November 21st, 2018
Mitizaro's Journal: From Little Big Guy to a HUGE PERSON!! :)
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It's all about Greatness!!
That which we all dream endlessly. Our most brave scenarios that we don't even realize we can posses.

Hello, RSDNation, dis is Me and part of my Legacy.

A little background first, al'ight? :)
I was born and still living my last months (hopefully) in a small town.
Learned about the community (sounds a bit like a alchoholics-annonymos, hahaha) when i was 15-16 years old. My brother handled me MM but i didn't like it at all - i always hated Math. Life is mathematics? Fuck that - life s a picture, yo! Sometimes hard to face, but still a picture - and learning to draw is awesome IMO.
So i actually read my first PUA book by Badboy - The Badboy Natural Lifestyle. And btw - i had some great success with this. I believe the value in the book was the KNOWLEDGE of how women interact and what they select in an alpha male - not the actual techniques or sth.
I still believe that the pick-up community - that's the biggest gift it gave to the world. A bit more knowledge and possibility for people who were left in the dark, but willing to make the effort to change truly and for good.

Now long story short - i lost my virginity with RSD's Transformations - mostly "using" the advice from Ozzie (Run the TRAIN MOTHERFUCKER, JUST RUN THE TRAIN; CLOZE, CLOZE, CLOOOOOOZEEE JUST CLOOOOZEEEE; and HAVE FUUUUUUN!!). I still remember this night like it was yesterday... me at 16 years old recieving a condomless blowjob from a 22 year old girl (she thought i was 21 >:) ). Can't explain how i felt. I was there with my bro, who was in this with me - but only i laid after a CRUSHING blow-outs night. They were relentless, i swear!! But at the decicive moment... i don't know. It's like i just gave up the bullshit, didn't care, got mad, started to REALLY want it and to have fun DELLUSIONLY... and then it started to escalate with a girl and click-click-click... amazing. I had a battle with some 26-or-so-dude for her - he was getting cloze and pulling her, but i just kept on doing some nasty shit like tapping his bald head OBVIOUSLY and stuff like that. Wow :)

Then i got a bit... i fell. Truly. I mean i fell into the "state" trap, you know? I never watched The Blueprint, but for closely 2-4 years i was so conviced that my value was steaming from my state, rather than state to be the natural consequence of my believes, values and the actions that i take (the decisions and manning up, facing fears and dealing with obstacles in the ways i honor and want to) that i even fucked up SO Hard, cuz i was a hardcore bastart - that i took my ass to a psycho hospitals for mental masturbation. In fact the docs had no idea if/what was wrong with me - neither did i. I used to masturbate a LOT without cumming on porn - so called edging which rises your Dopamine in the brain. I found that it put me in the Wooooo state automaticly. But that seemed to be unhealthy - and i never gave my brain rest, so... yeah.
Also i got into more esoteric stuff Just to fill that "hole"... that "state neediness" for my success. Well... lesson that i will remember, for sure!!

Back to the story. I'm on my mission. I want to be a GREAT coach, who trains ELITE athletes in this world. I want to give my share to the world and contribute for the generations onward. Have ALWAYS loved sports... you know the "ZONE" when you are there in the dust and blast? I've always been amazed at the stuff some Karate instructors for example told us to do as physical exercise... even one of our comrades took his knee out because of that and now he couldn't go to the competition and maybe - even ever train... Because of WHAT? OF PEOPLE WHO DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY TEACH!? I'm still furious.
My fury gives me strength - i want to be the guy who makes them strong, helps them to HELP THEMSELVES in order to achieve our common and their own goals. Healthy and Deadly strong!!
I've always said that a person is "elite" if he has "elite heart" not "elite sponsor" or "elite title" or "elite name"... even in a 50 year old woman with 2 kids comes and wants to get this shit done - and she's DEAD ON and FUCKING DECIDED TO GO - she's already "Elite" in my mind. And heck, beat me to hell if i don't work twice as hard to help her out!!! Because she deserves.
That's my mission. Excuses were left a looong time ago in the kitchen to fry - and they kinda fried.
I don't want to brag. I want to motivate. If something is possible - that's the evolution and powerful shinning of the Human race.
When you get depressed i want MY athletes on the NBA field to show you that... they get depressed too. But the way to make it work is to stick to the game and make and all-out-effort when the chips get counted at the end!!! To really stick to your Intent, Passion, Desire, Dream... because you want it. Because You're ready to face the bullshit in order to make it work for everyone!

I'm 20 now. I've had sex with a few ladies (around 7-8). I've fucked a fatty. I mean BIG one. But i've also had some real milking hotties - some of them gave me the BEST sex i might ever had... like anal in the kindergarden at night and etc. :)

Why this? Because i want to have girls, not using some Ethics of the Personallity like Stephen Covy would say, but to truly transform my Character into amazing man.
Fuck, but also be in content, love or at least respect myself and fufil my legacy.
I love to fuck. Heck, my name is a deriviative from the Greek God of Fertility "Demetra". I love hardcore sex - like anal, toys, leather lashes..
I love metal chicks, but the ones here are kinda not grown enough to be a perverted girls and have endless sex with strangers.
As a matter of fact my small town seems a lot like a big Social Circle. And unfortunately i've never made effort there.
Also the whole COUNTRY is small, so the "family, social" type of culture is kinda mixed anywhere you are, except for some excepctions now and then.

Let's define some shit:

My values are: Honesty, PARTY-wildness, respect and humbleness, efficiency, value-giving and helping/serving, anal sex, bravery, openness and directness in the sense of a honest-confindent-yet-cool-eyes of someone that is HARD AS A ROCK, smartness and preciseness, open sharing with elements of rockstar awesomeness, explosiveness and fast-paced-zone, action... HARDOCRE action, big tits, strength, care and compassion, protection of your most beloved ones, sacrifice for your most beloved ones.

