January 16th, 2019
After A Fully Committed Relationship For 1.5 Year I'm Getting Back Into Game
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Allright. I've been thinking about this. Fuck. Gonna keep it short. My name is 17, I'm 21, live in Belgium, I love to workout, I eat super clean, I love reading, I love talking about myself, I have low self-esteem, I'm learning spanish, don't have much experience with girls, have a huge ego, been going out for 1 year and not approaching, i have massive approach anxiaty but at the same time I almost never step up. Yeah, that was quick. I probably approached 15-20 girls in a year of going out 2 nights a week. Not much. I got this habit... I just fall into it every time I get in the club/bar. So, yeah. Not cool. I've been reading "The power of habit" by Charles Duhigg. Really interesting. Really scary as well. He says that once you learned a habit, it never goes away. All you can do is write another one over it. That's why I'm fucking here. I wanna change this shit.

Step 1 : What do I exactly want ?

Great question ! I dunno... My goal is abundance. I want to be able to date the girls I'm attracted to. I want to go out and have a blast. I want to live things and expend. I want to learn. I want all sort of things. But, to stay with pickup, I want to be able to date those kind of girls. My fucking dreams girls ; Bar refaeli

Kate Beckinsale

Angelina Jolie

Emma Watson

Yeah. That would be the "goal". I'm not in it to get a girlfriend, although, if I do meet a girl I'm into, I'll try to make it happen. But right now, the goal is abundance. It is fun. How will I measure it ? When I will be seeing different girls that I like, and without hurting anybody. I'm no asshole. 2 girls is my goal for now. My goal for now, is to girl "in the rotation". I don't like putting it that way, but it's the only way, that i can see, to define my goal precisly. Or, to go with a more subjective way of getting my goal ; feeling abundance. Not caring. Having fun. Trusting my ability to meet a cool, smart and cute chick anytime I want.

Step 2 : What is the deadline ?

Well... I hate deadlines, coz' I never respect them and I always get fucked over. It's hard to put a deadline on this. But, the clubs I go to are closing in june. It gives me 4 months. To attein my goal of seeing 2 girls at the same time (fuck, it really sounds like I'm a loser or something) I have till the last day those clubs are open, which is 23 may 2013. This is my deadline. 23.05.13.

Step 3 : What can I do to achieve this goal ? What will be the difficulties ? Who can help ?

Going out. Meeting people. Doing extra-stuff, like theatre, yoga. Who gives a fuck ? Just going out and interacting with people. The difficulties will be that, well, I'm me. Yey ! One point for positivity. Seriously, I'm really afraid of approaching girls and letting them know that i like them. Super afraid. Like Julien says, I'd like to pick her up without her noticing I'm picking her up. That's just the way I've been raised. Whatever. Not gonna cry about it. Just gonna change it. The clubs are only open 4 days a week and I've lessons every morning, so it's annoying. I live at 15 minutes by car from the club, so I can't drink if I'm going home. Could be considered a good point. I don't have a lot a friends who go out. Well, I don't have a lot of friends. Ahahaha ! So I might have to go out alone which I find super creepy. People who can help me ? Well, wings. I can tell them exactly what I want. I can go around and ask people to go out. Make stuff happen. Basically, I have to find people who want to go out.

Step 4 : What do I have to do first ? What is more important ?

Well, the most important is to go out and step outside my comfort zone while, at the same time, taking it easy and just not giving a fuck. Yeah, that's about it.

Step 5 : Practically ?

My goal is to step out of my comfort zone as often as possible. For that, I'll be going out at least 2 days a week, and, every night I go out, i will approach at least one girl. Approach means talking. Talking means opening my mouth and making sounds. Every time I'll be in the street, I will make eye contact with at least one attractive girls, fattys dont count. I'm super afraid of eye contact on the street with stranger. So, this practically stuff is really doable. Will I attain my goal with it ? I don't know, but I'll try. Plus, I can always raise the bar (but it doesn't go down). Allright. Time to go have fun "Do something, every day that moves you in the direction of your major goal" Brian Tracy
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Monday 29.01


That's what I call having fun.

Went out with 3 friends.One of them is into pick up but not rsd. Whatever.

Got drunk. Screamed on the street.



Woke everybody up in the city.

Fucking fun.

Then, got to the club. I gotta say, I just stayed with friends at first. Too scared to approach.
But when we got inside, I found myself talking to a cute italian girl. Awesome. Could have done more^^ I just said the same things over and over. I was "mad" because she cant speak spanish.


