October 21st, 2018
Horse Life - Mid-sized Canadian City - Ready to Start (Progress Journal)
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Horse Life


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Wednesday February 13th – Motown night


Out solo tonight, headed to Motown after a long day at mac. Made a couple approaches in the daytime today which was pretty sick. Just some observational openers and no transition to anything interesting yet. Gonna push myself to do atleast 1 daytime approach per day

Get to the club around 10:45, met a few dudes from the Hamilton pickup circle including Shadowz and his european partner in crime Ales. Legends ;)

Start getting into my early game process, getting friendly and chatting with random people in the bar. Stuff I need to do early to make sure I have a good night

A good thing about tonight was that I pretty much opened as many girls as I could. My opening game is really on point these days and I want to hammer home those skills over the next month or so

Open a two-set near the entrance and build some rapport with both of them. Move on and dance with a couple brown chicks on stage, burning some time and waiting for the club to fill with chicks

See a massive group of girls from mac, grab a tall cutie and turn her AWAY from the group. Dancing pretty close and get physical right off the bat. She says she has to find her friends so I’m like, I’ll see you later but give me your # before you go. Pull her to the corner and get the number (Kaila)

Made a big mistake here that I repeated a couple times over the course of the night. Instead of waiting for the eyes to widen and for her to be into me, I just pulled her face in and tried to go for the kiss. She was like what the fuck is this guy doing and was pretty creeped out. Note: only do this when the girl is actually into you

See a cute older brunette, eye contact and grab her by the hand. Pull her away from the group and onto one of the walls, make out and pick her up. Realize this girl is down to be pulled so I grab her and go to take her upstairs. Walk halfway up the stairs and stop for a WALLSLAM makeout. She’s like “who the fuck is this guy” and keeps asking who I am

Here she drops her purse and I realize this girl is drunk as fuck. Go to pull her upstairs but she literally SPRINTS up the stairs and runs over to a group of dudes. She walks up to a bouncer and tells him to kick me out (wtf?). I play it cool though, calm and tell the bouncer “yeah I fucked her before she’s crazy”. Later I see this girl walking around and she looks like she’s on a mixture of ecstasy and horse tranquilizers

Open a few sets here and there. Shadowz is about to leave but we run through a couple of sets together. He goes in pretty high energy and the girls love it. Gives me some advice about dealing with girlswith boyfriend objections. Big sticking point is I’ll usually always believe a chick has a boyfriend when she tells me. Probably my inner white knight

See a cute blondie on the dancefloor, open her and start spinning her around. Befriend the friends and they let me pull her aside for a bit. Dance intimate and go for the makeout but she pulls away “just kidding girllll”. Get the number (Allanah) and see her a few times over the night. Hang out with her for around 30 mins outside at one point. Super solid interaction

Walk through the venue, see a gorgeous tanned blonde girl and walk up with full entitlement. Grab her hand and turn her away from the group. Her friends literally walk away so I’m all alone with this girl for a good amount of time. Tried a lot of things to move the set forward, we were dancing intimate and I hooked my hands inside her tights at one point but she wasn’t ready to take it further. Kissing her on the neck but her friends show up and steal her away. I’m like “introduce me to your friends” but no luck. Stick my phone in front of her face with add a contact and she puts her name and # in (Christina)

Couple dirty blowouts in between sets. Meet a couple other pickup dudes, made plans to go to 1280 tomorrow with one of the guys to hit up some valentines hotties

Ended the night just chilling and hitting up girls outside the bar. In retrospect I probably should've stayed inside to make sure I go HARD at sets near the end of the night. Some nasty looking girl remembers me from last week and keeps telling me she wants me to come over to her dorm. Tempted but no thanks girl! 

