December 12th, 2018
Sluggler Day Game - From Chode To BOSS - 720 Day challenge (InField Day Game,Videos, pictures, text game)
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New Video blog update on my progress in the game and some other side topics.

Havent been able to post in the last two days.

Virgin girl decides she wants to stick around until she heads back to school in August. Even though im pretty much threw with that, ill let her stick around till then. No biggie. Not hurting me.

Gym girl is my new workout partner. She is athletic as fuck so she is a great workout partner. I actually advise having a female workout partner, as long as she is athletic enough to handle your workouts. 

I know that if i plan on banging her i have to hang out with her outside of the gym. So i invite her to go to a club with me on Thursday. She is down, so lets see what happens. she heads off to school in August so the clock is still in my favor. Am i desperate to fuck her? Not fact, most people when they see her working out with me, they think im a idiot for not making a major move on her yet..haha...Nope just chillin. I know what im doing, playa. Dont want to be like most guys would do try to rush shit and fuck her, then come off as super needy, desperate, and run her off like most guys before me have done. When its a situation where time is working FOR YOU instead of against you, relax, and take a deep breath..Patience.

This isnt like "hard closing" when the club or bar lets out. or Girls you meet through work, social circle etc. It is in a different ball park than a one night stand or pulling from the bar or club. Someone was like "Man, you havent fucked her yet?" "But she seems like she likes you man..i can tell". "You gotta get that man..."...

I'm sure like...nah. Its all good, homie.

- Meditation, work, Daygame(maybe), business project work, then off to the gym.

Anyway, here is my new video blog.


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Day 434

Gym yesterday. Meditation. Chatted with gym girl via text. She wants to come out with me tonight and bring her friend. Texted me a few minutes ago confirming if her and her friend can come with me. This girls are both arond 18 and 19. So i already know they will view sex as a prize and not be dtf as easily as a 25 year old. So, i know i have my work cut out. Definitely not delusional about the situation.

Since i am not old enough to buy them acohol, i will be bringing the fun, escalating, and being congruent with my intentions, and i wont be hovering over them the entire night, i will be dancing and approaching other chicks.

One of my other wings is coming. So ultimately should be a fun night.


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Day 435 - Gym Girl FR

So...Last night was SICK. Awesome night. This will probably be my most detailed post in a while. So much to talk about. Some pretty crazy shit went down.

Two things things that happened that really caught me by surprise.

1. Gym girl likes guys and girls.
2. She is “experimenting” but still likes dick.


So Gym girl hits me up to confirm we are still going out last night, and asks could she bring her friend.

I say cool, and let her know I could get her friend in with us too. Let her know what time to meet me at my place. They show up about 5 minutes late. Gym girl is looking super hot. Just my type. This is the first time Ive seen her outside of her gym clothes. Her body was fucking amazing, and she is slightly taller than me.

(Me and gym girl at the end of the  night)

So my wing shows up and we all hop in my car. Wing happened to have a bottle of absolute so I told him to bring it for the girls. Little did I know they were bringing their own bottles.(I have no idea how they got them, they are only like 19 and 18. Probably took their parents shit.)

Hit The Club

So we get to the club around 10:45. And for a Thursday night, the club is already jumping. I let my wing know, “We are not going to be with them the entire night, we are still going to do our thing.” So as soon as we get in, we ditched them. I really didn't want to ditch my girl because I really wanted her. But I knew I had to make her chase me a little.

So as soon as we get in we start dancing and having a blast. Soon the girls join us. And I start dancing with gym girl...The chemistry between us was insane. We literally owned the dance floor. Everyone staring at us. Up against the wall, legs wrapped around me. We might as well had sex.

So after I while I go for a kiss. I move my girls hair back. Tease her a little...go in then then out. And then finally her teeth grabs my bottom lip and we make out. Crazy...Here is where it gets interesting.

So my wings girl grabs my girl and pulls her away from me. Wtf? Then they grind and dance and start marking out. Crazy. So I tell my wing lets grab some other girls and start dancing with them. So after a while thats what we do and then Gym girl comes in and wants to dance with the girl I am dancing with. Then she literally just starts grabbing random girls and dancing with them. Grinding etc. I told my wing she was picking up chicks. By this time my wing is doing some great winging and making out with his girl.

