January 16th, 2019
Starting to game RSD style at 5 YEAR OLD
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1) Thrown ON THE FUCKING GROUND AT THE APROACH!! How is that for a rejection?

2) Start physical right of the bet and tried to lead at all times.

3) Try to pick up while being recorded (Starting to record his hotseat).


4) Look how much fun he is having.

hahahahahah awesome!
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 Its Owen's kid doing pickup at nursery school.
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this kids game is solid, super persistent, doesn't give a fuk that hes getting pushed down by a girl. Your push down shit test wouldn't work on this champ.
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THAT WAS FUCKING AWFUL. Toooootally uncalibrated, chasing too much, alot of pull and not enough push. He also seemed a little unsure of himself when he got in push-up position.

lolololol. Seriously though that kids a fucking boss.
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