November 19th, 2018
How to Be A Gentleman: Tip #1
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I'll be posting up some threads in this format where I'll give you guys a simple, effective, actionable tip for "being more gentlemanly".

I want to distinguish being "a nice guy" from being a gentleman. 

I am a gentleman.  I fuck the shit out of many girls every year.  I pick up girls every week.  I have "abundance".

And I enjoy doing shit IN FRONT OF MY GIRL or even FOR HER that expresses my abundance and that, despite my ability to bang a million hos, I'm enjoying her company a ton right now -- this is not exclusive to banging a million hos, which I continue to do with complete enjoyment.

A nice guy does these exact same things to GET something.  He is operating from scarcity.  As a result these actions come off as "gamey" "techniques" and "manipulative".

I am going to speak to BEHAVIORS OF POLITE ALPHA MALES.  And many of these I have learned from other super respectable men and women.  

These are behaviors that make your women fall deeply in love with you because they demonstrate self-respect and a love for life and others in your life.  They make you gentlemenly.  

Do em.

TIP #1

Super simple: when you are out with your girl, ignore her when you are dealing with service people and speak to them directly.  

You're in the taxi.  Ask the taxi driver about his day.  How long he has to work.  Where he's from.  What he's studying in school.  What is name is.  

When you get out of the taxi, wish the guy well, tell him good luck on his test. 

Your girl will probably SAY SOMETHING to acknowledge how amazing this behavior is.  "Okay.. that was really cute". 

You have all the fucking time in the world to chat with your woman.  She wants to see HOW YOU ENGAGE THE WORLD BEYOND HER.  If you focus your whole experience with her on just her, you are directly communicating you live an insulated, obsessive life.  Do both of you the favor of not being this weird obsessed needy guy by ENGAGING WITH EVERYONE AROUND YOU.  

When you're going to a play, just ask the usher how her day is.  But don't do it fleetingly, look her in the eyes and actually ask, actually expect a 'real' answer.

And.. if it wasn't common sense, do this without your woman too.  It will improve your game and make you a happier person.  

It's amazing how I "charm" the grocery store checkout lady just by smiling and asking her about the weather outside.  Literally.  And it brightens her day.

It's because I'm being real.  When you stop the taxi driver and you are genuinely focused on him for the 5 minute ride you have, that's unique, that's genuinely rare.  Your girl will see it and love it.  He'll feel touched.  And you'll feel that wonderful feeling you get when you OFFER VALUE.  Not to get something but to GIVE SOMETHING AWAY BECAUSE YOU HAVE SO MUCH.  

Go out and play with this.  Stop trying to be so cool and macho all the time.  Be a gentleman.  Your girls will love you for it.
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Cool post. 

Having manners, and treating others with courtesy is such an underrated quality.

I think a lot of guys fall into the trap of identifying as an asshole, and completely neglect the positive spectrum of things. 

It's definitly a phase that some need to go through, but to truly evolve to the next level as a man, you need to let go of defensiveness, and become a nice guy again. 

Instead of walking on eggshells by attempting to project some image, it's so much more relaxing and liberating to be lighthearted. 

We often forget that one of the greatest joys in life is connecting with another human being.
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Pure MONEY dollar dollar bills again
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very cool idea
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Currently discovering deeper connections with women.
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Thank God someone came out and said this.

Too many idiots on here think its super cool
To just be a dick all the time. Its fucken retarded. Gentleman is the way of the Samurai. A real man of status.

Politeness. It's Called being a real
person and not a
Charicature of a macho man.

Good thread. Let me add to this that its okay
To be polite and have manners. In fact it
Displays status and class.

There is much to be said for things like
Politeness. Too much fake alphaness of
Shouting going on.




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Idealistic tips here.. you deserve a great remarks with your post and well sometimes bloggers should be aware that still our character defines us the way we share thoughts online.
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I've been sitting thinking "hmm, but it seems like you're doing it to create an impression in the girl". Doubting this now.

When I do something like this, it's just to engage with another human being. And i'll do it if I feel like it. But you are making me realise that I can do this to endance the experience of the girl I'm with. It doesn't have to come from a place of creating an impression, but just giving her the gift of positive emotions in the moment and in the future toward you.

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Great Cat, really valuable post, thank you.
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Not to take away from the OP as it is good, but you aren´t a normal good person if you are not genuinely polite with people as a standard.
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this is how I am normally when I'm alone or with a girl I'm not trying to attract  

I've always gotten compliments about it but didn't really know what they mean 

weird how the simplest things can be so clarifying 
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