December 10th, 2018
Intermediates Journal
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 I'm 22, in London, Going out as much as possible.

This is an upgrade from the Beginners Journal, where I went from having crippling approach anxiety to getting my firt one night stand.
Beginners Journal:

I was originally going to stop FRs and did stop for a long time, thinking this is childish shit fuck this im moving on....but I've realised that I am not where I want to be at the moment, no where near it infact.

And reading through my Beginners Journal has helped me lately see my blind spots so having a journal to look back upon is a real blessing. So lets say is in 5yrs time if I leave a long-term relationship or something, and I suck again because i'm out of practise I can read my journal again, and find out what I was donig right before and be back in the game in no time.

Biggest Hurdles:
-Logistics, I live with my parents, and 99% of the girls with only one exception has crap logistics the last three girls I could have fucked all shared a bedroom with about 2-4 other girls.....
but, No sense in wollowing I will eventually have good logistics and have my own place, so I should grind it out now, develop the skills so I can reap the rewards when that time comes.

What I hope to achieve this year:
-Figure out creative ways to fuck girls without a bed.
-Hone in on consistancy, having fun and pulling more often. 
-Day2-3 Lays
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 Tuesday 22nd Jan, Westend

Met up with Andre~ and phycopathic.

Winged phyco for what seemed eternity occupying this fat chic who kept giving me the DTF eyes [Andre even noticed how i would fall into her eyes then snap myself out, no fkin the warm for me thank you very much].
By the end i had suck a boring time with her I was zapped out of energy, i was just so low and awkward.

Anyway after much choding around and getting blowouts largely because I want stepping up, instead I was going in half ass low energy, no intent, Pyscho is killing it and walks past me hand in hand with a cute ass japanese chic and says hey guys i'll see you its like 12 and he's pulling already?! that inspired me big time.

Grabbed this cute ass mocha chic

At this point I have to mention past few times I went out I sucked balls, then did some research e.g reading my beginners journal to figure out what went wrong.
-The answer was meditating, and self amusement, tapping my feet to the music, dancing shouting, talking to friends.
Then I went out again and had this hot ass girl on me but I didnt take the windows to escalate. So I read HPRJs College Game in 10,000 Words article and Brad~s SnA articles, [which is essentially what i did before when I was getting success].
-The answer was be more sexual or sexual in general and lead, lead to dance floor and do some grinding and touching her up, lead to bar, lead to smoking area, lead to seating area, lead lead lead.

In gereral my sticking points were:
-Being stressed from work
-Not being sexual

Anyway, I grabbed her, Hey! breaking rapport, pulled her in, what the fuck are you doing you so fkin sexy come here how dare you do this to me look at you with your clevage out its not fair..

I try makeout she backs of i keep leaning in she keeps leaning back perfect her tittys are now in my face moterboat, I pick her up she wraps her legs around my waist..yep she is down... I put her down do some qualifying, whats your name ect...this is when I remeber that college pickup article by HPRJ, Approach, Tease [SnA/SOI], lead to Dance i grabbed hand thinking ok gotta lead her now, Lets dance, grab and pull her to dance floor, do some grinding as instructed by HPRJ... nice grinding watch her dance like a stripper for me nice, time to lead some more, grab her hand Lets grab a drink, lets go down stairs its faster, lead her down stairs get water, then lead her to booth we chill and build more rapport and qqualifying "what do you want to be when your grown up" ect..

I think I may have fucked up here a little, I made the energy drop a little we got into cherishing mode. I think i shouldv made her sit on top off me, fingered her, did some more sexy talk and in general got her hornier so I could take her to the car, but decided to try another root..the long game, as i've never done it before, so eventually we are all talked out and I take her back to her friends, do Juliens, give me your number, we will hang out later, we will hang out later, when will we hang out? later! Whats my name? Rearwindow! Where am i from? London! What do I want to be when im older? Architect! Good girl I'll see you later and kiss for reward. 
I introduce myself to her friend make sure she likes me.

Later I see mocha walk past me with her friends I stop her she has a cigarette in hand going outside to smoke, so I go with her, I see a chic I approached earlier who blew me out who is my girls friend so I tell my girl introduce me to your friends [to prevent any headaches in the future].

We are outside she is getting a lighter and some dudes try getting in a convo with her, at first I thought ah yh whatever, but its like chodes trying to be nice in hope of getting laid, so I think meh fuck these chodes I just grab her hand and pull her with me "walking the dog".

I walk her all the way around Horses Parade back to the car but trouble is we are very much in cherish mode by now and the energy is not high enough for a car pull, I did mention the car ect.. but she was more interested in her friends who were texting her. So I text andre meet me at front occupy friends, we come to the club Andre is there introduce him to the cute jap/polish friend, they hit it off hand holding making out, realiable Andre is realiable.
Andre suggests food we walk around forever looking for Mcdonalds, both paired up with each girl, they ditched all of their other friends.

