I go for the make out when she turns back around. We make out for a minute. I see another group of girls, and leave for them. I tell my girl I'll find her later. S
So I go and approach a 3 set of girls 2 are ug, but the one that I wanted to talk to was nice. We vibe for a lil, but they had off to the bathroom. I had been forgetting girls names all night long (a huge downfall to my game, that Im currently trying to fix) so I get this girls name and make sure to remember it.

From this point in the night nothing else goes down. The bar is about to close in 10 minutes so me and my boys go to the dancefloor area and just start fucking around. Dancing around foolish to the music and shit. Trying to entice any girls to come over and join us. The bar is closing so everyone is making their way outside. Im looking for any sets that I had approached throughout the night. I find the 3 friends that I had met probably 20 minutes before. I scream out my girls name ( hoping that it was the right name.. It was) She turns to me. I give her a hug. Places in Orlando close at 2, which is awful lol. I ask them wheres the after party. They laugh and say they are going to get food. I get my girls #. I find my boys who are in set with 2 girls. I look for more girls. Police are tyring to get everyone to their cars so they place can clear out. I text my girl and she said they went back to her place because her friend was gonna throw up. I dont push for anything further. Me and my boys head back to our hotel.
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Saturday 6/29

We decide to hit up downtwon Orlando. We head to a nightclub called Tier. Were waiting in the line and a 4 set a girls. They are probably like early 30's age. All of them were sexy though. 3 latinas and a blondie white girl. I want to talk to them, I don't :( We make our way to the front and pay the cover (perks of building up a network in your city is cover.) Side note me and my boys paid $10 each. They chode guys who walked in behing us, the girl told them it was gonna be $15 lol.

Bunch of sets that I went through this night. This is a main thing that I want to get down, talking to as many sets as I can throughout the night. Also, re-approaching. This night I got a bunch of sets in. I made a few notes in my phone when the night was done. So a lot of valuable stuff in this write up. 

1st Set
We head upstairs. Were pretty much just scoping out the club. When im in a new club I always like to get acclimated the my surroundings. We find a table area where theres a birthday girl celebrating. There is no security nor is the booth roped off, we just make our way in ;) I didnt wanna get in and go straight for approaching and get noticed or kicked out. So I play it cool for a few minutes. My boys start chatting some dude. They then find the birthday girl. They talk to her. I look around for some friends to talk to. I find this cute blondie. I go over to her and just clap make hands and dance to myself around her. Then high five her. We talk for a couple minutes. I wanted to escalate, just because. I have my arm around her shoulder and im moving us to the beat. She isnt fully there. She kinda releases herself and looks at me and then looks around. She tells me she is looking for her boyfriend. The kid comes over and she genuinely introduces him. I told her I was from out of town and she introduced me as her friend from out of town. The kid was cool, I could tell he was the bf. We bs real quick. I decide to find my friends, and we dip out of that.

2nd Set
We go back to the downstairs area, which is now filled up. We loose one of my friends. So its now just me and one of my boys. This kid is cool, but he loves to buy girls drinks, or just chill in a vip area and let the girls come to him. Fuck that. We find some girls downstairs and start chatting with them. A couple of minutes later the 2 girls are following my friend to the bar. Lol. I head over there as well. My boy asks me if I want one. I decline. He asked again, and then just gets 4 shots. We take them. Then some guy that I guess works at the club comes over to them and gives them these light up head bands. They talk to him for a minute. So funny to see girls get free drinks and just ditch off the guy.
*Why I never buy girls drinks* This actually really pisses me off so I interupt the girls talking to the guy. I find the one that I was talking to "You!"  "come here, I wasnt done with you" (sly smile point down to the ground infront of me) I take the band off of her head and twirl it around. She tries to grab it back like its fucking crack lol. Shes short so it wont work haha. I drop it lower and am like ok, ok you can have it back... put it right back up and keep teasing her. She gets mad lol, like actually pretty mad haha. I drop it lower give it back and give her a hug. "I'm just teasing girl" "you get pretty fiesty" 
Its going nowhere. I can tell. But fuck it I feel great and im ready to fucking kill the last hour or so in the club.