I started the game "I throw you in set, then you do it to me" to the dude who is into pickup. Mad fun. He send me on girls with boyfriend. Their boyfriend were right next to the girl. Super fun. They were trying to push me away.

Just ignore.


They tell me to fuck off. I laugh at that. They were pissed I think. SO sad.

Then we go outside, and I meet the girl of the night. Just vomit Bullshit. Like totally random shit. I forgot her name many times, called her by a different name, etc etc. She wasn't cute tough. Would have fuck but i wouldn't have make a date with her. Nice body.
I stayed with her for... I dunno. Too long. I was bored. I was hesitating between pulling and leaving. I was having so much fun with my friends.
The girl kept telling she was sleeping alone tonight. I kept vomiting gold. She kept telling she had to meet her friends. I was just ;

"No. You stay with me. Come".

But... Shit. She really wasn't the kind of girl I want.

Then, I leave her. I actually was, in my head "I hope she won't take it badly that I dont keep trying to fuck her. Fuck, she wants it but I wanna have fun. Not having fun here".

How can you not laugh at that ?

Got back to my homies. Approach approach. Told me to fuck off. Ahahah. Girl, comon.

Then, i see a super cute girl, who is actually in the same course as I am (A year under, but last year, we were in the same class, 300 hundred people). Super cute. Like... Super cute. So, I stop her. She is sober, of course, and I'm drunk like hell. Asked her 3-4 times her name. Ahahaha. I kind of feel embarassed about that. Then, I dunno, she just kept looking at me with her big eyes and i started to lift her up and shit. Tellling her she's super cute. She's like "I gotta meet my friend" and i was like "I'm your friend"...

Sounded better in real life.

Then her boyfriend comes. Fuck.
I had already see the guy, he was too in my class. The kind of guy who got his shit together. So, he's just like "yo, wassup". Introduce myself, then bounce.

Approach approach. It doesn't open or they leave. Always looking for their friends. Gotta find something against that.

Et voilà. Towards the end, we walked back with two girls. Not really cute, but I would have fucked one of them. The girl I was hitting on. Didn't happen. Didn't burn it to the ground. Bad 17, it's bad 17. Burn it to the ground.


Great night. I had a lot of fun.

I think that I'm really uncalibrated, I need to work on that. I just start lifting girls up really soon in the interaction. I got shot in the balls two times that night. It hurts man

I didn't manage correctly the booze. I drank too much. I wasn't dying and stuff, but i was really drunk. Next time, sober or much less alcohol. One bottle of sangria max (it's like a bottle of wine).

Going out is about having fun (and getting laid) but if i don't really want to do day2s with the girl I'm trying to fuck, i might as well stop and get back to the party. I failed at that. I just stayed with that girl, the logisitics were good (she lived at 10 minutes walk) but she had friend (altough we totally lost them) so yeah. I should have go for it instead of hesitating. If it fucks up, who cares ? At least its fun. Waiting that the girl gets bored because you don't want to hurt her feelings is... well. Fuck.

--> one bottle of sangria max

--> If I get bored with a girl, try to pull. Try to fucking pull. Don't hesitate and go for it bitch. Try to pull. Take her hand and leave the fucking place. Burn it to the ground. Tease her. Fuck, go heavy. No fear. Who cares ? 

Pull, pull, pull, pull. Try to pull. Pull. Pull. Hardcore. Have fun. Play with it.

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take" Wayne Gretzky
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Condoms ?


Ready to go out now
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I gotta say, this is kind of funny.

So i went out with a friend, sober, who is not into pickup, thinks it's weird, etc etc. It's the only guy I know who wants to go out, so you know, I went with him.

Not cool.

Not fun.

I tried to get him to play sort of games, like, "i punch you if you don't approach a girl within 30 sec" and stuff like that. Well... Didn't work.

My criteria for a successful night is one approach. One.

I did two.

So why do I feel like a loser ?

Allright, they last like 30 seconds each. But, I can't control that. I can't be proud of myself for that. It's amazing. According to my "goals", it was a successful night but I feel it was a failure.

Fuck. It's good I approached, but i feel like it wasn't enough.


This is deep bullshit. Just enjoy.

It's good i had the balls to walk up to two girls. I gotta keep going like that.


One approach is everything I need to have a successful night. Even if it's not fun.

Once you made the first approach, approach another one as quickly as possible. Then again. DOn't lose time
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Going out with a new crew tonight. I wonder how it's gonna be.

I'm actually kind of nervous about it.

I want it bad, but I want to go out with wings. I want to go out with guys who want the same thing as me.

