November 19th, 2018
LA Bootcamp 3/15-3/17 -- Pulling with RSDTodd + Pics
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Holly shit, what a weekend.

Just got back and finally writing this up -- s'been quite the journey for me. Definitely learned a TON of lessons, not just about pickup but life in general. Here's the breakdown:

Thurs 3/14 FreeTour

Had a pretty rough day at work yesterday and feeling pretty out of it. Wake up & decide to roadtrip it to LA from Sac. Little did I know this turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life

Left around 10 am from Sacramento. We're listening to Alex's NIM Manifesto thru the car radio the whole time. His ideas have really been a gamechanger for me.

Pretty epic view coming into LA:


Listened to Alex and Todd deliver a killer speech at the freetour, and met some of the other pickup dudes in the area. The crowd was packed, as expected since LA's basically pooah central

Opened a few more dude sets, then venue changed them to Saddleranch, where we got to work.

Lots of cute girls here. We hit up Peruvian hottie who's having dinner with her friend and leaving back to her home country the next day. We tease them about going on a date & ask if they met on e-harmony.

Goes pretty fucking well until about 15 mins in when I tell my buddy to take her outside and he fails.

At this point, my attention is drawn on the turbos riding the mechanical bull. I hit on hot waitress chick and somehow she agrees to pay the fee if I ride the bull. Only lasted about 10 secs. the bull operator cranked that shit MAXX. and ended up flying off an losing a shoe. huge state-pumper nonetheless.

Roll off and start hitting on ladies from Texas. Ask her if everything really is bigger in Texas and tell her i should move there to remedy my korean-from-the-waist-down syndrome

We fuck around some more and after hitting up street sets, we call it a night


Woke up pretty early around 10 AM and phoned RSD support to sign up for bootcamp. i knew i had to this spur of the moment otherwise i would talk myself out of it. i figured i needed to take more risks in life and embrace the unknown. turned out to be one of the best decisions i've ever made

Anyways, we hit up downtown for some daygame. Rolling off last night's momentum, i'm feeling pretty good. I Yosha stop this cute middle eastern chick. "you look nice" lol goes well so i tell her to grab lunch with me across the street. we sit down outside and just then i realize i ditched my wing for this girl. call him up and turns out he's been watching us across the sidewalk at another restaurant the whole time. haha creepy fucker-- love you Alex :)

she's investing the whole time, asking me LOTS of questions about my background and that she can't figure out where i'm from after incorrectly guessing I'm indian. she teases me for never having calamari and i tease her about having lunch with strangers. she's in law school and is a pretty well off girl. start qualifying her a lot and we start to eat off each other's place. since this insta-date is going purdy well, i try to bounce her elsewhere. turns out she has to pick up her dad from the airport in 30 mins and she lives in long beach. 1 hour away. fuck

when the bill comes she decides to pay. thank God. that shit was like $50. she says she feels obligated since she chose the venue. i say i'll pay her back with drinks the next day but her schedule's booked. cut my losses and walk her back. shouldve gone for k-close since i'll probly never see this girl again. oh well, at least I got a free lunch out of it

head back to the hotel for a nap. we're staying at the W this time since we're meeting our coaches at the hotel lobby. as it gets closer to the night, my heart starts to pound with anticipation. i KNOW tonight's probly gonna be one of the craziest nights of my life so i fully embrace it. we scope the LA terrain from the hotel roof top and go for a quick swim.

there are hotties everywhere

W hotel roof top pool:

that's my wing up there hitting up Latin chick.