Good night of taking action, head home around 3am

-stuck to my process
-approached all sets, no holding back
-made an effort to get numbers early

-hold back on the tongue down throat game
-boyfriend objections throwing me off
-being reactive when talking to chicks, comes with not being at ease in the environment 
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Horse Life


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Thursday February 14th – Valentine’s Day Massacre

Went to 1280 tonight with one of the dudes from last night, pretty insane night and got a LOT of reference experiences opening a ridiculous amount of sets

I mentioned before that I’m focusing specifically on fine-tuning my approach and fine-tuning my process, which is exactly what I did today. There were a lot of opportunities where I could’ve kicked back with a girl and tried build enough comfort to pull, but I decided to make it my FOCUS to just get the number and leave to hit up more sets

It sucks in the short-term but I know in the long-term my game will benefit a lot more. Fundamentals baby

Get there around 10:30 with my wing, I make a CONSCIOUS effort to talk to as many people as possible early and get my mouth running. Do some free shots with a two-set and then sit down at a booth with another two-set. Easing into the process here

Go to dance with some chicks, open a few girls with “dance-party” and hi-fives. Chicks love high energy vibes as long as you’re not trying to grope them early on. Some slutty girl wants to grind on me so I let her do her thing for a bit and pump my state

See a two-set on the dancefloor, one tall cutie is wearing a scarf so I grab her scarf and start playing around with her. This girl is super high energy (Carly) and we dance around while my wing takes care of her friend. Lead her onto the stage where we dance for a bit, figure out she’s sober and drove her friend down from Burlington

This girl really likes my vibe and I spin her around a bunch. I sense her buying temperature going up and she says to me “I’m not going home with you tonight” completely out of nowhere. This is a usually a great sign cause it means she’s thinking about banging you tonight. Few moves I’ve been using to pump a girls buying temperature

1) While dancing you put your knee in between her legs so she’s straddling you, swing your hips back and forth bachata style
2) If there’s any kind of tension pull her head back and kiss/suck on her on the neck. This gets girls ready to makeout if there’s initial resistance
3) Hook your hands inside either the front or the back of her pants. If you’re up to it you can even slip your whole hand into her pants and grab her ass

Get this girl pumped and tell her to come with me to find the bathroom. Stop her on the way and go for the intense makeout. Make sure to pull back first. Realize she wants to be pulled tonight but I have no spot to pull to. I decide I’ll make up a fake friend and see if she wants to come to my “friends” house which is really just my car outside. She seems down but can’t leave without her girl. It’s still super early so I give up on persisting, get the # and tell her I’ll see her later tonight

Note: Later around 2am I went to go to grab her friend and pull them both together to my buddies place but HE actually says no because he doesn’t think the friend will bang. Fail!

Place is pretty busy and I’m opening girls all over the place. Some girls are cool and some girls are standoff-ish so I give them my patented “get outta here” hand gesture if they’re being retarded

Open up a five-set, mixed girls and guys. This black hottie wearing tights (Kristie) starts giving me some shit for my opener so I focus on her while the friends are occupied. Smoking body on this chick. This girls instantly telling me shit like I can’t handle her and getting really into my space. I isolate her near the group and we start building some chemistry

I’m being super laid back here, not even acknowledging the shit tests. This is the perfect type of girl because once you get through all the bullshit she will actually like you more. Just being super chill and unreactive. She’s like “I’m not gonna give you my number cause you won’t call me”. I’m like “yeah girl you’re probably right” instead of fighting it. I lead her away from the friends and to the bar to grab two waters, then isolate near one of the walls

Go through a few loopholes to get her to start making out. Get really intimate with this girl but I’m constantly pulling back because I don’t want to give her too much. I’m kissing on her neck and reach inside her tights and feel her amazing ass. She’s getting super turned on and her panties are wet at this point. I tell her let’s go to the bathroom but she’s resisting. Try a few other things, tell her we’re going to my friends place (aka my car) to look at some pictures right now and its 2 minutes away. No dice still. I try fingerblasting her from the front but she pulls back again. Frustrating

Her friends find her at this point and I move on to the next set. Get the # before I leave just to get into the habit of doing it

The place is completely packed at this point. I actually lose my wing cause he had to take off at midnight so I get stuck in my head a little bit. Quickly realize I’m being a chode so start opening some hard sets to get myself out of it. One thing I find completely HILARIOUS is when I see a girl making out with a dude and I literally just pull her off of him. Did this probably 2-3 times over the course of the night just cause it makes me laugh

