January 16th, 2019
Make her Chase You
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Figured I trolled this forum hard enough that now I owe it some value, so here is my sort of manifesto on major investment and playing the player's game. Let's go on a sexual journey...

A few assumptions:
-you are attractive and EVERY girl wants to hook up with you
-you can take home a new girl whenever you want every day of your life
-you save girls from their motherfuckin dildos
-you don't settle 
-its HER oppurtunity, not yours

Key mindset, go out and get reference experiences to confirm those mindsets. 

3 and a half months ago I got my mind buttfucked by distant light. He showed me a way of communication, a way of being, that emplores that girls will chase you really hard if you just do the right thing and BE THAT GUY. This has opened up a lot of different perspectives to me, and I've made quite a few observations on group dynamics with girls. So let's get into the practical portion of this...

How to make it happen:
First and foremost your focus on the night should be to go out and have A FUCKING BLAST. If you don't know how to do it take a week or two, go out and don't approach anyone, make it your mission to just have a lot of fun in the club by yourself. Having fun is fundamental to getting girls to chase, if you're not able to do it then you're not gonna understand the rest of this article. Go out and have fun, do it tonight if you must. That's just the first step. Once you understand how to have fun, you will start to notice that intially people will look at you kinda funny, most people will try to make you stop or tell you to calm down. This is important. Because now you are in a frame battle, not with any one person but with THE ENTIRE ENVIRONMENT. This is when you start to see that "make or break" moment where if you're frame crumbles then you will stop having fun and it will fuck up your night. Now the beautiful thing is: when it comes to this type of giant shit test YOU CAN COME BACK. If you get stopped initiallly in the night, continue forward a little while later and try again. The reason for this is that the women are all looking for where the fun is, just like all guys look for where the hottest girl is/bar is. So if you can bring it then great, no matter what it will lead to success. 

Now while having fun, and once you get over that intial barrier you will notice girls eyeing you and smiling, girls will point at you, make eye contact with you, brush their boobs up against you. Shit happens like magic. The next logical step is to give girls the oppurtunity to meet you. This is somewhere I've been guilty of slacking on as I sometimes get caught up in just having a blast and girls approaching me :$. But for the most part I do follow through with this, and of course the entire group loves you because you are the source of the fun. Keep your interactions short and sweet. No more than 5 minutes for one group, they don't have that much value compared to the rest of the environment. Bounce around and let everyone meet you, introduce random strangers to each other, make people uncomfortable, whatever your fun is just do it up with EVERYONE. Remember that you can go home with any girl you want any time you want, so you don't need to invest much in any one interaction. 

While communicating you must use SELECTIVE HEARING. This means that LITERALLY EVERYTHING SHE SAYS/DOES is an attempt to kidnap/molest/fuck you. I mean EVERYTHING. If she's talking about her cat, you tell her that she's just trying to get attention to her pussy, if she's talking about her friend tell her she's trying to get you to hookup with her, etc... Because YOU ARE FUN there is no way she will risk blowing herself out. If she does that, then just go away and punish her by not giving her attention. You are basically shit testing her at this point.

Finally comes PULLING. Now it operates on a very different manner that the traditional pickup community. Traditional pickup is just give her rationalizations, plow through her excuses, escalate, etc... With this method that shit will get you blown out. You only need to give her the oppurtunity like its only makes logical sense that you two would fuck. This means "lets go in 5". This puts a lot of responsibility on her, but that's exactly the point, SHE IS CHASING YOU. She may or may not take it, if she doesn't then go find another one, or get her friend, if she does, then congrats you pulled.

What happens when you do this? A few examples from me:
-had a married woman basically BEG ME to fuck her without a condom
-have multiple girls coming up to me each and every night I go out
-I don't really get blown out since it isn't my opuurtunity
-Almost had a threesome (getting there)
-banged two girls same night
-girls won't leave to go to the "bathroom" with their friends anymore. 
-the girl's friends will isolate the girl FOR you
-a girl will LEAVE her date for you to fuck you in a bathroom across the street, and then proceed to not even KISS the guy she's with
-girl's go style on you (quite literally lol)
-no LMR
-girls will tell their friends to fuck you
-guys will no longer try to fight you since you're just having fun

and a whole lot of other things, you can find most of my observations on my FR:

this is the guide, you can choose to follow it or don't, its scary to follow this method at first because results may actually backtrack, BUT this has resulted in a shitton more craziness for me so maybe it'll do the same for you :). 

Enjoy ;)
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