My Beliefs:
1. Life has the meaning i give to it. So let's choose to be AWESOME!!
2. I have a choice. ALWAYS!
3. Willpower is one of the most important keys to success.
4. I love big tits. I love to lick them, squash them, play with them... :)
5. Whatever happens i love myself and in the end i'm the most important person in my life.
6. I can!
7. With people the most important thing is sub-communication and honesty.
8. I deserve GREAT girls, at the very least because of my fighting spirit and persistence all these years.
9. Whatever happens i'm just one normal, alive, awake person with his emotions, feelings, troubles, desires, dreams and a mission.

My personal character rules of behavior:
1. To face my fears DIRECTLY IN THE EYES - this is when i build bravery, confidence, lessons and success!
2. To be a man means to act manly. Sometimes it is not pleasant, but that is our role. Just NIKE it!
3. I can! Always! If i just believe - i succeed!
4. Applying the principles is important, but sometimes if i just act in the sphere, have adventure and enjoy the process - the success follows me in rapture!
5. It is not the mood that gives me value but my beliefs, values and choices.
6. I identify myself as a coach/trainer, powerlifting/athlete and a basketball player.

My Top 5 of Principles that apply for success in life:
1. To be: Concentrated in the task/goal
Unleashed and free in the way i express myself
Aware of what happens inside and around me
2. Enjoying the moment/person in front of me/people around/with me/what i'm doing/what's happening/something/anything/all of these. Enjoying the process and having fun and sharing that - this is one of the most important and awesome things for me.
3. Persistence - 100% belief for success! Fighting till the last Gong and taking everything to the very bitter finish! I believe i can do it!!
4. 80-90% Self-Acceptance with 20-10% Self-Actualization/Change. This is the formula for success, long-term healthy change and best tempo for making changes overall.
5. Abundance mentality - the calmness of a king among the opportunities he has. For every important project/goal/wish abundance in the form of people/ways/sources/places to use/combine/work with and learn from OR overall time to do finish the project.

Now i won't write all my goals, cuz it's going to be a looong ass post.

But let me tell you what i want from this:
Orgies. Wild sex. GIVING SEX. I want to be a sex symbol. To really give fantasies to the girls and fulfill them. You know - the whole scene, rockstar strip-star porn-star mode. I want to experience the vigorous shifts and trembling of the women's body when she climaxes her orgasm from me. I want to see her soft lips just striving for my cock and engulfing all of it in her deep and smooth mouth. I want her to yell in pleasure and pain when i deep-anal-fuck her SEXY ass!!
I want to have wild orgies with absolutely no restrictions (expect nasty shit like someone touching my rectum, or scat or some other shit like that).
I'm all into for threesomes even with another man (no homo - no ballz touching or anything - just pumping the nasty for her pleasure!!)
I love girls. Honestly. I've even had a period when i was saying stupid shit even though i felt great... because i liked every girl i had chemestry with. Like like her A LOT.
Well that was mostly due to me maybe too pooofing the whole situation/world view unrealisticly... but that's okay.
The best thing about girls is everything - they breathe sexy, they're gentle and soft beings of hot flesh and very sensitive soul if you can get to it. It is a wonderful feeling to lie out there with a beautiful women being all vulnarable and enjoying her and your own awesomeness and personality. Chemestry... clicking at it's finest.
Well only my best trainings and overall deam/mission is as good as this, so no wonder i want from life 2-3 core shit: My legacy/mission getting fulfilled, pick-up and hot women / awesome parties, learning the best i can for my legacy and profession, training and destroying the barbell again and again and also dunking, and maybe some quality indian/spicy food. Yeah... if someone tells me that heaven is on earth - i shall agree from experience - i'm thankful to GOD for blessing me with this :) :)

The qualities i look for my dream girl:
1. Adventurous
2. A "face" (a commont acronym for party-smart-witty type of person - u know cocky and funny type of awesome smartass)
3. Beautiful and with a FEELING for beauty (it is actually rare in these days)
4. Big tits
5. At least 1,67cm tall (i'm 193cm)
6. Loves sports
7. Challanging and fighting personallity (you know... the hardworking beautiful chick type... where did the classics go these days??)
8. Loving
9. Artisticly tuned
10. Not to take herself too seriously - always open for some stupid ass shit humor and honest laugh
11. Kinky, horny and loves all kinds of perverted sex (again - no extreme bull*it like scat or my ass) - loves to have sex ALL THE TIME and does everything!!
12. A honest smile :)

Well that being said a red-haired-tall-big-titted-sporty-fighter-girl-who-likes-anal-and-is-very-kind-and-respectfull-and-brave at the same time - has a LOOOT of chance to take me in her hugs. Love red hair!! Wanna fuck some red hair - i mean directly to fuck her red hairs, hahahah!! >:)

Best bands/artists are: AC/DC, Michael Jackson, Too Short (thanks Heffffyyyyyy), Ice Cube & Lil John, Rage against the Machine, Chamillionaire, Eminem, 2pac, The East Side Boyz and more rock'n'roll and classical metal bands i suppose.

How am i going to do dis shit?
Well i began like i said at 15 -- i still remember my first approach... i had a routine to ask for a parfume store. I asked a two-girl set and they opened. They were heavily attracted. Giggling. I had to just open (remember my heart SHAKING TO EXPLODE) but i even introduced and had a small convo. Then i ejected from being over-hyped and couldn't handle it. So amazing, wow.

Later on i BLASTED LIKE SHIET with TONS of day-game actions my small town. You can check out that here: - Short ver. - Long ass ver.

Like 20+ approaches of day-game - no exucses every day. I basicly slept, ate, trained hard and went out for girls the whooole summer. I had periods when i was 8 hours a day infield (because i had to walk a lot here - in bigger towns there were more women walking by more often) and at the end of the day - i sometimes had a date.

Well. Best summer. Ever. Period!
We all remembered this. My friends were motivated. I was getting mind-blowing results.
Later on i had sooooooo many headaches and troubles. But you know what? The worst is that i let so many people down. Probably with my falling out they got demotivated and "reality-kicked" too. So my heart brakes for them... it's like you motivate so many people only to let them down - like this wasn't real and it was just a fantasy that could not work.
I know for sure that maybe my behaviour and expectations / my approach to the whole thing was wrong.
But i definetily know this can work.

