January 17th, 2019
(Notes) Tyler's System for Ultra-High Consistency in The Game
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There are two ways to experience positive emotions.

The Wrong Way (self-image enhancement)
Lots of guys get addicted to self-image enhancement because it actually works - they get results.  As long as your having fun and being sexual, you're going to get compliance from girls.  This is insidious, however, because it makes it that much harder to unhook yourself off the drug of validation.

Relying on self-image enhancement is a terrible way to provide your life with positive emotions.
-It's fundamentally unstable
-Leaves your emotional state vulnerable when your circumstances don't line up your way
-It requires energy that could instead be spent offering value to the world
-It's not a powerful motivator to stay in the game (or any endeavour) long-term

The Proper Way (a combination of...)
-Training yourself to become present to the moment through activities like meditation -
-The principle of "motion creates emotion", following a process that engages you with reality
-Ecosystem of positive emotions (friends, sex, hobbies, reading, meditation, travel, things you like to do) -

Tyler’s process:
-Fully commit to the interaction and do not try; just be congruent.  You'll probably arrive at the venue in an introverted headspace, so instead of resisting it, roll with it: "Hey guys... How's your day going?"
-Open all.  Start the process before your mind starts rationalizing.
-Minimize time between social interactions (jackoff theory). The best way for introverts to transition to extroverted is to JUST KEEP TALKING.
-Never judge yourself.  Every approach is 100/10.  Why?  Because that's just where you're at at the time.  Accept it.
-Find something funny about every single interaction.  Blowouts should build positive emotions.  If you struggle with this, reframe it in your head (What was awesome about that?  What was funny about that?)  Train yourself to find humour.
-Short and sweet early, burn it to the ground later on. For as long as it’s comfortable, you can stay, then mingle with the next set, mingle with the next set. Later when you’re extroverted, burn it to the ground. UNLESS the girl’s down, don’t run away. Don’t miss opportunities by blindly following the process. The process is designed to maximize results, but some times they just fall into your lap.  Enjoy the low-hanging fruits.
-Add a little bit more into every single one.

Following your process should feel fucking good.  What makes it work is THE ENJOYMENT you get out of it. You should LOVE your process.  It’s FUN.  The process is about getting yourself out of your introspective world of thoughts and into the moment.

Training yourself to follow the process is tough.  You'll feel resistance.  It took Owen over a year to really get it down. 

When you notice you’re getting good emotions from the girl, break off. Unhook off the drug.  Become a master of self-generating your own positive emotions. Take total responsibility for your own positive emotions.

As it is said in the Bhagavad Gita, you have the right to the action, not to the fruit of the action.
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Nice!  I have a video that expands on this coming out later today.

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