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Day 54 thru 57 - MASSIVE 363 day challenge. Inspired by Psychopathic
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I recently became inspired by Psychopathics 360 day challenge and I have decided to dedicate the next 363 days to gaming. Lately I've been going out as much as possible and this will help me stay consistent and quit making excuses.

Start date 2/4/2013
End date 2/2/2014

Rules of my 360 day challenge:

1. Go out every day open atleast 10 girls or game for 1 hour minimum.
2. Stay in set for a minimum of 2 minutes
3. Push for a number, day 2, or pull sets over 2 minutes
4. Be dominant, centered, positive and sexual
5. I will restart the challenge if I miss a day
6. Work on side goals atleast 20 minutes a day
8. Document, post, reflect daily

About me:

Name's Tyler from Sacramento, CA - USA.  Pretty much grew up in a smaller town south of the city Elk Grove.  Overtime I seperated myself from my entire social circle and now starting from scratch.  I work Loss Prevention for a major retailer, basically manage operations and catch people stealing.  We are hands on which can be exciting, but most of the time it's boring as hell and it's killing me slowly.  Pay is great which really sucks because it now has become my career after 8 years in.  I am an entrepenuer at heart and working on a few ideas to launch my first business.  The main drawback is the fact that I need income to supplement my lifestyle.  I live on my own in the heart of midtown in a great little 1 bedroom apartment which for the price I wouldn't trade for anything I've seen around here.  Right now I am attempting to jumpstart my social circle, with future plans of doing improv, dancing, and club/party promoting.  I've only had sex with 7 girls in my life, which could actually be 11, but I chose not to do the most recent 4.  They were all SNL's that I pulled escalated, but due to lack of attraction I did not close.  I did those for the process and practice.

Background: Learned about the community about 8 months ago after breaking up with my second long term girlfriend of 4 years.  Met her online, girl before her was supposed to be a one night stand then turned into 4 years of depression.  I once was a heavy drinker among other substances, but have since freed myself of all addictions except sex which I find completely normal.

Experince: Beginner/Intermediate

Strengths: Driven, highly sexual, idealistic, dreamer, innovator

Weaknesses: Dreamer, uncontrollable wandering thoughts(used to think ADD, due to lack of focus but never diagnosed), uneducated(HS diploma and life experience), addicted to good sex(keep FWB's around too long), introverted, little positive past social experience, bad conversationalist.

Aim of this journal: To keep myself focused and give structure to my reflection and game overall.

Short term goals:
1. Get a six pack
2. Become more photogenic
3. Get atleast 5 solid "Cool" and high value male friends
4. Earn more than $50,000 in 12 months

Long term goals:
1. Net worth of $100,000+
2. Become a PUA coach
3. Run and operate my own profitable business
4. Connect and impact everyone I meet by sharing good will, energy, ideas, and beliefs with each one
5. Create a high quality social circle filled with talented individuals

Bucket list:
Hang Glide
Threesome with an "8" or better
Date my perfect "10"
Travel to Florida
Travel to Europe
Travel to Australia
Net worth excess of 1,000,000
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Day 1 - Monday Feb 4th 2013

Stayed at home playing Satrcraft 2 HOTS beta, texting my FWB about how I don't want to hang out for valentine's day, and drinking vodka oj.

Finally around midnight decided to leave the house and grind.  Walked to "Dive bar". Arrived saw a promoter I know, greeted, he said Johnny Knoxville was inside and showed me a pic of them together.  Knoxville exits the bar gets into a cab seems like he's completely lost haha. 

I open a two set smoking. Goes well, but both girls are not my type and slightly overweight.  I go inside and find the bar is packed full of guys with about 85/15 ratio.  I respect the process and start to wake up.  They are playing dubstep and the vibe is awesome.  There's girls in pajamas, I open a two set try to get them engaged but they are with their boyfriends.

Finally spot a 2 set finishing up ordering drinks at the bar.  Open, one immediately is physically attracted and I almost ignore her advances as she is about a 4.  Her friend hispanic brunette is one of the hotter girls in the bar, but still about a 6.  I say to them I should have wore my pajamas and the 6 calls me judgemental.  I take it somewhat serious and try to logically explain to her how there is no way what I said as judgemental.  Then I say that's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard and both girls turn towards each other blow me out. 