3rd Set
We walk through the dancefloor area. There are roped off talbles on both sides with the dancefloor in the middle, and a vip area in the front by the dj booth. I see the 4 girls from the start of the night that were in line. I make my way over to them. There arent at a table but they are right by the rope to the table. I go in and start clapping my hands. I clap my hands while looking at the girl i want. She is unresponsive. I point at her, keep clapping, and dance around her. Still doesnt respond. "Aye" (super loud) Her friend comes over to me and tells me she doesnt speack any english. I trun back to the girl. "Where are you from" she still doesnt respond. Fuck, lol. I turn to the friend who told me she doesnt speak english. Where are you guys from. She completely blows me off. I just stay there and get shoved the fuck in my head. I just shake it off, dance to myself. I try back for the friend, I try and claw her. That goes to shit. They both take off. Theres like a whole table full of people that are looking at me witnessing what just happened. For a second or 2 im just like shitttt, this sucks... :/    Then I snap back into it, Who  The  Fuck  Cares ? seriously, who the fuck cares? that was great. I turn my back to the table and look out to the dancefloor. My boy comes over and pats my on the shoulder, says fuck them. I notice a few people on the dancefloor that were looking at me. I just kind of stand there. Like a statue. I knew my boy was trying to be like no big deal bro, they were bitches. Idk what he said actaully. In that moment it didnt matter. I was focused as shit. I just starred into the crowd w this death stare look, LOL. Its like my body and mind was just soaking up what had just happened, while simultaneously lighting a fire under my ass. 

I usually shake off a casual rejection. I will laugh about it, just fucking around. That gets me into a laughing/fucking around state. This was the first time that I just embraced the harsh feeling of being rejected and having a bunch of people see it. I just soaked that shit up. Like a one minute medidtation session, that caused massive amounts of drive/desire to keep approaching. 
[Amazing feeling actually, I've never experienced something like that before, but it was so worth it to go through something like that]

Next set,
2 set. Im dominant as fuck right now. we get off the dancefloor and walk over to a hallway area to the bar. I stare down this lil cutie. I stop before they can walk by. As they are walking towards us (like 3ft away) I stop and point at her. She notices it enought to slow down as they get to me. Her friend is trying to keep her moving. She is definately intrigued though. I claw her wrist, and pull her into me. She was in a daze, and I wanted to go for the makeout right off the bat. I pull her to me and give her a hug. Just vibe with her for a minute or so. I tell her "I have to go find my friend, Im gonna se you a little later"

5th set
Damn, this set, this girl, lol. We find our other boy and go back upstairs. We go back up to the same vip area were the birthday girl was. Vibing inside there for a lil. I go over to the birthday girl and give her a high 5, wish her happy bday. Bounce back over to my boys. Leaning over the railing looking down on the club. I get bumped into while standing there, and I feel liquid on my back. I turn to my boy who usually gets fucked up, and will spill shit all the time. Hes like it wasnt me bro. I then turn to my left and theres this girl. 
G:  Omg, sorry haha
Me:  What the fuck girl?
G:  haha yeahh, sorryyy
Me:  Nah! that shits not cool. (staring here down, actually kind of pissed lol)
She then sit down on the couch right next to her. I go over and lean into the couch. I put my hands against the couch and lean into her (like inches away from her face) Dominant look on my face
Me:   Not.   Cool.  looking right at her
G:  I know, I know. Im just kind of tipsey
G:  Your pretty sexy
Me:  Fuck that. Thats not gonna make it better girl. Nice try. "never again" 
I then stand back up, and look at her. I take her drink from her and put it on the table. I come back over to her and take her hands. Pull her up from the couch.
Me:  where are you from
G:  Nebraska (...? Idk some random boring state)
Me:  Damn, haha I feel bad for you. 
G:  yeah well I live in orlando now
She gets into some shit how people from Nebraska are, blah blah blah. I cut her off. I pull her in for a hug. Squeeze her tight. Damn this girl has a tight body, shes like 5'7 olive skin dark hair nice tits and killer fucking legs in this short tight lil dress shes in. I pick her up off the ground and spin her around. Shes laughing her ass off as I do.
G:  Your sexy as fuck.  Your fucking wild boy.  
Me: (just look at her and nod)
She then wraps her leg around me, and starts to grind on me. This chick is definately fucked up lol. Just the crazy shit that was coming out of her mouth. I dont think any human not on drugs would be saying these things haha. At one time she called me big boy, in an asian voice. Pretty sure she said fuck me long time, or something similar to that. Lol. I let her go and tells my friends this chick is nuts, and probably fucked up. Next thing I know this chick is dancing with another guy. She keeps looking at me. Shes clearly not that into it, but shes trying to get a rise out of me, or how I will react. I just stand there and flick her off. Haha man this chick, she was a trip.

I grab my boys and we go back downstairs. Theres like 30 mintues before the club closes so I really want to talk to the highest quality of girls and burn that shit down.

Set 6
We get downstairs and were chilling by a table in the back. I see this girl that I have to approach. Omg, this girl is so my type. Shes like 5'5 shes got light brown hair tan skin amazing eyes. Shes got on this tight pink dress nice legs, but her ass was phenomenal. Great overall body. This chick was a solid 9. Just based on my own persoanl preference she might have been closer to a 9.5.
Anyways heres how it went down.