I had to realize the hard way Tyler's words about state being natural consequence of TAKING THE RIGHT action in Sync with your values!!
It's like a fighter's fate... to face the hardships like and underdog, but if he sticks to it - to be handled the glory nerevetheless.

Enough chatting.
I will probably start with the disco action when i get to the capitol.
Untill then i'm mostly a day-gamer here. And i've learned from experience to tone it down a bit -- otherwise they just run away.

This is my field reports - my transormation - my life commitnement.
Even if i have a choice to "leave" and "forget the community" - i do not want to. This shit is gold. It is the best. It is not universal solution - not at all. At it's best it's just a bit more calming you in the worst times of your life. Experinence breeds competence which in term breeds confidence which breeds wisdom and clarity - which gives your inner calmness despite how fukced up you feel. Because you've been through some heavy shit already :)
Thank you, Tyler for the work of your life.

Beast hard! Live hard! I want to fulfill my mission, leave a legacy but at the same time enjoy my days because - i live only once and i want ALL OF THE to be getting licked by my tongue and dick!! Field Reports - it's all there.
Good Luck. You might fail, but you might succeed. Let your cock out and let it swing. - By Jim Wendler, EFS, from Beyond 5/3/1
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Okay. Dis is definitely not my first day out, but it's the first documented one i guess.
Today was not a schechuled pick-up time. Usually i have a highly coordinated graph with all my activities - from sports and learning to even pick-up. You know the cork boards? They're sooo neat, i swear!!

Today i'm still recovering from a flu. Decided to get some Vit. D on the beach (no joke, check it out!!!) and just try a bit water on my feet - no entering the sea.

Still of course... i had 1 hour to beast :)
Approached at least... 7-10 girls/sets. At first i started to just say "hi" and TRY TO NOT TRY... to be vulnarable and just there - not trying to hold the girls. Seems like it was a good idea, but still of course something so little cannot be the only holy grail, right?
I learned a lot today, but let's see what i did next:
To the beach i went on the hottest area - the nude beach. It is mostly tits only, but still awesome. Approached a hottie and had a bit of a convo. Then i approached a set of 2 girls - one of them had a missing arm. She was deadly hot though, i would fuck her nevertheless. Would be fun to poke her for that arm just to spike the convo, but in no means any disrespect - it sucks to be like that so i wish her all the best - and would STILL fuck her - she's amazing nevertheless...
Then i went back through the car road cuz i didn't want to walk on the sand. Was hot. Fuck!
Approached a mixed set - looks like the one i jumped on was the mother. I decided to be process oriented this time - it was one of my most enjoyable sets. I blamed her on being a Playboy bunny, and confessed for seeing her photosession. Had resistance, still plowed verbally only though. No cloze.
Next i met a girl who has been to the USA!! WOOOO for a moment i forgot about pick-up or w/e - i just wanted to listen about NY and LA..
Quickly i remembered her tattoes, though. She was kinda attracted but... hmm... have no idea. Kinda blunt.
Note - i'm from Europe, Bulgaria.
Next i went back and found some nice little girl that turned out to be a Kick-boxer... nice! I love fighting chicks!
Well, nothing in particular happened.

I notice a few things that break my heart but the sooner i face them - the better i believe:
1) Girls are not really attracted to me. As a matter of fact, back in the days i had just found a way to enter state manually and be automaticly like a "WOOOO" robot, which wasn't really good at all. So i'm used to being a clown/entertainer, i guess.
The good old "assume attraction is on" is still kinda unfamiliar to me, although i've been into situations were she's just with the anime eyes sparking and doing what i say her to do - and we BOTH escalate, if you know what i mean. And i've been into such situations A LOT. So it's double the hit for me to be like that now, but hey... no one said it's going to be easy!! Still it's worth it so number 2:
2) Sexuality. I used to be sooo scared of my ass that at one point i decided that i might be gay. Seriously i feel no attraction towards men, but i was mindfucked for everything back then - even that people can harm me just with a glance.. (warning: heavy duty faggotry :D). The bad news in reality is that i seem to be repressed my sexuality.. to have "filtered" it from fear. I have had sex with girls i still masturbate and get a wood on just with the thought of them, but i have the habit of not expressing my sexuality freely unless x-y-z or whatever. Gotta be vulnarable and really, really get used to/familiar/more tuned with my sexuality. I want to explore it and find out it's "blessings" so to speak... Well i've ALWAYS in my life knew for SURE that i'd love anal sex... and when i tried it it wasn't like: "Oh is that it?" - Actually it was AWESOME - EVEN BETTER THAN I HAD IMAGINED!! And i'm a person with a wild fantasy, yo! So i Bet my chest hair that my favourite shit would be leather, leather laces, fetish (just classical basics, no retarted shit) - a bit of Sado-Maso, Nails, Metal, Anal, Orgies, Wild fucking and girls licking sperm all over.. you know - the hardcore shit.
3) - This is connected to 2), but worth seperating: Sexual escalation. It is non with me. I mean i've never done it, never "knew" or considered this as important. Not that it isn't, but back in the days it wasn't so taught in the seminars i've watched... soo, yeah.
Also i have one great fear. I live in a small spartan-mafia like city. As a matter of fact, my whole county is kinda not really the most orderly place. Like... you can get killed for no reason, and for a reason you can get killed EASILY and the guys who have to keep the order if you know what i mean - they won't really help you, but more like assist the ones who did it. It's just the nature of our "eco-system" so to speak.
And i have a few choices (options) here: 1) To cry like a bitch, 2) To give up, 3) To find a way around it while being alive, 4) To develop style that is in sync with the situation, not fighting it. 1 and 2 are OUT from now, but i wonder about 3 or 4. They're similar, but in reality very distinct. Well, who knows.

What i know for sure is that (it has happened in the past) - when you escalate too fast/sharply like we're supposed to - 3/8 times you will get a red flag LATER ON when a guy gets to you in the face and starts shouting about smacking your face and pulling out the knifes. Even the girls around here are used to being beaten, not kidding.
And since i can't stand that - the majority of town can't stand me. Well, fuck them, honestly.
So i have to either escalate slowly, which totally killz my OWN passion for this... i don't care for the if i have to be a little permission guy, or a slooooooooooooooow mooofoooo... no, i just intend to move out soon.
Or i have to have some sort of... "checker" - a radar or a way to check out if i'm gonna have problems if i escalate. A.k.a ask for permission, a.k.a faggotry. No can do, sir!!