Logistics are poor, they share a bedroom with 2 other girls...I live with my parents but Andre has a place, so we rush em into the car drive to andres place, but it doesn't really go down too well, too much cherish mode not enough energy, I end dropping them off on way to my place and thats that.

Mocha girl keeps texting me now, I can only either do it in my car or in a toilet somewhere so on the Day2 gotta ramp up the sexual and the physcial get her horny and feeling sexy and take her to toilet/car.

Will also be going to a buddhist event on saturday, Im hoping to meet some cool smart successful girls there who I share commonalities with blah blah blah hopefully get some numbers ect..

So not a bad start to the Journal, hopefully I have tons more nights like this but with better logistics.
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Frisay 25 Jan

Streets were empty so was the clubs.

Waved at a 6 she was super excited spoke to her for a bit, she left to go to another club looked really dissapointed when I didnt take her number, the club was crap went home around 1.30am

Saturday 26th Jan

Decided not to go to club seeing as last night it was empty, so went to some buddhist talk with dalai ole, wasn't really into it, at the end of the lecture everybody lined up so ole could tap their head with some stone, people bringing their kids to get tapped, and collect a wrist band which was "blessed" i think i was christened aswell cus they cut a bit of my hair and gave me a blessed wrist band...threw it in the bin when i got home lol.

But went to a party with them all after the lecture that was pretty fun, had a few beers, this 30yr chic was chatting me up like a chode, bought me a drink then got super frustrated when I started talking to other girls, she just walked away and sat on her own staring at me, pretty funny i've seen tones of chodes do this, they are chatting up a girl i start talking to her and the chode just walks away and hoovers around us...
All the girls were fairly cut and many had very pretty faces but they were all unfit all had bellys ect...

Sunday 27th

Will meet up with the girl from Tuesday, not sure whats going to happene we can only meet for an hour cus she has a friend she is meeting, she always shares a room with 3 other girls so a car pull is the only thnig that could happen...
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Looking forward to following your progress. 
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 Tuesday 29th Jan

Head out with the gang.

I felt i couldn't approach because i was afraid of making a bad impression and runing my chance of hooking with a girl and pulling her. Therefore I was going up to girls not giving my 100% so i was getting blown out either way.

Then remebered some advice i got from someone, "Act like you are going to get laid at the end of the night anyway".
This advice didn't help me before because that was out of my reality but now getting laid on a night out is within my reality so much so that i'm afraid of making a bad impression. So with this advice I can not give a shit and do whatever I want approach girls how I want, make a fool of myself dance whatever doesn't matter im gonna get laid anyway and in the end these are the behaviours that do actually get you laid, uninhibated behaviour.

So Tonight I was afraid of approaching, and when i did approach I was afraid of going sexual and spooking girls and afraid of going in full force, remebered this advice and I started having fun and approached all of the hot girls there and had a great night essentially.

Funny Tyler just put up a video about what my post is about...!

Also noticed lately girls are getting needy around me.
Met up with a Georgian girl [Which ended cus i was texting my friend about her and accidently sent the text to her instead of my friend, now she hates me lol, but before that happened] a few times and she was quite needy, don't have the texts now but she would send me lots of texts and get pissed off when i didn't reply or rescheduled a meet up.

Also with the american girl from last Tuesday met up with her, and she too sends me tonnes of texts, 3-6 in a row, at around midnight, with random shit like im in a club, im drunk, went mcdonalds food sucks....
Me: Hey saturday my mate has a day off bring the girls you live with to [club] i will be going with about 3-6 mates
Her: [6hours later] maybe if you didn't text me like a day later
Me: If you saw how busy i am everyday you'd understand, lets grab a drink tommorow
Her: k
Her: [10mins later] Yes I will, but be nice

What chodes shit, if the tables were turned around I'd never hear back from her.
Yeah so girls are behaving kinda needy around me...

Many things I say on dates are:
Why aren't you hugging me, put your arm around me, squeeze me, squeeze me harder, meh get off you give shit hugs, sit down next to me, hold my hand, Im not forcing you to stay her you can go if you want to, im not going to make you do anything your not comfortable you can always walk away.
So generally, i'm leading constantly and being non needy, this seems to be making the girls needy...
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 Thursday 31st January

Went to Alexander~ Freetour, went had dinner with an old friend, met up with another old friend, eventually hit up a bar with friend Andre and A504.

Approach a bunch,  been texting back and fourth with American girl from last week tuesday, shes in a club nearby wants to get me in free but my friend is dress scruffy as he just left work so we stay in the this bar.
Around 2.30am I get a text from american girl saying they are leaving the club to meet her, but before I get to picadilly she was waiting for me but her friends dragged her into a taxi going to some dudes place.

Me and my friend check out a gay bar instead and head back to original bar to see if we can pull any hotties last minute. Bar was closing down around 3am I send her a text, where are you, her: at some guys house hes making food, Me: what the address Her: xyz
Jump into car with my mate go to the address [Which just happens to be right next to where the indian girl i've been sleeping with lives] she comes down stairs on her own, looking fucking sexy in high heels and short dress, there are 2girls up stairs and the dude is trying to get with one of them, my friend is kind enough to catch a bus home I take American girl to back seat of my car, make out finger bang blowjob.