She's with her friend and they are trying to head into the table area. I see her and and stare her down. She notices but doesnt hold eye contact as she is looking for her freinds. They are about to go into the table when I shoot over to her (damn, it feels good when you can just go in for what you want without hesitation) Point right at her. She stops, and looks at me. 
Me: Who are you ? 
She kind of half acknowledges me as she is trying to get to her friends at the table. 
I get in front of her face face
Me:  Aye! (smile, eye contact)
G:  hey
She is still not fully there. 
Me:  Eyes (I point two fingers to my eyes, look at her, and then point my fingers towards her eyes)
G:  Rachael (now focused soley on me)
Me: (grab her wrist and pull her close to me, whisper into her ear)  You look sey as fuck in that dress
Still doesnt fully hit. This girl was so hard to crack, but so worth the effort. She is talking to her friend and go to re-engage her
Me:  Rachael!  
She looks at me, gives me a look like im with my friends, let me be
I lock eyes with her and show that Im here, and I want to get to know here
Me:  (pulls her back over to me,  drop her hand when she isnt as receptive as the first time)  "Love"  pause and stare  "Trust"  pause  smile
It was so close to hooking from here, but then her friends are all calling for her from the table and she tells me she has to go with them. I say ok and tell her I'll see her later.

Set 7
Right after talking to that girl I turn the corner and approach this chick. She is with her friend and they are dancing. I go between them, fuck around real quick, and then turn back to the girl against the wall.

Me: I love your lipstick 
G:  haha!  I actually just bought it
[ whats you name   where are you from   how old are you ]
Shes 23 and she just graduated. Said she has a job in finance
Me:  You dont look like you can be trusted with money.   I get closer to her, as I have my hand around her waist "you would fuck my finances up" 
G:  (she back off and laughs) your probably right. 
I go back to her and pull her closer to me.   She backs off as I try this
G: Sorry I dont get that close to people
Me: Trust (I try and go back in) 
G:  I dont get this close to people ever unless were having sex
This totally stifled me haha. It was worse than getting the worse shit test. I literally did not know what to say
The only thing that I wanted to say was "well, we can make that happen"  But I felt like it wouldnt have came off the right way. Idk. I Should have said it lol :/

The club was getting ready to close. They threw on the lights and everyone was making there way out. 
Im still right by the vip table where Rachael-9 was. I see her making her way through the dancefloor. As she is making her way out she must have said by to atleast 6 different dudes at various parts of the club. Im waiting by the front door to reapproach her. She is coming closer to me. Another guy comes over and say whats up. Fuck. I just stand her and wait. She is now making her way right by me

Me: Rachael
G:  Hi..
Me:  Why are you so fucking popular (telling her right in her ear, walking super close to her)
G:  hahahha, ummm Idk. Good guestion
We get outside and I start a qucik conversation leading to get the #
Me:  I dont know anything about you
Her friend comes over and tells her something. Tries to get her to walk away.
Me: Rachael!
She looks over
Me:  whats my name?
G: (she was close but said a name that was similar to mine, but not mine)
Me: I dont want to be one of your lil fan boys.  I want to get to know you. 
Me:  where are you guys going right now
G:  xyz for food
Me:  Good.  Give me your #  Im gonna go find my friends than Im gonna call you
G:  well you can come if you want. But, I cant give out my number. I have a boyfriend.   Fuucckkkkk

With anytime a girl tells me she has a boyfriend, I immediately ask her what his name is, if they hesitated to think of the name I call them out and its back on. 
With this one she automatically tells me his name. I feel its real. I tell her hes a lucky guy. She smiles and I leave. Pretty bummed actually :/ lol   but w/e had a fun night and accomplished a lot.

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Friday 7/5

I head down to the city to meet up with one of my boys from the forums. I had been planning on going to Dirty South, but fucking tickets were ridiculous. Plus im kinda ballin on a budget right now, so I meet up with my boy at another club on the beach. I had never been to this spot before, so I figured I go to check it out. It was a majority urban crowd night. But, we got in for free and didnt have to wait in the line. There were a good amount of white girls in the club however. Most of which were vacationing.

I only got involved in 2 sets during the night. I wanted to be working more on Investment in my sets.

So me and my fellow RSD boy walk in and start scoping shit out. We see a 3 set by the bar. IMO the hottest white girls in the club. I know we have to talk to them. But, I havent warmed up with anything yet, they are ordering drinks. My boy is about to go and approach, I hold him back and tell him in a minute. We walk back to the front area. We see a group of 3 girls, just kind of standing by the bar. I point to them and we decide thats the warm up. All 3 are really cute actually. My boy is about to go in first. I tell him I got this, let me go in first.

Set 1:
I make my way over to the girls, as I get closer I just throw my hands up in the air and start dancing to this song goofy as shit like I just don't care. The girls see me, and I go in between the 3 of them and just keep dancing to myself. The girls all start laughing, there amped up. I start clapping while dancing in the middle of them and they proceed to clap and then dance around me. My boy comes over and talks to one of the friends. I get out of dance mode and make conversation with this tall blondie (as a side note, I do not like blondes lol. Only attracted to a slect type of blonde) But this girl is like 6'0 in heels def on the skinny side, nice face. Shes probably about a 7.5 or 8 to most people, but I really wasnt feeling her at all. W/e I made it a goal to stay longer in sets and build on investment tonight. I find out its her bday. Her and her girls are celebrating and their all from Australia. 

