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Alexander Bootcamp, London 1-3 Feb 2013
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So who am I:
Im 25 years old Swede who grew up in small town with very limited beliefs and no real self esteem, except behind the computer where i spent most of my days growing up. I was the type of guy who was friends with everyone but could never stand up for himself, so I got crushed in the daily life by people with stronger realities. It was not until late 2010 that i found The Blueprint and realized that I was entitled to my own values, and opinions, Who knew? =D

Long story short, After that i got my act together. Now, two years later I have come along way and is alot more centered in my reality. Im ready to take my life and my game to the next level so I figured a bootcamp would be a great way to start out. What finally convinced me to work with Alex was his hotseat. I went to it In Copenhagen, two weeks previous to the bootcamp,  and I loved it!  I can wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone. You realize that its nothing more than being relaxed, and having fun. You are enough.

Almost didnt happen:
On Thursday, one day before my trip to London I was about to register my passport information, and i realized that my passport had expired.. If you compare that situation, to losing a big pot on the river in poker when you cant fully comprehend that you lost.. This was that times 10.
My heart stopped. I thought I was screwed. After a few calls with the swedish police, the swedish embassy in Copenhagen.. They informed me that I had to travel to the swedish police office in Malmö in order to get it sorted out.

Here's where things started to look up, and I started to believe that it was going to happen.
When i first got to the train station, the train to Sweden arrived straight away, when i searched for the adress to the swedish police station in Malmö,
it came up in the first 3 choices on Google, and when i walked across the street, i got a green light on every redlight that i came across
Life has away of resolving itself when you are swimming with, and not against the current

I thought I had a great chance of it geting resolved, until i met with the policeman in the reception and the first thing he says is:
You are not a swedish citizen.
Once again my heart dropped, and I didnt know what to think.
I am a swedish citizen, but migrated to Norway, and worked there for about two years.
Luckily i just had to fill in a form, and 10 minutes later.. I had my passport and my trip was happening.
By then, I knew that nothing was going to keep me away from this.

We met up with Alex and Ozzie in the reception, and they gave us an introduction of how it was going to go down.
After that we got split up, me and two others with Alex and the other two with Ozzie and it was time to hit the club.
We were supposted to mixx it up, and do some of the drills with Ozzie, but unfortunately it did not end up happening. Thats too bad, Ozzie is awesome

However.. Im going to call the other students C, and T
When we got into the club, the first set of the night were two english girls, and I went in as a wing for T. Somehow the initial girl he was talking to was paying more interest to me, so we kind of shifted targets midway.
The next minute i was dancing pretty wild, picking her up and was basically going in 100m/h until  Alex took me aside.
"Slow down, and relax. Its only 22, and we're going to be here for the next 4-5 hours. No need in rushing it.. Its like sitting in detention. Are you going to be able to keep that high energy the rest of the night? :)"
It made alot of sense. I got in slower, and continued dancing with her for a while... Got her number, and then she wondered of with her friend

Later i was sent in to a set of five girls in the bar who turned out to be Swedish. BOOM, halva inne! (Swedish expression for saying, your dick is half way in)
I talked to all of them and befriended the group, and then shifted more to one of the cute ones.
They were suprised, and intrigued to see a swedish guy in the same club in London. Apparantly They did some kind of project work there for the week, cant realy rememeber. It was not that interesting. A few minutes in the bar they decide to go to the dance floor, and the girl i talked to the most turns her head and asks if im not coming
"Thats ok, I'll cu guys later"
- Never saw them again.
I cant honestly say why I didnt go with them. I wanted to do more sets, and get more out of the bootcamp but thats just the opposite of what Alex is teaching. Stay in set. The longer the better

Funny to see how fast Alex was on the blond hottie though, he is like a fucking homing missile towards swedish hot girls.. hahaha

Later we went upstairs to a little bit more quiet chill/sofa area with another bar.
Here Alex told me to go in to a mixxed set, and say I was the Macaulay Culkin , The boy in Home Alone.. HAHA
The first guy believed it for a second, and then asked his friend to come over and he was like.. "Noo..? really..? no?" and wanted to see my passport and shit. I just laughed and had an awesome time. I tried shifting my focus to the girl, and neither she or the guys liked that very much :D. She responded with one word, and just for the sake of responding
They continually told me that my friends were propably looking for me, and that i should go away, to which i responded..
"thats fine, i like your shirt" " Have you seen David Letterman?"
After a while the girl sits down in on of the chairs across the table and Im left with the two guys. Suddenly Paul, one of the guys working with Alex comes up and tells me to sit down next to the girl where they have put all their jackets and stuff. WHY NOT? I think and head over and sit down.. As I do, he continues to say the same nonsense to them when they are telling me to get up, and not sit on their coates and so on while im ignoring them and talking to the girl. They must have been pretty annoyed at that point.. hahah
A couple of minutes later, I found out that one of the guys were her boyfriend, HAHA!. No wonder she wasnt giving much in the conversation :D
It was all good fun, but important lesson to be learned. Screen early :)