I get some random university guys to wingman me for a bit, I open a group of brown chicks and quickly isolate one of the smaller cuties. Pick her up and she goes into instant attraction mode. Turn her AWAY from the friends and makeout while grabbing on her ass. Her friends see me doing this so they steal her back. I’m laughing my ass off and keep yelling at the group, leaning back while reaching my arms out titanic style. Somehow they give me the girl back for 1 minute (Alyssa). I kiss her again and stick my phone in her face to get the number

Pull some girl off a random dude and lead her to the dancefloor. Try to get her to kiss me (I tell her “QUICK KISS you’ll never see me again girlll”) but she's resisting and saying she has a boyfriend. I know this chick is lying for sure but I hesitate for some reason. All of a sudden this dude in a fucking WHEELCHAIR grabs my girl by the hand and introduces himself. I got cockblocked by a dude ina wheelchair! He wasn't even paraplegic this guy was a quadraplegic missing half of his arms too. Listen to him run some game and it's actually pretty solid, haha

I transition to a girl behind us and build some attraction there as well. I make out her for a second and try to pull her off to the side but she runs away

I end the night basically hanging out in one part of the club, opening any girls that swing by my area. The club closes at 2 and I spent a bit of time trying to pull Carly so lost some valuable time there. All good though, people empty out and I hit up some girls outside with Ales from last night. Nothing really goes anywhere

Head home around 3am

-got into my process early
-approached all, no holding back
-self-amuse to make the game fun while sober
-pushed through some REALLY hard sets and expanded my comfort zone

-end-game needs some work
-there are still some twinges of outcome dependence and being REACTIVE which leads to the girls losing attraction
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Friday February 15th – Hoes and Dirty dogs


Went to a bar called Slaintes tonight, had plans to meet up with Shadowz and his buddy Ales to check out a few places tonight

I got there pretty early so I decided I would start mass texting some of the girls in my phone just to fuck around. Some of my bar numbers are going stale so I figure I’ll try out something new and see what happens. If you’re not going to see the girl again you pretty much have nothing to lose anyways

Text 5 of the girls in my phone “My attraction for you is at an all-time low”, and if they responded I followed up with something retarded like “how could you not know why” and “why are you always like this

1 of the girls didn’t respond, 2 of them were pretty indifferent and 2 of them flipped the fuck out. As the night went on I kept checking my phone and BOTH of these girls were blowing up my phone with paragraph-long messages (huge investment on their part). Figure some girls just love the drama frame and get really into it for some reason. It’s pretty fucking hilarious and funny enough this actually plays into tonight


Wings show up and we mess around for a bit, pop open a few sets here and there. Shadowz give me a hilarious opener to use, something about fucking baby seals which I open a couple sets with. Place is empty so we bounce to a club called 77 down the street. Open a few tough sets on the way including a group of girls in a cab and a two-set as we're driving by

Get some advice from Ales about running small-town game. Hamilton is not the biggest city so you end up running into a lot of the same girls and need to culture that identity as the “fun cool guy” rather than the hardcore pickup dude. Need to really focus on framing the interaction in a positive light especially if you're bagging chicks on the regular

The club we show up at is DEAD so we muck around and chill out for a bit. I open a gorgeous lil brunette in a tiny dress and get pretty close before some dude pulls her off me. Over the course of the night I opened a lot of sets (probably around 10-15) but no realistic options to pull or take things further with any of them. Messed things up with one CUTE redhead who was into me but I played it too aggressive and lost her around 1:20. We stay at this club till about 1:40 before hitting up Hess for some streetgame

Funny thing, while I was in the venue I see the hot black chick from last night (Krystal) who I tried to pull. This was the SAME girl who was blowing up my phone with all of these crazy dramatic texts. She instantly grabs me and starts telling her friends “this is the fucking asshole from last night”. I tell her “you ruined everything, we could’ve had it all but you messed it all up” and all of this super retarded dramatic verbage. Grab her face and go for the makeout. She’s getting REALLLLLY into it and people around the club are like what the fuck is going on

I throw her up against the wall and start stroking her telling her she’s a dumb fucking and she lost the best guy that’s ever come into her life. This is really fun my heart is actually racing as I’m doing this. This goes on for a bit, I tell her she doesn’t even know how to get a guy off and she reaches in my pockets stroking my dick with her two hands. Obviously it doesn’t end up in me pulling her to the washroom (fml) and I literally dismiss her and tell her to go fuck herself. LMAO