And, well, the guy I've been going out with for the last year doesn't fit that category, but I have nobody else to go out with. So I hope I'll meet guys who want to go out. Or I'm fucked.

I really don't like scarcity.

It's amazing it's so tough to find guys who want to fuck women and step the fuck up.

Whatever, gonna check it out. If it doesn't work, I always can go out alone, with other people or make people go out (that would actually be good).

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 Your first night was one the be envious of :D Seems you had lot's of fun, also your balls got a new experience :D
My Field Reports Thread Me-vs-Me - New Hope
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Me-vs-Me wrote:
 Your first night was one the be envious of :D Seems you had lot's of fun, also your balls got a new experience :D
Yeah, it was a cool night.

But yesterday was even better :D

I don't know where to start...

Well, I got drunk, again. But fuck, when I'm drunk, I become a machine, a sex machin. Scary shit.

I lift and ran away with 4 girls that night. They were with their friends, we were talking and I was being kind of agressive, i lift them and then, i ran.

So funny to hear the screams of the girl and the friends running after you.

They love it.

I love it.

We love it.

Pure love.

I began the night at 9p.m. So quite early with a guy into pick up. It's chill. Then I go meet a girlfriend for her birthday. Lots of girls. At this point, I'm still nice. We're just messing around. I'm teaching them to pose like a bodybuilder. They look ridiculous.

I look awesome :)

So cute to see them putting the chest out.

Then get back to my pickup friend who is with his buddy. They're 3, talking to 2 lesbians. Go in and, I'm sorry about that, blow them out. Take the girls, leave, hugs and shit. Try to kiss, but no go. Lesbians^^

Then, we leave. Go to the club.

I'm in the fucking zone.

Approach approach.

Don't stop, blow out and wathever.

Got in. Fuck I feel good.

I see that girl who is with me in class. Actually, she sees me. Calls me. Super cute. Fuck, she's cute. Latino man.

Isolate her, don't know how that happened, by the way. I think her friends just left her with me.
So, I start to spit gold (aka bullshit), hug her, lift her, go the dancefloor, grind her. She's not having it, she lost her friends. At this point, I'm kind of pissed.

I want to do stuff, but i cant because she's in class with me, and it would be weird if I get rejected (i didn't trust much in my chances to hook up with her) and the "I lost my friends" starts to piss me off. So I try to leave the place with her, loose her hand, don't turn back (saw her later and asked me for a beer that she would repay me... the fuck ?)

I feel so good. Shit. Lost my friend. Cant call them, too much noise, cant text.

Find them, awesome.

Approach approach.

I throw them in sets. One seems to do good. But he's pissed about the fact he cant choose the girls. That dude didn't understand the principle of this game obviously. Sad. Not a problem for me.

Approach approach.

Blown out, dont stop.

Then, an interesting interaction with a super cute blondie. I throw my buddy in, gets blown out. Tries a second time, blown out. So i go.

She's in love. I tell her to say "fuck off" and show the finger to guys if she wants them to leave. Throws me the finger. Bitch. Asked for her name anyway. Then she tells me it was for my friend, i can stay.


Her friend is not having it though. Jaleaous, maybe ? Don't care


So they take off, try to claw my girl (i do it like a little creepy boy), they leave. O well.

Lost my friends again.

Then, I meet the girl of the night. Cute blonde. 18 years old. Super shy. I just talk randomly to her. She's looking for her friends. They come in. I stay in.

Just cool chit-chat, totally chill. Then, shift on my girl. Hug her. Spin her. Turn her. Then my friends come in (I love you guys). Take away my girl, like 5 meters. I lock her in.

She cant leave now lil' girl


I don't feel like she is interested. Almost no eye contact, she doesn't talk much. But she is still here, so i'm like "It must be she kind of likes me right ?"
Then, go ask something to my friends and come back to me. At this point, I know I'm in.

I don't know if i could have kissed her on the street (yeah, we were on the street, too much happened that night). Before her, there was another one, I isolated her, locked her in, her, she was looking at me with those big eyes. Could have kissed her.

Back to the main girl.

Then, I'm just like "Let's dance" or something. Anyway, someone wants to dance. Probably my girl, or me, don't remember.
We get on the dancefloor. I start vomiting some more gold in her ear.

Just dance relax with her, make her grind me and shit. Get her turned on. Her friends are still next to us and my friends are gone. Of course^^

Dont give a shit, just enjoying.

Then, i just kiss her, i take her chin and pull her in. She mouth-rapes me. At that moment i was like "I definitly could have done it sooner, poor girl, i made her wait for a long time".

