January 18th, 2019
(Notes) Godlike Nihilism - The Power of Having Nothing To Lose
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Anything you are attached to is a weakness because it has the potential to constrain your behaviour.  Ergo, recognize that everything will be taken away eventually, and act accordingly.


Why did Todd, during his weekend in Melbourne, have lots of pull options and also get in a fight due to game? Because he was acting from a “nothing to lose” paradigm that weekend. He was in a headspace where he would not back down no matter what.

Why do so many charismatic/successful people have nihilistic tendencies? Because living in alignment with the fact that everything you own (including your life) will eventually be taken away inspires the type of actions that attract success.

Todd’s style of game begins friendly and cool, if that doesn’t work he tries something edgy, and if that doesn’t work he burns it to the ground. This is the best strategy in the context of having nothing to lose.

You succeed with women when your attitude is “I don’t care if this goes well.”

People can sense when you are playing it safe. When they sense this, they feel repelled by you.

Chicken game – optimal strategy: eliminate your ability to walk away, then give your opponent the knowledge that you have done so. Your opponent is now forced to decide between reacting to you, or losing.

Consider the example of the homeless guy who threatens the owner of a nice car that he will key it unless the owner pays him five dollars. In this situation, the car has become a liability rather than a luxury.

The person who loses in a negotiation is the one who abandons the option of walking away. A beneficial negotiation can still be made, but the person who is willing to walk away will set the terms. Example: a hot girl gets herself a chode boyfriend to take care of her while she hooks up with cool players. If he isn’t willing to leave the relationship, he’ll just deceive himself into believing she isn’t cheating, focus on the fact that she claims to “love” him, or some other nonsense. He has nothing to barter with because he’s abandoned losing the relationship as an option, so all he can do is lick his wounds.

Never abandon walking away as an option. You should be willing to drop everything you have, lest “the things you own end up owning you.”

You must know, not fear, but know that some day you will die. It’s true. You will die. So will I.

Instead, get attached to your experiences and building yourself up, but also realize it can all go away (and it will, ultimately.)

Stop trying to make it work and start trying to make it epic.

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ya todd's video is pure gold. I think its one of the best videos I've seen. Also todd is really good at explaining/analyzing things.
When u operate from this mindset u have no outcome dependance, and limitless potential which makes u feel invincible in field. You are like a force or nature and people just become mesmerized by you because they have no control over u and u are 100% authentic and acting through your own intentions. Being willing to talk away is what makes it work, without that its game over before u even approach.
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