January 20th, 2019
Summer Growth Journal- Business + Game + Health + Overall Development- Applying the Natural Instincts Method
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 Day 8 of 30DC

Wednesday Night-  Hit up the usual Wednesday hipster spot after a short workout.  A lot of people I know are there.  

Pushed myself harder than yesterday but not hard enough.  

Some interactions-

Black girl I approach at the beginning of night.  She's into me.   Reapproach her later with untld, fail to get physical, she teaches me how to dance, and I get super in my head because I"m feeling I'm being a massive faggot.   I leave because I feel there's no way she likes me.  Untld tells me that's bullshit and that she likes me.  I think I have to be less self critical when I"m slightly awkward.

Asian girl I talked to for a few minutes.  Good convo but not enough man to woman.  Also she said she had to find her friends,  I should have led.

Some 6 I talked to a few times over the night.  Tried to lead her for water but she was looking for her friends iphone.  

A lot of approaches.  

I'm too friend to friend.  Idk why but I haven't been man to woman in a long fucking time.  No more excuses.  I need to go in man to woman instead of this friend to friend bullshit.  I don't even know what the fuck is going on, I haven't had a boner in like 8 days.  I need to consciuosly get my dick hard in the club.  Go for makeouts.  I have learned how to have fun almost every night I go out, but I've complectly neglected the dong part of going out.  No more fucking fapping either.  I fucked up on day 6 by fapping and I"m not doing that all until I get a lay.  

Also, I must move towards pain.  My whole life I've avoided pain.  Pain is the only way to grow.  That means enduring harsher rejections, trying shit that will get me blown out hard, being persitent, and constantly trying to lead.  

Also, I have decided to work on my leading on more unacttractive girls to learn how to lead.  

No more shit.  I realized how much of a I have been the last 7-8 days.  I didn't do shit today, was not productive at all.   Also lost my overshirt at the end of the night which pissed me off.  I was having fun until that point.  

-Man to woman interactions, right now I"m not being sexual at all.  I'm not popping boners.  Not good, focus on turning myself on with physical contact from chicks.  Get myself horny = automatic man to woman interactions.  
-Move towards pain, do shit that scares me.  Approach like a machine, persist like a rock, and lead like a lion king.  I need to embrace pain.  No pain = No gain.  
-Practice leading on uglier girls in the first hour of the night to internalize leading a girl around.  
-Don't be lazy, fucking work hard or my dreams won't come true.  Its better to die than to achieve my dreams.  Today was fucking pathetic.  

Videos to keep me on the right path-

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 Day 9 of 30DC

Wake up after 5 hours of sleep.  
Get some coffee and start working on business.  I'm very productive today.  Also read some of Brad Blanton's Radical Honesty.  Very deep with lots of implications on how I live my life.  Realize how much of my "principles" are bullshit, including in game.  Lots of limiting beliefs just based on a few experiences that I haven't really tested in the long term.  Realize the importance of being honest with wings about what I'm feeling and thinking.  Had to go downtown to interview and possibly hire someone for SEO.  Plus buying nutrition shit.  Long day.
Me and my biz partner hire him.

Its already pretty late by then. 

Since I"M downtown I meet up with Spaceman for some quick daygame and chat.  First approach I'm super nervous, and I avoid eye contact.  I approach by telling her she looks as tired as me(lol probably the worst opener ever)  Stay in there for a minute.  
Spaceman opens up a two set of two black girls, alright looking.  Talk to them for a few minutes.

Spaceman opens up a two set, one cute Ethopian looking chick, and her fat friend.  The cute chick ends up on my side and I talk to her walking down the street.  I'm getting in my daygame groove.  I have great conversational skills from being a fairly social guy at my school, its just that not having done daygame in a while I'm nervous.  Spaceman ends up leaving the set, so I leave and let the two girls go.  Spaceman's definately improved, good stuff bro! 

