December 10th, 2018
Coffee and Texting
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New Year Namibia Hoorah

My Dutch friend and I one night last year while having a drinking session at my place notice the French guys living downstairs were having a party with a few girls. Knowing them and their gay tendencies I knew they weren’t getting with any of the girls. So I got this wild drunk idea of making them bitches by stealing their girls.

Me and my dutch wing walked into their flat and I immediately just smiled and greeted everyone grabbing the first girl I see pushing her towards my wing. He instinctively pulled her out of the flat, while I asked the guys what they are up to. Don’t recall what they said as their English were bad and I think I didn’t spend more than 4 minutes inside after two other girls followed their friend outside to see whats happening.

I walked out of there leaving them with a fat girl closing the door behind them… Bet they were thinking to themselves “WTF????!!!”

Outside we spoke with the girls, the one were from the Reunion Islands and her English were poor. Didn’t much care for her. The other girl was from Namibia. After about 15 minutes of bantering the Namibian girl the frenchies came out to tell them they all are going to the club in 30 minutes… The Namibian girl was begging us to tag along, but with a few unopened bottles upstairs we declined.

In hindsight that was a bad move as she left early the next morning back to Namibia. We got her number thou and my wing over the course of a few months built a solid relationship with her through text to the point that they were somewhat in a dating frame.

Fast Forward… two days before new years eve.

My wing starts hammering at me to go with him to meet her parents. Apparently she and her whole family came down from Namibia for a vacation. I agreed to support my dutch brother and went along with him.

Turns out she had a younger sister who just finished her accounting degree and looked reap for the taking. I immediately started to run game on her calling her out on her accent and how she should stop looking at me like she wants to me… “I’m not a piece of meat”. At first she were a little offensive but as the night proceeded (We took them out for drinks) she warmed up to my immaculate awesomeness and at the end of the night we were cherishing the night away in the backseat while my dutch wing and his girl where infront. Didn’t get laid thou, although I bet if her sister weren’t in the car I could have pondered her.

New Years Eve

The plan were set that we were going to see them new years eve and celebrate going into the new years together with a couple of friends of ours. I were already thinking of logistics and how I can slip her away without her older sis noticing to get my freak on.

Turns out I didn’t have to do much, already at the start of the evening as we are introducing them to our peeps I’m making up this crazy story of how she fell in love with me at first sight and how she literally forced herself on me. I kept saying to everyone that she is my new girl. She were loving it all trying to change the story with everyone.

After the clock stroke midnight and a heavy 2 minute makeout session, my brother KD’s girlfriend at the time had to go home and my dutch wing along with his girl decided to drop her… perfect opportunity to get my girl gone before they get back to the party. It took them 10 minutes outside the door before I pulled her over to my place a couple of flats down from the party.

We kissed abit and she gave me the LMR shit… but I kept telling her nothing is going to happen that she doesn’t want to let happen. After a heavy make out session and me playing with a clit getting her all wet I took off her pants and underwear without any resistance but kept my pants on as to get her comfortable (which were really stupid thinking but I didn’t want any red alerts going off in her mind).

After playing with her a bit I told her I want to let her experience something but that nothing is going to happen and she can trust me, at this point the poor girl were soaking wet. I whipped out the dick and started rubbing the tip of it against her clit, occasionally sliding it up and down her pussy… this shit made her go wild and she literally looked me in the eyes and said “I want you” before taking my dick and pushing it into her raw pussy… I hit that up for a couple of hours before coming all over her belly.

It were a pretty decent expectation after we cleaned up abit that her sister were probably worried about her as she left her phone on charge at the party. We walked over and found just KD sitting there drinking. The sun were coming up steadily and she asked me to show her the campus.

We take a walk to the lake where we start making out… I get hard and tell her to bent over, I fuck her a second time till she comes and then decide to leave this as security can drive by any minute. Lol Thinking we done and while heading back home she tells me she aint done with the campus tour… I then take her to the trackfield and fuck a again while she bents over at the bottom of the stands. I wouldn’t have came but near the end she were saying “Baby… baby… I want you to … come… for me”, that’s that shit that drives me crazy.