I walk away and post up, start observing.  The vibe in this place is always amazing and entertaining.  I get reopened by the chick from outside she is throwing tons of IOI's at me and I just remain chill and throw a witty comment out every so often.  I should have number closed, but the lack of attraction was killing me.

Previous blowout girls see me being social and start orbiting.  They are getting opened by every guy in the venue seeking validation.  They come close to me and keep looking at me.  Eventually they start trying to snap pics and I stop them saying "I charge."  This doesn't go over that well and I go back to my post.  I attempt to open the hotter one again talking about how they must be photographers and some 5'3" dude starts to try to amog me.  hes speaking some random spanish and I say I don't speak spanish, but I can tell he's talking some sort of shit.  I decide not to engage him or validate the girls anymore.

130am I decide to leave there is only one more 3 set with the hottest girl being a 6 and no where near my type.  I start heading for the door and coincidentally the hispanic brunette is walking outside.  I stop her and ask if she's leaving, she say's she's never leaving this place and starts to go back inside.  I was thinking in my head that I just looked like I followed her out and felt creepy even though it was pure coincidence.  This probably threw off my vibe and blew the set even harder.

Things I learned:
- Don't take things girls say seriously, laugh, shrug, ignore, but don't let it affect me.
- Remove all feelings of creepy, I am enough and high value, what I do is not creepy.
- Don't procrastinate and show up late or there will be missed opportunity.  I could have hung out with Johnny Knoxville and invited him out tonight for a decent time in this shitty town.. Life's missed opportunities..
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Day 2 - Tuesday Feb 5th 2013

2030 got home.  Ran and lifted (20 mins+ towards goals)
2130 headed to Mix to try to grab a bite.  My friend james says they have food and hand crafted drinks.  Great spot for a date.

Get to Mix theres 3 people at the bar and the bartender says the kitchen closes at 930.
I go next door and grab a chicken Gyro.  Theres a two set (I didnt find attractive)  I over hear their convo and they talk about how they do stand up comedy.  I start thinking of a million ways to open them and get in my head.  I don't open rationalize by telling myself I will see them again.  I leave, beat myself up for not opening for the sake of momentum on the walk home.

Jump in the car and head to Dive bar.  One of my co workers was djing there tonight which was good.  Talked to him for a moment and probably have a new tuesday spot called Low Brow.
I lean on the back bar and observe.  There are about 12 girls in the entire place and none of them I find attractive.  I waited from 2245 until 2320 just in case some more girls came.  They never came.  Two cool looking guys came in though which I was unable to talk to, they opened one of the girls and stayed in set for a while.  If I see them again I will try to make friends.
Start to leave and see a cute redhead by the door.  I sit down next to her and start talking. I say she looks bored, she says she's boring.  We bullshit for a minute and a guy shows up and tells me I took his chair but i could sit in *points* that chair.  I sit for a bit longer and then say I was heading out anyways.

The mermaid tank at dive bar:

2320 left dive bar to head to Bisla's.
Got in my car forgot to turn on my lights and bam lit up by a cop within seconds.  I think they watched me leave the bar lol.
Luckily tonight I decided to roll completely sober, they harrassed me for a bit, accused me of smoking weed, taking pills etc.  Let me go.

Arrived at bislas around 2335 saw two asian girls enter.  I over hear it's her bday at the door.
I approach the first set I see two over weight blondes.  Goes OK, but I can tell they aren't interested and there is tons of dudes in their set.
I see the two asians at the bar and I open, Happy bday with kino hug. 
I start talking to both and the bday girl is drunk.  She is very interested at first until I start asking what she's studying. 
She goes semi cold, aloof. I continue to push on the friend and two more friends arrive.  One is super fat other is probably my favorite.
I start talking to the new couple and eventually set goes stale.  I leave and say I will come hang out later.
I leave and look for something to open, there is nothing.
I reopen the bday set with the new couple and it goes great until the bday girl comes and grabs them away.  I stand there and say guess were done talking.
They go sit down I go stand at the bar.  Bday girl goes to the bar and I reopen the two.  They light up at first saying heeeey.  I forget their names and tell them I forgot.  Goes over well and we guess what their names are.  I guess pretty well.  They respect that I was honest.
Bday girl comes back in and I open her.  She is so easy to talk to, but I cant keep her attention.  She leaves and disappears, friends eventually decide to go find her.
I go back to the bar.

