January 16th, 2019
Noobs what to expect from PUA
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Im going to brag for a second and say some cool shit thats happened to me from PUA. You can brag too if your a guy with some experience. But i think it will be cool to see for many noobs what lies ahead. 

I have fucked  virgins, had a bunch of one night stands fucked really hot girls, have been taken to nice restauraunts, dates to things like baseballs games, concerts, movies, festivals, all paid for by the girls. Ive had my taxis paid for, drinks bought for me, Ive been paid hundred of dollars for sex by attractive women... litereally paid money for sex that i enjoyed. Ive been flown places by women for sex. I've had girls travel 1000's of miles to sleep with me. Ive taken girls to alleys within 5 minutes of meeting htem. Litterally less than 5 minutes of talking. I've had women ripp my cock out and jam it in their mouth. Ive been practically raped by women. I've had women stalk me. Ive had to cut women off for being too needy. I've fucked girls and then fucked their friends... ive had girls offer me their friends to fuck. 

All of these things seem normal to me I actually didnt even relaize how baller this would sound until i wrote it down. Shit simular will happen to you just do what i and countless others have done. 
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