January 18th, 2019
A thread for the NO-FAP benefits
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Im getting very interested in this no-fap thing, I probably actually do have some PORN ED cause my T is as good as when I was 19 but my dick doesnt respond as good as it did, and it gets limp from time to time. After reading some of the THOUSANDS of reports of people experiencing awesome benefits, Im joining the train. 

In this thread I will post some of the guys reports so some of you might ppl might get motivation to check it out.

Post #1 40 Days in and I feel like I'm on Top of the World!

In a nutshell:
-I've A deeper voice.
-I've more energy throughout the day.
-I can look people in the eyes.
-Better posture.
-I actually complete my goals as opposed to just setting and forgetting them.
-I've channeled all of my energy into studying, socializing, and working out.
-I've become a voracious reader!
Overall, NoFap has been a life-changer for me!
By the way, throughout the forty day challenge, I hooked up with a couple of chicks and had my first kiss (at 17 y.o. -_- ), but I won't get into that because I'm a firm believer in abstaining from fapping for self- improvement as opposed to solely for hooking up with chicks.
Also, just as a side note for those of you who are having trouble with relapsing and whatnot, it gets much easier after thirty days. :)

Post #2 90 days to a better life! My story of struggle and triumph over a decade of PMO self-abuse

Hello NoFap friends, I have completed the 90 day challenge! Have I learned about myself and become a better man from this experience? Yes, but not for the reasons I thought. Allow me to explain.

I am 33, and have been a PMO addict for over a decade. Like many here, I grew up with the internet, and being the “hacker type” I was fascinated with newsgroups, underground bbs boards, 4Chan (before it got cleaned up), TOR and other non-mainstream services where unregulated content was easy to come by. My viewing habits became more fetishized, to the point that a naked woman no longer got me aroused – it took extreme shock value to get me off. After a PMO session I would come back to my senses and be disgusted with myself. I would think “I would never want to have this type of sex in real life, why is this what I HAVE to use to get off? Am I damaged?”
During my addiction, my life was a shell of a human being. I lived by myself for many years, so PMO was habitual every night before bed. It was as “natural” as taking a shit – the guilt I felt when I was younger being replaced by a certain satisfaction that I was a virile man that could get hard on command. But that was all ego, and in fact I was mentally damaged from my years of viewing disturbing images – something I was not willing to admit to myself or others – even in an anonymous online forum like NoFap. I was detached from family and friends, feeling like I was in this world alone. I was living with depression, and Fapping was my only dopamine fix.

I felt unworthy of a female companion, secretly fearing that no woman, no matter how sweet or good, could fulfill my deviant desires. I did not deserve a “good girl” instead I resigned myself to always playing the white knight who “saves the troubled girl” – and have many short term (failed) relationships to show for my efforts. Addicts of mental pain tend to seek like company. I because socially awkward and anxiety was hurting the few social relationships I held onto. It was then that I made up my mind: this is NOT who I am.
I needed to find another way to live life, and as an avid user of Reddit I aware of NoFap but thought it silly that abstaining from PMO would lead to real life changes. However, I identified my negative thoughts about myself stemming from my PMO use, so decided to try NoFap as part of the process of working on myself. Boy was I surprised…
When I decided to really abstain the first few days were hell. My balls literally burned as they ached for release. I had to sleep on my back as even a slight touch was physically painful. There was a constant craving and I was moody for the first week – something that convinced me even more that this was the result of dopamine being denied to the body. I made it to 32 days with my first attempt. In that period I noticed many of the “superpowers” mentioned by others in this sub. I relapsed a few times after that at about the 1 week mark, but this time I am proud to present myself for the 90 day ceremony commencement. After the first few weeks it DOES get easier to abstain. Point being: never give up – this is not an easy challenge…. But it is so worth it!

The “superpowers” I experienced for myself:
Social anxiety gone – Before NoFap I was on the verge of getting Xanax or other medication to help me be more social. I would “hide” at home during the weekend on PMO binges. When I would go out I felt like everyone knew my secret and secretly just wanted to be alone. Now? I am back to my old social ways – making jokes and putting together trips to the beach/movies/dancing/etc with friends – a 180 turnaround from a few months ago.

