April 23rd, 2014
Advanced guys please help me out with this! MINDSET
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Ioan Dura

Ioan Dura


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 I`m not so much a noob, but a have so much clutter in my mind. 
I watch some of the videos of Alexander in with he speaks about these 2 mindsets :
Unapologetic and I am enough!

My question is: How can i practicaly incorporate those in my beliefs sistem? 
and, what really means I am enough, i`ve been looking for some stuff in rsd but i didn`t found anything that makes it clear! 

PS: I am going out :), more in the day time, and yes i meditate and yes i `ve read tolle :P!
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 I am enough means you can be a scumbag who delivers pizza making min wage, but you realize how awesome you are just because you love yourself so much.  It doesnt matter what you say bc girl can just tell by the look in your eye that you are amazing.

 Think about all the cool shit you've done.  Also get reference experiences of banging hot girls.   How?  You really have to go out 5+ days a week for a long time though before anything will start to make sense.
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haha, i like the concept of "i am enough" but that doesn't equate to improvement

if you are working at a pizza place/scumbang/min wage, but yet love yourself. It doesn't promote improvement of your overall lifestyle.

So unless you have this mindset with the abilityt o have ambition(moving forward) then it can work
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