I called her later in the night to be like “I’m sorry baby I really like you” but her friend picked up and told me I’m an asshole and I made her cry. Must’ve taken it too far. Fun while it lasted, girl

We drive down to Hess street. I open up a set with this tiny cutie and her tall friend, they’re both receptive and I spin em around and get a makeout with my girl. Shadowz pops in and take the taller one and we hop into a cab and bounce to a food spot. These girls are belligerent yelling at the cab driver and shit, and we end up stranded at a closed Mcdonalds in downtown Hamilton

As we get there it’s cold as fuck and these girls are losing state. We’re trying to operate the pull but I’m 90% sure my dick doesn’t work in the freezing cold and 2) theyre both starving and not HORNY. I go to pull my girl behind a fence for 5 minutes to isolate but get lost along the way and she grabs her friend. Fuck!

Pull goes stale and the girls are being retarded so me and Shadowz ditch and make our way back to hess. Pretty hilarious reference experience. I # close some chick at the poutine place (Annette) and we take off to grab some food. Eventually head home around 3:30

Fun night and picked up a lot of information

Note: It was pretty awesome to see other pickup guys in action, gives me a good vision for where I need to take my game in the future. Shadowz game is pretty fucking solid and you can really notice how comfortable he is being in set. One thing I noticed these guys have the ability to do is

1) quickly realize when the set is hooked and when to start moving things forward
2) quickly look at a situation and determine where its likely to go. Almost like a social intuition for how things will progress with certain types of girls

Fun stuff, also realized I need to go into the game with a clear visualization of what I want to be able to do. Always good to have that mental picture and work towards it

-epic first PULL! 
-had a blast and enjoyed the process
-approached all, no holding back
-self-amuse to make the game fun

-listening to other guys speak in bars makes me realize my tonality can use lots of improvement
-be more dominant
-get the girls invested
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Saturday February 16th – Comfort game


Out solo tonight, felt kind of sick and lazy but no way am I staying in on a Saturday. Do a short little workout and force myself to go out. Leave the house and get to the bar around 11:40

Watched a video by Brad called “small town game” and he talked about the aspects of living in smaller town where you’re likely to see the same people over and over again. He talked about the need to frame relationships in a certain way and the benefits of having a more “sniper style” approach to pull girls. Thought I’d try it out tonight and see what happens

As I go out there’s this feeling that I need to find a wingman tonight or I need some kind of a friend to go with me. I realize this is just my brain being fucking lazy and not taking responsibilities for my own emotions. Instead of texting a friend I decide to plow through and get my night started on my own

Bar is pretty packed as I get in there. Start chatting with random dudes and making jokes, people are somewhat receptive and I loosen up a little bit. I regress and hang out for a bit by the bar until this fat chick taps me on the shoulder. She knows me from Motown and we start joking around. I follow her group outside, open and vibe with them for a bit. Tell them I’m too shy to dance alone (it’s true) so they GRAB me and tell me to come dance with them. Dance with chubby and her friends and then transition to another group of girls. After that group, I dance with another group of girls. Finally some good music comes on and I’m vibing pretty hard with the venue

All of a sudden I’m OUT of my head (took about 30 minutes) and approaching sets as I’m walking out the bar. Gotta trust the process baby. Big smile on my face as I walk down the street towards the next bar

See the dude I went to 1280 with (Drew) on the street and we decide to enter Diavolos to see if any chicks are around. The place is actually pretty packed and I open a few sets here and there. After a bit of dancing I see two CUTE brunettes with glasses (Mindy and Katie) lined up on the wall

Rocky approach but managed to land the plane and get the girls to meet me. There’s two fat 30 year old looking dudes hovering by them and they start AMOGing me telling me to get the fuck out and stuff like that. These dudes are clearly chodes and I look over to the girls and give them eye code like “really?”. She’s like “sorry that’s my brother he’s being protective” and I get her to introduce me

I decide this is the set I’m going to stick with tonight and try to pull. Get them to dance with me on stage and put my jacket down to start getting comfortable for a long bout of comfort building. I realize I need to find my wing so that he can deal with the girls friend, so I take my girl (Katie) and lead her around the club to come with me and find him. As I’m leading her around I’m also giving out birthday hugs and engaging strangers which is pretty hilarious