I tell him lets bounce them to the basement level floor. We get there and sit on the lounge couches. I start to give my girl a lap dance and then she does the same to me..It start getting heated. People walking pass would just stop and watch the action. The club bouncers were stopping and watching the action. Crazy. We dance on the lounge sofas for about 30 minutes or so. Making out etc. Then my wing girl pulls my girl away again and they start making out again.

null(Me and Gym girl making out towards the end of the night)

Towars the end of the night

Throughout the night chodes were coming up to us daping us up, telling us “Your the man..You guys are so lucky.” Im like... “Definitely not luck bro.”

I get my girl back and we hit the dance floor again. Things get heated and we are really dancing and vibing. We go and sit and talk for a bit. My girl then goes to dance with random chicks again. This time I join her and dance with her and 3 other chicks.

The funny thing was...My girl wouldn't let any other guys dance or grind her. She would dance with them briefly and then blow them off. Some guys would try to come up and grind on her ass...She would quickly blow them off. So clearly she respected the fact we were together. I liked that. So I toned down on picking up other girls. I would just dance in groups with people while she would be off grinding with other girls.

I tell my wing the plan to pull them back to my basement. He is down. So it wouldn't be a surprise to my girl, I tell her when we get back to my place I want to show her my piano.

The fucking bouncers and club workers were literally staring at my girl, giving her business cards and shit. Telling her she can get free drinks when she comes there from now on...I just play it cool. “We already get free drinks.”

So we get back to my place and my girl says her knee is hurting. So we jump out the car and I tell them.."Come check out my piano. Ill giver you guys some water and something to eat."

We get them in my basement and I turn some music on. My girl collapse on the couch and her friend joins her, and after a while starts to rub her pussy.

I tell my wing we have to isolate them if we both want to get laid. If it was me alone I would have tried for a threesome but had to share with my wing. Not that selfish. Thats my boy!

After a while I go over and lay beside my girl and the friend backs off a little. A song she likes came on and she got up to dance. Gym girl has to go to the bathroom and when she goes in I tell her to come to my room afterwards because I have to show her something.

I stay in my room because if I didn't I knew she wouldn't go in their by her self. And I was right..

So when she comes out I call her. I tell her I want to show her my secret of why im so strong. I show her my vitamins. Lol. I give her one. And tell her to sit on the bed, while I check out her knee like im a doctor. I start to rub it and talk..i never stopped talking.

Tell her to lift her leg up and put it on my bed. “Your leg needs elevation.”

She complies and after a while I join her on my bed and start to massage her legs then slowly make my way to her pussy. She relaxes. And I just keep talking. One mistake I made was not TURING MY LIGHT OFF. I should have turned my lamp off and just whipped my cock out. I didn't though. By this time she keeps telling me she has to go check on her friend. I tell her shes fine, they are dancing. Her friend and my wing were pretty much getting it on on my couch in the sitting area.

She tells me she is on her period and I cant fuck her tonight. So my response was “Thats good.”.

She is very shocked at my response. And asks why did I say that. I tell her I am trying to practice abstinence. She laughs and says “Im sure you didn't say that last night with tiffany.” I was surprised she knew that. I made a comment earlier about a girl named tiffany. Lol. I actually wanted her to hear that. So she would know im not some loser who considers himself “lucky” to be with her. And yes, tiffany is actually a real girl i see.

She ends up giving me a handjob and I wanted to come on her face. But nah, didnt want to do that tonight. I almost had her under shorts off and then she insisted she goes and check on her friend. I should have kept her there and kept pushing but I let her go check and that was it. I knew it was over for tonight. They end up leaving around 3:00 and my wing pretty much had his girl ready to bang until my girl came to check...fuck. Next time I know...DO EVERYTHING in your power to keep the girl there.(Without using brute force of course.) lol.

Anyway, we make plans to see them again. Its definitely not over. I tell my wing we are going to try and get them out again on Saturday.

So thats the plan now. I actually like Gym girl. She is hot, a good girl, likes girls lol, works out, shes vibrant, we have great chemistry, and she is overall a sweetheart.

So I am going to give it all I got to get this girl, while still being willing to lose her.