So i'm still not 100% hard-oning them... which sux.
When i was in the capitol - a biiiiig city where no one gives a shit about your reputation and people are more social and like to fuck MINDLESSLY for no reason other than fucking - maybe it's my own permission that i gave (yes it is, i know) to go hard, but not kiddingly hard - really congruently naturally HONESTLY hard for THE reason, no excuses -- ... i understood why Tyler approaches all of the girls like that. Heck, i did it myself.
Here is a little report: I was on my way with the metro. I saw an AMAZING metal chick. Real deal - a student that knew what she wants so to speak - and at first i immediately took a step... but then decided to make it even more awesome. Stood my ground and shouted IN THE METRO train: "Hey! You... yeahh... come over here, i'm Mitizaro!" she was... just struck. Just nailed. She CAME and i took her by the waist immediately. Heavy eye contact... now i had to just kiss her, but honestly i didn't - well i can't be a Big Black Ninja in a sec just because i was in the capitol... later on she was giving resistance about her number and i didn't push it to the bitter end. I saw her after i came down that she just looked over to me and bit her lips... i did the same. DAMN I SHOULD'VE ESCALATEEEED!!
But i was happy. I mean - i did this with NO excuse, unstifled and i take FULL responsibility for the outcome - if i did i could've... never mind - it was full of women so i didn't care too much, but was still a bit love-struck, you know?
In contrast to what i "allow" myself in Bourgas... dis is like the difference between a boyish clown and a real bold man who wants no kidding but the real deal and GOES for it. Yeah, i still have a loooong way to go wherever i go... but there i'm just sure that i can make it.

So... i even got depressed at first when i got back from the Capitol. I was there for a reason - i was looking for an item that was nowhere to be found around here, and i didn't got to disco neither did i get laid. But the ADVENTURE was just AMAZING, and i knew that the sex was just a matter of time so to speak. I even got a horny shop assistant to invite me to go with her on a disco later on... she just fucked me with her eyes, but i had to make a hassle cuz my bus was leaving soon and i still didn't had what i wanted.


Now back to being here. I knew about all of this, but i just "started" about a month or two ago nevertheless. I gave the promise to be on the Journey - with NO Excuses. Yeah i might suck, it might be 3 timez harder in Burgas... But it's my decision, so instead of bitching, I WANT TO FIND A WAY TO MAKE IT WORK WHILE I'M HERE!!!
If someone has a fresh idea - May God Bless you and SHARE IT, BRO!
Beast hard! Live hard! I want to fulfill my mission, leave a legacy but at the same time enjoy my days because - i live only once and i want ALL OF THE to be getting licked by my tongue and dick!! Field Reports - it's all there.
Good Luck. You might fail, but you might succeed. Let your cock out and let it swing. - By Jim Wendler, EFS, from Beyond 5/3/1
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Today the girl around the block that was THREATENING me to meet me - finally did it! :D
She's hot though. I'm a bit unsure because she hangs out with all kinds of people you know (stds i mean, nothing more), but she's fine and kinda my type too.

Well when i was there and she was all into me - i discovered my biggest draw-back and problem from all this time. I knew this shit but it eludes me very often.

I identify as a PUA. Not exactly PUA, But a Natural Playa... since i started with this at the age of 15 - my identification seems to be wrapped around the ideas of RSD as an identity, which was stated from Hefffffffffyyyyy (a.k.a Jeffy) to be not so good of an idea.
I mean every time that the girl shows me signs or there is "an oppertunity" that wasn't "hard earned, pick-up based, naturallly atracted with the core rsd principles" it seems like it's bad to use it... wtf? This cannot be further from the truth. After all we're here for the sole reason to FUCK, and we choose to BECOME amazing persons in the process, not rely on something that wouldn't serve us.
But the core of this is fucking. Just straight up old fucking with elements of your own uniqueness and PERVERTEDNESS, WOOOO!!

Now, what can i do i wonder? This part of the "game" and "life" is still kinda mystery and danger zone for me.
I mean i know that the Ego and the Identity are some very healthy and important structures - and that disidentifying from the ego (i.e. the fact that the mental story inside your head of why you're cool is not needed - we can all beast and be confident and unleashed by DEFAULT and Naturally and sincerily - if you look at Freud's work you will get the idea why/what it means exactly) is the healthy possibility. Yet how do i identify myself with something else? For so many years i've done this shit. I lost my virginity to it. I've been PUMPING ACTION LIKE CRAZY MOFO years... this and the Powerlifting/Athletic workouts and sports were my best years and things i've done with passion, results and viciousness..

It's kinda of a mindfuck. But i know that i have to take care of it - no one will do it for me.

For now i have the intent and at least i'm glad i know what is the next step - identifying with something else (i always tend to say to myself that "i identify as a powerlifter/basketball-player and a choach" and creating a "pimped-out" identity that supports all my activities, goals and life mission.
Will probably read a lot on the subject too.

Back to the book store!! God, i love quality books, they're such of a gift in this world!!
Beast hard! Live hard! I want to fulfill my mission, leave a legacy but at the same time enjoy my days because - i live only once and i want ALL OF THE to be getting licked by my tongue and dick!! Field Reports - it's all there.
Good Luck. You might fail, but you might succeed. Let your cock out and let it swing. - By Jim Wendler, EFS, from Beyond 5/3/1
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MY VALUE AS A MAN IS DETERMINED BY: My ability to Stay on my Intent while honoring my values/beliefs.
Beast hard! Live hard! I want to fulfill my mission, leave a legacy but at the same time enjoy my days because - i live only once and i want ALL OF THE to be getting licked by my tongue and dick!! Field Reports - it's all there.
Good Luck. You might fail, but you might succeed. Let your cock out and let it swing. - By Jim Wendler, EFS, from Beyond 5/3/1
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Just watched some of Julien's Drama.
Wow. I have heard about this, but dis is some dope shit.
I realize i've been doing this with my successful attempts when i was in 8-9th grade.
But then since the PUA community i got to take myself and more importantly - my "natural gangsta seducer" side faar too seriously.
I know that like anything it will take a while to master this - but it is an investition well worth.
I really like how the idea in the end is not to take from women, but just the opposite - from the deepest understanding of them, on a micro level you make her feel bad, but in reality you give her a present - an ultimate feeling and happening that she will cherish all life.
Just like a good anal.

