December 18th, 2018
Will this beer make me more manly? Chicago Alex BC & HS March 21-23
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After an intense weekend of Bootcamp and Hotseat with Alexander in Chicago, this is my review:

*I tried to include pics, but the connection I have for the next 2 weeks blocks uploading photos.

**I’m also not going to go in depth about the topics that were taught. This is a review of the bootcamp program and highlight reel of my experience.

Coles notes

This shit works. Alex is a dedicated professional. He truly wants to make a positive influence on his clients.

First night: I went home with a pretty cute girl (totally sober), but she was on the period that girl’s get. I’m not sure if I had built up enough comfort for the ONS, but it was a really good night either anyways. Learned a lot from watching Alex’s vibe and trying some of the concepts he explained.

Second night: I was very stifled and tired, but got a number from a fucking cute Brazilian girl. Pics below. Learned A TONNE about having fun and getting physical. Also, purposely tried to be a creep and got called out hard for being a for not escalating.

Third night: Hotseat really helped exemplify the “I am enough” mindset. I fuck around all night and have a blast with Alex and his GF. Pull a hottie and bang. She’s a wicked girl and I don’t think I’ve had a ONS where I’ve had so much before and after.

The BC and HS combo was wicked. It’s a great way to truly realise that there isn’t anything special, flashy, or canned to this. It’s all about self-confidence, fun, trying 4 times, and walking out the door with the girl ;)

Also, Alex’s girlfriend is hot and an awesome chick. As you would probably expect from a guy of his calibre.

About me
To help everyone get some context of where I am coming from; I’m a 24 yr old white male from Canada. Fairly athletic and I like to think I’m sexy as fuck, but I’m probably closer to average. I was in a 5+ yr relationship from 17-22. I spent most of my time in the relationship partying hard at university and being a social dude. I am well-adjusted socially and have lots of female and male friends (I don’t fuck either of them). I am an engineer by trade and I can be very introverted after a long work day or shift.

I’ve been single for just over 2 years now and I’ve been actively hitting up the ladies for a little over a year. Usually going out 2-3 nights a week. I’ve racked up a few “fuck buddies” and think my lay count is at 16. I have a FR that I have been keeping periodically updated for this entire period, check it out.

Why take a bootcamp?
I felt the need to take a bootcamp as I had really started to stagnate. I would go out with friends and either:

1) Get so drunk that I shouldn’t be alive, nevertheless talking to women. I would (and still do) game my social circle hard.
2) Stay sober and never leave the comfort of my social circle.

These are exaggerated, but the combination of the two had me hooking up with too many low quality girls and hooking up with the high quality girls only sporadically. I wasn’t pushing myself in this area and had grown too comfortable with where I was. Bootcamp timez.

Alexander’s material always struck a chord with me. I’m a pretty social dude when I get comfortable and I really enjoy having fun and meeting new people. My approach has always been to have fun and to hit up women, I just needed some help putting the two together.

The free tour was really good. Alex talked about a topic of going out to “FUCK RIGHT NOW” vs “have fun and enjoy the moment”. It really stuck in my mind and I definitely felt the interactions that went well were the ones I slowed down and just enjoyed it. There is definitely still a balance where you need to make moves though. He talked about this more in the Hotseat.

Bootcamp Day 1
After the Free tour the 3 bootcamp students (myself included) and the 2 assistants all meet up. We discuss the program and what our goals are. I’m relieved that the other students are cool, I was slightly worried that there would be some social pariah types. Assistants and the other guy’s, hit me up. Stay in touch.

The first night was really Alex gauging where we all were at and giving us some basic feedback and instruction. My goal was to stay sober and not rely on social circle for momentum or comfort. Alex had me try a bunch of concepts. They were all pretty new and worked well enough, but I definitely need practice. I’ll go into specifics in my FR.

I felt like he was always over my shoulder watching; grab my arm and put it on the girl, pull me into a set, point out someone to approach, or mention a habit to mindful of. I didn’t need a baby sitter, but it was pretty cool how much attention he was able to give each student.

At closing, Alex stresses walking out the door with your girl. I’m in pretty good with two friends and I’m trying to switch from the OK looking one to the hot one. We bounce to another bar and chill. The hot girl is more alpha and basically tells the other girl to fuck off. I am a hot commodity. Eventually do some cool shit to get into the girl’s place, but no sex – she’s on the rag and I don’t know if she was comfortable enough for the ONS. We dry hump and stroke over pants for hours. She scratches my back and sides to the point of blood.