I decide we can definately go back to this set later. I back out of the set and pull my boy with me. 
We make our way to the back of the club. We see some girls that we could be approaching. We dont. We chill by the stairs and scope out the crowd from here. We see girls walking by that we could talk to.
We dont iniate. We both realize    a.) we need to be taking action  and    b.) we need to be moving and when we see a set, Approach.
We walk back to the from and my boy notices the 3 Sexy white girls from earlier at the bar (who we didnt approach)
He walk right over to them and is talking to one. It doesnt look like its hitting, I decide not to go in. My boy comes out like a minute later. It didnt hook, but they didnt blow him off. 
They just werent feeling it at the moment. So, we look for more. I just keep dancing to myself like a fool pretty much. I thought it was histerical. These black girls were fucking cracking up
watching me dance as we walk around. We make our way to the other side of the bar. Im dancing as we go walking backwards while dancing, looking at my boy clapping my hands, trying to pump him up.
I bump into this black girl. Like step right on her heel, hard. She doesnt even mind, and tries to wave me back. 
As we make our way to the other side of the bar, I notice the 3 hotties that my boy had just approached 10 min ago.

The 3 hotties are standing by themselves over by a wall. I roll up to them doing my goofey ass dance moves. At first, they are super not into it and but up there faces. When I do this I always get in the middle of the set, so they all can get a taste of my moves? lol. It actually works well because it engages the whole set. They obviouslt notice me, but I dont get the same reaction as I did from the first set :/
So, fuck that, who cares. Not me. I back out a lil bit and grab my boy by the shoulder and jump up and down next to him. 
I then try to engage the hottest girl of the group. She also looked like the leader of the group, and she put off the best potential vibe of the group. (other 1 was bitchy and other one seemed introverted)

Me: (points at the girl in the middle)      (keep dancing to myself and claps my hand)       (looks back at her, points at her, and then points to the ground in front of me)
G:  (looks confused at first)   but when I kept dancing to myself and didnt care about her reaction, then pointed back to the floor to get her over, she became more recptive.
She comes over to me
Me:  "who the fuck are you?"
G:  (points her finger at me) and says some shit that I dont remember
Me:  "don't point your lil finger at me girl" (look at her dead in the eyes, but slight biting my tongue smirk)
G:  (says some shit, damn I wish I could rememeber... but it didnt really matter)   our interactions was pure non verbal, we could have been saying anything.
Me: (cut the banter)  "where are you from"
G:  Toronto
Me:  "high five"  Vacation!
G: haha (high five)
Me: Jump up and down as some song comes on.
Me:  (pulls girl closer to me, grab her by the waist and pick her up, turn her and move us 5ft away to against the wall)
G:  hahahaha.  "whats your name"
Me:  gosling   "whats yours"
G:  sarah
Me:  "how old are you" 
G:  22
Me: "I love your fucking shorts"  (they all had on these short ass denim shorts, they high waister ones, but there sexy as fuck cause there short to the point you can see ass lol)  =)
G: "oh" haha "thanks.."
Me:  "are those the club dress code in Toronto"  (I look at her two friends to her left and right)
G: hahahahah "No!" lol "were all just wearing them tonight
When I looked to her side I see my boy is with one of the girls to the left and her other friend to the right is by herself  (the bitchy one to begin with)
So, I decide to engage the friend really quick.
Me: "you"  hold out my hand  "who are you"
G2:  (looks at me like wtf are you doing)
Me:  (get closer over to her)  "your friend is a bad friend, she never introduced us"  "I'm Gosling"
G2:  "I'm melissa"
I notice thats not going anywhere.  So I shoot back into set with my girl. I look to see how my boy is doing with his girl, and things look like there kinda dying down.
The friend, Melissa, also looks like she is about to pull the group away.
I didnt want to cling on in set so I grab my boy and tell him, lets bounce. We can re-approach later, we already have once.
Me:  Sarah, were gonna go walk around (give her hug)   we'll see you guys later.

Me and my boy head over to a bar right by the dancefloor. I see the 3 set of Australian girls from earlier. We go and re-approach them. I think the birthday blondie is into me. She is giving me the most attention. 
I think the friends think that I want her. Or that she wants me. Probably the latter because they kind of back off when I was talking to her. This actually really sucked because I liked the 2 other brunettes way more.
My boy cant initiate anything with the other 2. He actually find a girl sitting on the ledge of a booth by a table and chats her up. Apparently she came there by herself? Idk, but he gets involved talking to her.