Beast hard! Live hard! I want to fulfill my mission, leave a legacy but at the same time enjoy my days because - i live only once and i want ALL OF THE to be getting licked by my tongue and dick!! Field Reports - it's all there.
Good Luck. You might fail, but you might succeed. Let your cock out and let it swing. - By Jim Wendler, EFS, from Beyond 5/3/1
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Oh my God.. Jesus..
Beast hard! Live hard! I want to fulfill my mission, leave a legacy but at the same time enjoy my days because - i live only once and i want ALL OF THE to be getting licked by my tongue and dick!! Field Reports - it's all there.
Good Luck. You might fail, but you might succeed. Let your cock out and let it swing. - By Jim Wendler, EFS, from Beyond 5/3/1
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Last night i experimented with Julien's wild shit. HOLY FUCK.. they DO get addicted and all worked up. You see it's kinda amazing because it's particially true on my side. I mean i have to play it "real" despite that i deep down i know it is not. But hey - we both win, we both make effort and hopefully - fuck! Can't get better than this!! :)

So i chatted some online girl with various dramatic shit and even made her call me (despite she didn't had much $$ for talking - in our country it's expensive at times) aaaand we had some amazing shit going - she's hooked, but i'd love to make her visit my town and ride me aaal day. And i want to spread those soft legs with my head!!

Anyway - as much as i want to - today is a day for restoration, so i will voluntarily NOT go out to pull. I'm a huge believer in balance - see if someone is just going out randomly - it's not very productive. Like in sports - at firts you're VERY fired up, but you quickly burn out. Not like you don't like the sport, but your CNS can't handle it, so you either fall out for longer than healthy/strategically productive  or you overrationalize and give up.
I want to stay in this as a lifestyle through my whole life. WHEN i'm out there - there is no time. Because i know that unless i hit it up NOW, the next chance in my program will be like 2 days ahead. So it is quite productive i believe.
Also if someone is reading this - i deload every 4th week of a cycle (a montly cycle). Like half the time or half the intensity (go out easily, chill out, talk more - less action). That is crucial i believe.
When you take a FULL rest - you are restored but you're not in touch with the essence and the practice. But if you keep macking anything on full speed - you will get tired, that's for sure (unless you're on coke).
So the deload, which is about 50-60% of intensity/total volume  , in any activity - is like this balancing thing to DO but help yourself restore. And yes - it does require effort again, so from time to time it is good to hit some real full rest.

I hate rest. Honestly. If i could go hard always - i would do that. I mean c'moooon - what's interesting about sitting at home doing NOTHING and wathing some PC YouTube or forums? Damn, i want to be like... well i know it's not possible, and since rest IS a major component of success - i know what i have to do. Rest. As much as i don't like it. And rest HARD. Rest Well :)

Good Luck to all of us, guys!
Beast hard! Live hard! I want to fulfill my mission, leave a legacy but at the same time enjoy my days because - i live only once and i want ALL OF THE to be getting licked by my tongue and dick!! Field Reports - it's all there.
Good Luck. You might fail, but you might succeed. Let your cock out and let it swing. - By Jim Wendler, EFS, from Beyond 5/3/1
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Realized that sometimes what we think we are is not exactly what we are right now. Which causes cognitive dissonance a.k.a faggotry.
"Oh, but i'm soooooooo coooooool, why... she's just one of theeemmmmm.." - w/e..

The lesson is that the way a man should earn his right to have girls/respect/success is by action. Being on the intent. It's not the closes but the mere confident fact that you face the shit that makes you glorious.
Oh, and the best part is - people agree with you on that. Ask ANY society if a fighter is worth a clap and they'll answer "yes". Fighters aren't always in "state", or rather not always in "fun state". But when it's tough - THEY TOUGHEN UP and HIT IT UP HARD! That's why girls love them. No, i don't believe it's just because of the popular hype - it's in there guys... their SOUL has the footprints of their Hard Work!! Not the titles, but the scars are the shining medals they wear everywhere they appear.

Peace and this time i want to turn into action-process-goal oriented awesome guy, who earns his OWN self-respect by being on his intent - which is only for me to decide what that is in the time, but i better be ready to face the downsides when i DON'T do it... when i slack off - because this emotional leverage of negative consequences will skyrock my ass to the top of the mountain.
Which is a fun trip, i admit.

Beast hard! Live hard! I want to fulfill my mission, leave a legacy but at the same time enjoy my days because - i live only once and i want ALL OF THE to be getting licked by my tongue and dick!! Field Reports - it's all there.
Good Luck. You might fail, but you might succeed. Let your cock out and let it swing. - By Jim Wendler, EFS, from Beyond 5/3/1
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I want to remember that being emotionally attuned and connected with the girl is still very important, honest and "the right thing to do" after all.
All of this Pick-up stuff should never be at the expense of humanity. It should be the at the EXTENSION imo.

Beast hard! Live hard! I want to fulfill my mission, leave a legacy but at the same time enjoy my days because - i live only once and i want ALL OF THE to be getting licked by my tongue and dick!! Field Reports - it's all there.
Good Luck. You might fail, but you might succeed. Let your cock out and let it swing. - By Jim Wendler, EFS, from Beyond 5/3/1
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Okay. Today is NOT a going out day too, but i just couldn't help but walk over the beach at 7:20 in the morning.
I had a really big adventure, some serious blasts... like JUST GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD WITH ACTION, SON and the way you enter state - with actions. You can control what you say(sing)/do/think and the way to enter state is to just DO something actively on your own/with people to get there. It's the cool way of getting pupmped... the "right" and "sociable" way, no matter how stupid/crazy you think you look at the moment :D

Also... big shit - as Heffffffffffffffyyyyy has said already: "This has to be about SEX. Not status, not f@gotry, not valiudation, not cool gimmicks. Sex. Pure fucking."
I didn't want to agree because so far this has given me sorta abundance... i loved pick-up more because of the Journey. As a kid this was amazing way to blast and meet people.
But that's the reason my results are only "nice party time". Because that's what i aimed for.
No more!