The full 4set with the bday girl all sit down on the couch.  I wait a few then reopen one last time.
I sit right next to the bday girl and agian it goes well.  Kino quickly but bam she gets distracted.  She gets up and sits between two guys. 
The whole group is watching her and I can slightly hear her inviting the guys to the group.
They get up, bday girl sits down on her friends lap, chode sits between me and the girls.  I sit for a minute, but wasn't engaged from this point.  I get up and leave Bislas.

What I learned:
When solo and gaming a group I need to get chodes to wing so I can isolate.
When solo I need to be more social, talk to more than just hot girls.
I suck shit solo, need to work this out.
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 Good luck, my friend...his thread is legendary...looking forward to following yours.
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 Best of luck sir! I will obviously be following this.
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Day 3 - Wednesday Feb 6th 2013

Usually I'm afraid of picking up at work, but today I opened an indian two set half assed.  I beat myself up since I started to watch a potential theif and they ended up leaving.

Hit Safeway coming home ran into a british girl I met halloween last year.  Exchanged numbers.  No other decent sets in there tonight.

Practiced faces in the mirror, trying to get good photo faces.  Saw my friend in the club tonight making great faces and it gave me a couple ideas.  I'll try it soon.

Shower, play a couple games of SC2, seems to be my sort of meditation release right now.  It's almost like an addiction, probably needs to go.

Head to Mix. Get there at 2245 line is long and I don't want to pay to get in.  Meet my wing Mark. Luckily I see my friend James who I usually go out with Wed.  He works there and let's us cut the line.  Known James from my chode days we worked Loss prevention together, have the same birthday, and became real good friends.  I dont want to  feel like I'm using him to get in, he has a GF and goes out with me, he will wing pretty well too.  There will be future FR reports with him as my wing for sure.  His social prrof is insane, It's definitely better than mine and something I'm working towards.

Had tons of opportunities to open in line, but Mark and I are being bitches.We enter he bounces straight to the bathroom.  I walk around and scope.  Ratio is great, but I don't open, already in my head from the line.  See mark chat it up get outta my head, talk about opening with "I have a small dick." We seperate again and I start opening.  Open a 5.5 sitting outside talk about random shit she turns to me and engages well.  Says she lost her friend.  Her friend comes up and shes a whale.  She immediately has a look of disgust on her face I can tell because I'm sitting there.  I immediately acknowledge her and say "you must be the lost friend, I'm Tyler.  Why do you look upset?"  She says shes in a bad mood then slaps her face. I don't want to be there I leave.  Walk around open randoms nothing hooks, even get a "have a good night."

I'm standing talking to Mark and two girls walk by I don't notice.  He says two gorgeous girls are behind you.. I turn and open immediately,"Hi."  I knock a glass into a planter and say,"oops I just knocked something in there, we will just pretend like it didn't happen."  Blonde tries to look I grab her and say NO, perfect kino i push her away and continue.  The brunette pulls out her phone, " can you take a picture?" Bold eye contact,"Only if you make out with me."  She laughs and says I have a bf.   I grab the blonde and say well then I guess that leaves u and me.  I hold eye contact and then let her go.  Her friend says as an alternative they will make out.  I say fuck that how do I get something from that?  She says, "I don't even know you." I say,"So."  she can tell I'm being serious so I say, here I'm Tyler and you are.."  She says her name and I say now we know each other, grab her head and go in.  She ducks laughs hard and runs away.  I rocket into state, not like a shuttle rocket more like a model rocket.. super fast!  I look for my next target.

Mark wants to know what I did so I tell him the story.