Next set, Alex told me to go in in the same set as C, and tell them that Im taller and have have a bigger dick than him.
It was a complete chaos and the girls wanted him to fuck off (about the 2nd or 3rd time), and the guys was putting their hands on him and wondered wtf he was doing, and told him to fuck off aswell.. - as to he responded.. "Its fine mate :)"
When I came in it basically became too much and they ran off pretty quickly :D

I walked downstairs and found a mixxed set of two girls and one guy. I approached the girl who was sitting alone. As it turned out, they were wedish aswell
The girl I approached had a boyfriend back in Sweden, and he was actually the one who sent them here to have fun. After a while her friend (who was talking to the chode), leaned in and whispered:
"can you please act as my boyfriend",
As she whispered that.. The guy propably had a feeling of what was going on. He started yelling for my attention, and wanted to shake my hand and shit. His eyes said it all.
FUCK OFF, YOU ARE RUINING IT. He kept staring into my eyes as i just continued talking to the girls and voila.. a few minutes later the chode left, and we headed to the dancefloor
At the dancefloor we had alot of fun and she was basically all over me, and by this stage.. I knew i had her.

A) Her friend loved me, and pushed for it to happen.
B) She was single
C) They were in London to have fun.

But I didnt find her as attrative as her friend who had a boyfriend back in Sweden..  When they got out for a smoke later, I decided to stay inside and meet up with them later. She didnt like that at all
"Arent you coming"
"You go ahead but give me your number and i'll meet up with you later"
That made her really disappoionted as she made a really sad face and left with her friend, never to be seen again.
Oh well.. She wasnt that hot anyway.. NEXT
I did borrow her friends "hawaii ring" and had tied it around my head as a crown/bandana. I consider it a goodbye present

During the night there were also a ton of blowouts to the point where I could care more about the painting in the seeling,than the actual blowouts. But in the beginning, and in the middle of the night i was struggling a little bit.
I would approach, get blown out, react and not come from a place of where im enough and then basically reapproach the next one when im already heading down a bad bath(coming from a place of positive reaction seeking instead of just being relaxed/you are enough)
Alex told me to just stare at his watch for 10 seconds, and then just relax for a minute before we did the next one. A kind of reset and it worked great.

After the first night.. I NEVER thought I could have this much fun sober. That in itself was a huge epiphany for me
Previously i was only letting myself to do all this kinds of things when I was fucking smashed..


After sitting in at the Alex hotseat for the second time it was time to hit the club, and this time I was going to try and focus on two things:
Relax, and selfamuse

Alex had said that I could smile more, and thinking back on the conversations.. The ones that i was the most relaxed, and had the most fun was when i just went up and just selfamused. Like,
Hey I just came here on a polarbear from Sweden, hows it going
The standard chode conversations about where she's from, where she works bla bla bla. That shit is just automatic, and gives flat responses with neither
positive or negative emotions, and its also fucking boring.. no wonder I didnt smile

HOWEVER; so tonight.. Alex wanted me to be more romantic, and open every girl with.. "You and me are like the cover of a romantic novel" haha

First set of the night, 5 girls that C had already opened. I got in, approached one of the cute ones, and it was alot more fun
"We are like the cover of a romantic novel.. Whats your name.. We should move to Barcelona and study spanish and get our own vineyard" hahah
After a while I thought conversations didnt seam to go anywhere, which is basically just me being impatient and wanting to rush to the finish line.
"Its all about wasting time. The ones that are best at game, are excellent at wasting time" Perfect answer, enough said.

They left after a while, and Alex sent me in to another set of two girls standing in the bar.
I got in, approached one of them.. And they just glanced, said "We're actually speaking here.." and then went FULL IGNORE. Ouch.. haha.. That sucked :D
Here i was thinking about the 4times rule, but all i ended up doing was scream for their attention basically. I should've just exited, and then reapproached 10 seconds later with something like, "Do you still hate me".
The four time rule doesnt have to be striaght away, sometimes you'll get better success by waiting just because the timing that you approached on were terrible

I experienced the full ignore one time later that night by another set. It sucks alot more than when they tell me to fuck off, even though I shouldnt really let it affect me at all.  I'll gett there!