I'm super narcissistic when I'm drunk and getting validated.

So, dancing, kissing, lifting her up, telling her i wont put her down unless she kisses me. She gives in.

Tells me... fuck, i don't remember the exact words (in french, so even tougher). Something like "I hate that you're in command". Or something like that. Basically, she didn't like to lose the fight of frame.

Can't beat me woman.

My buddies come back and the pick up dude starts doing stuff with a friend of my girl.

Then, we get out, they go do their business (like urinating... dont know what they do) and we wait for them like good boys.
They come back, we go back it to get drinks. I'm not paying (and not drinking).

Then, we go out and the friend (the one my friend was hooking up with) comes up to me and tells me "Time to say goodbye". Didn't know what to answer to that. So I said goodbye...

Just kidding :D

I told her to give me her number after telling weird and creepy stuff like i wanted to go get a coffee or go to the gym. Whatever. She tells me she'll give me her facebook.

Sorry, I don't do facebook.

She gives me shit. So fun. I just ignore.

She tells me she doesn't give her number. I put it in her hand.

She puts her number in. #winning

Then, she leaves.

I send her "Get home safe" and she responds right back "don't worry".

Today, i send her another text, after going to the gym "Going to the gym while being hungover ? Checked. Tough... but cool :)"
To that, she responded right back "U crazy ! After a night out, I dont do anything :p"

So ok.

I'm scared guys.

As much as it makes perfect sense when I'm drunk and I've this blind self-confidence as much it is totally incongruent when I'm sober.

I checked one of Cat's post (If you haven't seen his journal, go check it out), about this. Like him, i don't like text. Like not at all. I just cant flirt or anything on it.


Imma gonna call her tomorow to set up something next week.

Fuck, I'm scared/excited. I've never done this.

I know, ridiculous.

I should just let it go.

Listening to awolnation "kill your heroes". Beautiful song.


Approaching on the dancefloor sucks bad. Avoid. But at the same time, try new things.

Win friends over. Or I don't know. But even though. Even when they say they approve they leave, those bitches (I'm bitter). Try scaring away the friends, "Tyler style"

HEY, She's mine. Get the fuck out of here.


Ahahaha. So powerful.

Avoid hitting on girls who have the same classes as me.

Go out with social circles, so much easier to do stuff there.

Great night. I didnt write everything down. It was crazy. Girls getting in my face telling me to fuck off, others telling their friend how cool I am and others just ignoring me.

So fun.

So much fun.

I love it.

Let's lower the booze though. I want to stay lean.

"Never let your fear decide your fate" Awolnation
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Went out tonight. Just 2 drinks but felt a little bit drunk.

I feel bad. I feel fucking not well.

I'm pissed at myself. And at other people...

But mainly myself.

I was a successful night. Made out with a cute girl. And open 2 others. Both boyfriends.

But I dunno. Fuck. It's my fault actually.

We were three. The pick up dude (not into rsd) and another guy.
The pick up dude opens two girls smoking, seated. In a very chodey way.

Somehow, i get in, and basically assume it. I didn't know the guy wanted any of these girls. I didn't know if he prefered one over the other. Anyway, just take it.
Lead everybody in the fucking club.

So funny to see how i become super leader guy when girls are around and i'm hitting on them. I just... take charge.

Get in the dancefloor, talk a bit, then make out with my girl.

I tell her she is a bad kisser.

"Try again".

She tries.

"A lil' bit better"

She goes for it again.

I say it's good, or something along those line, then push her.

Then grab her, pull her in, grind her and shit.

Turn her, tease her, lock in, lazer eyes.

She wants to smoke. So we go out.
She tells me I touch her too much.

This is actually true. I was touching her a lot. I dunno. Maybe i think I need to touch her all the time so other guys dont come hit on her or something or to keep her there.

That would be interesting to find out.

Get back in.
She tells me again i'm touching too much.
I get pissed.

And this is the mistake of the night.
I get pissed...

FUck that.

I tell "well, fuck it then".
She tells me i could try to touch her less.
I answer "not gonna be possible".
Then leave and tell the pick up dude He can have her.

Second biggest mistake of the night. I was pissed so I told that.

Fuck, i don't even want to continue the description of this night.

Basically, he goes for it, but i changed my mind so i go back in, still assuming it. He tells me he was going to dance with her. I dont understand. I get pissed a second time.
I tell the guy to come outside so we can have a talk.

Apparently they were going to dance and i just came in like a fucking retard. Almost his words. This is the 5'5 talking to the 6'2 pissed of guy. The dude doesn't know boundaries.

