November 19th, 2018
Super Important Notes On Being CAREFREE With Hot Girls -- Inspired By "Spring Breakers"
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Great Post.
I am reading it 3rd time right now and that alone make me think that this is good shit.

If I would tell about the greatest concept for me lately - that would be:

1. Process vs. results video - absolutely the thing that is life changing.
2. Alexander Game and esspecially time is your ally concept
3. Julien's - lower your standard for what is fun
4. Four would be this article which is brutal to all "taking themself too seriously" guys

The interesting thing is that all of this concept are diffrent look at the same: celebrate and enjoy life as it is, life in the moment, be present.
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Crazy movie. James Franco in rare form and boobs are the highlights. Cool creative editing/audio.
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Yo, good notes! Was discussing the subject of sustainable pleasure with a friend just the other day, very true. When I go out with friends I'm usually the only one not drinking/smoking up, but after having built some momentum, we're all basically acting in the same, carefree way. I try to make some of my friends notice this fact and the benefits of it, but mostly I feel free of any responsibility to take hold of other peoples' lives. While trying to not make an ego out of it, I do feel pitty for all the people I see in clubs who need something that's poisonus to let go and have fun. Anyways, time will tell where we all end up.
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Awsoommmeeeee Tyllleeeerrrrr! The dashes were really annoying though
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 I think the movie is a beautiful mindset for pulling. spring break forever bitches
New field report 2.0:
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Tyler : -These girls are young and feel entitled to the planet. They'll their looks and ruin their careers with their life choices, but it's NOT YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to fix this.

Damn it's good to read that, for my most Xtrem side : empathy

good to have it, but too much.. as a result of that, it was making me feel like a shit sometimes for Nothing really important, like big rationalization that I didn't have any concerns with : the person/things/situation/consequences... how ridiculous is that.

Since I learned to NOT JUDGE by being Present, I feel so much happy and fckin great!

thanks OOOweeeeeen again
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Great post - people look at actors and think 'O it's scripted so I have nothing to learn here'

Wrong the writers and researchers have spent thousands of dollars paying people to break down the behaviours of guys who are great with women and they show you a peak into the blueprint of that type of person. It's your job to get in the field enough to be able to relate it to actual social dynamics.
Tyler wrote:
-Dance music themes "Be free. Emotions are elevating. Come home with me tonight. SPRING BREAK FOREVER."

-Clothing stores run by hyper effective salesman immigrants, where if they don't sell you their children don't eat. Melrose, Lincoln in South Beach. They pump dance music, offer you drinks, compliment you, joke with you, put you in a carefree state.

-You'll see the same thing with people in Hollywood. They're always on the "up and up". They never admit they're having problems. On the surface this is very superficial, but it's actually smart. Why get into some deep convo with someone you don't know.

-Vegas: Pumps you up to think buying a 2K table or spending all your money on gambling is OKAY.

-Ask yourself, do you want to be like Vegas or Conneticut?

-People will blow a fortune in Vegas without thinking twice, but spend MONTHS deciding on that perfect house in Conneticut. Vegas encourages immediate gratification, Connecticut encourages thinking really carefully about your life.

-People have multiple personalities. One of them is the adventurous self, the other is the conservative self. You want to be constantly coaxing that adventurous self to the surface. Nothing matters, it's all FUN FUN FUN.

-If you were a caveman and there was no food or shelter, it wouldn't be time to have sex. But if there's lots then it's like "Abundance, abuuuundance" and you have sex. Lots of abundance amps up the adventurous self, leads to sex.

-Guys who are "burdened by life" are miles away from getting laid by hot girls. When I read posts online about guys who are depressed, I just laugh because I know they need to GET THAT SHIT HANDLED.


-The irony is that the guys who work the hardest are often the most burdened by life, whereas scumbag promoters and bar tenders and drug dealers block out reality and then seem happy -- but the girls GO WITH THEM.

-They enjoy fucking those guy, have 3somes with them, sleep with them the same night, then marry the stable guy when they're old and can no longer gain the carefree guys' attention.

-This makes you furious. Women say they want one thing, respond to another.

-The women say "Well ya, but I wouldn't MARRY him, and I would marry YOU, so he never got the best of me." REALLY, so a minage with your friends, 3somes, no hassle or jealousy was just a bunch of bullshit you gave some loser, and meanwhile NO 3somes, posessiveness, and jealousy IS YOUR BEST FOR ME?

-I call bullshit. The girl would easily be in a relationship with that guy if he just had his shit together a little bit more and gave her the option. He wouldn't give her the option is why she didn't go for it.

-In reality though, you have to sympathize with women here. What are they supposed to do? Admit they want to have hot sex in their prime years, and marry a conservative provider?

-That would emasculate the provider and make him lose interest in her, lowering her value in her later years. She's doing no different than you would do yourself.

-That said, it doesn't mean you have to succumb to being her provider either. Choose to see reality for what it is, and be the carefree guy.