From now on i admit that the Main Goal, the sole reason is: SEX! The full blown Orgies.
Yes, we all choose (hopefully) to do this in a way that will be beneficial for us and the people around us - Deep Identity Level Change - Core Integration of being a Man.
But still the source of this should be the desire to FUCK, and FUCK A LOT.
And i admit it - i want to lick as many dirty pussies as i can while i'm alive. I want them to shiver before me. I want orgies with really nasty whores with big tits, tattoes on the pussies and piercings all over their genetals and lips... i want to have some blood while we all just fuck and lick each other in extasy!!

And for that i'm willing to do anything, but of course still remain in sync/honor with my values. Yes, i can re-arrange my values if they are conflicting, but more often it is the choice to honor them that gives you power.

I want a metal hot red haired with piercings that wants to have orgies with me and her friends. And i want to use the lashes on her and spank her all the way while analing DAT ASS!!
Beast hard! Live hard! I want to fulfill my mission, leave a legacy but at the same time enjoy my days because - i live only once and i want ALL OF THE to be getting licked by my tongue and dick!! Field Reports - it's all there.
Good Luck. You might fail, but you might succeed. Let your cock out and let it swing. - By Jim Wendler, EFS, from Beyond 5/3/1
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Damn... so much ACTION, so little time to write!! :)

Well lets' start with the fact that i WAS in the capitol for 4 days. Filled with action, FACING FEARS and discovering my own strengths. I didn't get laid. But i've had one of the best SHARED fun times of my life that me and the people around me are still in chorus, fuck yea.

I've also made so much progress not only in social aspect, that i can't begin to be THANKFUL to the gods for being alive, and proud of myself for my decicions and choices.

Let's start with my Field report of day 1:
I was on a buisiness trip and i did the job, despite being totally exhausted and time limited. On the way back i found i was getting the flu, but decided to stick to everything in my plan. Of course the best thing to do was to be very proactive from 2 weeks ago... from a loong time ago in order to make sure of my health. Will invest in that for sure!!

Now on the way there i met a really gorgeous girl in the train. She was Aries zodiac like me - and i love them. She was sooo hot... very fighting spiritish, very feminine and smart - the way i love them. We had awesomeness, but i went to read on later on.

In the town i took the numbers of 2 Japanese girls... i didn't make the date - no one respoded later, but it turnes out (as far as the girls says so) that she was away... she contacted me and i will make sure to keep in touch for the next week or sth when i'm back. She was nice.

I made a new signal for winging - like the chicken legs signal... it's funny we had fun with it!! :)
The first evening i got my date cancalled so i went out ALONE.
Since i slacked a bit from tiredeness i didn't had time to shower. Was smelly. And to be honest - no i don't value/like that. But i was about to out and rationalize OR just stick to it and prepare to be miserable probably (but still with chance for awesomeness nevertheless). You know - when you don't do the things you respect? Not cool. And that's important lesson i believe.

First 30mn were like searching for girls.
Now mind you - i realized the importance of getting into state with ACTIONS. Even singing on your own is an ACTION, not just some fancy shit you think to yourself. Not that that's bad, but it's just the importance of ACTIONS that get you to state. Your choices, values and actions are the primary source of your awesomeness and manly power.

So i was in "state" during my cold walk to the girlz area... having only a shirt wheres i should've had a jacket on. Just forgot it in my home town (all the days were colddyyy, yea).

So i started to approach.. at first not so sure, but worked my way up. Well in fact i had some fun convo - we had some sparkings but didn't get anything solid.
I finished in time to make it with all the other plans and finally took a bus down because well... freezing ain't cool.
Then i had some random approach and really had some fun. Realized something more, and NEXT TIME I WILL FIND A WAY TO TYPE FIELD REPORTS THE VERY MOMENT I DO THIS SHIT even in other cities!!! (cuz yea - don't remember it all)

Was very happy. Not because i had some fun/good convos/results/interactions - yea that too - but at the very least beacause i sticked to my decicions. I was cold. The weather was against me. Me was not feeling well... no one was cheering for my cold smelly ass even the girls... Got some harsh blowouts... some hurt.
But i DID stick to the PRINCIPLES in the end, so i felt great. And for a reason!!!