What I really wanted to do was go back and talk to those Toronto girls from before, but I wanting to re approach with my boy, so atleast one of the other girls was occupied.
I decided to just stay in set with the 3 Australians. Honestly, it went nowhere. If I was more into this blondie I would have tried to push it more.
The logistics in the set were fucked. I felt like even if I went for the other friends they wouldnt have been receptive due to the fact that they thought me and the blondie were hitting it off.
I needed to work more on investment (it was my goal of the night) and I didnt get as much done with regards to it.

Huge sticking point in my game right now is escalation, and getting the girl to invest more/chase me. I will be working on that in the upcoming weeks.
So, Im out until next times guys.
-Gosling ;)
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Saturday 7/12

~ Caution ~   This is a long post that will require much focus and dedication. But, its full of great interactions, lessons, and adventures. So, buckle up and enjoy ;)

Been working a lot this past week. Those of you who read these reports (thank you) know that I usually go out Thurs Fri and Sat. (Daygame during the week will be my next area of focus to add to my journal.) This week I almost didnt go out at all. Thursday I couldnt make it out based on logistics of the venue, and Friday I was at work till after midnight. 
Saturday night I couldnt get anyone to go out. All of my friends were choding around. Luckily I convinced them to get off their lazy asses and got the ball rolling with things.
I leave my house after midnight, and meet up with my boys at the venue around 1am. Its a Hotel & Casino with nightclubs inside of it.
There is 6 of us out.  *I realize the bigger the crew that I am out with, the more and more I enjoy my night (especially true in large nightclub venues)*
I like feeding off everyone's energy, but more and more I notice that I enjoy more giving energy to the crew so we can all have a fucking blast and act like fools together haha.

Were walking toward the nightclub, 2 girls are leaving from the club and going into the casino. I point at both of them. "Hey"  "parties this way"
Lol. They both look at me one smiles, the other one is more confused, and she drags her friend away as they walk away. Cool ;)
My buddy has a solid hookup at the club so we get vip bands and free entry. We finally get inside around 145. 
We go upstairs to the vip area. Im still not at all in state, but Im just vibing with my crew. Were just dancing like fools around each other. I clap my house and dance in the middle of the crew.
Big Realization for me in the past couple of weeks is loosing my image. Like just dancing, doing, clapping, whatever the hell I want and not letting how people look or percieve what im doing to be cool or uncool its fucking awesome becuase I am doing it. Motherfuckers. Haha.

Set 1:
Some european chick. Pretty sure I had just approached a set with my buddy.. we had danced by these girls and then were talking to them, but they leave to find their friends or ditch us or just be fucking girls in the club lol. So theres this european chick by the bathroom. I point at her, clap my hands and do some idiot dance move to myself. She smiles and laughs. I extend my hand and she come over. I either go for a high five or try and pull her into dance, but her hand or elbow hits me in the face when I try for this haha. 
I hold my mouth like she really hurt me, and play it off really good for a second.
She kinda flips out and has a concerned look on her face.
Me:  (hold my mouth with my left hand and take my right hand, grab her waist and pull her into me) "what the fuck girl"
Me:  (take my hand off of my mouth and now have both hands holding her hips firmly)  (faced up with her, looking her in the eyes)  "Is this how you treat your men girl!?"
G:   Hahahahah  Omg, no.  Did I really hurt you?  I really am sorry
Me:  (take my hands off of her hips) "leave"
G: (shocked / confused look on her face)
Me:  (take my right hand and grab her hip, pull her closer)   "leave"   (still holding her w right hand, point w left hand)  "get outta here"  "man beater"  "get out"  "no more abuse from you"
[ I was truly self amusing myself, (and my friends) I've never taken an improve or acting class but, its like these ideas/lines to 'add to the story' just kept flowing in my head ]
G:  No, No I didnt mean it.  I dont want to leave, and didnt mean to hurt you
Me:  "where are you from"
G:  Euro country
Me:  whats your name
G:  Aleana
Me:  "cool"  "do you live her"
G:  No I go back to Euro country this week
Me:  Vacation!  Party!
Me:  (picks her up in the air and turns her around) 
G:  hahahahah
[ I see this fucking banging shot girl as I spun her around 360 in the air ]
Me:  "where are your friends?"
G:  I dont know, but they were just right her
Me:  "You should go find them"  
G:  (supeerrrr confused)  Um, yeah
Me;  "yeah, yeah I dont want you getting lost from them"  "find me later" [ I used this push off as experience. From watching one of Todds last vids about telling them girl your bored or she can leave ] *Reference*

I bs with my boys real quick. They were all wondering why I was pointing the euro girl off and telling her to leave. We were all laughing about it
But, I could see that the shot girl was coming over to the crew. I turn around to scan around. She is walking up to us. I am the first one she could offer shots to.