Go to the Subway station, see a girl with a Upenn jacket and asks she if she goes there.  Start chatting with her till her station and have a solid 10-15 min convo.  Great convo, better eye contact.  Should have grabbed her number but I pussed out.  

Daygame Lessons-

1.  Approach in a relaxed manner, use situational openers, and understand its perfectly normal to chat to a girl in the day.  If I can't think of a good opener just go in with a standard "Hey, how's your day going".  No need for "Hey, I thought you were cute and wanted to meet you" shit, I fucking hate that and every Puah does that.  Basically be a normal guy going about his day who is social and doesn't elicit the girls defenses.  
2.  Get girls number.  Yes, the flake right is high, but if I get like 10 daygame numbers a week, that still might be a date a week.
3.  If logistics permit, insta-date.  For example, I could take her to the bookstore to browse books, or to shop for clothes.  

I'm gonna keep doing daygame whenver I"m downtown for any errands or shit I need to do.  I feel more comfortable now.  


Hit up the college bar around 11:45.  My friend Firefx2 to some brown girl who he opened.  She's cute.  He comes in and asks if she's grabbing my ass.  She then grabs my ass lol.  Then my other friend comes in and asks if I have herpes and she walks away.  Whatever.

Start hitting up approaches.  My other buddy intros me to this asian girl and I hit it off with her and her other friend.  See the other friend later in the night and hug her but shes' going somewhere.

Did a huge number of approaches tonight.  Got blown out a shitton.  I never do well in this bar lol.  Im by myself a good amount of the time and girls always need to find their fucking friends.  Disgusts me how sheep-like most of these girls are.  I respect girls who actually can handle being independent.  It was my fault for not keeping them there.  For example, I got physical on this Asian girl, and I could tell she was attracted but she wanted to find her friends.  Next time I'll just walk with them....  Like seriously, so many fucking girls who I'd open and they'd smile and then be like "I gotta find my friends". 

Anyways, got destroyed tonight.  Had a decent number of short sets.  Good wingmanship is key in a college bar, you need two wings to be on each girl, otherwise one will take the other away.   Did a bunch of two sets, but in each case, one of us was the weak link(whether me or the other wing).

Approach some spanish 6.  Talk to her for 5 minutes, try to get her to come like 10 steps for water.  She's not down lol.  Fuck me, I can't lead girls for shit.  Gotta keep trying though.

Me and firefx2 approach two girls.  The hot one refuses to talk to him, but I slowly break down her 6 friend and get her talkikng.  Apparently they work in the club industry. I switch to the hot one and keep talking.  She ignores me completely but I keep talking.  Eventually she eye codes the bouncer and he comes saves them.  Good ploughing in there, and that's where real growth is at.  I'm not here to be a nice social guy, I'm here to get laid.  That means I'll have to put myself in many uncomfortable situatoins and creep out a lot of girls.   As I said, I'm focused on now moving towards pain.  I also have been more colourful in my verbal game, as well as being more dominant and direct.  This is where I need to be at.   

Do some street game later in the night.  Firefx2 and my other buddy apparently pull a 2 set, but get LMR.  I meet up WRngr and another buddy, and we have a quick chat.  He's focused on the money.  Good stuff on his part.    

On the way home I think about the process.  I realize I have to have faith and completely surrender myself to it.  The process and I have to become one.   The ego must die.  That is the only way to improve to a level where I get the results what  I want.  I pushed hard tonight, I'm gonna keep pushing harder.  I need to become a closer.  I have faith that after a couple of lays, my results will explode when I have higher entitlement, a closer mindset, as well as better game.   I realize that the next couple of weeks are going to be hard as fuck and painful, and I must push through it to experience the massive results that await on the other side.  