Key Takeaways

- Always have a sense of certainty about a me you make. Never shy away from what your gut is telling you. Just do it and see what happens. Even if it may cause some friction.
- When you have a girl and she is in your bedroom and friends are around. Do everything in your power to keep her there away from the other friend.(Without brute force of course).
- Always be willing to risk losing the girl. Even if she you really like her. Never become sprung over the superficial things of a girls looks and body. Always have a since of entitlment and abundance!
-  At certain points i felt myself slipping into neediness with gym girl and trying to keep her with me, but i had to quickly recognise this behavior and change it. Being aware and conscious is so key.
- Any excuse works for pulling a girl back or getting them inside.
- Logistics can mean EVERYTHING when pulling.

Out today for day gaming after work, and out tonight probably for street game. Im literally on 4 hours of sleep right now. Feeling good. Will definitely need a energy drink before I go out this evening after work. The probably crash late tonight.

Loving life and the game!


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New Vblog on how easy it is to fall into neediness if you dont go out and create opportunities for yourself to meet women.

Feedback and comments are welcome. Enjoy.

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 Hey man 1 question, you look pretty ripped, but are contiously going up in weight (or at least have been.) How well do you monitor your eating\how much you eat, and do you have any tips to go up in weight while adding as much muscle as possible\little fat as possible? I started working out 1-2 months ago, and first decided to lose some weight,. Am 1 kilo away from my goal now, and when I Hit that i will start eating a lot more and going up again in weight to gain muscle, but always sort of just figured that first I would go up in weight and gain lots of muscle and some fat, and then when I am at a decent level of muscles i can start 'cutting' and get rid of the fat. You seem to be adding a good amount of muscle without much fat. 
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Octavion wrote:
 Hey man 1 question, you look pretty ripped, but are contiously going up in weight (or at least have been.) How well do you monitor your eating\how much you eat, and do you have any tips to go up in weight while adding as much muscle as possible\little fat as possible? I started working out 1-2 months ago, and first decided to lose some weight,. Am 1 kilo away from my goal now, and when I Hit that i will start eating a lot more and going up again in weight to gain muscle, but always sort of just figured that first I would go up in weight and gain lots of muscle and some fat, and then when I am at a decent level of muscles i can start 'cutting' and get rid of the fat. You seem to be adding a good amount of muscle without much fat. 
My Workout/Diet/Training Formula

Thanks for the reply man. Since you ask the question ill go ahead and post the bases of my workout/diet, nutrition.

IHad one of the trainers in my gym check my body fat %. Im currently at 9.5% body fat at 5'8 about 160 pounds.  When i first started hitting the gym i was at about 17% to 18% body fat. The trainer asked me how did i do it.

So it all starts with how many times you go to the gym a week that fits your schedule, and your goals. When first getting into the gym i decided my goal was to build as much muslce as possible. I use to think i could only build muscle and eat as much as possible to bulk. They call this "Dirty Bulk" in the fitness world. This when you workout build muscle, and eat everything that comes across your face.

This works but usually people end up gaining a nasty layer of body fat in the process. Sure, you can take this route and then "cut' like 90% of people do. OR you can build muscle, get stronger, AND burn body fat.

Hybrid muscle building. Sort of like HIIT but with more of a focus of building muscle and getting stronger.

My goal was NOT to just build muslce and look like a gorilla but i want(ed) to build LEAN muslce. and look lean, cut, and solid.

So here is how i decided to do things and go against the grain...

Figure out your Basal Metabolic Rate:

This will tell you how many calories, grams of protien and healthy fats you need a day to build muslce depending on your sex, goals, height, and physical activity.
Its tons of calculators online that will help you figure this out. Here is a good one by MuscleTech.

Pick Your Workout Schedule:

Often i see guys get into the gym and hit it 5 or 6 days a week. Unfortunately this type of schedule is not sustainable in the long run for someone who goes to class, or has a job.
So i decided to do 1 on 1 off. Here is an example of the schedule Mon- on, Tues-Off, Wens - On, Thurs - off, Fri(evening) - On, Sat - On, Sun - Off.