Next day was amazing. I went first for shopping for some new shoes with a lady friend of mine. We had some sweet time and (hell by her words) during shopping but then i asked her to wing me for some adventure. 1,5 hours in the central Park of our nation. Was the "Child's day" so lots of families gathered there - not the best place, but still was lovely. Well at first i had some approaches... some not so smooth goings. Approached a girl - had some fun but nothing more. Then went in deeper and saw a very fucking hot hottie - went to her while she was walking my way - she fucking started RUNNING AWAY ACROSS THE GRASS when i hailed... damn... at first i thought i was some creeper BUT THEN MY FEMALE friend did something amazing: "Holy shit, did you saw that freak? It was one of your MOST normal approaches and she fucking freaked? What a bitch.." - damn i was so relieved. Yeah, i realize she might've overFramed it in my favour because she's dear to me and she's amazing, but in fact -- maybe... we aren't the ones responsible for the world war z in the end? Like Tyler says often: "...For whatever reason.." - you CAN'T know how/why this shit went wrong. You can only keep macking like a soldier/boss and make it work.
Sooo i kept on having fun. Well guys - we were having a BLAST the whole time. Sharing... yelling... making stupid jokes and pumping fun... we even went to make a plan to steal a kid - he had AMAZING flying dog baloon... we wanted one too. Then my friend saw 2 girls walking with small Chihuahua dogs... she approached them and went on to play with the dog. Damn she opens like a missle - hits in Just hard like a boss... she can be a genius in this actually - i might help her (with her approvel of course) to be a great wing (hopefully for all of us there!! :D). Actually she IS a great wing - check it out: She did splendid job VIBING with the first girl... not only talking - so the second one was free and i grabbed her over waist. We talked some hot shit, i kissed her cheek. Made her kiss mine. Then on the neck. Tried to escalate it, probably too straightly and didn't make it. Still i chased with fun a bit more and even put her in the air on my shoulder (favourite shit of mine... why not use my weightling profession, YO!? :) ). They went out. Damn..
My friend is now angry for me approaching the less hot one. I assure her that i'm so horny i can fuck a goat right now and that i REALLY liked her, but she is like... (rightfully in parts) angry that in this way we "Pump their confidence when they don't deserve it. Just look at them. They get approached and flirted by some nice young men and act like TOUGHT Bitches!? Not only that you raise her confidence, but she even acts like she's some princess? At least approach some girls who deserve it, damn... it's not fair."
I assure her that that's actually the though job we from the community have took on.
Yes we WILL be the underdogs sooooo more often than we can all imagine, BUT that's our medallion of fate. We can carry the bullshit, that's why we do it.
And i know that if i stick to the principles WITH humbleness i will get the results done in the way i respect the most. Which happens and i'm glad.
Well i'm still horny as fuck, gotta admit that i didn't fuck there. But i also didn't went to any disco... or party. Just day-game/evening game.
Let's continue - during this 1,5h walk we saw some TAEKWONDO guys in the park with some matts on the ground. They were setting a live demo and inviting people in. I was MORE THAN PUMPED to enter (there was a hot chick too). I didn't say a word about having trained in the best clubs - several types of martial arts. But i enjoyed some laughs, i actually learned a cool kick (which is more flashy than doable, but still :D) and... actually got my blood on fire. I remembered the holy Flames of passion i used to have with the gloves or the kimono back in the old days... :)
Had some nice chat with the black-belt guy, he invited me on a kick-boxing training and told me that he knew the trainer i was about to visit later on today. Was REALLY pumped up to see him!!! I even tried to make my friend and him do some sexy wrestling... well they didn't do it, she is in serious relationships with one of my best friends (who's also RSD guy, but now is happy on the shackles, HEHEHEHEH >:) ) but she did get some flirting, finger in her mouth/lips and "the confidence tickle" ;P. Fun times for all of us, YO!!
After that i saw some hot girls. Remembered the power of LAZER eye contact. And i just blasted them. From 8 feet - eye contact... she invites me in... i go... keep eye contact.. it's on... she's into me... thinking WE KNOW EACH OTHER IN THIS BIG CITY!! I escalate she's into it. I tell her she's a dog. She laughs. I tell them some shit like i like squirrels in a bold fun staight voice DIRECTLY in the faces and they dig it in after heavy eye contact for a sec.
I make the Fun signal for winging. I emulate a chicken with my arms. Lol. And i hope that my friends saw it... she comes in after a sec with after the girls complain for lack of place to eat with the sentance: "Heeeey lets eat but not hereeeee!!" (they complained about "here"... lol my girl is FUCKING ATTUNED!!)
But she didn't enter hard enough so they're not hooked. Well they go away, who cares... life's full of adventure and shit. Sometimes both.

We went to get her some pictures with the dress. I found out how good of an actor she was. The dress was a WEDDING dress and we decided to fuck with her bf. I made pictures, but i learned about acting a lot. Like you have to REALLY become it and believe yourself... no matter that you know very deep down it's not true, the IMPORTANT IS TO MAKE IT TRUE for now. She will be a beautiful wife, by the way :).
Then we danced like crazy on a buss that was on a red lights nearby... laughed hard because of the looks of the passengers!! :)

Finally we reached after a loong walk the central regions and streets away from the garden. Saw some little girls, approached, tried some Julien drama but... didn't got it right. My friend told me that emotional attunement, empathy and vulnarability are required for something like that.
I got a deep thought about the fact i'm not the most emotional and EMOTIONALLY Understanding persons, so i was fired up to work on that!!

As a matter of fact on the bus way back we were exhausted but i number closed a fucking hot milf.
"Hey... YOU!! *sitting on a bus place* Come HERE! *pointing here* "Yea?" "Nice to meet you, you're hot. I'm Mitizaro." "I'm ***"
Then continued to JUST DO THE BASICS here... insisted escalated just PLOWED throught the bullshit, had no power to be awesome or sth. Just straight old "GIve me your number..." "Why?" "Just give it, c'moon!!" but with 100% confidence and intention of FINISHING!!!
After heavy questions she gave it. I checked it.
Well we didn't arrange anything but i got some very insightful idea of all of this.

Next day i went out with her and a friend of mine to have some fun. Played bowling and hit a boxer machine. Had some CRAZY times. Like... adventure!! She told me she wanted someone with a certian name (her bf's name) but she wanted just someone. And she's like: "You can find me such a guy with this name!!" And i'm like... "Yea?" and i start to ask people left and right that were gathered there if someone has such a name. They all laugh when i say: "I just want someone with the name.. for one girl... no matter who..!!". Sweet.

Then i even closed a chick for a later on drinking but i wasn't actually going to drink. She called up but was still on a party and drank, she invited me to see each other later on, but i wanted to get to bed, so left this. It is still important for me to get early in bed, that was very planned despite how much i wanted to like... go to a disco.

Okay. I didn't include MANY random approaches because i do it all the time everywhere. For me a book is just as valuable as this. The ability to meet strangers.

This last night... i should've had some dates which didn't happen (2) - one had to take care of her daughter, the other just sorta flaked at the last moment.
But i was very happy for what i accomplieshed so... despite that i wanted to fuck and meet i was happy nevertheless.

I saw an old friend of mine. One of my best friends in the childhood, and ex-highschoolmate.
You see we were 3-4 kids - the TOP guys in the neighbourhood. We were the initiators. Super creative, always out and in front of challanges, crazy grannies, old granddaddies, having bruises and running in games like crazy. Favourite game of mine - Kingdom... i always wanted to be the General and fight with wooden swords and lead the team.