-If you are a hard worker, you may feel like it's "bad" to go out and meet girls, like you're not getting ahead at being a good provider.  That's fair enough cause life isn't just about getting laid, and having money is for your own pleasure as well.  But if you DO go out, decide you're not going to waste your 4 hours and BE CAREFREE.

-You may feel unconscious fear that if you feel carefree you'll shift into the same carefree mode as the promoter, losing your motivation to work.  But you have to lay down firm boundaries where you work in the day and are carfree at night. If you value your time, this is the only way.

-Vinny Chase frame = wants nothing, totally carefree. You see him in the casino with Ari Gold losing 50K and laughs at it.  Good model.   Meanwhile in season 5 of Entourage it all crashes down on him cause he was TOO carefree and didn't address the dips in his career. Be like Vinny with girls, but not like Vinny in season 5.

-Ultimately most hot girls want to be "cheerleaded off the cliff".  Like a group of buffalos who has NO IDEA that this "fun" ride they're on is ending in them being old and fat and unattractive.  But on some level, they CHOOSE to believe they'll be young forever and all they want is FUN RIGHT NOW.  They want the party to go up and up and up.

-I encountered this at it's most extreme when I dated a Spearmint Rhino stripper for 7 months.  Amazing girl, but all she wanted was to HAVE FUN.  Her version of happiness was taking mali and partying.  Guys would pump her up that she'd become a plastic surgeon and in her version of reality if she just got "more in state" she'd suddenly become a doctor.  No amount or drugs was too much, cause she felt no consequences at life.

-Many hot models are on the "cocaine and champaigne" diet. Personally I dont' get involved in that, but many of my friends do and get laid from it. That's not what I got into the game for so I just make them have a lot of fun and stay carefree, no interest in giving them drugs cause it's not my thing.  I lose some girls from this, but no big deal.

-At the same time I don't lecture them on it either.  They do not appreciate a guy who tells them the truth. Me and my buddies will pull girls to restaurants, they'll keep pounding booze and order pizza while we stay sober and eat steak and eggs with a side of brocolli or tomatoes. They laugh at us like idiots, meanwhile we fuck them and laugh.

-These girls are young and feel entitled to the planet. They'll their looks and ruin their careers with their life choices, but it's NOT YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to fix this.

-Your true friendship must be EARNED and taking the time to truly explain to a girl how the world works is RESERVED for a very special girl. If you have a girlfriend and you want to turn her onto self help that's fine. But you don't owe this to a random girl you meet in the club.

-With a girlfriend who is "on that level" the fact you help her to have a better life can become one of the pillars of the relationship.  It's almost "pimping" in a way, where you're the masculine presence in her life that makes her do what she needs to do, and get what she wants out of life.

-The majority of girls however will RESENT you for telling them the truth. All they want is good emotions, and if you want to sleep with them you need to internalize this.  Yes, the rare girl for a relationship is different, but most girls you just want to be fun fun fun.

-Ultimately you can rationalize this by allowing them to mature on their own time. They probably won't, to be honest, but simply decide to rationalize it this way. Someone has to have a sincere desire to change, and it's not your job to push change onto everyone. Think of all the things you're not doing perfectly, but YOU may not feel like dealing with them now. Neither do the girls.

-The secret to life is keep a perfect diet and great habits. Learn to get the same high as they get, but sober and with good food and meditaiton and following your passions. Let them take the easy way while you do it the hard way, and they won't even notice the difference between you and a guy whose drunk since you're equally carfree.

-At the end of it, you'll still be having sex with gorgeous girls into your 40's and 50's and beyond, because you took care of yourself, while those same girls will have become obsese and gross, settling down with other obese boring guys.

-Lastly, remember that any pleasure in life must be SUSTAINABLE.  You may have these amazing moments with drugs or alcohol or cigarettes.  That cafe on the street.  Smoking a joint with your friends under the stars.  Remember too though that that same cigarette kills you whether it's on a cafe in Paris or in a nasty dive bar or your mom's basement.  That same joint kills a few more braincells, even if it's not a big deal.  So unless you can truly moderate, focus on sustainable pleasure and make your goal to get into a carefree state THE HARD WAY through getting in the best place possible in life!

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mali wink
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 Tyler... I literally just signed up on this forum so I could ask you this:

- Are you saying you have to be and act like the crazy fun party guys to get women? What if im naturally a low-energy guy? Will I be able to get the same amount of women being low energy? What about girlfriend? Do you have to be a crazy fun maniac in the entire relationship?

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At the same time I don't lecture them on it either.  They do not appreciate a guy who tells them the truth. Me and my buddies will pull girls to restaurants, they'll keep pounding booze and order pizza while we stay sober and eat steak and eggs with a side of brocolli or tomatoes. They laugh at us like idiots, meanwhile we fuck them and laugh.


great post Tyler. lots of shit summed up nicely. i like the idea of still getting girls into my 50s and 60s if i take care of myself. it makes me feel like ive only just started even tho i started back in 08. 

keep this shit comming man!
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