May 24th, 2018
Make her Chase You
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@obbi: agree to disagree for sure. I'm not sure that quote has any validity in this argument as literally 95% of the girls DL gets to chase him are all from EE.
@quant: hahaha well it is rejection proof since you're never actually going "after" the girl, tho you will find some girls who just WILL NOT have any fun, but those are the exception and not the rule. And only a few people recognize me, I've barely hooked up with any girls who recognize me on the reggs (though I seriously should start doing it hahahah)
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Good feedback thanks!
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I hold the point that what we do here will work anywhere, but to each his own.
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1. This is a fucking joke. I went to several eastern european countries (Lithuania, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic), I got approached by girls maybe 5-10 times every night (and I was in full-PUA mode back then). Also the big scary EE meatheads are the friendliest dudes on the planet if you take the time chat with them (my roomie is one lol). You are viewing eastern europe as a western european who never went there would (girls are all prostitutes, dudes are all big scary mobsters with some teeths made of gold).
2. I think Gravity and you should get a room.
0bbi wrote:

Gravity wrote:
@obbi: agree to disagree for sure. I'm not sure that quote has any validity in this argument as literally 95% of the girls DL gets to chase him are all from EE.

the quote is very much on point believe me. i believe EE girls may chase DL all the time. but that's NYC. not EE. and that's  h u g e  difference.

for instance, let him run the same fun/butterfly game in russian clubs full of scary meatheats hunting girls that he's trying to fool around with.. OMG. or go see how giving out your phone number in daytime works there.. LOL. Totally different part of the world different people. so many countries, so many customs. and on that note let's end our back n forth.


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Distant Light

Distant Light

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Hahahaah yea gravity is right, most of the women I mess with are EE... (Although lately been around tons of FIT americans)

Don't think I'm some fairy social/butterfly who forgets that women want men. MOST euro girls consider me "crazy" because they can't control me and their ICE QUEEN demeanor has zero effect on me. (I find it hilarious and it inspires me to mess with them more)

Also, unless these chicks flying in for 1-4 months from all these EE places are suddenly changing almost instantly then I see no difference. I've met latvian, estonian, slovokian, serbian, romanian, bulgarian, lithuanian, ukranian, etc which is uncommon to find in NY and all the same. (Actually approached a tourist mother n daughter from serbia)

As I say women are women are women, they respond to the same stuff. Its ironic my ideal type were model type russians/ukranians. ;)

P.S...Btw, I've been chased by women from all different parts of the world. (Even traditional chinese hahaha)
- Indian Singapore
- Mongolian/Russian
- White South African
- Deep South White Chick (She said her family was abit racist)
- Sudan Black Chick
- Kazakhstan/Russian
- Congo Black Chick
- Latvian

Will see though how it all pans out when I actually move to places like kiev, bucharest, berlin.
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btw I'll be adding in more about lifestyle development and this type of game in the newbie site, so we'll see it more a part of the PUA community culture by next year.

I may do infield examples of it as well.

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If you go to ukraine better get some russian/ukranian under your belt otherwise you can pretty much cross out most girls there. and no 'wordless game' does not work well there.
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wanna add something related to this topic

non-desperate effort:

you need to seperate effort from desperation... 

there's a difference between text gaming a girl

and sending a girl NEEDY text messages

there's a difference between Masculine intent

and chasing sex... 

at the end of the day you HAVE TO put effort in, nothing happens without effort..

but you can't be desperate... 

that is all.. 

Show Up, Fuck Shit Up & Leave.. The real method.
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omg. this thread is amazing!

I’ve learnt so much from this thread and i don't even get some of these concepts fully. ( I’ve been going out for 6 months solid. )

though what i did learn is this:

when i go out to the club I’m in scarcity mode (IE: i talk to easiest sets and i don't have fun in the club. i feel like there are no girls out there)

though what i failed to realize is. I'M IN A ROOM FULL OF HOES! THERE are so many more girls out there and i just didn't even see it. Like there not in my reality, not even on my radar or ras.

I KNOW tonight is going to be a good night now, just by reading this thread. Last weekend i got a huge case of AA and both Friday and Saturday was shit nights. ( mainly because I was solo)
my main problem is I don’t BELEIVE there are more girls. Since i don’t have any girls lined up right now, i feel like I’m not going to get any in the future. But i know it’s inevitable if i keep at it. Maybe not tonight, maybe not tomorrow, but someday I WILL get this.
Oh well, guess you lose some and win some
Long as the outcome is income

Every day is a good day, kid. Just try missing one once.

If the Kid want's to play, Why don't you let him play?
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Distant Light

Distant Light

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 I used to learn russian until I learnt I wouldn't be going there anytime soon, I'd rather go to cities I'd truly enjoy party, food and city wise...