Well later on all of us started being the best alphas around. In Highschool me and this guy - we were toghether and just destroyed the bullsh*t teachers like a fucking missle upon a wooden hut. Our highschool has survelliance camaras because at one point we got fucking ANGY for one of our classmates's stolen money, we went to the principal immediately in 9th grade.
So why do i say this? Well even my third friend who was in the winter studing in the capitol - was one of the "Kings".

I was confused. What happened to this guy, he was about to be a football star!? Turns out a fucked up story - he had a long flight 10-15 hours to home, another one after 5 hours and went on a disco to see his friends. Next morning he was told to play because of lack of people. He did and his trainer knew his condition, it was okay. But there was a new manager. So he got very angry at "the big guy who flew internationally and can't even play, hahaha" and yelled at him. He was exhausted - imagine to go to a fucking loud music club and be a rockstar after 22+hours of a flight + a disco night and no sleep...
My friend did not stood up later on. He didn't talk and sort this out, so he was included as a sideline in the final seasson - which is ruining his carreer.
This is huge. Look at how the "most promising ones" can have a second of unattentiveness and loose it. We have to stood for our selves and hold on our own i believe.
The best thing is... he still has a plan to MAKE IT WORK IN HIS DREAM with the football, so i cheered for him. I believe he can make it!!!

I believe I CAN MAKE IT!!

Then i got in touch with the third guy. He discovered the PUA community after me, after mocking me for this. HE's into David D and stuff and went to study in Barcelonna.
GUys... i envy you. He told me that both my small town and our capitol JUST PLAIN SUCK!!
He NEVER saw a club fight in Barcelona. He was in the HIGH-END venues next to the main players of Barcelona. And the only time there was a fight for that year was in front of a disco for some bullshit not involving girls. The police there hits hard, so everyone can be mad, but not brake stuff or sth.
It means we can have STUPID SHIT FUN BEASTMODE and Fuck, but we're okay if some tough guy comes to fuck us over.
You have no EXCUSES GUYS!! I too btw. I have no excuses too. I mean c'mon - people DO FUCK. They fuck in my small town and in the capitol. If i can't handle at least the national level's most awesome shit - the student parties in the capitol... then what do i espect - the anal fairy to come over and bless me??
I got inspired. Deeply. He's making it. And THE KINGS ARE BACK, THEY ARE NOW GATHERING.
I can't be behind. I just cannot. I have to make it SPLENDINDLY. There is NO TIME.
He's back from Barca and he fucked like crazy mofo. He follows his dream, works his ass hard till 5PM, but then he goes out and parties hard. I want just that. Professionalizm and fully enjoyment of my days on earth.

On the way back i made some friends actually. Met someone who is in my desired UNI and with my favourite sport - basketball. Needless to say - we talked for 2 hours like it was 10min. THere were actually two girls on the side. I included them and met them. WE had some CRAZY WILD ADVENTURE, I SWEAR. I even wrestled with one of them. Spanked her leg with my hat so many times. She kept on calling me crazy, idiot, childish, fuck-off... i just kept on having fun and slapping. As i was talking about the uni and basketball and to them on numerous times she just asked me stupid shit to get to know me better. Like what school i was in before highschool... when she's from totally different city. And as i tell her she's like: "Oh... yea... well.."
It was cute. I really liked her. She was tall, hot, nice, metallish (love them) and kinda fightish.
At some point she wents to the bathroom and i followed. Tried to push her in. It was smelly so she insisted on US going to the next one. Ah, she got me - she quickly escaped and went back to her seat. Learned my lesson, damn those foxies!!!
Had some more awesome time.
Well later on the guys dropped and just when i was about to read my book (our communications sorta faded between the hunger and the 4 hours that have passed) - when we're mocking each other and i insisted on her sitting next to me. The friend kept on saying that i'm making them uncomfortable, i just continued. When the ticket control guy passed she treatened me to complain to him. I told her "HAHA, DO IT!" and... she did. Damn. I used some smart-ass irony to point out that "Yea, i threaten her and i'm veeerrry baaad and AL OF THE PEOPLE CAN CONFIRM THAT!" But... he got it literally? So i was kinda angry that he made me move (in our country if the cops come, your rights don't matter - shit always happens, trust me). So i wrote down his name.
Now was this "unrespectull"? I was angry, but in fact it was my responsibility. I could've been less of dick to boost her on doing it and frame-controlled it... like just being normal and "promising" to be "respectful and don't bug them too much"... also i should've acted with more respect from the beggining towards the guy...
But still something wasn't right. He didn't question this very much... like just because they're girls. Damn that's not acceptable. I should've did something like Todd - to tell him VERY humbly that he is not right (without treatening).

I believe negative feedback is essential. Being egoist is actually a good trait. I mean c'mon - if you want and GET the best standarts/values/actions for yourself - like the best clothes, the best care, the best showers and the best food - you will state-transfer it to the girls around you. Like doing the best PRINCIPLES for the sake of your mission, not for her this one particular one girl...

Also i will press on the girl in a shop that was highly unprofessional towards me - not only for me, but for the future relationships there with other customers.

When you give them the negative - you actually give them a lesson. Let's NOT strip them from lessons, guys!!
Think about it - if an ANGRY customer complains in your company - would you not think about this mistake and actually fix it and make the company BETTER for EVERYONE!?
It's the same thing - we can be of the best use for people if we don't hold back that much, but rather stay positive and at moments when it's worth it - unleash some respectful standing up for your own even if it involves negative emotions.

Those are things i believe. I faced so many fears... this time for the sake of my journey and mission. I'm more than glad. I love life, i love everything and i'm sure as fuck -- I want to EXPLODE UP like the very best i know.

Beast hard! Live hard! I want to fulfill my mission, leave a legacy but at the same time enjoy my days because - i live only once and i want ALL OF THE to be getting licked by my tongue and dick!! Field Reports - it's all there.
Good Luck. You might fail, but you might succeed. Let your cock out and let it swing. - By Jim Wendler, EFS, from Beyond 5/3/1
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