More confident – Before I would avoid giving my opinion in case it offended someone by accident. I was not being truthful in my interactions with people as I would always be agreeing with them to get them to like me. Now? I confidently walk places, eye contact with both men and women, deeper voice and an ease in my everyday actions. I now feel as if my opinion and actions are as relevant/important (or more so) than anyone elses - my confidence in myself is unlike it has been in years.

Healthy relationship – I am a good looking guy and make good money, yet I would always end up in unhealthy relationships where I was such a beta. I even considered prostitutes just to get my physical gratification without all the mess of a relationship (which I felt unworthy to have anyway). Now? After about 3 months of NoFap (I reset a few times in the first few months) I met a girl at an after-party. When I met her my badge was on day 2 – but I decided that she was worth my effort to break this crippling habit. The time I would normally spend searching for porn then PMO I instead used to date this girl. Now 90 days later she lives with me and we are talking about marriage/kids.

Sexual stamina – From years of PMO I had unknowingly messed up the natural sexual urges that allow normal orgasm during sex. I could get hard but had DE (delayed ejaculation) to the point where I was ashamed to have sex as I would not be able to cum with a woman. Now? It was a difficult transition to have a steady girlfriend, but she was loving and patient with me – something that I am not with myself. My DE is much better, and the techniques for delay are now used to make her orgasm multiple times. My pent up sexual desire now has a valid outlet and it feels soooooo good to be the sexual creature that I was born to be without feelings of guilt afterwards.
Healthy thoughts – I would hate myself. I would belittle myself in thought. I considered suicide. I would wish I could sleep forever. Now? I love life. It is the exact same life (same job, same car, same problems) yet the people in my life and the new set of circumstances make me excited to wake up. Depression is a terrible thing and your mind really does create your reality. Healthy mind = healthy life. Unhealthy mind = unhealthy life.

*TL/DR: NoFap has changed the way I view myself. It has given me something t be proud of. It has taught me self-discipline. It has made me better than I was before. *
Thank you all for your posts in this sub-reddit, it feels good to know that I am not alone. Life really does gets better without PMO, and one day you will understand/believe why I say that (even if you don't feel that way yourself currently). I hope I can inspire at least one person to stick with the challenge and change their life - the same way I was inspired when I was ready to change.

Post #3 NoFap has changed my life.

Social anxiety is gone, confidence is rising rapidly, gyming 5 days a week, no fap has changed my life, April 23rd I stumbled across nofap while living my sad boring life which consisted of dragging through school getting home and spending my time browsing Reddit and YouTube and fapping, I made a conscious decision to sort out my sorry excuse of a life, I stopped fapping immediately, decided confidence was a great area to start so i cleaned out my pig sty of a room, through out old shitty clothes and went out and spent €300 on clothes and €50 on new running shoes, it was probably the first time in 2 years I bought anything besides boxers and socks, April 24th I joined the gym to try to get down some weight (I'm only marginally overweight but going to the gym isn't a bad habit to get into, April 26th I went out with some guys from school for the first time since summer, I was still a bundle of nerves but after the night I felt somewhat more confident, April 27th I got up at 7am and went for an hour long run, usually my Saturdays consist of me waking up and 1 o clock I'm the day and wasting my time playing call of duty, I felt on top of the world, April 28th I relapsed, felt like shit and did nothing that day, April 29th and 30th I went to the gym and felt good again, May 1st I decided I did well in the gym over the last 3 days so deserved it, relapse, instantly regretted it. I promised myself I wouldn't fap for 30 days and (so far) I have been successful, May 5th I hooked up with a girl for the first time in 2 years, and she was pretty hot too! Yesterday I asked her to meet up Saturday and she said yes! Tomorrow I have my first soccer practise in 3 years! My gaming PC has gone up for sale on eBay today, I'm committed to this. NoFap has changed my life in little over 2 weeks and with dedication and preparation to step outside your comfort zone it can change yours too, thanks NoFap for what you have done for my life.

Post #4 Never thought I'd say this but... Nofap gives me WAY TOO MUCH confidence!