We head upstairs and I find Drew and introduce him to the girls friend. It’s ON right off the bat and the four of us are having a blast. For over the next hour we isolate and dance with these chicks to try to pump up their emotions enough to get a pull home. My girl is sober as a nun and I buy her a drink near the end of the night cause I wanted her to loosen up a little bit

Everything was set to operate the pull but the girls decided NOT to come over after the bar was closing. Pretty annoying but these two were pretty damn sexy and my wing and I were happy to have isolated for so long

Some reasons I think I may have botched the pull with my girl

1) Too needy. Didn’t project the “care-free” vibe that Tyler talks about is necessary to pull a stunner home
2) Outcome dependent. I was playing for a pull and this was likely sub-communicated to the girl. In the future I should give off the vibe like “I’m going to this afterparty and it’s gonna be so much fun. You can come if you want to”
3) Wasn’t playful enough. I realized at the end of the pull I was being more playful and outcome-independent and got her to laughing and eventually kissing me

All good though. Great reference point for the future

We leave Diavolos around 2:30 and hit up the streets to open some chicks. See Shadowz and Ales who are leaving one of the other clubs, so we bounce around and run some street game till about 3:15 or so

Head home with wood and a single phone # but still feeling great. Stuck to my process and followed through with my plans so couldn’t have asked for more

-fine-tuned my process
-tried out sniper/comfort building game
-took responsibility for my own emotions

-being reactive and not proactive with chicks
-got punished for being outcome-dependent!
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Tuesday February 19th - Focusing my thoughts

I've been in a different city for a few days now, visiting my sister and taking some time to evaluate my life goals as well as future ambitions. It's something I've meaning to do and has really helped me narrow my focus in terms of want I want to accomplish in 2013.  I
alked about having a long-term vision earlier, and for PICKUP this is what I am setting for myself now rather than later. 

Looking back from 2014, what do I want to say about this year?

-worked on process fine-tuning
-worked on verbal game
-worked on leading
-worked on pulling
-went out 3/4 nights a week even for 20 minutes a night
-learned how to approach during the day
-learned how to work the phone
-got my first cold-approach lay
-got a rotation of women going

Long term vision

What do I want to be right now? 

I want to be the guy who makes every girl he meets feel incredible. I want to be the guy who people notice when he walks into a room. I want people to feel my presence, and to wonder where I am when I’m not around

I want to culture as much knowledge as possible while I’m on this earth. I want to have amazing, deep relationships with everyone in my life. I want to be able to express my emotions 100% clearly with the people I interact with. I want my friends to know how much I value them, and I want stunning girls to know that I want to bang their brains out

I want to be in tune with how I’m feeling, and know what it takes to build my own personal state from the ground up. Most of all, I want to be able to take ACTION when I feel as though it’s not the easy thing to do. I want to be able to take the HARD route because I know it will make me a better man in the end

I want to be able to enter a room and pin-point the girl I want to meet. I want to have quality women in my life, and be able to take a stunning girl home for mutual fun with no expectations. I want be that intense, solid man, and to meet a lot of cool people and have it become a normal part of my life

This is my vision

This is what I am working towards

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Horse Life


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Tuesday February 19th - Daygame and pushing your comfort zone


I realized that simply going out at night-time is not going to be enough for me to reach my goals. ESPECIALLY if I want to meet the higher quality girls and avoid turning into a man who relies on clubs or bars to meet women. Basically, I don't want to turn into a one-dimensional character. There are only a subset of women that go to bars regularly and I'd be lying to myself if I don't take action towards approaching and attracting women in the daytime

My game-plan is to watch a couple of Todd's videos on approaching the day (these are so fucking money) and take notes on both so I have NO excuses not to approach. At the end I'll make an action plan for doing my approaches so that I can follow through

Video 1: Stop being a daytime chode

Video 2: Mastering moving sets

Key is eye contact and smile
100% belief that set will open

1) Use a false time constraint if they seem nervous or in a hurry so they won’t feel you are going to take up their whole day
2) Go more conversational rather than super direct if they seem NERVOUS or not into the conversation initially
3) Make sure your persistence is PLAYFUL, not just pushy
4) You can trick them into a conversational hook through things like cold reads or other “intrigue tactics” which can buy you some time
5) Realize that not every girl will like you