You can mix it how you chose. Just make sure whatever you chose is sustainable for your life style. This is key to staying with it. After a while it just becomes a lifestyle. Now, if i miss a day going to the gym i feel like complete crap and my life is ruined. lol Seriously.

Example of a Hybrid Workout:

Me personally, i say fuck equipment. It doesnt allow the body to move as designed but instead it makes you adjust to the forum of the machine vs the forum of the way YOUR body uniquely moves. Hope that makes sense. Everyones body is unique. Everyone moves differently. So me personally my workouts consist normally around Dumbbells and barbells. I use the leg press for calf raises and things of that nature.

So usually the bases of ANY ones workout looking to build muscle and grow stronger is the Dead lift and the Squat. The squat is probably THE most important excersise in the gym. It stimilulates your entire nervous system and takes the entire body to move the weight. Excellent for building overall stength. The deadlift is also another great movement. The most important thing with these movements is your FORM. Your form is important. If you arent sure how the correct form is for the movements. Use google. Its some great content.

Some other great movements are Barbell curls, Barbell Clean to press, Bent over rows, Pull-ups and chin-ups, Barbell Front squats, Bench press, incline bench press etc. You can google barbell excersise and see a ton of great movements.

I also hit my abs about 2 to 3 times a week. All of the full body movements, Front squats, stiff leg deadlifts, all essential works your core. So limit core work to about 2 to 3 times a week. Having a sex pack will depend mainly upon your body fat percentage. But ab work is till good for ton, and builing abdominal strenght.

Now..Here is the IMPORTANT PART:

Between each exersise. I ALWAYS use supplemental excersises. Like push-ups, pull-ups, lunge jumps, any type of excersise you can do that will "burn" and raise your heart rate.

For example, right after you finish your first set of squating, hit 15 push-ups as fast as you can. If your strong enough you can start to do clapping push-ups or anything that will raise your heart rate. You can also do jumping jacks. Or do sprints. Anything like that. Take about 20 to 30 seconds rest. Hit it again until you finish that exersise.

You can also super set exersises. Instead of doing a supplemental exersise, you can do a superset of another exersise. Just make sure in the superset both exersises target the same body area. For example, if your squating, you wouldnt want to superset with barbell curls. Instead maybe with calf raises or somethign of that nature. Makes sense?

Now, if your new to this. You may want to take a little longer break in between. Or reduce the rep range of the supplemental exersise.

I usually do cardio about 2 times a week. usually on Mondays and Saturdays.

So thats really the basics of how i construct my workout routines. Remember, ANY routine works as long as you are using the correct intensisty, volume, and form.

My Diet

I consider myself to eat clean. Most people are OVER analytic about what "eating clean" means. It doesnt mean to NEVER have a burger or fries. But it means that you know your basal metabolic rate, you know your limit. You eat LEAN and WHOLE foods that supply nutrients to the body.

I eat a lot of fish and chicken. I now am cooking more of my foods now. So i find different recipes to cook fish and chicken. I do grilled chicken or fish a lot. On the weekends i may have a burger from five guys or something. i really dont eat fast food during the week. I dont eat much junk food. Instead i eat peanut butter on crackers, almonds and peanut butter, almond butter, etc. Good nutritional snacks that in line with my goals.

With my meals i do brown rice, steam veggies, those type of things. I also drink a lot of lemon water.

Thats about it. It sounds like a lot to digest if your just starting out but its not. and overtime it just becomes your life style and habit.


Day 437

Went out to day game yesterday. Had some really great sets. Had a few realizations about having solid interactions during day game. Will post about it later.

After that went out last night for street game. Had a great time. Started opening EXTREMELY physical, just walking up with my arms open to open girls and hug them and chat.

Towards the end of the night ended up getting a 30 second makeout with a girl who was on her way home with her friends. Tried to pull her back to my wings car. No go. She asked me did i leave near by..No go. Said she wasnt going to have sex in my car. Fucking logistics. So i tell her i know a place. Wanted to pull her to an alley way. But she doesnt complie. She doesnt want to fuck unless its in a bed or a place. Fucking logistics. Great night overall.


- Open SUPER strong frame.
- Super Physical
- Bring the fun.
- Be in the moment
- Take it step by step
- And just be fun and sociable.