Me:  "hows business"
G:  haha, umm no one has ever asked me that before
G:  Its alright I guess... Do you want a shot?
Me:  "No, im unattainable"  (dead ass slight smirk smile)
G:  ( too fucking dumb to get the joke, such a dumbass lol )   ( she prob just heard no, and thats all that registered )   *nest time I will no say "Im unattainable" *   Lol
Me:  "your a horrible business girl"
Me:  "whats your name"
G:  'Shot Girl'
Me:  "Ok"  "look, I dont want a drink right now"   "but later"
G:  begins to get disinterested and looks for who she can chode around into buying a shot
Me:  "Aye"   "Shot girl"
G:  (looks back at me)
Me:   "later"
G:  ok.  later I'll find you
Me:  "I'll find you"  (looking at her, piercing eye contatct)   (this actually, IMO, gets girls to stick around just a few seconds more, even when you arent offering value.. ie buying a shot)
Me:  (claw her by her bicep)  (lean in close to her ear)  "but I wont be buying anything from"
G:  looks at me really fucking confused
Me:  "your fucking really cute and I want to meet you"  
Me:  "Im gonna find you later when your not busy" 
G:  (smiles) "find me"  (and walks away)

I grab they crew and we go back over to the main room upstairs.
Were walking and we see the two hotties dancing together. 
Theres like 6 chodes just surrounding them. Watching. Waiting for 'their time' to go in.
Funny thing is my crew just kinda posts up against the we wall and watches as well, Lol.
My one buddy just doesnt give a fuck, and he starts to dance like a fool around them.
Its funny when girls are having fun, they really dont care, or notice anything around them. 
So, even if you think by dancing like a fool around the girls will get them engaged, more times than not, it won't.
I see this going on and I decide I have to get on these girls radar.
I head over. I give my boy daps. We are still locked in handshake and were jumping up and down, haha.
I get out from that and dance my way over to the girls. 
I do the most horrible 'dancing bear' like move right next to them. They dont really notice.
I go in the middle of the 2 girls at this point. Im bent down a lil to their level and I bump my ass against one of the girls and just 'dancing bear' to myself in the middle 
The girl who im facing just kind of backs out. Im left with the girl behind me (who I am grinding my ass on)
I turn around and do some idiotic dance moves in her face. She backs off as well.

Me: "Aye"  (points to the ground)
G:  (is not into it all)
Me:  "Fun!"  "Party!"
G:  No.  Im with my friend
Me:  (get up in her face) "party girl"  (more redic dance moves)
G: No. Get away
Me:  (turns around and goes to the other friend)
Me:  "your friend needs to loosen up"  "shes all up tight"
G2:  yeah, well you like freaked us out
Me:  "fuck that"   "Party!"  (clap my hands and jump up and down)
Me:  (get closer to her ear)  "dont tell me your just as lame as your friend"   
G2:  Im gonna go back with my friend
Me:  (points at her)   "Lame!"  "Boring!"

Its going nowhere at this point. But I just wanted to get that shit in there. Theres part of me that does want all sets to go well, but theres also another part of me that gets really fucking upset when girls go out and shoe off everyone, like god forbid if someone comes over and wants to bring some fun.
Its funny because after I was yelling obnoxiously "Lame"  and  "Boring" This chode dude comes over and grabs me on the shoulder. (he was one of the chodes on the line up wall, just waiting for his opportunity to get with these girls)
Hes like Bro, back away.  I just look at hime and laugh.  "Dude, haha, those girls are lame." I just laugh it off to him. I thought he was coming over to tell me not to waste my time (becuase he clearly wasnt a bf or affiliated with them at all)  Then this chode says to me,just back away man, I dont want any problems.  Like hes the boyfriend or someshit.  I just look at him, and say "Good luck with them man" laughing away.
Funniest thing is I look back and the guy is like trying to talk to them like the 'enforcer' who just got me to back away from them.  The girls go right back to dancing with themselves and the guy and his friend are in fucking spectator mode just watching the girls and trying to get in to dance with them.

Me and my boys leave from the upstairs area and go downstairs to the dancefloor.
We get down to the dancefloor and im scopping to see a group of girls.
I wanted to find atleast a 3set, so I could get my friends dancing with the other girls.

