April 25th, 2018
Advanced guys please help me out with this! MINDSET
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Ioan Dura

Ioan Dura


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 I`m not so much a noob, but a have so much clutter in my mind. 
I watch some of the videos of Alexander in with he speaks about these 2 mindsets :
Unapologetic and I am enough!

My question is: How can i practicaly incorporate those in my beliefs sistem? 
and, what really means I am enough, i`ve been looking for some stuff in rsd but i didn`t found anything that makes it clear! 

PS: I am going out :), more in the day time, and yes i meditate and yes i `ve read tolle :P!
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haha, i like the concept of "i am enough" but that doesn't equate to improvement

if you are working at a pizza place/scumbang/min wage, but yet love yourself. It doesn't promote improvement of your overall lifestyle.

So unless you have this mindset with the abilityt o have ambition(moving forward) then it can work
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