-"I need to find my friends"- scramble their RAS and keep them their.  Or walk with them.  
-When leading girls, do it dominantly and without hesitatoin.  Don't ask them.  "Water, come now, 2 seconds".  Not "do you want to get water with me".
-Groups that are friendly to me, stick in there for a longer time(like 25-30 minutes).  Establish a homebase there, befriend everyone, and get the girl I wants number or try for pull.   I should have done that with the Spanish girl, she was slowly warming up to me.  
-Pain = Growth.  Fuck avoidance of pain.
-Accuse girls of trying to grab my ass.  Usually they will, and it frames them as the chaser. 

Tomorrow- I plan to work a long day and hit the gym.  Night game too.  
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Day 10 of 30

Was productive today, hit the gym too.  

Hit up night game at a college bar.

Get lazy with warmups and I feel like shit in the bar.  Took me like 40-50 minutes to warm up.  Did 30 second game with some guys.

Lots of sets, but nothing hooks properly.   Lots of short conversations, lots of ploughing too, pissing of girls etc.   I'm trying to use more negative expressions too and I plough way harder too.  

I need to stop going here or the Brunny.  For some reaosn I just suck at those spots, even though my wings have killed at Brunny.  I never get shit lol.  I think they are better at generating compliance from girls.

Had a good set where there were a group of three girls, my wing was talking to one, I start talking to two.  One of them's being standoffish the other is slightly friendly and I fuck with her.  I should have stayed in there longer and talked them again, etc. but I left after my wing did.

Gonna focus on higher end places, or hipster places.  

Did some street game after.  I should have walked with the girl though, I had a lot of girls grab my hand during street game I tried to stop.  Need to walk with the girls as Tyler said.  

Had a good chat after on game.  

-Stop hitting college bars, and focus on high end spots, as well as the occasional bar or hipster spot.  Also, places where Fresh of the boat spanish girls go since they are new here.  
-Negative expressions, scramble the RAS\, etc.  Watch more Julien's shit to get the hang of that stuff.  That is the key to success in enviornments where I havfe a hard time hooking girls.  
-Stick on compliant/friendly sets, and reapporach them, lead them. etc.  Once I hook I have to stick in.
-Street game, walk with the girl.  This is key and a must.  
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 Day 11 of 30DC

Hit up a hipster bar with older people.  

I have a fucking rough time in there.  This is a chill venue, and I tried to just talk friendly at first, realized it wasn't working.

Basically started going harder, persisting, using Juliens "Yo, Yo, Yo, One sec, one sec" shit of basically machine gunning verbals.  This is uncalibrated to the venue, but i don't care.  Pain is good. It leads to growth.  Had a couple girls tlel me to fuck off.  I told one of them "fuck you bitch".  Lol.  

Three girls, firefx2 goes in to one, and I go into her friend.  Talk, and she's friendly, but my mind isn't giving me much.  I stay in awkwardly for quite a long time, saying whatever boring shit I could.  Firefx2 gets blown out and I leave shortly after that.

A few more sets here and there.  

Outside on the street, I actually have two good sets. The first one, the girl has a boyfriend but she was very friendly to me and I got a good chacne to practice my eye contact and verbals.  The second one, me and my friend flip two unfriendly girls to pay attention to us.  However, I didn't get physical enough or show enough intent.  Too much of a friend to friend interaction which I notice I fall into when a girl is friendly and has commonalities with me.

Go to the entertainment district.  Approach two girls and the attractive one likes me.  She's out of town and definately looking for dick.  she puts her hand around me, and I put her around her waist for a bit.  Lead them to get poutine. But I fuck up, and get logical.  Basically I didn't show her I was dtf, and dominant.  She ditches us. I fucking feel the pain.  She would have been DTF if not for the fact that I reverted into a friendly faggot.  I should have just clawed her in and madeout with her.  There's only a certain point a girl is gonna put work in,  I didn't show her any signs I was gonna actually BE the guy that will fuck her.  Painful.

Go talk to some older blonde.  My wing comes and tells me to stop being a and then talks to her.  He saw my friendliness and lack of a dick.  

