November 19th, 2018
Anyone read books by Philip Zimbardo?
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It's a sexual problem.

Yeah, the crowd loves this, don't they? Those women love to hear about how much guys suck. The video is made for the big crowd, like these cheesy romantic songs in which the singer basically says "I'm a piece of shit, I would do everything for you girl". Also the fact that they are giving a shit about the academic world shows how little they really know about success.

I am pretty sure that video games are damaging guys a LOT.

But what about the guys who ruin their lives by spending hours and hours on skype, sacrifice everything on some long distance relationship, maybe go to live where the girl's without a job or anything there, stay 5 or 8 years in a needy relationship where they don't go anywhere because they have no say in it, and only the girl's life improves.

So it's a sexual problem mostly. Sexual scarcity and lack of control of the sexual life is what causes the real imbalance here.
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orrrr it could be mysogonistic problems like the one you just pointed out. He's just saying that guys are spending less time with girls and that they are getting buttfucked in school, that's data that he has gotten and that's what the data says. I'm all for criticizing psychology (since it isn't an actual science) but at least do it the right way, your opinion really means nothing...
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yeah ive read some of his why good people turn evil. interesting
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Cool man, good to know. I'll have to check out that Influence book as well. 
Gravity wrote:
haha yeah I'm a giant fan of philip, you'll love the psychology of attitude change and social influence. I don't think there'll be much value in the shyness book as it talks about EXTREME cases of shyness in his studies and the implications of it aren't really as drastic as he makes it appear in the book, also it is quite outdated and there are a lot more books on the subject now that cover it in further depth.

Influence by Cialdini is a bit more of a practical version of the first book, if you have any questions feel free to shoot, the second I learned about him I went apeshit :)
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dave7- wrote:
Interesting points! Definitely + and - from modern male traits and technology. I'd suggest you check out if you haven't already "The wisdom of psychopaths" which is a great book that sounds similar to what youre saying about hypomania, such as that successful people in business/politics are "functional psychopaths" in some ways at least. Another way to look at this topic of successful people is the book "Flow: Psychology of optimal experience" which says that these people are very present and in a flow state with high concentration, but it's saying the same things. So it's cool I think to look at the "same thing" from different angles. 

And then along the lines of technology like video games, but more geared towards the internet and email, is a book called "the shallows". That would argue the opposite of what you said about the benefits of video games, and says that people using computers/internet/vid games too much lose the ability to focus on one thing for an extended amount of time, and they move from one petty activity to the next, in effect becoming "shallow" in personality and lifestyle. But yea, it's important to look at the + and - of these things. 

I'll defninitely consider that book you mentioned, haven't heard of it before! :)
Criollo_Sinaloense wrote:
That's the first time I hear about Arousal Addiction, i'm very intrigued. Do you guys think it has something to do with male success in male dominating fields like Technology? Technology changes all the time, so you must be addicted to the new content and events happening....

There's a book called the Hypomanic Edge. Very interesting, it goes on explaining that hypomania (The only difference with mania is that you're functional) gives entrepreneurs an edge over thoes who don't have it. Reason is they're more optimistic, energetic, bold, etc.

I'm not sure if Pornography and Video games are really ruining men. Top executives have been found to have lots of porn in their computers. The BEST Wall street traders have the most porn. Testosterone plays an effect in career success, and porn raises testerone. Ofcourse if that is that's ALL you do you're fucked.

Video games are also showing to reveal a postivie effect. Fluid Intelligence has began to increase exponentially from the 90's, this is problem solving skills and video games becoming the main source of entertainment are to blame.

Vide games are also becoming VERY social, think of MMO's. IBM studies show that leaders in World of War Craft are more effective at managing international projects where digital devices are used to organize eachother than MBA's from Harvard. Business Dashboards are going to look more like these video games in the enxt 5 years and the concept of "Gamification" will restructure Information Management. So if you're NOT playing video Games right now, you're kinda fucked in business...

The book on psychopaths sounds great, I'll look it up right now! I haven't read anything in years about the subject, I remember just getting bored (Psychologists studying the subkect seemed like idiots to me who thought they were clever for having a degree). People in this forum would be considered psychopaths by the industry standards with such:

The silver toungue: Verbal Fluency!
Manipulating their perception on other people
Manipulating people's emotions
Looking for positions of power where they become the leader
Sleeps withs many women, sexual promiscuity
Gets bored easily, need for stimulation
Wants people to think highly of himself so he'll dress to impress
Obcessed with social status
Entrepreneurialy efficient
Narcissism, grandiosity
"May say that their goal is to rule the world" Hahahahah!

So RSd should be called the Sociopaths Academy accourding to Psychological Conclusions Haaaaaaaaaaaaaahahhaahahaha!

You're right about the effects of Brain Plasticity! Here's one of my fav videos on the subject:

Cool vid from awesome author on reading (Wrote entire book on it called Grand Strategies)

There is a argument going on many academics relate it as the change between having Information vs Knowledge. One cool thing that's happening is that our learning speed is increasing. A 9 year old kid can learn how to navigate a plane simulation for real pilot training in a few hours, what would take an adult weeks to master. But yeah, deep reading is going off the window. Some leaderns in the Tech and Gamification Industry just say: Our brains are just too damn quick now and the world is too slow!

Quick Vid on why Arousal Addiction could be positive:

I'm not denying the facts of the guy saying men are failing at school and looking at porn more often, BUT I'm arguing his conclusion, maybe, just maybe, Arousal Addiction gives you an edge in specific fields where massive learning and superficial knowledge of different topics gives you an edge. So men will excell in this areas, and if women don't have these "problems" they'll stay in more stable Industries...

If you're learnig several different things because one bores you, you can create a Medici Effect right? (If done properly).

I have an internship on an educational business game company so know a little on the subject XD

Or maybe I just need some sleep...

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 it looks like I have  some new books to read while I'm on my siesta! 
 "I talked to him for about 20 minutes cause he's in set all night long. Would have his babies tho." - Spike  
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