I find a group of 3 girls. They are all dancing together with the typical showing of chodes surrounding them, just waiting to go in and dance with them.
Its kind of ironic because, I can still see some of myself in those guys that are just waiting for the right time to go in. And yes, on some nights this is still me.
But, I say fuck that. Just looking at them and realizing that will become me, right now, if I dont take action!
I amp up with my friends to the song thats on, were all going crazy, jumping up and down. Im amped up and break from them, and go right into the middle of the girls. Like right in the middle.
I do the most obserd thing and croutch down, knees fully bent, down to the leavel of their waist. Im clapping my hands in this position and somehow managing to do a full 360 in the middle of these girls. Lmao! ;)
I pop back up and start jumping in the middle of these girls.   I stand face to face with the only hot one of the crew, shes about a 7.5 or so. Nice body. And I def wanted to feel it against me.
I face up with her and dance in front of her, still fooling around to myself. I go back in the middle of the crew and fuck around with the fatty. My girl is confused as to why I left her and went with the fatty.
I then go back over to my girl and she is more receptive.  The 3rd friend come over and tries to break us up with some foam light stick she has.  I grab it out of her hand and dance with my girl with it in my hand.
The friend tries to grab it back, but I hold it above her head so she cant  :0   I tell her Im gonna give it back, but I do like your friend, and were gonna dance.
My girl gets in front of me and begins to grind on me as I tell this to the friend.  Just to get the friend fully out of the equation I tell her I have friends. I point to my boys. One of them comes over to her she decides to dance with him.  So, im now dancing with my girl. Shes grinding against me. Her ass is fucking nice. Im feeling her sexy legs. She knocks my hands away and put thems back on her waist. I take her hand and spin her to face me. I try and go for the kiss. Doesnt happen. I spin her back around. One hand on her hip, take my other hand and start grabbing her juicy ass. Shes spanish and has a nice latin ass. She swats my hand down. I put them back on her hips. I pull her closer against me. Im pretty hard at this point, and I make sure to keep poking it against her ass. I grab her ass again. She bats it down, again.
I say fuck it and turn her around to me again.  I then stare at her.  Ask whats hers name, and hwere is she from.  She is like full spanish and her english isnt that great. I cant fucking understand what is being said
So I pick her up in the air and spin her around. Shes laughing her ass off as I do this.  I drop her back down. Then have her grind against me some more. Damn, her ass felt so nice grinding on me ;)
We dance for a few more minutes. Then friends get tired of dancing with my boys, and motion her to leave. She tells me that there getting off the dancefloor. I tell her I'll find her later.

Me and my boys vibe in the middle of the dancefloor. Were having a fucking blast. Just like..  owning the damn club shit. People are looking at us, but we dont care. And its not even like there looking at us pissed off or wanting us to chill out. They are just looking at us like, damn those guys are having a fucking blast.
We find a mixed set group. 4 girls and 2 or 3 guys. 
My boy is kind of dancing with this sexy girl in this tight red dress. Then her friend comes over and pulls her away. 
I step in. I go over to the friend.  "Aye"  Party!"    She looks at me and I dance in front of her. She laughs, but is still focused on her friend. 
She tells me that its her friends (red dress) Bday. And that she was drunk, so she was looking over her.
I look over to red dress, and my boy who is by her.  I go over and am about to say happy bday.
When I come over she steps on my foot with her heal, realizes it, but keeps dancing.  I chat up another friend. We bs for a second.
I go back over to the bday girl.  Im, again about to wish her a happy bday and literally right as I get close shes throwing her hands up to the sound, and pops me in the mouth. hahah
Me:  "ahh!"
G:  omg!  hahahah
Me: (get close to her and pull her against me)  "first the shoe,  and now the smack"   "your the most violent girl in here!"
G:  hahahah
(she is actually pretty drunk.  But, shes having a blast)  Im not trying to have a logical convo with this girl, knowing it wouldnt go over well
Me:  (point at her)  "say your sorry"
G:  hahaha  opps (smiles)
Me:  "not good enough!"
G: haha (dances against me)
I dance with her for a second, then push away
Me:  "I have to go"
G:  No,  why
Me:  "your too dangerous"
G:  No come back,  I wont  haha
Me:  (turn back to her)  (some song came on that I really like, haha)   I look at my boys, we jump up and down to it,   I look at the girl,  "Birthday!"
Me: get closer to her and start to dance again.  Then I grab her by the waist and pick her up, spin her around in the air.
My boy taps me on the shoulder and says there gonna bounce to the club next door.  I wanted to venue change, and to be honest this girl was too drunk to persue for the rest of the night, her friends were being shaperones hard core.  So I decide to bounce with my boys to the other club.

We get into the other club around 345. My energy is going down at this point. I got work in the morning at 11. But I said fuck it, we have a whole crew out tonight. Lets see what goes down in here.
We kind of chode around for a little bit. Then we head to the dancefloor. Its kind of weak at this point in the night. But we get out there and agian have fun by ourselves. 
We try and dance with some girls, but there not having it. Its funny because they second group of girls that I got in the middle of, and danced like a fool thought it was the funniest thing and all had a fucking ball when I did it.  I thought that with the first group (the 2 set, with the chodey guys telling me to back away after) I didnt go in hard enough. I guess it really does just vary from group to group. But with this group I went in the same as the 3 set that had just loved it. So hard to say, I really do believe that some girls just dont like getting interrupted.

