December 13th, 2018
LR: Sorority Redhead
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I met this cute redhead at a buddy's place for his small kickback back in February. She has great tits and ass.
I do not recall the details but I remember flirting with her on occasion, then having her showing off her dance moves on me.
We left together that night even holding hands. However, I too was scared to do anything with a social circle gal.

I ran into her several times at social gatherings in my college town ever since.
Last weekend of March was the 1st time I made any major moves on her. 
I bounced our social circle to my new neighbors' who were throwing a big ass party.
The guy guarding the front door let my whole group inside the house which had drinks and hotter girls (DHV)
We danced and made out several times with me always pulling away first.
I tried to pull her towards the end of the night but shit didn't pan out, long story.

Fast forward to 4/6/2013, Saturday. My college town was having this massive event called Deltopia; students rage day and night especially on my street.
A roommate and I decided to march our crowded street at noon with HUGE squirt guns that resemble and DO fire like bazookas, shit was CRAZY! Some girl threw hot coffee at me for blasting her lol.
Anyways redhead spotted me, yelled my name and ran at me. I pulled her away from her friends and hugged her. I went into my head at that point and flinched when I was about to kiss her, I was unsure about whether we were on the same page lol. We talked for a bit, she #closed me so we could coordinate something later after I got off work.

I got off work at night, went to pregame with some buddies before texting her to meet up with me later.
We ended up meeting in front of my house, hugging and making out. I went on to take care of any LMR related issues by throwing in "I just want you to know we're only hooking up, no sex"
She was extremely compliant, we made our way past my roommates and into my empty, messy bedroom. Needless to say things escalated fast, 0 LMR.
She only mentioned "I thought you said we weren't going to have sex" to which I replied "well i'm making an exception tonight" She laughed it off.
Had her laying her stomach on my pillows, missionary, had her standing, riding me, it was great. She mentioned how sore she was and turned the whole thing into a comedy.
I walked her back to her place after and called it a night. 

P.S. For those of you wondering what Deltopia looks like:
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