Last memorable set of the night was some hotty with some friends.  I hook her, she pretends to be British.  Then I fuck up when she asks how old I am.  I flicker in the eyes and she isntantly says "I'm too old for you".  Apparently she was 32.  

Afterwards some crazy drama happens with some chicks, not gonna post that here but you can ask me in person if you want.

1.  Pain = Gain.  I was much better later in the night because of the painful blowouts and bad emotions I felt earlier.  Pain sharpens you.  Start loving pain and I'll grow faster.  
2.  When a girl is down for you, you have to spin the wheels so she knows that you will fuck her.  That means physically escalating, and verbally escalating on her.  Next time, I should show her "the preview" as Brad says.
3.  Girl asking my age is a shit test.  Dont flicker, and ask her to guess.  Whatever she guesses, that's how old she wants you to be.  
4.  Don't react to angry girls.  Its useless, simply stare them down and do not verbally react at all.
5. Man to woman, no friend to friend shit.  Get physical and show the girls you are going to fuck them.  
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 Day 12 of 30DC

Day and notes on business/productivty-

After 5 hours of sleep, I wake up today and get some biz done, then play some videos games with business associates and friends.  Go to the gym for a quick but intense workout since it was closing early today.

I notice I tend to get lazy after a workout, when I'm all tired.  That's a good time for some reading + a short nap.  

I read some more The War of Art today.  Amazing book.  I just read the part where he talks about how some intelligence or mind automatically comes up with business solutions or ideas while you are going about your day.

I know when I"m mostly focused on biz, that happens, but right now I"m going out.  When I"m not consciously focused on business, I tend to wander towards thoughts of going out and pimping.

I have the process of switching to an emotional state fairly down, so I have to shift the majority of my thought processes towards business, and only think about game when I"m out, and obviously when I'm writing the field report.  Doing that will automatically tune my RAS to thinking about biz, and thus help p

IMO the major step is to constantly monitor my thinking, and prioritize business.  Another step is to make money, which will automatically switch my mind into a busines mental state.  Pickup is awesome, but its second to actually building my business.  Right now I'm keeping up wiht work, but its not the full immersion a business owner needs to create a business.

Night game

I do take a half hour nap.  I'm still tired but hike my way downtown.  Get 20 minutes of meditation on the subway.  I feel fucking present as shit.  

Get in the venue and chill around till it fills up.   They are giving out lightsabers and shit.  Enjoy myself, and dance.  Fucking amazing music here, and the lightsabers just make shit so much better.  Best club ever.  

Start doing approaches.  Start with some meh girls, which is a great way to warm up the social muscles.  As the night goes on I just got more and more present and into like some kind of awesome state.  I will be honest, at the end of the night when I walked out I felt the most alive I've pretty much ever felt.  I could just stand there forever basking in my own glory.

Some notable interactions-

1.  Two persian looking short girls.  My wing comes and tells me to go for the instant makeout.  I  try to do it, but she backs away from me and laughs.  I walk away from this set for some retarded reason, like I dont' even know why, WTF.... if anything I should have stayed in cause I just amped up her emotions massively.  Fucking gotta stick in set.  
2.  Blonde 6.  Get close to her, and physical.  Talk shit, she's attracted.  Want to go for makeout but her breath stinks and I just leave cause I hate smelly breath.  I should have just given her hte mint like I did to a hotty a couple months ago before making out with her.  At worst she'd get offended lol.  
3.  End of night, this short but really hot girl.  I approach and she's smiling at me, get physical, anime eyes.  THen I find out she's a bartender here and I see the bouncer right there.  I out and tell her I will see her later... Godamn I should be punched for that.  SHould have stayed with her, she fucking wanted me.  Ugh, disgusted at myself for that.  