the weather up here is intoxicating. it's about 80 degres & i can feel electronic music blaring thru the poolside speakers. really ambient surrounding. i kick up my feet in the water and. this is what life is really all about

i decide to meditate since it's been a while -- and what better place to do so. i can hear the hustle & bustle of LA and the chatter of hotties gossiping fading away into my peripheries. after about 20 minutes of this, i'm feeling pretty awesome.
at this point, i feel ballsy enough to approach the hardest set -- a group of three Russian models, tanning with their back turned to us. I go in pretty direct and kind of fuck up on my opener. it's a pretty good thing their English is shitty


my wing and I stay in set as long as possible, trying to keep the girls warm. they eventually walk off to their rooms & say they appreciate the confidence. they like how we're the only guys who hit on them in the daytime. it's called DAYGAME, gurrl. lol

after scoping out the area some more, we start running through the hotel floors and plan out the logistics for later. i notice each floor has a roped off curtains area next to the elevators. this obversation will turn out to be CRUCIAL later on.

as it gets closer to 930, we start getting ready and running through our gameplans. we promise each other to have no regrets and make the best out of bootcamp this weekend. we meet up with the instructors at the hotel lobby downstairs, and my heart starts to do the pounding thing again. i'm finally doing this shit. i get to spend my weekend infield with the world's best and get coached every step of the way. my thoughts are interrupted when I see Todd chillin' back on the hotel lobby sofa, eating a healthy chicken salad.

we get briefed for the night. a few of the things that stuck out in my mind were the following:

1. "I'm not here to be your friend. Instead i'm hear to push your comfort zone so you can achieve growth"
2. "There will be times where you might want to run away and hide under a rock."
3. "Do EVERYTHING i tell you. You are risking the learning process by not following instructions"
4. "If i say approach that girl. DO IT. I don't care if she's in line paying for her meal or making out with her boyfriend "

after he makes us verbally acknowledging all of the above, we head out to the first venue -- Lure Nightclub

Lure Nightclub

the goal for tonight is to find something funny out of every set. Todd makes us warm up by playing a few verbal games to loosen up in the corner of the club. it's still pretty early, around 10:30 pm

the first is a word association game, where each person blurts a random word and adds more to each others statements. after a few rounds he makes us physically loosen up by shaking out our body parts and pumping our hands and feet. this makes us feel pretty energetic and outgoing.

Todd pushes me into my first set, which hooks pretty strong. i spin the girl and fail to escalate. Todd notices this and tells me I'm not Man-to-Woman enough. he also points out that when I stop moving sets, i'm not in their face enough and giving enough strong eye contact. tonight basically consisted of Todd pointing out sets and me running in eagerly to open. he also made me wing the other bootcamp guys -- one of which was the first time ever approaching in his life. was a bit of a burden to be honest, as he'd be blowing up all the sets.

another thing Todd mentioned to me is ALWAYS be closing. if the logistics are fucked & the girl is getting dragged away, shout "TWO SECONDS" .. and buy some time for the number close.

Roosevelt Hotel

around 12 AM, we shoot over to the Roosevelt hotel where Jeffy and Alex are also running their bootcamps. this is where I start winging with Todd the first time. I notice his vibe is super chill and makes the girl feel VERY relaxed around him. he always speaks with an air of confidence and his vocal projection is pretty on point, though this venue was less loud than Lure. he sends me to open two seated girls and I sit right between them. I start making assumptions about the two -- "who's the wild one?" and it starts to hook. Todd notices me doing all the effort and comes in to wing. he takes away the cuter one to the bar, and leans back so she can do all the investing.

me and the bootcamp guys are stopping moving sets coming out of Teddy's and heading outside and get blown out left and right. these girls are ALL TENS. models & B-level celebrities. definitely didn't feel entitlement & didn't have the belief that I could get them to stop.

later on at almost 2 am i stop this tall SEXY chick. she's wearing high heels and a high skirt, but still dressed classy. i get her to move around and tell her to grab food with me. she agrees but says she has to change her clothes first, and i tell Todd to help me out with this situation since she has to go back up the room and bring her friend down to come. he gets her to stay with me longer, but she can sense my neediness and attachment to outcome. Todd also says i was pretty pushy and he tells me to chill back a bit & just vibe and build comfort. obv i fail to do that since this girl i smokin' and i wanna take off her pink panties. i feel pretty awesome having Todd with me, since I know I can't fuck this up as long as he keeps talking to the girl. eventually tho, Todd leaves and the girl senses my pushiness.