Ok, So I've had this female friend for about 3 months, we were always "just friends" although I knew she liked me when we first met but I never made a move, then time passed and I thought it would be too late to make her my gf because as you all know, you can't start a relationship with somebody that is your friend. But this week I asked her for her number (weird, I know, all this time and I'm bearly asking for her number) And All I ever text her is sex-related things, like "when are you going to let me hit it" and things of that nature. I'm just worried because I have so much confidence and I might do something stupid, I don't think she feels the same about me. HELP GUYS, Nofap is turning me into a desperate, horny little fucker!

Post #5 I've made more progress with girls in 2 months of no fap than my whole life without it.

Let me start off by saying my intention of doing no fap was not to just get a girlfriend or what have you. I had always thought that masturbating was not healthy and really affected my social life, but I really was not sure exactly and never had the nerve to try it out and see.
I always thought I was just awkward and never had a chance with girls to begin with. I just thought that was the way I was and I couldn't change it. Luckily I stumbled on no fap and gave it a try.
When you do no fap YOU WILL MAKE PROGRESS WITH GIRLS. Once you stop satisfying your own urges all the time, you begin to look in other places and allow other people in. This was my mistake all these years. I was too afraid to be bold, make moves, and try and interact with girls.
So far I have asked a girl out and went out on a date but nothing came from it. We just live too far way. And tonight I asked a girl at my work to hang out with me this weekend and she said yes. These are things that I would have never done in the past and it feels good to finally be putting myself out there.
I am still a virgin and at some points I think that something might be wrong with me and I may be alone for a long time. It is the same voice in my head telling me to fap and to give up on life but I refuse to let it control me like it did before. It is the same voice telling me not to talk to girls and to isolate myself. Fuck that voice and fuck the zero. I will fight the urge to fap and rejection until I achieve my goals and become happy. Cheers :).

Post #6 2 months. I've never been so happy; NoFap changed my life; motivation to those who are struggling.

I've intended to write a post about my NoFap adventure since I hit the 30days mark. Throughout that past month I would be thinking what I would say in that post - it was unnecessary daydreaming that has haunted me for the past month. So today I was eating a diner and a thought came up in my mind - write this post in order to motivate those who are struggling - so yeah, finally after 30 days I'm writing this post with hope to encourage you guys. And also because it's much easier and pleasant than writing an essay that I've been assigned.

I started my adventure with nofap 9 months ago. I had my first attempt in August or July last year - during these months I've reseted my badge 40 times. At the beginning it was hard, eventually somehow I managed to last a week, then obviously fail - but I continuously extended my streak, first it was week, followed by a week of PMO and daily relapsing, then it was 2 weeks, and so on. I remember a few of my longest streaks, it was 1 week, then it was 28 days, then it was 45 days. As I said, each of these periods were followed by a week or two of constant relapsing after a day or two.

Now I know deep inside, that I'm going to achieve 90 days.
I feel much more energetic (started lifting&running again), confident and social - but this is all obvious stuff you've read thousand times. I just want to say that NoFap is the best thing that has happened to me. I'm really glad I found this subreddit, I've never been this happy, or this confident. I even desire social contact and like socializing - something like this I've never experienced, I haven't even dreamed about it. The change is truly awesome. My life is far from being the way I want it to be, but I have energy to improve it and I see progress - it's incredibly exciting. If you have doubts, you have to know it is totally worth it.

Some tips that I found helpful (you probably read them somewhere anyways, it's nothing new).
If you have history of relapses - read this post -
I found K9 immensely helpful - you want to succeed? Just block the porn. (I know it's not that easy and you always can access it, just make it harder)
Positive affirmations - google it, make your own, tell yourself you are a person that doesn't masturbate and stuff like that. It was useful for me.
Meditation - if you have some intense urge - turn of the computer and meditate for 20 minutes. Works well.

Do some sports.

Eliminate triggers. In example, in the past I would often fail while taking the shower - pissed off as I was, I made the decision to take cold showers. As a result, I haven't relapsed since then.