Had some short interacionts too, but I think I had a great night other htan the fact that I kept leaving set.  I think its because I didn't decide before hand I was going to push shit to the limit.  This is my favorite club, so I'm all about the fun here, but I have to still push harder here and stay in set WHEN THE GIRL CLEARLY LOVES ME.  Fuck you brain, I'm not gonna let you do this shit.   I think its because I enjoy the validation from a hot girl.  Just need to remind myself feels better than validation, and I must play to win.

-Use the claw to stop moving girls. 
 If a girl smiles at me and has eye contact, the claw will work.  Saw my friend do this with great success.
-Lead.  Didn't lead at all tonight.  Move girls around. 
-Give girls mints if their breath smells.  
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 Day 13 of 30DC

Hit up the Monday spot.  Pretty chill night with not a lot of people.  Talked to a few girls over the night.

I feel like shit for the first half of the night, but I do talk to a couple of girls here and there.  

Chat to a 5 to warm up, tell her how I"m feeling. 

Chill with my friends outside, talk some business with a buddy.  

Approach an Ethopian girl, chat to her for a few minutes.  Reapproach her later, and talk to her guy friend too.  I was too friend to friend, the most physicality was a spin and some hi fives.  Approach her one last time to get the number, but dont go for it because I can tell she's not into me at all.   Too friend to friend, both verbally and physically.  

Dance and enjoy the music.  Try to hi five this hot brown girl but she ignores me lol.  Should have talked to her again but didn't do it.

Talk to some black girl for a minute that was alright but ran out of things to say and left.  Meh.  

I chatted with various girls and guys throughout the night that my friends opened too.  Tonight was a chill night which I'm not used to cause I'm used to being able to approach more to warm up my intent.  However, I did learn some good stuff by watching my friends.  For example, one of my wings is excellent with physcality in a venue like this.  Just be very chill with it and don't make it a big deal.  Idk if it makes sense, but friend to friend physicality where you hug them tightly etc or get them to sit on your lap.  

-Chil night require a different sort of game.  You can't rely on state, but you rather have to rely on being chill, assuming value, and being comfortable spending time with the girl.
-Chill physcality is great for nights like these, like hugs. 
-Lower the bar for verbal game on nights like these. 
-Talk to everyone on a night like this and mingle.  I could have talked to more girls for sure.
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 Day 14 of 30DC

Hit up the Tues high end spot. 

Get in and chill with Kash.TO.  He tells me how there are playboy models here.  I get into my head a bit, but still manage to do a couple of opens to warm up.  

Did a lot of opens the whole night, and I'd say my comfort level tonight was fairly low.  A shitton of girls just completely ignored me. 

Some sets that did hook-

-Asian 6 and her friend, I interact with her a couple times throughout the night.  I opened her by accusing her of grabbing my ass(awesome opener btw).   She complimented my dancing too.

-Some middle eastern girl, like a 7.  Get physical with her.  Then she goes and talks to a black dude right next to me and gets physical with him.  Something weird about her but I know she's not a hooker, probably wanted some dick.  Reapproach her on the street, she doens't remember me but I do a good job of chatting her up, teasing her, and put my hand around her shoulder, walk with her for a bit until the street corner and try to stop her, but she keeps going.  

-A 6, who came here with her hot friends.  She says she feels like an outcast here lol.  Talk to her for 5 minutes before her super hot friend whisks her away.

-Hot Asian girl in red dress with blonde friend.  Interacted with her first time, and her blonde friend cb'd.  Second time, my friends talking to them, I go in and starting grinding my ass on her which makes her laugh.  Once again blonde girl cockblocks.  Funny cause the blonde girl was as hot as the asian girl, except she refused to talk to any guys.  I did try to hook the blonde girl later on by claiming she was racist against mexcians(I was wearing a sombrero).  Almost had it, but she kept walking.  Should have tried to reapproach the group a couple of times more, and find a way to engage the blonde so she wouldnt cb.  