Logistics of the stop

- you want to actually STOP the girl, don't do the half mile walk to nowhere
- always open about 5-10ft from the girl if she's walking towards you
- start talking the second you make eye contact
- you must get the girls attention if they are not facing you (tap on the shoulder works, or step in front)
- plant your feet, don't chase after them (they will RUN) and use your voice to chase
- loud voice, be louder than necessary to get their attention
- if they get startled, pretend they startled you "whoaa don't scare me girl"

- cut the space between you two in a comfortable way
- making it as comfortable as possible for the girl to meet you
- Hook and talk, quickly figure out what she's up to for the day 


Situational, some random shit you see 
Excuse me, hey you looked interesting wanted to say hi
Hey, you were cute and I wanted to say hi
Hey, I wanted to meet you
Hey I'm horse
Hey I dig your shirt, shoes, jacket etc.


My action plan is to cold-approach 3 girls a day before I am allowed to go home from my university. This is with the EXCEPTION if I am strapped for time or need to do an assignment or lab that I won't do it. I am driving home from my sister's town tomorrow, and I'm going to stop at some random malls to get the first few direct approaches out of the way and see what happens

Thank god for RSD so I have some weirdos to share this with

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Wednesday February 21th – Motown love


Got back to Hamilton tonight from visiting my sister. Pretty productive trip, also checked out a few places including London and University of Western where I might be moving this summer. Had plans to stop by the mall in London to do some daygame but my schedule got messed up and I had to rush back to Hamilton. Only lesson there is to manage your time properly ;)

Went to Motown tonight solo. Usually I go early around 10:30 but I left the house late and got there at 11:15 to greet a MASSIVE lineup. This venue is pretty notorious for its Wednesday nights but didn’t expect this many people on a winter night

My only criteria for success tonight were 1) get into my process and 2) have fun

Get there, immediately start chatting and join a group of girls near the front of the line. Get them laughing as I tell them they’re my new entourage for the night. I hang out with these girls for a bit, one of them is SUPER drunk and looks like she wants to eat my face. Her hot friend is like “hey the bouncer wants to let us in if we all pay $10” but I decide fuck it I’d rather wait the 15 minutes for no cover

They bounce and turns out I wait in line for over an HOUR total trying to get in. Entertain myself with the random people around me. Lesson: get there early

Get inside around 12:15, see Ales there and he has a big smile on his face cause the venue is filled with girls. He's pumped to see me and is like "AHHHH finally my wingman has arrived" hahaha. We run around I get some chicks to grind on me to pump my state. Opening sets on the dance-floor but no hooks cause I don’t have that party vibe yet

I see this MASSIVE girl with a top hat and aviators that I remembered from last week. I'm like, "GIRL, YOU GET ON STAGE NOW" and lead her on stage. Dance with her then grab some cuties and we all jump on top of some tables and start dancing like crazy. Fun times 

Open a CUTE redhead that I met in line. Skinny and small with huge tits on this girl. She was showing me all these signs of interest but mentioned early that she had a boyfriend. This is still one of my BIGGEST sticking points because I always believe a girl has a boyfriend! Other pickup dudes were laughing at me like “dude, no girl ever has a boyfriend” but I still get fucked up by it

I pull this girl in and she is super in love with me. She’s looking for her friends so I tell her we’re going to find them together. Lead her around the club, she’s grabbing my arm and squeezing my hand while were walking. We stop on the dancefloor and she starts grinding pretty dirty on me. Oh my god I wanted to fuck this girl so bad

We find her friends and I tell her “introduce me to your friends” which she does. Her friends like me and are giving me hints that I should isolate and so I take her outside alone. This is where I messed up. Instead of being cool and collected I kept trying to hype up the interaction (overqualifying myself) and ended up losing her without a kiss OR number

In retrospect just a complete fucking disaster. Should have listened to my gut and went for it. I kept thinking in my head “oh she has a boyfriend it’s not gonna happen” which is ultimately why I blew myself out. Definitely something to work on in the future

Over the course of the night I open a ton of sets inside. Some fun interactions and some NASTY blowouts. Some girl actually flipped me off and a few girls gave me the “fuck off” right off the open. All good I’m still desensitizing myself to the night time bullshit. Pickup isn’t all glory!