like when I mentioned to use her bathroom, Todd says she rolled her eyes at me -- something I DIDN'T even notice. apparently this was the point i lost her. i definitely need to be more careful with my statements, and project to the girl that i don't even care about sex. Todd mentions the way it happens is basically making everything seem like an accident and going with the flow. DEFINITELY need to work on this

we debriefed at 25 Degrees restaurant near the Roosevelt Lobby and Todd told me to sit down with some Texas girls. took them outside for a smoke, and came back down for debrief. Todd told me he put my game at beginner-to-intermediate level. and immeditely started addressing a few sticking points such as failure to escalate, not being expressive enough, and being too pushy for sex.

overall pretty amazing night :)

Sat 3/16 Bootcamp

woke up pretty late. we drove up to Studio City to attend Alex hotseat. i've seen his videos before, but this time around they really drove something into me. KEEP TALKING TO THE GIRL.

like verbal diarrhea -- and when the girl tests you simply be amused. i.e. Girl: "Buy us a drink" Me: "And by that you mean you'll buy us a drink"

also, keep re-approaching -- up to 4 times. this concept really made sence. howver, the most important thing was addressing the most important variable at the end of the night : walking out with the girl under the doorframe at the end of the night.

Phoenix Bar

Got here pretty late. around 11 pm. this time it was more chilled and Todd was more or less doing his own thing. to start off with, he sent me into a difficult looking 3 set of stunners. found out they're all from different parts of the U.S. -- I tell blondegirl i'm visiting from SF, which turns out to be her dreamcity. she suggests a lifeswap with me which all the girls find hilarious. i # close her (thanks Todd for hammering this point in)

i walk around some more, but my state is quickly dropping after a few blowouts. i don't think i saw a girl who wasn't a 9 or 10, except for a few older ladies in the back of the bar. I was feeling pretty in my head and choded about for 45 mins with very weak approaches. I talked with Todd's instructor assistant, Mike who really hammered in a few inner game concepts. he also told me i'm too serious and i need to be more far more expressive with facial expressions and hand gestures. he demo'd a few sets for me and i couldn't help but notice as they all hooked and the girls kept laughing.

afterwards, we shot over to Greystone Manor for some street sets, were I was winging with Todd. I was in a much better mood here and pointed and yelled "You girls know how to PARTY!" -- hooked a lot of sets this way. except couldn't account for friends dragging away the girls. Todd and I stepped into these girls who started blowing up on us when we tried to get physical. one thing that I learned from Todd here is to have boundaries with women, and talk logically about fucked up they are to them, but in a very subtle way. i always thought this was being reactive, and Todd said it's all about having boundaries with girls. some girls you run into are just evil people. nothing you can do about that

I decide to push my boundaries, and with Todd as my safety net, I figure no harm could come out of it. so i jump into this party bus and get blown out fast. Todd starts laughing and says i should've opened from outside first. ahaha pretty stupid move -- yet ballsy

we debrief at Mel's diner, but it gets interrupted when I start chatting up the cute South American chick sitting next to me. i go to sit down with her and her hottie friend. random chode comes in next to the other girl and runs a mystery opener. "my girlfriend broke up with me, i needed your girls opinion." he sets down and my girl takes her attn away from me and they're all listening attentively to this faggot. i'm texting Todd under the table and he says to chill back and let the dude blow himself out, which he eventually does -- at which point Todd sits down with the two girls and me. I start working on my girl and vibing. Todd's girl has a BF but she's still clearly attracted to him. however, she eventually asks us to leave since Todd is getting pretty physical with her and she's being faithful or some shit. she calls the server on us to make us leave their table.

again Todd handles the situation with class and tells the girl she overstepped his boundaries. she tries to get the last word as they get up and leave to go home -- but Todd doesn't let her have it. funny shit to watch lol