Another interaction I remember was some hot tall blonde, grabbed both her hands, spun myself around, and started talking to her, but she kept saying she had to go.  Should have kept her there by ploughing through.  More persistance was needed with that girl.  Before leaving, I approached the playboy model who completely ignored me. I appraoched two other girls who also ignored me. 

Did a ton of approaches, where a majority didn't hook.  Its a special skillset to stop girls in an environment like this.  I've been experimenting with calling them racist which didn't really work since I wasn't being harsh enough.  Will keep trying out various approaches.  I know on Sunday I was using eye contact and an awesome vibe, but I wasn't that on tonight.  As time goes on, I'm sure I'll get more comfortable in a venue like this.   Need to get comfortable persisting harder in this venue.  

Also realized I wasn't feelling 100 percent on, since I wasn't 100 percent productive today.  Keeping up with my daily habits and work = Instrumental for success.  

-Persist on the open to hook the set.
-Let myself be 100 percent comfortable in the environment.  Girls can sense if you're not comfortable. 
-Keep reappraoching over and over again.
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 Day 15 of 30 DC

Get a good amount of biz work done today. 

Hit up Wednesday hipster bar.

Pretty rough night for most of the night, like most girls blew me out.  Had trouble getitng myself to approach the first 30 minutes, but then started approaching a ton later on.

As the night went on, it got better.  It seems like nights where the first 3/4 is shit, the last 1/4 tends to be good.  

Notable interactions-

-Some turkish girl.  Get physical with her, chat her up, but she has to go.  Figure I'll see her again since its a small bar but I dont.  See her later at the end of the night and she apparently got nachos.
-Hot native girl.  Ridicolous body, thick body but in the right way with a nice big ass.  I open her and get physical.  Lead her to get some water and then Mars comes in.  I think he was opening her as I opened her so he wanted to talk to her.  Let him talk to her for a bit, but he loses it, and she goes back to her friends.  I should have stolen her away but I thought there's no way I could keep her attention when Mars was there.  Limiting belief lol.  Mars tells me to go back in, I go back in and say hi to her and her guy friend, but then she goes to another guy friend who gets physical with her.
-Insta made out with a fatty.  Idk why, just for the shit of it.  Her mouth was salty, dont want to do that again though i felt gross about it.
-Redhead girl, approach her once and get physical.  Approach her again and do the same.  She has to get her bag though, and on her way back I dont reapproach... No idea why I didn't.  

Did a lot of opens, a lot of blowouts or quick sets too.  Overall happy with the night since I worked hard although I should have reapproached the redhead at the end.  

-When a guy comes in, don't just sit there, lead her away.
-At the end of the night, I need to be more persistant and hit up street sets too.  Reapproach girls at the end of the night.  Why?  Cause that's when the quick pulls happen.
-Bad nights lead to good nights.  Trust that if a night sucks shit at the beginning, that I'm going to do some good stuff at the end because the negative feedback frees me from giving a fuck.  

I'm getting a place in downtown TO with firefx2 and M-star very soon.  Its going to be around 2 min from Maddys, and a 15-20 minute walk from the Entertainment district(aka less than a 5 min cab ride).  That should really help push us to the next level.  
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 Day 16 of 30

Alex Free tour.  Get to it.  Say hi to Alex, he asks me to give him a topic.  Tell him I'd like to learn about entitlement.

Learned some cool stuff.  Was inspired by Alex's stories too.  

Some of the key points I learned-

-Somebody's got to do it in terms of pulling the hottest girls.
-Don't think about entitlement, you are enough in all situations.  Stop trying to worry about entitlement as a factor.  You can mindfuck yourself by thinking about entitelment whcih I did during my school year.
-You are enough if you are hygeniec, have decent style, have your life together, and you look fine.  I fit all of those, there's no reaosn why I'm not enough because I'm probably the same type of guy that the hot girls have fucked in the past.  Most guys have their flaws, I have mine.  