But wait, there’s more, after I were done she pushed me down and gave me a fucking awesome bj. In my mind it was to say thank you for an awesome new years.

When I told KD about the whole outdoor adventure I had he laughed and pointed out to me that there were cameras directly pointing at the spot where I fucked her at the lake. The securities must have been drunk or something cause nothing came from it… would be bad ass to get the footage of that morning thou. Lol

                                                                                            Coffee and Texting (the field reports)

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WEEK 3: Selective Start

The week has started off at a not too good start. Tuesday I had this cute (really cute) accounting student, Andrea, on my bed with popcorn watching a movie. Got the girl through WeChat which later as usual went on to whatsapp. Didn’t fuck her thou as she felt she just met me… getting a lot of that bullshit these days from the girls.

After I dropped her home we texted again and she was trying to friendzone me. I let her know straight I aint being friendzoned and dropped her nice little ass right there without replying back to her. (Maybe Sunday I’ll send her a text back to see if she is down for another movie at my place without the bullshit. If I’m lucky I can even fuck her).

Today however (Wednesday) I had Menta over at my place for a movie. Got this whole thing about darkening out my room these days.

She were laying in my arms and had some bullshit that she didn’t want to kiss me. I played it cooled until a certain point when I realized I got only an hour left to fuck her before taking her home. At that point I just decided fuck this and pulled her face towards me… we started making out and due to time constraints I grabbed at her pussy. She allowed this but when I tried to unbutton her jeans she hesitated and stopped me telling me its too soon. I immediately decided then and there that this is bullshit. So I untied my jeans and let her hand grabbed my cock while I grabbed her thick ass under her jeans and poped the jeans open.

When my finger was in her she were going wild and I looked at her ordering to take off her jeans. She did it while leaving her panties on. I took out my cock and slapped it against her belly before taking out a condom…. Pushed the panty aside and fucked her. After I were done with 15 minutes to spare before we had to leave I just told her to get dress and ready.

Poor girl had to take my frustrations from yesterday’s girl lol. But she were a good sport and after I dropped her at her place, I send her this picture: (credit to JMULV):


She laughed and asked me if she is only good for sex from now on… Texted her back saying that is not the case at all, as I totally love her company.

That makes it 3 new lays in 3 weeks.

1- Leigh Anne: Got her as well on wechat in Week 1 (22 - 28 April 2013)

She were to easy as I met her for the 5 minute meet and greet and were telling me afterwards when I threw her the “Your lips looked so good…wanted to kiss you” replied with the “ why didn’t u.” It was obvious from her body language that she were down so I set up a movie date for that Saturday. Turns out when I woke up Saturday morning the power was off due to construction being done which needed relying of power cables till 6 the afternoon.

I immediately told my self “Cave man Day” lol and brought her over to my dark creepy room with no lights where I fucked her hard for two hours. Best way to spend a cave man day.

2- Nicola: Another one a got off wechat in week 1.

A bit chubby with a good looking face telling me how she is working out and trying hard to lose weight. She had a whole insecurity that guys only fuck her and leave her. I assured her I’m not like that and had her over in week 1 (the Friday evening) where we made out a bit on my bed.

She didn’t want to fuck as she kept telling me she don’t want to think of her as a slut. Anyway, last week Wednesday she came over again in the evening and we ended up fucking.

Wednesdays are starting to become a good day for me.

Tomorrow however I got Sim Canal Walk lined up to come over but the boys want to go for a whole day to get some new tats, and are afraid they won’t be able to drive back. This means I got to find a way to get her over here and fuck her, or to get her to go with and fuck her when I get back. Either way I got to atleast try to fuck her tomorrow as I didn’t have the chance last week.

                                                                                            Coffee and Texting (the field reports)

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