January 20th, 2019
Ugly- Depressed- No confidence
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 I was the same way when I first started three or so years ago.  I watched pretty much ALL of David D's DVDs.  RSD's DVDs.  Listened to Tony Robbins, started going out, doing approaches, going to a psychologist, started working out, switched to contacts.  Pretty much all I could think of to try I've done.  You just have to make a decision to turn your life around and do something about it.  I've been rejected and emotionally gutted countless times having my flaws rubbed in my face on a regular basis.  It sucks and it can be hard, but it's something that needs to be done.
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 Kindred, those are all awesome videos to link to. Thanks!
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You know, on the concept of looks, I watched a video by Tony Robbins, and he basically talked about a famous plastic surgeon who'd literally make 2mm changes to somebodies face, and it was those things that'd determine how attractive you are. If you're getting caught up on looks, you're basically saying, I'm limiting myself from my true potential because my eyes are 2mm too far apart, or shit like that. You also have to realize that you've trained your RAS to pick up on your looks, or moreso, your 'not so attractive features', like for example I went through a period of focusing on my ears constantly (and I let that limit me).

What you have to start realizing, is that although a guy may be good-looking, it doesn't mean girls are just going to open their legs (maybe a few will, but the majority won't). I can give you examples, but at the end of the day, it's up to you to just go out, build experiences and shake your limiting beliefs. It's easier said than done obviously, and I'm coming from the perspective where I've already overcome the majority of this. It's just opinion, but what females are most receptive to are things like;

1. Your energy - if you vibrate with that awesome energy, they will feel that and be attracted to such.
2. Your entitlement - if you approach a girl with the mentality that you're not good enough for her, that'll be conveyed. You need to remind yourself that you are good enough!
3. Confidence - just be confident in yourself, and your ability. I believe the majority of your 'real confidence' comes from loving yourself as well.

What I'd recommend, is that you pick up meditation so you can slowly clear your head, and start being able to notice these negative thought loops and put a halt to them! I also would suggest buying a few nice outfits (my favorite is just some nice jeans, polo shirt etc) and grooming regularly, that is like how you present yourself, and that is quite important. Most of all though, you just need to get out there, and take that massive action, and start cultivating positive beliefs from those approaches.

At the end of the day though, without that massive action, you will never actually know for yourself how unimportant looks really are. It's just the same as with guys who have penis insecurities, everybody posting in those forums are usally just guys who have let their insecuritiy become them, limit them and because of that they've never gone out and been able to experience it for CERTAIN.
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NYtitsjunkie wrote:
make a decision and repeat to yourself everyday for 5 min nonstop "I am attractive" and u will notice awesome change... u could use same technique for dealing with other issues... 

but depression itself is a big killer of all the good things because it attracts more and more negative thoughts... u gotto jump out of it as soon u realise its on u.. try EFT, it works, just give it a try and trust that it will work...

there your 2 magic pills, its up to u to take them
Your reply reminded me to a scene from Fight Club O.O

Tyler Durden: This is your pain. This is your burning hand. It's right here. Look at it.
Narrator: I'm going to my cave. I'm going to my cave and I'm going to find my power animal.
Tyler Durden: No! Don't deal with this the way those dead people do. Deal with it the way a living person does.

No offence man, but this Neuro Linguistic method seems to be for pussies, and I'm an addict to Neuroscience material!

I'm 22, I had REAL reasons to get depressed. This shit almost destroyed me, but now i'm back. I had to mind fuck myself out of it. For serious methaphysical reasons I found the book The birth Of Tragedy
 by Nietzsche helpful. Explains the Ancient Greeks view of the world as tragic, and embracing the horrible shit that will happen to you and your loved ones. Oswald Spenglers Decline of the West was good, along with Faust from Goethe.

Idk, I read and write alot. Essencially I came to the conclusion that we are all doomed (I don't believe in a theist God), embrace your doom like the Roman centurion who stood stood his ground on his post and died with honor during the volcanic eruption in Pompaii. Not give a shit about life and laugh your ass off. But I also believe in the materialistic idea of consciousness and I don't believe my philosophy would work unless you embraced that...

It seems like you just need to get laid! Forget about the "cute" girls (but try to be Just Friends with them) for now, and fuck an ugly chick.

You're like these stupid Monkeys: You can't get laid so you're all depressed:

Try Power Posing:

And start fucking ugly chicks. I also know what its like to work from home... Stop that shit, get a job where you're in an office and can joke around with people.
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 Thanks bro
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