Nothing particularly noteworthy except I did my patented “pull girl off of chode” and made myself laugh. Also danced with a few hotties and tried to isolate for the number but didn’t work out

Night flies by and I end up chilling with Ales and some pickup dudes outside as the bar closes. Open a two-set, one Belgian hottie and her 6/10 friend with big tits. Ales wings me with the Belgian and I isolate the 6. She’s loving me, get a quick kiss/hand inside her shirt and I decide I want to pull this girl to get the experience

Make a lil mistake here. Her friends were all going to a food spot in a cab so we couldn't roll out together. Tell her we’re gonna hang out tonight and to give me her number for afterwards

She actually DID text me later in the night and wanted to meet up, but Ales tells me it’s a bad idea to leave the pull stale for so long and I should’ve tried to give her a ride in my car to the food spot. OR I could’ve just fully assumed it, hopped in their cab and went with them. Makes sense

Head home around 3 

-worked on my approach game
-got into my process

-get there EARLY next time
-manage your time properly
-do NOT believe boyfriend objections until given proof
-no half-assed approaches
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Friday February 22th – 77 and Hunchback game


Whattup dudes! Got back from my snowboarding trip yesterday. Had a couple nasty wipeouts that left me hobbling around today. Creepin on girls all hunched over like Gollum in the club ;)

Excited to go out tonight and work on some ideas. Tonight I had two things in mind

1) Have fun
2) Slow it down with the girls you enjoy

I say have fun because I noticed I’m getting into this weird zone when I’m out solo and trying to approach girls and get them to like me. Getting too attached to the approach and emotionally affected when the girls blow me out

This means I’m taking my approaches too seriously and not finding the HILARITY in the situation. My focus was to find something funny about each approach

Secondly, slow it down simply because I’m overqualifying myself too much with girls. Also known as putting on an ACT or not believing you’re enough. Need to tune these behaviours out sooner rather than later

Now onto tonight…

Went to 77 to meet up with Ales, get there super early around 10:30 or so. Club is empty, literally zero people in the club. The girls at the front stamp me and write the number 1 on my wrist. Amazing

Chill the fuck out for a bit, chat with the bartenders until Ales shows up. Open the one set of 3 fatties and it doesn’t really go anywhere. We talk to the staff and they tell us we can head down the street to the attached club (country bar) called Dirty Dogs for no cover

A recurring theme over the course of the night was that I wasn’t “in state”. I was approaching girls selectively and sniper-like which was interesting for the most part. It’s definitely very different because you aren’t in the height of momentum when you are approaching

Chat with a small black chick (Chessie) whos in town from Toronto. Spend some time together and get her to introduce me to her friends. Focusing on SLOWING it down here and just saying exactly what I feel in the moment. I lead her to the bar upstairs and we grab two waters. A big problem was I couldn’t hear what this chick was saying so our convo was staggered and low energy at times. She was still drawn into my vibe and I get the # on pretense that we’ll see each other later in the week

Me and Ales are entertaining ourselves, rocking the Eiffel tower and double grinding on random sloots. Some chick is dancing on me and keeps smashing into my bum leg which KILLS. I just grab her and throw her onto Ales, haha

Open a few sets here and there. Dirty Dogs is a horrible venue for pickup because all the hottest chicks are dancing on stage coyote ugly style. Kinda puts all the dudes in a beta frame cause they’re staring up at these chicks shaking their asses

Eventually we get fed up and bounce over to Hess for some crippled streetgame at 1:00 am. I hobble my way down the street and we hop into one of the free bars (Diavolos) for a bit. See the two glasses girls from last week (Mindy and Katie) and catch up fairly quickly. Open two two-sets and both fizzle out quickly. One group of girls knows Ales and are yelling at him cause he fucked one of their friends, LMAO

Later I walk into one of the bars solo and see this 6/7 wearing a tight black dress at the bar. Small waist, nice body and fishnet stockings but meh face. She’s by herself, I open and it’s instantly on. I mess around with her and try to QUICKLY lead her around the corner so we can get close. She’s saying no and her friend rolls up. I lean back, introduce myself to the friend and tell her “I think your friends really cute, do you mind if I steal her for a bit”. The friend is okay with it but my girl is drunk and not concentrated at all. I lead her to a wall and she starts dancing pretty shitty on me. Her big booty is falling out of her dress and she’s texting so I tell her to focus and dance better. No go, I try to get a hand into the dress but she pulls back. Lean in for the kiss but she pulls back again. Try a few other things and get blown OUT!