Went out to maddys after.  It was 5 dollar cover with a free drink ticket, and I got two more free drink tickets from friends.  Deciced to get drunk and have a fun night.  Order some onion rings because I"m hungry. Fuck yea for a complete cheat day.  

Chatted up various girls.  Maddys is a shitton easier after all the venues we've been too because its quieter.  Reapproach girls various times.  Had a lot of pretty good interactions.  

Notable interactions-

-Two cuties, one of them doesn't like me at a first and gets a black guy to come in to block me.  I reapproach later and I'm slowly winning her over but then I switch Kahlua in.  He doesn't succeed either.
-Two hot girls.  I believe I reapproach them a couple of times.  The first time my girl is cold to me.  The second time, she starts warming up and smiling.  I walked away for a minute and some other dude was on her....  Fuck.  
-As I got drunker, me and my friend decided to try pulling fatties.  Hit on this fat chick.  I get rejected on the makeout but I don't give a fuck since she's fat lol.
-Out on street game, meet a girl through Spacemen, she knew my other wing too.  We had an awesome connection, and I'm constantly hugging her.  Her friend takes her and leaves and I fuck by not walking with them.  She would have definately hooked up with me if I ended up isolated with her. 

Later on in the night, this dude I know pushes me cause he wants ot get a girl.   He pushes me hard.  I'm fucking pissed, so I walk up and start choking him and get him to apologize.  This was in front of the whole RSD bootcamp crew as well as a bunch of other RSD'ers.....  I'm not going to lie, I was happy I had the balls to do that cause usually I'm a when it comes to confrontation.  My buddy made sure I didn't fight him even though I was tempted to.  Intersesting incident for sure lol.  

We then stay up at our buddy's place, and from 8-9 am we do some early morning daygame lol.  I did a bunch of quick apporaches but nothing of note.  

-4 times rule.
-Stay in set.
-Walk with the girl if her friends taking her away.  
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 Day 17 of 30DC

Hit up the college bar we usually go on Fridays.  

I'm still hungover after last night and not present.  Still approach.  Nothing really hooks and I keep getting rejected brutally.  

The best set that I did was some spanish hottie that I got physical with fast.  I tried to go for makeout and she freaked out a little and her friedns were there so I ejected.

Otherwise I mostly get blown out.  I don't have the same solid eye contact and presence that helps hook sets in crazy environments.  

Hit up Maddys at like 1:50.  Get in there and open up some hot blonde girl whose bday it is.  Maddys is a ton easier, and easy to hook sets.  I get physical, and her friedns are there too who keep trying to cockblock.  I try to seed afterparty but there are too many godamn friends.

Talk to two asian girls with a wing, mine is like a 5.  Walk with them outside, but I end up a little behind and another wing goes in.  I don't really care since I"m not into my chick.

On the street, talk to a tall blonde 7.  She's alright.  Very solid eye contact, but her friend leaves my friend and they go back to their friends.   That would have been a good canidate for an afterparty if my wings girl didn't walk away.  Its all good though.

I'm seeing a massive increase in my core confidence, I literally feel good 99 percent of the time.  Although I did feel worse after the hangover and had some self doubting thoughts tonight, in general I'm feeling confident.  I also feel very comfortable talking to hot girls now.  I'm improving a lot, now that I have logistics handled I should start pulling soon.  

Going to alex hotseat tomorrow, very curious to see Alex in action.  Alex was incredibly chill in person and easy to talk to.  He has the ability to make you feel comfortable and non-judged.  

-Keep persisting and approaching and you'll do far better at the end of the night.  I'm seeing a pattern emerge, a brutal night for the first 3/4 of the night and I"ll be very relaxed at the end because I just don't care.  
-Maddys is actually pretty easy now because of experience in far tougher and louder clubs.  
-Logisitcs, we're getting a place in downtown TO so pulling will be much easier.  Literally going to go approach every girl and try to get them an afterparty.
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