But wathever, he is right. I told him he could go. So i admit my error and tell him to go for it.

I feel too awkward to get back in the club with the dude trying to kiss the girl i just made out with.

So weird.

So yeah, we got our first "fight".

So romantic.

I just walk on the street like a dummie.

Then go back in.

He lost the girl.

No, really ?

Even though he made out with her.

Great lesson though.

I shouldn't attach my ego to girls.

So we go approaching.

Nothing opens. Then, just fatties left.

So we leave.

And he keeps talking about the girl. Made me fucking sick.

If you get almost into a fight with your "wing" about a girl, well, first of, you dont go for her, unless he is totally cool with it, then you avoid talking about it for hours.

I dropped the guy at his place.

And he is talking about the girl.

You gotta be kinding me.

I don't know if going out with that dude is gonna be possible.

It's amazing.

I used to think I wasn't much of a guy. Well, I'm starting to think that, I'm actually a really really good pick for friends and girls. A really really good pick.

Weird to say. But damn. I'm so glad i found RSD.

I'm so fucking glad for it.

I'm so fucking glad i found this.

So grateful for it.

So grateful for the awesome books i can read for less than 15 bucks.

So grateful for the opportunities i have.

So grateful for my friends.

So grateful to be able to breath, to run, to jump, to build muscles.


Great night :D

This is reframe biatch
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 The "you touch me too much" seems kinda BS. Shit test or could have tried to pull? Anyways, don't fight your wingmen :D
My Field Reports Thread Me-vs-Me - New Hope
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I just came back from going out. It's 6.46 AM. I'm off to the university.

"Awesome" night.
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Went out with 2 buddies. One into pickup.

I'm sober, which means i'm gonna be super stifled.

SO, we get in the club. And, there I am, super stifled. Like a lot. I'm just standing around, doing nothing.
I tell my friends to help me, so they throw me in set.

Actually, in one set. I hook it. She's not cute. Like not at all. Ahahahaha. I'm kind of embarassed to talk about that here...


I talk a bit, then make out. But at one point, I'm just so bored but i dont know how to leave without hurting her feelings. After like 3 or 4 awkward minutes, I'm like "alright, gonna get back to my friends, bye !".

So awkward.

Then, i dont really remember, i just approach, kind of alone. Nothing hooks.

I find my friends, they send me in on a girl. Again, not really cute. Like a 6, i guess. Hook. I don't do crazy shit, i'm just chilled and physical. I lead. Make out quite easily, she eyes-fucks me super hard.
Stay with her till the club closes, she is actually alone. All her friends are gone. And I'm like ;


Turns out it wouldn't probably have happened (principles and shit).

SO, we wait for her friend. Get her number, kiss her goodbye.

Then, my buddy tells me he is on a girl, he is gonna try to go sleep at her place.
Turns out that girl has a "roommate". A 6, as well. Not really cute but great body. So, i cant help but go in.

She basically pulls me. I didn't have anything to do. I just walked. So funny. She wasz like "please come with me"...
Not in a creepy way.
So, we go. My friend, myself and our girls. We get there, a dude tries to cockblock us. Not much success. He is the best buddy of my girl.  We get in the room and it's like 9m².
I'm not kidding. There is just enough place for 2 matresses and 30 centimetres in between.

This was the most awkward moment of my life.

I just go with my girl and the other 2 watch us. Yup. They fucking watch us. And my buddy is like "no no, it's cool, i'm laughing". But, they soon start their own business.
I'm kissing her and shit, taking her bra off (she had to do it, ahahahaha, fuck) taking her clothes off. Going a little heavier down there.

At this point, i have no idea of what i'm doing. Iv'e never fingered a girl before. You get the picture.

So i'm like "shit, where is the clitoris, where is the fucking clitoris".
But, then, she starts to get super wet. Kind of creepy. So i'm like "condome times".
Try to put it on.


Bad erection, and condom way to fucking small. But it was the only size they had. Fuck me.
So I still try to put it in. But, well, don't know where the hole is. erection not good, and condom too thight.

So Im like "fuck it". Not gonna fuck raw. So we jerk each other off. Well, she jerks me off and i try to do stuff with my finger but i suck shit at that. #winning

Ahahaha. So weird. So fucking weird.

She is going to be in my town from 18 february. Maybe i'll try again, in a bigger room, with a better bed, with a better condom and without anybody next to us.

So yeah. Pretty funny. Even though I'm not laughing at all.
But good reference. Maybe I need to read stuff about sex and shit^^
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