January 17th, 2019
LR: HBbasketball
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I was at a New Years party engaging one of the girls from the Ball team.
Cute brunette thing, definitely cute for a tall girl; She was who I was going for, call her HBgiraffe. I disappeared for 5 mins and came back to her. Next thing I knew, some of the girls from the team literally pushed this black girl at me... fuckers.I was aware of her glancing over at me from my peripheral but honestly i'm not really into black girls and stayed away. But hey, New Years was coming I said FUCK IT.
I try to blow myself out anyways by being aloof and saying some retarded shit, BUT she loved it. I reflect back and see I was self-amused, careless and funny....she loved it.
On top of that I told her we were not kissing until midnight hits. When it did champagne bottles sprayed and she started slobbering on me HARD, i tried to pull away but she had me LOL.
Towards the end a buddy of mine was teasing us, saying we looked cute and made sexual references. I said "yeah man I have a penis and I intend to use it"
She got defensive and said "you're NOT using it on me, no" I was laughing because I expected it, it's the kind of stuff I read in the community.
She offered her number, I took the bait.

I ran into her again 2 weekends ago at some party and she tried to act aloof because I haven't been texting her. I told her to let me know when she's free with her retarded busy school/ball schedule, she didn't.
Fast-forward the meaningless bullshit, she said we'd go back to her dorms and that we would only hook-up, cuddle, NO SEX. Saying I was cute but doesn't want to do anything yet. More of that ASD, I flipped the script and interrupted her something along the lines of "Hold up!!!! you think i'm easy?? i'm not like that. I'll only come to your place as long as you don't do anything funny blah blah blah"
That took care of things and threw her off, she started laughing as I walked off to the dance on my own. She later pulled me back and started gathering her friends to leave. Due to logistical issues I could not get to her place. Something about her not having the keys to her place, and having her bike locked at another location... For some reason I didn't take the initiative to solve the issue, i'm gay. She bounced with one of her friends to go get her bike and went I don't know where.

Friday afternoon I got a "hey :)" from her.
ME: Hey, you partying tonight?
HER: No, but I know you are!
ME: And you're letting me go out alone, I thought you cared
HER: Or you could come over 

BOOM game over. I told her I'll call her when I'm done partying. Partied my ass off until 1AM then called her. She picked up, my brain was like "WUUUUTTTT???? she actually waited..."
I biked over, got lost because her dorms compound is like a fucking maze. I called her to come get me "Oh and hurry up, i'm scared" before she hung up. "hahahaha ok!"
I threw my bike in some nearby bushes when she spotted me. We hugged then I followed her as talked fluff. She was walking with her body closed in because it was cold. I tried pulling her close to me as we walked but she was like "im ok now" after about 5 secs..... lol?
Turned out her roommate was out and about, wasn't going to be back for like a day. We got to her room, and she immediately got comfortable as I was walking around checking the place out.
She removed this big button-up; she was wearing to reveal a pink tank top and grey boy-short bottoms. I hopped onto the bed with her and looked down at the movie she had put in prior to my arrival. We cuddled, talked while I eventually ran my hands up and down her body. BIG ass, BIG tits, biggest i've had to handle. I wonder how she moves around the court with what she got.
Anyways I kicked things into higher gear "let me show you something, lay on your stomach" I ended up sitting on her back and giving her a massage. I could hear her breathing hard and clothes started flying off.
Her was tight as hell and the lack of lighting did not help. Needless to say she got REALLY wet, was begging to get fucked harder, the wall was getting a beating...  Man i'm out of shape -.-

20+minutes passed and things came to a crashing halt when I kind of freaked out. I quickly pulled out thinking the condom had broken, not trying to be an irresponsible mofo.
She asked if I came I said no. I told her I'm going to get another condom in my jeans backpocket, she said "sorry no, I can't do this"
She stood up, went to get a clean set of clothes, kicked my ass out lol. I didn't get to confirm that condom was actually broken, either way she was still uncomfortable. She walked me out the dorm building, told her I'll talk to her later to which she replied and emphasized "Oh you WILL
Don't know what that meant but OK. *sigh* On top of all this I never got to bust. I went to get food to take out and went home with blue balls.
1st black girl i've ever kissed & banged.

Then this incident happened:
This is the perfect tribute for it:
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