Mark leaves to put his coat in his car.  I go wait outside an incredible two set comes to sit by the fire.  I stand up and go straight over open with, "Hi" laser eyes.  I first can really only engage the cute brunette.  Mark shows up and sits down.  I look at him but don't acknowledge him well.  He sits for a minute while I continue.  I hadn't hooked yet and didn't want to plow into an intro.  He gets up and at this time I stop and call him back. I intoduce now.  The girl says we known each other for years and I say we met hiking on the beach, she says yosimite.  I say was it, wow I was super drunk she was feeding me shots like my brother does.  Mark engages and chills back.  I am chilling super hard on this couch with a pillow, never leaning in, relaxed, nice tone, I feel great.  Bam shit test from the friend, "who the fuck are you." I say I'm "Tyler, Who the fuck are you!" Laser eyes.  She continues to try to intimadate me and I laser eyes stay ICY.  Mark even notices and says are you trying to intimidate him, I engage him and say yep.  She backs down, I don't think she thought it would go that way.  She says theyre lesbian and I ignore and keep talking.  Eventually blonde says they should go back in.  We let them go.

Gotta crash out.. Finish this at work tomorrow.
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 Glad to see you following up on your promise to take action....motivating for me as well....Do you really open with the name "Tyler" ? :P 
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BerlinCity wrote:
 Glad to see you following up on your promise to take action....motivating for me as well....Do you really open with the name "Tyler" ? :P 

Glad I could help.  Yes I really say my name is "Tyler" because it is Tyler. Also I rarely open with my name unless I have no interest in the girl, I usually only give my name when asked.
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Day 3 - Wednesday Feb 6th 2013 Cont.

I chill for a minute talking with Mark.  We wander about.  Mark freaks out because he sees this gorgeous girl.  I don't think she is as amazing, but very proper and clean looking.  He likes girls like that.  I see a two set with a huge fatty and a gorgeous girl.  I walk up as "No Scrubs" is playing.  She starts to walk away as I start to appraoch I grab her and say,"you're not leaving are you?" she says no they are just going to close out the whale's tab.  Mark immediately turns the obstacle away and starts his hardcore plutonic game.  I stare into my beauty's eyes say I waaas going to open her by saying funny this song comes on cause all I see is scrubs in here.  She laughs and I change the subject cause it's not that great.  She starts asking me what I do, I say are you judging me based on what I do.  She actually has a decent answer saying that she is an aspiring business woman with a career and a degree so she is looking for someone of the same caliber.  "I am enough" so I just stay chill and she keeps qualifying.  She then starts begging me what I do so I say, "If its money you're after I don't make shit.  I also have a small dick." holding my fingers up showing an inch. Then I say some stuff about not caring and keep rocking back.  She leans in hard damn near making out with me. She says she has a kid and I say,"he must be the love of your life."  I go into my nephew and how we as a family couldn't live without him even though we told my sister to get an abortion.  She is really engaged in this and keeps qaulifying.  I say she has great qualities and explain to her that usually none of these girls have anything going for them.  They come out to the club seeking validation and free drinks.  I talk about how I'm looking for much more.  She lives 4 hours away and the convo fizzles out.  She tells me "good luck on your search."

I open a few more sets see a promoter friend of mine start talking to him.  We have done some work together and I will be working with him more in the future.  While I'm chatting the blonde from the "lesbian" two set outside motions me over.  I head over and re engage, heavy kino pull her close.  I notice that a chode is gaming them and really blowing the set hard.  I admire his persistence, but he was very affected by what the girls were saying.  The blonde was saying she doesn't let guys she doesnt know touch her.  Then she grabs me and hugs all over.  Eventually both girls back turn him and I pull them both in close.  I continue to game both individually.  I talk more with the cute brunette.  She has amazing eyes they are a light grey hazel color.  She starts asking me what I do and I tell her this isn't club conversation.  I say when we see each other agian we can talk about all this boring stuff.  I say that club conversation is "hey, let's go make out in the corner."  She doesn't like this and it's the turining point in our interaction.  I go back to the blonde we continue to banter. She talks about how she's nice and loving and she smokes lots of weed, so she has a bad memory. I test her memory and she does well.  She keeps giving me these sexy eyes and I just want to become super physical, but I'm thinking it's another one of her shit tests.  She is trying to see if I can remain super chill like before.  I pull the other friend in and we all start talking.  Blonde catches her up and she says she's trying to like me but I'm so secretive.  We start talking agiain and I stick with my frame.  Before I had told her I was 19 so she brought it up agian saying how she didn't want to talk to and be attracted to a 19 year old.  I call her out on her direct comment which made her throw up a super shield.  She gets defensive immediately and now I'm fucked.  She was coming onto me hard and I should have took her some where isolated.  Her "friend" aka super chode causes a slight scene saying he bumped his head and feels like shit.  He sits down and both girls start to baby him.  I walk off.