Later I approached a set of two girls sitting down. One turned out to be French, and the other from Czech. As i sat down on the table between them, the whole table was about to flip over and most of the drinks fell down on the floor but luckily, their drinks were okay. I held the frame, and continued with the conversation, and they loved it.
I kept talking to both while becoming very physical with the one next to me. Here, I could have gone for the number, makeout, whatever.. It would have worked, but I decided that there is no rush, bla bla bla. There is no need in waiting, just go for it. She's on a high and her mood could change in the next minute.
As it happens, our other student T walks in and starts chatting with the other girl. He is standing to my right, and im sitting to the left of the girl im talking to, so he is leaning over us when he is talking to her, so I advice him to sit down in the sofa, next to the other girl. When he does.. He decides to walk over the table instead of walking around it, and the whole table flips over with everything on it. His girl loses her drink, and then drags away the girl im with.
I wasnt really mad at him, shit happens :D. I could've just took her number, made out or even walked after them but didnt end up doing anything so Im more mad at myself for not taking any appropriate action.

After they left i turn around and see another set of 3 girls. None of them were really much better than a lay in a war (so to speak), I more or less just approach for the sake of approaching and to stay in set. I started to self amuse, and saying that Im Charlie and they could be my angels. And then I realized that one of them looks a alot like a fat Drew
Barrymore.. And when I realize that, and open my mouth to say: You look really much like..
She interupts, and say.. "Drew Barrymore.. yes i know.. I get that alot."
And I change my mind. :
No like that other one.. BOSLEY! HAHA
I was going to give it to her, but when she was THAT aware of it.. I just decided to take it away.

A little later I met Alex in another room, and he wanted me to go over the top with romanticism on the next set. So he said open with:
"I love you! You and me will have beautiful babys together.. Im very good with my tongue"

We see a set of two girls sitting down, and as I approach the blond hottie,  I yell:  I Love you, We will have beautiful babys together.. Then I lean in, claw her and whisper into her ear that I have a good tongue.
It was amazing to see her facial expression after that, she loved it!
To avoid passed mistakes i screened early for the boyfriend, and fair enough, she had a boyfriend. But, I had alot of fun and I propably made her night :)

After that we saw two cute Norwegian girls in another room. I met them very briefly earlier in the night and one of them were cuter and alot funnier to
be around compared to her friend who just seamed like a boring, walking bitch. When we met them, Alex grabbed the cute one and I tried staying with her friend so she didnt drag her away.. It all worked fine for a few minutes, until Alex started humping her from behind and they ran off, HAHA :D

After the club closed we went out and continued approaching on the streets, My feet hurt, and I was exhausted from the lack of sleep and the gigantic amount of information i have been giving in such a short amount of time.. but decided to push it a little longer and this one turned out to be the best set of the night!
A very cute, short russian girl with dark hair and beautiful eyes came up the street. I approached with something like "Hej du är väldigt söt" - Hi you are very cute" and it was on.
I picked her up, taught her a little bit of swedish, hughed her, told her I slayed a dragon yesterday and basically selfamused to the point where she
wondered what drugs i was on. GLORIOUS!
She had to meet her friend at the airport in an hour unfortunately, so i took her facebook and told her to close her eyes, and kissed her goodbye. Awesome
I had an even greater night than Friday, and still sober.. Just fucking amazing!

Sunday and daygame time:
I wasnt really too worried about it. I thought it  was nice to be without the fucking chaos that happens during the night.
We got out and I was sent in to approach my first one..She was a very cute, blond english girl, It went pretty good and became a long conversation, but she did unfortunately had to go and meet her friends after a while. No big deal though. Nice to get the first one out of the way and it felt good to get the first one out of the way, and be a little bit more warmed up and more outside my head.

Next we moved on and walked through Leicester Square, when I saw a set of two girls sitting on a bench in the park and I came up with a golden opener
Is this the Sherwood Forest?
Haha what? Did your friends tell you to say that"
"I actually made it up myself, hows it going, im Magnus"
After that, they were officially out of normal "durr mode", and the frame was set to awesome from the start.
I was trying to go for the instant coffee with them after a while, but they were a little hesitant (as most girls are)
We talked for abit more before i parted ways.. I do regret not pushing for it a little harder.. They defenitely would have been up for it

We went on to the streets where I saw a very cute asian girl who were watching a guy levitate
"Do you believe in magic?"
"Ahm, yes, i dont know.." Durrrr
I shifted the conversation and after a minute, she was really easy to talk to. This time I tried to correct my misstakes, and go for the instant coffee date a little harder, but unfortunately, she was in a rush. Bummer.. she was hot :)
Sometimes it will work if you push a little harder, and other times it does not matter what you do, its still not going to happen. Its just variance.
But if you play to win, it will work alot more often than, and thats something I didnt end up doing this weekend. Time and time again I had the opportunity but decided to wait, only to end up standing around with my dick in my hand.