Sun 3/17 BOOTCAMP Daygame

woke up pretty late from the hotel. again lol. as we pack up to leave off to the final day of bootcamp, i start chatting up this middle eastern chick from my hotel window. somehow get her to tell me her room # and i go into her room to chat her up. she starts to tell me about her boyfriend she just broke up with. she passes me a bong and we start to get high. at this point, i'm thinking i need to fuck this chick and bounce -- since my ride's leaving for bootcamp. i text Todd for advice and he says to take it slow, and go with her boyfriend issues and meet up whenevr I can for bootcamp. i sit on her bed while she i make her read my Hotseat notes (lol). this is the point i shuldve slammed her on the bed and makeout. instead, we start talking about her writing work and she starts typing bullshit on my laptop -- and it's at this point I figure out this is psycho. she runs away outside by the hotel pool -- and i start becoming too pushy and she becomes defensive. she tells me i'm just a naive little boy and i don't know how to do the "dance of seduction" lol bitch. i peace out and taxi it to daygame bootcamp. psycho cost me $38 in cab fare :( also my fault for failing to escalate , yet AGAIN

we finally reach LA Live, right across the street from Staples center. this place is packed for the St Patty's Day festival. everyone's wearing green. quickly get into it and try to hug open asian 3 set walking and get blown out. Todd said this was asking for TOO much compliance early on. sometimes it'll hook, others not. but when it does, it REALLY hooks :) 

we mingle around the venue a bit and I open up a 3 set on the street. my girl is super receptive and Todd jumps on the hottie of the group. we pull them inside the venue and grab some beers. this turns out to be our HUB set, and I keep leaving to open up other sets.

i run into Jeffy & have a quick chat. i'm definitely miring his sexy green Leprachaun gear

one particularly memorable set was a cute mediterrinean looking gal. definitely my kind of 10. i hook her hard and then do something ballsy -- pick her up in front of Todd, walk about 20 feet and sit her down. she's laughing uncontrollably and playfully resisting the whole time. she tells me she's leaving to Texas tmrw and i make her pinky promise to hang out at our afterparty tonight. i don't end up following thru on this like a chode, however.

anyways, we eventually re-group with the 3 set we hooked from before. Todd texted me saying he's made out with his girl in the bathroom already, and i tell him we should pull them to get food. so me, Todd, and my wing take the three girls to the fancy restaurant next door. we sit down and immediately start vibin' with our own girls. it's like 3 mini insta-dates at ONE table. pretty cool shit. the food her was amazing. we order sushi appetizers and grab some cocktails. 

it's going pretty well, and the pull is clearly on at this point since each of our girl's are apparently into us. especially Todd's


the whole time I'm texting Todd for advice on my chick. i.e whether I should split the bill etc. When it comes to pull, once again Todd leads us out and we start walking back towards his car to give the girls a ride home.
i'm trying keeping my girl warm by holding her hand, hugging while walking. Todd's girl gets shotgun and as we head out to wait for our third guy, Todd gets pulled over for "blocking traffic." Lol he handles the situation perfectly, and doesnt allow the situation to affect the girls state. once we reach our destination, we all part ways. each guy with his girl, and we leave Todd in his car with his.

i take mine to her car, grab a makeout. and head back, passing Todd's car. turns out i left my backpack in his, since his girl had been wearing it the whole time. like a cute schoolgirl. he fetches it and tells us he's gonna try to F close this chick in his car, and we should move the debrief to tomorrow afternoon. we peace out and wish him luck.

W Hotel Lobby

Todd told us about this jazz party that goes on every Sunday at the W -- so we decide to check it out. first time around, we're denied entry because of dresscode, even though I had a nice sweater on. we head back to the car and my wing gives me a doubly oversized dress shirt. i basically have to tuck away half of the shirt in my pants so it doesn't look like I borrowed a giant's dress shirt.

on our way in, we're finding people to be super receptive here. idk if it's hollywood and people are super social & talkative, but we like it :)

talk to Harvard chick who's apparently enjoying my company, but decide to head to the outside patio area to BEASTMODE.