I open a few more sets, and it's about 125.  Mark and I talk about trying to take the two girls I've been gaming somewhere to eat.  I try for the pull.  I see the blonde on the dance floor getting groped by randoms and I walk up strong hand of god, powerful eye contact and a sexy smile.  She grabs my had and we dance for a minute.  I dont like the space between us so I pull her close then back her up.  This doesn't really work, but I keep pulling her in to talk.  I asked her if she's hungry, she says no, so I say you must be thirsty, she says yes.  I then say we need to grab a drink together after, I'm thinking threesome!  This threesome would be amazing both girls are 7+.  The suggestion of going somewhere goes over smooth and we walk to the bar.  Mark comes up and says "so hey are you coming with us to get something to eat?"  She kinda gets snippy and says, "I'm not hungry."  I step between and say "me niether we are going to get a drink though."  She walks off.  I stay with mark and tell him she's not hungry and so I went straight for the after party pull back to my place.  I see both girls go to the bathroom and bouncers start ushering people out. 

We exit and I wait outside for the two.  They come out with their chode group of friends I chill and don't look towards them.  Brunette comes close and I lean on a railing, reach out my arm and pull her in.  She gives me a hug and I tell her we are hanging out again.  She says yeah only here at Mix.  I say no no for real.  She starts to walk away.  I let her go.  Fuck me.  Walk to Mark's truck recap a bit and plan for tomorrow Day 4 and it's his Bday!  Good FR to come, hope I don't get too drunk!

What I learned:
Crush resistance when going for the makeout to take a photo.  Say just as friends or we all can make out that way it's more freindly.
Don't say I'm looking for anything, instead say it's rare to see, or not common.. I think girls will auto reject as If It's right in front of me and I don't notice they may not think they are high enough value.
When a girl comes on strong treat it as a shit test, stay cool and escalate.  Don't point it out.
Don't think about the outcome, pull escalate and follow the process.
Alcohol gives a sense of fake state.  feels good and can approach, but sober state is an extreme that is much more powerful and people sense it once you get it.
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Day 4 - Thursday Feb 7 2013

Woke up an hour and a half late for work.  Got ready same pace as usual.  Saw a shitty two set at work, but I wanted to practice gaming here so I opened.  They go to Sac state and were buying something for class.  I ejected after a few minutes.

Got off work. Ran, worked out.  Marks Bday today met him after his game at Blue Cue.  There is a girl on his team that I thought was cute.  She is a super tiny Indian girl, but almost reminds me of a mouse by the way she stands.  We stand around talk and about how my brother is trying to flake.  My bro and his friend show up.  Bro is in a full suit and tie, even his little fadora hat, just got off work.  We all socialize for a while.  There is literally no sets to open.  All the girls except for the mousey indian are uggs.  I keep eyeing the indian chick, Mark asks if I want to be introduced, but she was playing beer pong so I declined.

Two girl friends of Mark and my brother show up.  They both have pretty faces, but are pretty fat.  I just stand there waiting for an introduction and it doesn't come.  I just engage them both with sexy eye contact as they speak.  I can tell their intrigue and attraction are increasing every second.  They take Mark to the bar and buy him a shot.  The cuter one of the two bounces downstairs cause her 20 year old ride is waiting.  The other stays up stairs.  I notice the friend eye fucking me so leaning back like a boss I reach out my hand and motion her to come.  At first she's hesitant.  She looks at mark and says your friend is putting out his had.  He say's go over there, pushes her towards me.  At first she's not engaging well.  I introduce myself officially and we start bullshitting.  She came from a concert at a small venue "Ace Of Spades" I have yet to go to, but it sounds amazing.  I might try to see Baby Bash there next friday. I punish her for not being engaging and turn away slightly engaging other people.  She starts fighting for my attention so I reward her by reengaging.  We talk about how I stand up in my car while I drive and dance.  I put my car on cruise control and go to town.  It goes great she tries to get logical and I continue being fun.  I joke around saying that my brother got his girlfriend by consistently feeding her ruphies(roofies?? date drugs) and this hits a sore spot.  She kinda says it's not funny and that she got ruphied before.  I just completely ignore the statement and rethread.  We talk about her trying other drugs.  Great story, but then somehow it circled back to the ruphies.  I called her on it and said how did that come back up she said that's what she was getting to the whole time.  I did not engage the topic further and rethreaded again.