I did end up sharing a few classes of wine with a nice half english/indian hottie that sat next to me on the plane back to Copenhagen. We did exchange numbers we were planning on grabbing a few drinks on her hotel later that night, but didnt end up happening. It would have been an awesome end to this story..

Alex, Its been a real pleasure learning from one of the best. I thought I knew that i was enough, but you taught me that on an even deeper level of understanding and taught me what game looks like. Thank you so much for this weekend. I will never forget it. Fortsätt jobba på svenskan så ses vi. Lycka till med älsklingarna, kompis

I would also like to thank Paul, Nick, Tobey, Ben, who gave me tips and helped pushing me a little harder when I needed to. You guys are awesome!
Hit me up if you are ever in these scandinavian parts :)

And ofcourse C, and T for sharing this adventure with me
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nice ;)
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wow, seems like good stuff
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wow, seems like good stuff
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I forgot the password and the I dont really use the email that i signed up on "mangbangofalldoom", so i decided to create a new account (and i kinda like this nickname better anyways), so dont care about it coming from another account. Its just me being a fucking noob forgetting my password :D


When I got home, I didnt know if I could see any real difference.. Alex told me that it would take atleast six months for me to grow, and intergrate everything that I had learned.. It was massive amounts of information being thrown at you, and your mind can only absorve so much in a short period of time.

Now, a month after Im starting to see what its all about. Things are starting to "click", and Im starting to get it. Im not ready to say that my whole persona has changed, but my idea of pickup has. Not only do I feel confident and relaxed close to 100% of the time, I can also see a real difference in my approach.
When I go into set, I have a purpose. That purpose is to amuse myself, and to see who's up for taking and fun to spend my time with. I no longer want the girl on the first instant, and that is fucking huge. I dont really care about her.

I met a guy today who I would consider a natural.. In his opinion I was "expressing myslef freely and my whole body language was conveying that I was very laid back and comfortable in myself. Getting a girl was not the most important thing, sure I was looking for a girl at the end of the night but I enjoyed the process "
That was very cool to hear because just two months ago he would not have said that I think

So what i mean by what my game of pickup has changed is this. I dont have to do much, it resolves itself when it swings the right way and the variance is on my side.

After my experience in the bootcamp I have on an average gone out four times a week. (Sorry Alex I will get to five times eventually =D)

A funny thing that happened is two weeks after when i went out and daygamed by myself, I met this very cute, tall, russian girl.. We went for a conversation across Ströget, and after a while i asked if she wanted to get a coup of coffee. Ofcourse she said no.
"No i have to get back to my hotel". She doesnt want to seam like a slut.. For a second there I felt bad for myself, but then I realized that..  and every girl is propably going to do say no close to 100% of the time in that situation, and Im enough anyways, so why should i give a shit..

A minute later i asked again, but a little more intent and with a time constraint close to a 7 eleven.
"You want a cup of coffee (like i never asked), I have not had my coffee today and 7 eleven is right there.. It will only take a second"
(Playing to win, and not taking no for an answer)
Ofcourse she responded well this time, who can say no to that. "It will only take a second" bla bla.. (Push for it guys!)

As we were standing in the store and getting our coffee, my card got declinded because the chip didnt work so she ended up paying for my coffee.. HAHA.. fucking hilarous :D
We got across the square and I managed to spill coffee all over myself, because apparantly i chose a lid that was too big.
"This is not your day is it? :D", she teased
Some might think that I made a fool out of myself, but I didnt let it get to me. I didnt care.. And since I didnt care, neither did she on a big level. It was just funny I held the frame and continued as it never happened.
We ended up exchanging mumbers, and if the logistics would have been better, we would have met up at her hotel later that night.. but she had to catch her plane back to Russia unfortunately (Might come back in May though ;D)

The first couple of nights after the bc went pretty similar with the same results, but as the time passed by and the information started to sink in, something happened.