So, its like 430 at this point. My and 2 of my boys head off the dancefloor and over to the bar area. Theres a long booth area in between the bar and the dancefloor. Theres this girl sitting by herself, and my boy head rightover there and sits next to her. They are bullshitting for a minute. I realize this girl is alone at the moment, my friend isnt making any progress, and she is Fucking Sexy ;)
So I go over to my boy and ask where did the rest of the group go.  I then look at the girl and tell her I love her phone case.  (some iphone case with led lights on it, lmao)
I sit down next to her.
Me: "whats your name"
G:  kelly
Me:  "where are your from"
G:  I am from European Country (strong accient)  
This chick is super exotic looking. Like very naturally olive tan skin, Dark hair, light brown eyes super petite. Like, 5'2 or so around 100lbs perfect tits and a smoking lil ass and body
Shes in this cut off top and these tight black shiney leggings.  Like damn, this girl is 100% my type.
We get to talking and shes like half latin and half middle eastern. Sexy ass accient as well.
We get to talking about shit, and shes down here on vavction for like a month. I told her we should hang out again. She said that she is staying more south of me. Closer to the biggest city in my area.
I tell her that were all going down there next weekend for my boys bday. I tell her to come with us to the best club on the beach with us. She tells me that shes been wanting to go.
I was about to leave after I had got the number, but something told me to push more for it this night.
Me: 'where are your friends"
G:  they are around, I think I lost them
Me:  did you drive here with them
G:   yes
Me:  lets go find them, its about to close
We go and look for the friends. She tell me a guy drove her. We are by the bathrooms, and she tells me to see if some guys is in there. I go in, dont really look or ask for the name, and walk out
Me: No I couldnt find him.

She then asks me where I live. I tell her its like 30 minutes away. The logistics were bad because I have to be at work at 11am and its just about 5am right now. So I tell her that I will drive her to her place.
She agrees and we leave the club together.
As soon as we get out of the club I take her right around the corner, push her against the wall and start making out hard with this girl. Like, damn this chick has the nicest lil body. All pressed up against mine
Full on eating face with her. Grabbing her tight lil ass and shit. Like this shit is amazing.
We walk through the casino to get to my car. We see 2 of my boys, I tell them were dipping out and we leave.
We going up the escalator Im grabbing this chicks ass, were making out. We get to the elavators to go to my car. Some people are coming, and I make sure to get in quick and press the close door buttom like an escaped convict is after us lol.  
Were alone in the elavator now. Fucking hardcore makeout session going down. Pick her up and pin her against the wall. Her legs wrapped around me. Me hold her up while grabbing on her lil ass.
Get to my car and drive to her place. Makeout every chance we get. Back to her place to finish the night ;]
Leave there around 6am,  don't get home till 645am.  Get a couple hours of sleep and am at work at 11am.  Love this shit...  hahah =)

Hope you guys enjoyed the adventures of my night, because I sure did.
Hopefully I can get out more than 1 night this week. But its my boys bday on Saturday, so that will be a lock. Hopefully back to my Thurs, Fri, Sat routine.

* Although just as a side note:  Going out this one night after not being out the whole week, and knowing this was my only opportunity for the week gave me so much more motivation. Like motivation that ive never had before. I was pissed that I missed Thurs and Fri. Also, determined because it was the last night of the weekend.*

"Be Better than the Gap"
Gosling ;]
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Dr Destruction

Dr Destruction

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Relationships do make a man soft lol, why game tonight when you can hang with her and fuck?

BTW how you remember all these conversations word for word lol, I can't remember half the hoes I've approached so I'll go in hard but then my wingmen will be like "we already approached them"...

And yes I hate that feel when you know you should have went but pussied out.... All good, props dude.
"I think this guy might have some sort of serious mental problem, like he's a bit slow or has a mental illness. Why else would he film this stuff and then post it for the world to see" - A chode's thoughts on the great Geo Godley.
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Dr Destruction wrote:
Relationships do make a man soft lol, why game tonight when you can hang with her and fuck?

BTW how you remember all these conversations word for word lol, I can't remember half the hoes I've approached so I'll go in hard but then my wingmen will be like "we already approached them"...

And yes I hate that feel when you know you should have went but pussied out.... All good, props dude.
Theres 2 ways I always remember what happened during the night:

1.)  I have on avergage 1 drink (maybe 2) per night.   *If I do have 2 drinks they are spread out in time*   ex: 1 pregame drink at 12,    next drink at 230

2.)  I always recap my night when I get home. Even on the ride home with my boys. But I always remember how many sets I was in, and something that stood out or took place. Then when I wake up I can go back over it and fully recap my night in this FR journal.

And dude, the Re-approach is key.  I love that shit.  Keep going back into sets.  You will realize that 30min, and hour later, whenever it is, it doesnt matter.
Try it man, you'll notice it doesnt matter.

Also, try and drink less and recap your night at the end.
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