She has to go because the ride is waiting I chill back let her say bye to everyone.  She say bye to me last and I put my arm inside her jacket to give her a hug.  Long hold, and a smile.  She leaves.  Texts mark shortly after saying how hot I am, but she forgot my name. Haha we aren't the only ones that forget.

After this I see the mousey indian chick solo playing with her phone.  I think she's done with beer pong so I open.  She smiles so big and I mention how she has a huge smile.  Her engagement is not good so I ask if she's playing beer pong.  She says yes and I say well I'm not gonna hold your game up.

Mark is super drunk and I don't want him to drive.  We bounce and head to Dive bar.  On the streen I approach two Arabic girls and they immediately ignore me.  I just stand there and continue to plow.  The one to my right pretty much wont acknowledge me at all.  Mark get's super pissed and yells "Fuck this let's go!" I stand my ground and keep plowing, goal is two minutes.  Finally the one to my left says she is in a relationship and the other one is married.  I say well I just came over and said hi not like I came over here with my dick out waving it around saying let's fuck.  I tell them it's Mark's birthday and the girl on my left yells out happy birthday.  We joke how I'm totally the type of guy to run around with my dick out.  They start to leave so I walk away. I see an asian two set, open immediately.  Mark and I try to bring them into Dive bar but they say they just left there and they are looking for food.  We tlak to them and they think they are better than us for some time.  They are Dr.s training to become surgeons.  They talk shit about Sacramento and try to talk down to us.  We remain unaffected and they are rocking like they're trying to leave.  Mark says they are lying and they aren't doctors.  They hotter asian freaks out and engages hard, why, how would he know.  He plays her for a while holding a strong ass frame.  I think he could have went for the makeout multiple times. We end up walking away and the hot one says bye bitches.  We will run into her again, should be interesting.

It is a weird night in Dive Bar, live piano cover music and an older crowd then usual.  There is a nice 4 set with 1 guy.  Mark opens one of the girls and I just lean on the back bar.  I linger for too long and don't approach the rest of the group.  I got in my head and completely bombed.  He comes back says his girl was boring and we leave.

Head to Layalina's text my promoter contact I spoke to last night at Mix.  He acts like he doesn't remember.  We get there and they have a "strict dress code" and trying to charge $10 so we leave, sucks cause it was packed full of horny 18+ girls.  We drive around midtown for a bit looking for another venue.  We see this place with 3 girls sitting outside called Level Up.  I've never been before so we park and go inside.  The girls are all lower than 4's wtf, fat and bugly.  We still decide to go inside.  It's like some underground hip-hop dance party.  Semms chill, but we don't fit in at all.  We go and sit down in some chairs.  A weird ass chick approaches us, shes 32 and overweight.  She starts to tell us she found out she has cancer on sunday, but telling this story with a huge smile.  I say not with that smile and she tells me the whole story.  She is trying to make the best of it which I thought about and I would do the exact same thing, probably even more extreme. She finally leaves because I was saying she's too old to have kids(cancer in her woman parts) she slightly takes offense and says I'm in the same boat.  True, but I may never have kids..  We leave shortly after.  Sorry no pics today, I need to get better about taking photos.  The girfriends took a pic of my bro, his friend, and I so I'll try to get that one and post it.

What I learned:
Holding sexy eye contact dominatly creates loads of attraction.  May even be possible to bring back a blown set with just eye contact and a smile eventually.
Pick up on sicial faux pas.  When people do these ignore, rethread disengage.  Same when they do things I like, engage more and reward.
Open all and don't linger.
Don't game sober when Mark is drinking.  He does 10x better than usual when drunk and it gets me in my head from lack of perfomance.
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.... the photos in this FR needs to be stepped up a  notch... like, come on, you post a photo with your brother's girlfriend? LOL
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