Spend the rest of the night doing some streetgame. Chatted up a super cute art girl (Bronwyn) and got the # on pretense of going to an art show. Meet a few community dudes who look like they go out regularly, will probably be seeing them around. Head home around 3am

Note: Even though I didn’t pull or get any solid #s I learned a lot tonight. Mainly, it’s SUPER fun to view every interaction in a positive way. I basically forced myself to laugh after every approach and it made my night so much funner. Definitely gonna use this from now on. Also learned a bit about gaming “out of state” or approaching chicks when you aren’t fully on and making it work

-stuck to my goals
-had fun, drew state from within
-approached MOST

-lacking intent, not putting my dick on the table
-didn’t burn sets to the ground late
-buy a cane for street game
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Man!  I've always wanted to bring a cane for street game.  Totally doing this nex time I'm in the Hammer.  
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Saturday February 23th – Sizzle 2 hour quick hit


Still rocking the bum leg. Went to a club called sizzle from 11-1 with my buddy for his birthday. Spent a good part of today procrastinating on my work and felt pretty shitty about going out. Decided I would leave early and stay up late doing work to make up for it

Note: My old oneitis came with our group, spent a good year obsessing over this girl. Completely over her and feeling pretty damn good about myself. She also gained 10 lbs which was pretty fucking awesome

Ales is in tonight, we go in on a cute two-set and they’re instantly hooked. One of the girls says she just got out of a relationship and the other looks like she wants to maul my face . Chat and vibe with these girls for about 20 minutes, they’re into us and so we make plans to meet up later in the night. I had to leave early and they were super receptive so I’m gonna try to set up a double date with these chicks

Mixed set, two girls one guy. One chick is a CUTE petite brunette with huge blue eyes. I hook this set by just approaching the dude and saying what’s up. Tell some funny stories and my target is trying to chime in so I tease her for it. See them later in the night and I isolate this cutie (Haley) and tell her she’s gonna be my little sister for the night. Spend a good chunk of time with this girl and lead her ALL around the club. Take her to meet my friends, take her to the side-room, take her to the top floor, bar etc.

This girl is 19, cocky and a hairdresser. I’m leading her around but it feels like she isn’t really that in love. We're holding hands and dancing in random places but SEEMS like she's kind of just coming along for the ride and not really that invested. I qualify her a bit (“you’re really adventurous, I love girls that know how to have fun”) and pull her into me but sense her being hesitant. I can tell she probably won’t make out with me but I decide I’ll try it and see what happens. This MAY have been the wrong move but this girl seems like she has lots of orbiters and I don’t want to get friendzoned early

“Let’s do something crazy”, pick her up and spin her into a dark corner. Eye contact and lift her hands above her head (my go-to makeout move). She pulls away at this point and I was like “haha neverminddd girl”. It’s obvious there was not enough polarity but still glad I pushed the interaction. She's already texting me so we'll see how this one goes

Pop open a few sets here and there but nothing really sticks. See a ton of pickup dudes and they're just having fun on the dancefloor. Fun to see other dudes doing their thing ;) Get one sweetie’s number whos in town from Halifax. I was like when are you leaving Hamilton and she said “I’m leaving tomorrow night” and was visibly blushing. Such a cutie

Had to leave though so I just take off with my sense of validation intact. Run down a couple two-sets on my way back to my car and get called creepy by at least one girl in both sets. Lol this literally doesn’t even faze me anymore

Hobble over to my car and drive back home. Getting ready for a week of intense studying

-approached females
-had fun in every set
-pushed comfort zone with a couple hard approaches

-lacking polarity
-burn sets to the ground
-finish work on time to be able to go out late
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