It feels more that I approach whoever is nearby and then choose where I want to spend my time
For example.. Last friday I had one of the best nights of my life and that was a night that I went out by myself. Every group/set that i approached I got a very good connection with so it became a scenario for me to pick and choose which group I wanted to leave and reapproach in the course of the night. I went back and forth into the same three/four sets all night, and as it happens I met this really cute, blonde danish girl in the bar in the beginning of the evening.. We were standing in the bar and I could see she was interested.. We had a good time of much laughter, smiles and a good time, but after a while she had to leave and meet up with her friends, so we hughed and said that we'll see eachother later.

What have we learned so far
A) We have all fucking night , no need in rushing things. Its a small bar/venue so i'll see her later no matter what!
B) By taking it cool, and not seeing desperate/needy you show that you have your own friends/stuff that you want to do. She is not everything in your life
C) SOE! You are showing that you understand her and ofcourse she should hang out with her friends

Later in the night when I came passed the bar I saw her, made eyecontact with her as she was sitting next to a chode with a group. No response..

I reapproached five minutes later and did the same thing. This time she saw me, (and immidately remebered me and the conversation/connection in the bar)
She got this beautiful smile on her face and when she reached out to take my hand, I took it, and said that I had to show her something and boom she went from sitting with that chode to beeing isolated with me at the bar. (Four times rule guys!)

This girl was a fucking solid 9. I have never had a girl like that "into" me before, it was insane. What I experienced was that she was testing me throughout the night to see If I was jealous, and how I took it by being very flity and hughing other nearby chodes.

Funny thing though.. She wanted to meet my friends, so I lied and said they were upstairs (knowing I went there myself), only to get away from the chodes and isolate her - we ended up making out there instead

Me: I want to hugh you
She: yeah, is that all you want? (+T ! fu i can beat your lame test)
Instead of complying and quailyfing to her what I want to do etc,
Me: "I want to hugh you everyday of the week"
She: Aaaaaaaaaw - make out again..

(I have read or heard somewhere in RSD that you should not put the idea of leaving instantly in a girls head, instead you should give it some time.. Like if you want to leave you should say something like.. Im hungry/feeling tired or whatever just so that it will not come as a chock the first time you mention it)

Like 3.30 I asked if she wants to leave soon and she says ok soon..After that she is continuing being very flirty with other guys, and by that stage I knew that I just have to stay in set, and she is mine..

An hour later after beating all her tests and staying in set, I ask her again:
Do you want to get out of here (like 4.30 - 30 min before the bar closes)
She: "Im only getting out of here, if you are coming home with me".. (Here im literally laughing in my head.. Is this girl really saying this to me!)

I ended up having an amazing night at her place, and Im still a little bit chocked about it.. She is easily the hottest girl I have slept with.

Now as Im writing this.. That ended up beeing and incredibly night where everything just clicked and the variance was in my favour, but tonight as in this actual night, most of the girls had boyfriends, and in the others I got blown and even threatened by some guys. EVEN THOUGH, I FELT JUST THE SAME (totally relaxed, Im enough)
BIG EPIPIHANY.. ITS JUST VARIANCE! - No matter what you do.. Sometimes its just not going to work no matter what.

Thanks for taking the time and reading my story guys, I appreciate it. Its been a pleasure sharing it with you.
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Two questions: Could you give some examples of her tests, and how you handled them?

Also, it is said that Alexander likes to have a few drinks when he goes out. Does he allow that on bootcamp or is alcohol as strictly forbidden at his bootcamps as it is at those of other instructors?
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Sounds awesome man!

Can't wait for Alex's hotseat here in my local Melbourne area!
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Sorry, been of for a week


I think alcohol is more or less not allowed on the bootcamps in general, but Alex might have had like a beer or something one of the nights, but thats irrelevant. He is a coach and can do whatever he wants as long as he is doing an awesome job. The bootcamp is about the students, and as stundents we all came in to the bootcamp with the mindset of doing everything sober, and thats what i recommend for everyone.
His whole idea of game advocates that you are enough, and that you dont need alcohol, money or anything else to feel good, but it wouldn't suprise me if he would let someone have one beer just because beer is a fucking good beverage.

About her tests, she also did some none verbal stuff like when she hughed the chodes around her, I could see her looking at me to see how I was reacting to it (jealous etc), and I just kept having fun on my own
and on the one i mentioned above,

Me: I want to hugh you
She: yeah, is that all you want? As in ( yeah so you want nothing of this fine body, and you have no plans of getting into my pants huh?)
Me: I want to hugh you everyday of the week - Just stay unreactive and misinterpret what she is saying. Thats how i beat all of her tests, and thats something that Alex drills into your brain from the first minute of the hotseat and the bootcamp
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