January 18th, 2019
INDIAN Day Game Archives [Txts/Images/Videos]
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White Tiger

White Tiger

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 For sake of getting good at GAME – I have decided to get a location at one of the PRIME location – it might be the best location in entire India where there is endless supply of hot women and logistics are just great.

I have to go out every day for 2 hours and just approach as much as possible. Time would be extended if I don’t at least approach 5 sets.

1. Too Expensive.
2. I am Semi-Blind and hence can’t get my shit right.
To achieve:
1. Mindset that I am ENOUGH and bath in my OWN GLORY.
2. Ability to pull right away or SET quick day 2s.

Side Goals:
1. Nutrition
2. Workout
3. Assignments
4. Reading

Day 1:
I didn’t do any direct approaches – which kept eating me but I just couldn’t get myself to do it. I just kept asking direction and questions. I tried to push conversation random people including security guards, delivery guys and anybody who I thought would just get my social juices flowing.

Promise for Day 2:
At least 5 sets direct or it doesn’t count. There is no easy way out.
Nutrition Status: Ate chocolate (Not allowed to consume anymore till June 1)

Workouts – Didn’t DO ANY.

Assignments – Done till doubts.

Reading – 48 pages of Are you there vodka, it’s me , Chelsea.

DAY 2:

I had to skip couple of days because parents visiting me. I couldn’t really do much around them. So I travelled to Delhi next day.
Approach 1: Random conversation about venues of Delhi

Approach 2: I thought it was lone set but turned out to be mixed set so spoke about 3 mins – (Doesn’t mean much). I spoke about Delhi and lifestyle of Delhi. This set means nothing but it was lot of small talk.

Approach 3: (Starbucks) – A girl was sitting by herself so I joined her. She said her friends were joining her – I sat with her and gave my intros and told her she is cute. But set couldn’t go on any further as her friends showed up. I should have said “Nice to meet you, Have an awesome day ahead.” And introduce myself but it feels complicated when in mixed sets.

Approach 4: This set lasted about 15 mins – Went direct – compliments, introduction and talk about party style. But set started to fizzle around 20 mins mark. Should start adding small role - plays and push pull in the sets. That is target for the next day.

Approach 5:
At Delhi metro station = Direct – Intros – Qualification – but then their train arrived and they had to leave.
ZERO CLOSES – I need to step up big time. Those sets should be warm up sets yet I am so not in pick up zone. But at least I will make an effort each day. Right now full of approach anxiety and being in SOCIAL mode feels PICK UP MODE TURN ON.

Nutrition Status: Ate chocolate and ice cream again. DAMN IT! (Not allowed to consume anymore till June 1)
Workouts – Didn’t DO ANY.
Assignments – Done
Reading –Finished - Are you there vodka, it’s me , Chelsea.
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