I guees that everything that comes up to my mind right now. I hope it will help some of you. Cheers guys.
EDIT; Something I reminded myself. I've been diagnosed with social anxiety several months ago, but I have to say NoFap is really helpful. Now after 2 months the anxiety is 50% smaller than before. I'm really looking forward to the end of the third month, I hope I will be even more calm and confident.
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It is nice to see people out there doing the NOFAP challenge.That shows that i am not alone in this.
firstly i'd like to start by saying that No Fap is no longer a challenge, it is now something that i have decided to do for life i have not masturbated for 8 months.
i lived my childhood as a happy kid, very intelligent i was the best in my class, i was the prettiest and i did not have any worries at the time, my life started changing when i started masturbating
i thought it was the best feeling ever, i would take erotic magazines and watch porn with my cousins, i bacame addicted to it, i even masturbated  4 or 5 times a day,my life was being destroyed at school no longer was i the prettiest but the shy guy, the anti social, i had no motivation to do homework and was scared of doing public speeches. i felt i was lost in this world and attempted to commit suicide many times. 
yes i had a few relationships but they were all for a very short time that's how i lived my life  until may 15 2013, a day where i was invited to a house party by my mates, that day they all found a chick to spend the night with, except me, i was left alone in the living room sad and tired i decided to go home and thought that perhaps i should change my life,
i researched people like gandhi, leonardo da vinci, nikola tesla and even the jonas brothers, they all were celibates and were the genius, the successful and the most influencial people on planet earth.
so here i decided to do the no fap challenge and it goes like this:
1st week with no fapping= my balls hurt and feel as if they are going to explode i get erections everywhere i go.
14 days, i ran more than ever before on the redmill  i feel more energetic.
1 month, i was invited to a salsa nightclub in London, that night was magical i was perhaps the most important and most attractive guy of the night at least thats how i felt, girls approaching me asking to please dance with them.
2nd month, it is too much sexual energy within me, that i had this crazy dream of woman sort of asian sucking my dick and made me have a wet dream. i woke up wet all over my pants.
i said never mind at least i did not fap intentionally.
3rd month, 90 days now and i sound very loud i sing in the shower and i hear my own voice like that of a professional singer at this time i was considering singing.
at college i have made many friends i did something that really frightened me before which is to speak in public i gave a presentation to an audience of 100 people and felt very confident who would not?
having such a sexy voice as i had. 
6 months,i watch movies, read newspapers and do assignments my memory works better now, it seems that i understand everything with ease, i remember things now, i feel active i cook for mum something i never did before, i am a monster at the gym.
i went to play football with a few friends and they were impressed of my performance they were like oh man, you never get tired you are such a good footballer i did not know you play so well, i said well i have always been a good footballer i was perhaps just shy to show guys.
i knew that it was all thanks to no fapping, 
7 months everywhere i go i make eye contact with people with anyone, something which before i never did, i used to always put my head down, but now i just look at any one, some people smile some people dont, most importantly girls look at me like saying i want ya.
i have a wet dream once a month i think that is pretty normal as the body must release some, it cant keep it all.
8 months now, and i think i can do almost anything, i am currently one of the best in my class, i chat to girls in class, i have the life of the kid i once was,
spiritually i have many lucid dreams, i remember almost everything that happens in my dreams, i have energy to live again, i am on my way to be the best,
this knowledge must be shared, thank you.

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nofap cured my cancer and reversed my hair loss!
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When I look at rsd forums a LOT of the threads are concerned with problems that can be fixed with nofap, unfortunately many guys don't want to hear it. They are in denial, they can't let go of their habit (or so they think) its actually very easy to stop fapping.

I have been doing nofap for about 2 months now. I don't have strict rules like some nofappers do, I have a 7 day cycle where I don't fap all week (no edging too) and tear it up on the weekends, try to have sex, if I dont I have a day where I can fap and begin the 7 day cycle again. The way I see it you need to get rid of the old sperm, you only get a testosterone boost on the 7th day it falls off the from there and you flat line.

when guys do long term nofap they have problems like nocturnal emissions and flatlining where they have no libido at all. so far I've only had positive effects from my nofap routine.

I've had major changes, I'm more confident, I respect women MUCH more, to the point where I think most men are very disrespectful to women for fapping and watching porn. Porn makes you put the "pussy on a pedestal" and when you see women you oggle and imagine what it would be like to have sex with her. You shouldn't be thinking like that until your escalating to sex. That's needy\creepiness.

When I walk now, I have a natural swagger. my voice is deeper, I don't fumble my words and I can converse much faster.

when I think of porn, it disgusts me. when I see a beautiful woman, I look at her face because I already know what her body looks like, I don't need to oggle.

Also you need to realise that women wear makeup and looks can be deceiving.
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