Lay Report

run into this mid-thirties lady. i ran into her brother before and complimented his white dress shirt. the whole time we're talking about
doing drugs together -- and i tease her for being an ex-stripper and not knowing what molly is. i roleplay her being my baby sitter and i tell her i'm only 18. i can tell she's very promiscuous since she tells me she's not wearing panties. i immediately take the conversation in a sexual direction, to test the waters. 5 more minutes I decide to go for my first pull.

immediately preceding this I teased her for having no tattoos, yet being a dancer. i tell her that I have a lower back tattoo and i brush & lead her by the hand toward the elevator area to come check it out. i shove her in the elevator but it won't go up or down since i didn't have a room key. I checked out earlier that day. FUCK. luckily a few hotel guests walk in the lobby and stick their roomkey in. up we go, while i'm pressing random floor buttons.

we stop on the 4th floor and we're finally left alone. i decide it's finally time. as we step out of the elevator, i spot the roped-off curtain area from before. i lead her over there and immediate pull her top down and start sucking on her nipples. she's moaning & loving it. my hand automatically moves down and starts finger blasting her -- which she apparnetly loves even more. somehow, i miraculously discover an unopened condom in my pocket and i reach out for it and slap it on.

i start pounding her from the back on the wall, HARD. she tells me "This is just what I needed" the whole time i'm telling her how naughty a baby-sitter she's been lol. i can't even finish even tho i'm slamming her butt. she gives me head, and i take off the condom at this point. FUCKING DUMB MOVE.

i slip it back on with her help, just before sliding my cock inside her. 5 more minutes and a few positions later i hear a noise. it's the elevator.. SHIT

a kitchen lady comes out says "hi" with a shocked look..and disappears behind the curtains. this is our cue to put our clothes back on and get the fuck out. the stripper lady asked me "how'd you get so smart lil boy?", to which i replied
"daddy paid attention in class, baby ;) ".. like a pimp LOL

anyways, we head down the elevator, escorted by some security dude. and my clothes and hair make it obvious i've just been laid. i have this intense abundance feeling and decide to hit the streets since it's 2 am and people are pouring out of clubs.

it feels AMAZING to pimp just after getting laid. i didn't even care if i had sex, i just wanted the reference of pulling girls. almost pulled two Honduran girls leaving the club .. but my wing stopped to ask one of their names when we were leading to the cab. dumbass lol

overall, this past weekend has been one of my most memorable -- we debrief with Todd the next day at Mel's diner. he recaps ALL of our sticking points and lays out a course of action to progress and get to the next level in game. 

Todd has been in the game for over 10 years, and his wealth of knowledge about every situation is the best i've ever seen. he's EXTREMELY good at picking up subtlety about your game, something you or your wing could NEVER notice. i HIGHLY recommend -- No wait, you BETTER fuckin' take a bootcamp with Todd if you feel that you want to push yourself to achieve AMAZING results in just 3 days. i attribute my first lay to the way Todd kept hammering into me the fundamentals  

if you're ready to exponentiate your results with women, spend the money and go infield with one of the best womanizers in the world. if not, you can keep spending that 2 grand buying women drinks and never getting laid -- just don't blame me when i say i told you so :)
Live, for you will die.

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Damn son good right up
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Read through the entire story, well done man. Pimp it up! :D
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So jelly bro... finally finished...waiting for my car.....hurry the fuck up
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Love this got to do my bootcamp soon !! Keep it up !!
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Lol was Jeffy wearing fake tattoo sleeves?
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 really like todds chill vibe 
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 Amazing. Keeps solidifying the belief I have in Todd as an instructor.
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Keep it up boys, loving the infield pics. Peace.
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