Why is there any effort needed??? IMO, what your stating is still a very fine line and overall waste of time...

Instead of inviting 1 girl to coffee leaving 5 others to go home from work dildoing themselves to sleep, why not bring them all over to do hookah with you and your 2 guy friends. You get to hang with your boys, sift through the girls for the ones you like best, everyone has some "social" activity to go to (your house) and your boys might also be able to get laid. Telling everyone to come over to do hookah takes 0 effort, they come or they don't. No need to worry abou needy texts or TRYING to have sex. Chicks like sex, they're not retarded, they are actually wayyyy smarter than we think.

Effort isn't needed when your fascinating... ;)

This is all texts from the same person BUT what I want to point out is that its 3 girls that want to hangout with me and I haven't even done anything besides just BE ME and LIVE MY LIFE. Many years back, I'd have ZERO girls texting me and I'd have to go out everyday starting from scratch. I've messed with 2 of them, I don't have to if I don't want to because saturday I know tons of other girls are going to want to mess with me too, it's just who I am. But to clarify, why I'm like that way I am now is for the sake of "Time Management", instead of constantly TRYING to get women I can actually just genuinely enjoy my life while all the women just chase me. For instance...

Zedd was once Djing at one top venue that I of course have access too, in my old "cold approach mastery" self I wouldn't even have connections/access to even see him for free AND I'd probably be wondering where is a good venue to hit on a thursday night that actually has attractive women. HOWEVER, shit has change and who I am has changed so instead...
-  1030pm I hit up my bi-natural friend telling him to come to a dinner my other friend is hosting and to bring some of his giants (tall women) that I love partying with. He never shows up
-  I meet my boy hosting the dinner and instantly I'm with 10-15 girls. (also 2-3 guys with us) Were all just chillin like a family, I don't even have to cold approach if I don't want too because THERE IS 10-15 GIRLS WHO I CAN SCREEN RIGHT NOW
-  Go next door to pregame for an hour or two, its a hipster spot so they're playing my favorite indie dance music, I'm in my own world enjoying it because no one else can enjoy the moment as much as I do
-  Some random comes up to me saying I look like I'm having fun or I'm a good dancer or that they just wanna be by me (Keep in mind, I'm in a table fortress, they must bypass everyone to come all the way in the back AND climb ontop the sofa)
-  I go to smoke a cig talking to girls as I walk by, smoking I talk to girls, text abit on my status to bi-natural because we both LOVE ZEDD
-  Eventually I round up a few girls I "consider" cool and bounce them to the next venue where I happen to know other people, we walk right in
-  I spend ALL NIGHT once again ALL NIGHT basically have eargasms as he spins, a 6set has opened me and another girl is trying to kiss me, I AM NOT PULLING UNTIL ZEDD FINISH DJING
-  Every so often I flirt with the 6set, eventually they ask for my # (I've never texted them)
-  One of the girls who was with us is mad because bi-natural and I have girls on us so she isn't getting the attention she's used too
-  Eventually we part ways with our respective girls

NOW, back in the day even if I had all this access and connections (which I never would've) I'd have been thinking COLD APPROACH, COLD APPROACH, COLD APPROACH to the point where it's not even fun, its just me running around trying to get a lay. I know model chicks who go to gay parties because dudes try so hard to fuck them. It's too much pressure, men don't understand the term "fun n light". I've had moments where I was in bed with 4 naked women at once watching a model seducing 3 other girls. THAT SHIT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN TO ME BACK IN THE DAY. 

I have close community friends who still go the traditional community route, TIME CONSUMING, medicore chicks (his words not mines) and inconsistent. I'm not one to push people in any direction since were all on our own path, low and behold another one has finally let go...

Now check out a text my NON-COMMUNITY friend texted, he's only actively played with these concepts LAST SUMMER when he finger banged 2 girls at the sametime in the club during THE DAYTIME... (Straight to the point because its common/consistent)

Then ironically I get a text from GRAVITY...

It's ironic he sent that because the last time I went out (last saturday) a random guy decides to buy 30-40 bottles of beer for ME, I tried to refuse it since I already had tons of alcohol BUT he insisted and as I stand on the sofa I keep passing off tons of coronas to people at the table to put down. IMO, it was more of a spectacle than people coming with sparklers because we looked like a firefighter team passing off the beers. 

NOTE:  This is a "high end" venue where drinks average 15-30 dollars for a drink so lets just assume beer is 10$, he basically spent 300$-400$ dollars (not including tip) just because he met this cool ass guy who was having a blast with a group of people. I am a huge advocoate on win/win and inspiring others because then the world will continually just pump each other up leading to bigger and better things.


Proof is in the pudding, when I look at my life when I was doing "cold approach mastery" and NOW, I can only laugh at how unaware I was...
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