Sure with this approach some girls are going to blow you off of course, but at night game this is THE best way to open and escalate quick. I use to have a logical approach to it. "Hi excsuse me...Thought you were cute..blah blah. For me just openeing super physical and having just a fun nice vibe works best for me.

Meditated. Gym this morning. Trying to get gym girl to come over for movie night and some pool later on tongight. if its a no go. May go out solo and street game.


Some random chick hit me up earlier today. Ive met about 15 brunnettes since then so not sure who this girl is. lol Going to get a pic of her to remember. Colorado?


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Dr Destruction

Dr Destruction

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Ayo you got a fan for life here lol, I can't stand field reports but you seem like a normal dude whose just into this lifestyle, rather than some hardcase fool lol....

Big fan of your video blogs man, especially since you AT THE U!

Lucky ass fool man to me Miami has the hottest women period, spanish mamis all day man. Good luck.
"I think this guy might have some sort of serious mental problem, like he's a bit slow or has a mental illness. Why else would he film this stuff and then post it for the world to see" - A chode's thoughts on the great Geo Godley.
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Day 438

Yesterday was a good day. Heard from my father who is in jail. Felt good about that. Meditated, gym, and then started making plans for the evening.

So i text gym girl that morning, and figure out her logistics for the night. After a few texts she doesnt respond till later that night. Tells me she was sorry and her phone went dead at work. I considered myself to really plow through the bullshit. Here is some of our text messages:


After that last message she never responded. Figured she fell asleep or something. From her responses im sure i can easily get her over or out again with no problem. At this point its all about logistics now. Does she work the next day, is she already sleep, am i busy, etc. This girl is 18 so she is pretty knew to the "world". I can tell her parents a very active in her life. They bought her a new 2011 hyundai for a graduation present...Anyway, we will see what happens this week. Going to go for it again. Persistence.
Midnight Memphis Cougar:

After that, Memphis chick hits me up because she is in town and wants to see me and come over to her cousins place.

I get over there around 2:00am. She and her cousin is just getting back from a restaurant/bar with friends. Her cousin has a really nice place and a benz. And she is single. So my guess is she is doing pretty good for herself.

So i get there and memphis cougar is looking SUPER hot.

We walk around the neighborhood for a bit i stop her when we walk a few feet and instantly makeout with her.
We walk and talk then head to the basement. In the basement i escalate quickly. Get her warmed up while im dry humping her. She is moaning and kissing me. She I try to put her hand on my cock. She refuses.

So stops and says she doesnt want to do that until she is married. Im like to what? She says have sex or give head...Im just like wtf.

So i push her a way a bit she comes to me and starts to kiss al over me. Wash, rinse, repeat. Still she doesnt comply.

It try again, again, again, and again. No go. So after a while, she i put my cock up against her through her clothse right around her clit area. I then dry hump her and within 5 minutes she explodes and cum...She just kept saying my name, over and over...I then try to get her clothse off. She stops me

After a while i go to her bathroom and jerk off to avoid blueballs as ive gotten before in one of my previous posts. I left around 6:00am. I could have stayed and tried again in the morning but i dont have to put up with that shit. She is trying to use sex to keep me around, Sorry sweetheart. Not happening.Imma muthafuckin PIMP. She will probably hit me up later today im sure.

Dinner with family today, meditation, reading, piano practice. May try to pull gym girl over again tonight. Fuck waiting a day or two. Ive learned in game its good to FAIL QUICKLY sometimes. This way you dont waste your time lerking around, trying to game, or plow through bs and its really just not going to happen. Most guys are afraid to fail quick and not waste there time because they dont REALLY have that sense of abundance,and entitlement. I use to stay in sets because i wanted to push through but the set was complete dead and going NO WHERE. Now i think im getting better and better because i am learning to fail quickly and get in set after set after set.

New video blog later.



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Max Biggaveli

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 This FR journal has been a really good read keep it up man.

One question though whats your approach in these loud ass clubs do you open verbally or physically?
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New Video Blog - Be Willing To FAIL to WIN & Opening In Loud Clubs

**Failure is a term used by society to describe a situation where we dont get the results we intended or thought we should get*** But as we know, there is ALWAYS good in situations like these.

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