One of the other bootcamp student has a threesome. First ever for a bootcamp?

<This is where I would post up a sick picture of the girls apartment, if I could>

Bootcamp Day2
We start off with a debriefing of the night prior. Alex is pretty on point with my feedback and gives me suggestions for trying to fix some of the things I’m working on. I would work on this stuff for most of the night. The assistants were really helpful tonight. Ensuring I was in set and keeping the ball moving.

I’m very logical and reserved all night. Alex tries to get me to open up, but I’m being stifled. He had me purposely try to creep out girls. It was a little surprising how much shit I could say without ANY repercussions at all. I thought it was hilarious and could barely keep myself from laughing. He then had me reproach the same chick 3 more times and ask for her on a romantic date and try to get the number. No go, but so much fun.

His assistant comes up to one of the girl’s that I’m not escalating on and yells NO HOVER HAND!!!! It was a mixed set and I stayed in despite being pretty embarrassed. I think I even opened that one with a question about wooden tables.

I did a lot of stuff to help me just settle down, relax, and have fun. This is only a problem when I’m sober and I can usually just drink a few beers to get rid of it. I think it really started to sink in after the night when I was reflecting.

Had one girl that was pretty cool and things went well. Grabbed her number. She was a really hot Brazilian girl. I won’t go into details here, again take a look at my FR.

<Again, I have a picture of this hottie, but can’t upload it>

Hotseat Day 1
This is awesome.

Well broken down and the videos are full of quality examples. I really took a lot out of how much fun Alex has when he’s out. This definitely showed in my 3rd night of bootcamp.

The videos were well broken down and exemplify “Natural Instinct Method” very very well. It’s also cool to see how Alex’s approach has evolved from 2010 to 2012 (now). It’s very casual and you can easily compare the improvements he made in his demeanour.

Especially eye opening was the amount of content to Alex’s verbal game. It’s just a little more than nothing haha. I mean that in a good way. My conversations are the definition of chode: Where do you work, Do you like skiing, The weather is shit in Chicago, etc… This isn’t bad, but it’s way more fun to work in random things in there as well. “Fuck this beer is delicious. I wish it would make me grow a more manly beard” and other random shit.

Bootcamp day 3
Everything started to come together today.

Alex spent more time with me tonight. LOTS AND LOTS of feedback on my physicality and pushing my comfort zones. Basically anything is good in the club.

I learned about a lot of the concepts on the first two nights, but it was tonight that everything really came together and I proved it to myself. I was having a blast talking shit, grabbing girls, warming up my tactile interactions, reapproaching, doing all sorts of antics.

A big thing for me was warming up the tactile interaction on people I may not be physically attracted too. It really helps to be “warmed up” when you see the girl that you’re actually attracted too. At one point, Alex’s girlfriend makes a funny face at me and says “Fred… you can do better than her”, I laughed and kept going.

I end up with a babe at the end of the night. Alex is texting advice throughout the interaction. I miss some of it, except the most important part… WALK OUT THE DOOR WITH HER. I do and the pull back to my hotel is pretty textbook, zero resistance. We have great sex all night and I go to the hotseat bonus day on 2 hours of sleep.

<Insert sexy pictures of a skinny brunette here>

Overall Impression
It’s now been about a week since I took my bootcamp. I feel I got my money’s worth, and that really is the most important part. I don’t expect to go out next weekend and pull threesomes and bang 10’s right away, but at least I have a good idea of the steps I need to take. I’m excited to try things out on my own now.


Also, Alex mentions a few things about the girls we see too. I thought this was really refreshing coming from a community that can be a quite shallow and slightly misogynistic at times.

1) No girl is perfect. You probably had a crush on a girl once. You might have been in love with her. Was she a 10? A super model? Probably not. The girls we meet at the bar aren’t going to be the models we see on the cover of Maxim. We find girl’s attractive, but when you really start to get to know a girl is when you really start “like” her.
2) She’s not your type? So if she was naked on your bed begging for you to fuck her, you wouldn’t do it? I consider myself to have high standards (when sober), and it’s hard to argue that point.

Cheers Alex. Thanks for the great learning experience and the fun weekend. Here’s your 2,000 word review :P
FR: Continuous Development
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Love the last thing you mentioned "2) She’s not your type? So if she was naked on your bed begging for you to fuck her, you wouldn’t do it? I consider myself to have high standards (when sober), and it’s hard to argue that point." hahahaha

I actually cannot argue this...and I tried to.
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 nicely done :)
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