Right so how it went down. The girl already is really into me, hence her texting me whilst in a nightclub and leaving her friends to meet me on her own at 3am. Took her to my car told ehr to get in the back, she gave me a look, me; get in the back so we can hang out, she gets in the back i move the front seats forward, we hang out for a while have some fun, eventually starting fingering her, eventually things cool down, she wont let me take her dress off or pull her dress up, but she does sit on top of me ect, so she lays done rests he hea on my lap, shes cleary satisfied from the fingering, i tell her hey im really uncomfotable i have a huge boner, i undo my rousers her; so get rid of it, me; its your boner you take care of it, her; how is it my boner me: there are only two way to get rid of it, I can either get rid of you or you can get rid of it, Her: don't get rid of me, i pull my dick out, put her hand on it we makeout, i don't force her just make out with her she goes down on her own.

Drop her off to her place and go home.
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 Friday 1st Febuary

Met up with american chic went to club with the gang, american chic eventually leaves to go house party, i can finally have some fun.

4xs rule in action.
See A504 talking to two cute chics I jump in talk to one eventually we swap, its going well strong eye contact, im not trying very hard convo is going kinda bumpy but its going, then some fat mystery method looking guy comes in says something creeps her out my girl grabs her friend and they walk away...coolio
See them again on dance floor and Andre is chatting them up now, I got to my one dance with her, then she grabs her friend and they move 2metres away from us and continue dancing...coolio
Later see them walking by i stop them i get more sexual with my one full body embracing kissing her cheek biting neck, ask for her number she enthusiatically grabs her phone from her purse, do the hoops before she gives it to me e.g whats my name, where am I from, what are my hobbies ect..

So yeah,
first approach went well and some dude creeped them out
second approach they ignored me
third approach love and tenderness...
Number may or may not be solid don't really care.

Had fun and danced a lot tonight.
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 Good shit man, lookin forward to this journal
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 So went to Alexs Hotseat.

Have a better understanding of what "I am enough" really means.
It's a mentality that means you don't have to try, you don't have to be too forward, you don't have to do "things" to get the girl to like you. She just will like you because you are enough.

What I learnt:

Arousal not attraction, It's helped me relax a lot more with being overly physical, physicality is no longer a requisite but rather a fun thing I can throw in there for my own amusement or if I see the girl is already DTF or looking to get laid in general But it's not something that I feel I have to do to make her like me or to "shock" her so I look more confident than guys around me ect.. which is honestly why I was doing it before, out of nervousness of not knowing what to do and as shock value, and it would only really work with girls who were already into me from the approach.

The importance of stamina, staying in the set longer, if the girl isn't DTF being with her longer, warming her up ect.. will lead to a more solid number and date later.

Empathy. Bulldozing a girl who isn't into it and continue to bulldoz is what I used to do, Because I didn't know what else to do, I felt like being physical was the way to get girls attracted, and worse still I would now and then get rewarded for doing this. But the idea that it is about arousal not attraction does help me chill out a bit, as anything is arousing, throwing ice at the girl, hugging her, just talking, swearing, anything is arousing, so just do anything doesn't matter I am enough. If you do over do something and can see the girl isn't comfortable apologise and explain [chat bullshit about] how you can be aggresive sometimes and you are working on it.

The thing that will decide whether you fuck a girl is stamina and leaving the front door with her.

Positive and negative expressions mixed with physicality

If a dude walks into the set, just chill, he won't have the stamina you do, there no need to become a monkey and dance for the girls attention, if the guy is being rude, sort him out otherwise just wait till he blows himself out.

Arousal vs Attraction. Doing thinks creates Arousal, Time creates Attraction.

Its not about making a good impression, its about spending time together and you get laid because you are enough all you have to do is spend time together. Stop trying to impress people

All you really have to focus on is being expressive, positive and negative, relaxing, getting in a social head space, stamina and leading.

Met up with American chic yesterday, she wasn't feeling too well I assume period but didn't ask we chilled for a bit and fooled around in my car a little, no point talking about her anymore really, hopefully I fuck her soon or at least get some more blowies.

Had a date today, with the romanian girl from friday.
Forgot what she looked like, turns out she is gorgeous, 5' 6''ish tight body naturally beutiful face little/no make up.

Sweet, but she is very conservative, didn't want to hold hands, so I made her walk with my arm in arm instead, the only touching that really went on was our legs under the table.
So we just chilled I sat close, did what I could with the situation, making sure we sat very close ect.. just to make a physical connection of some sort to help the chemistry develop better.
We just had one drink she had class early in the morning and mentioned how she isn't very comfortable meeting a new guy blah blah. so we were only together for like 1hour 30mins. She walked me to my car, I pushed it a bit much tried to bulldoz in an attempt to create attraction, instead of being chill and empathetic to her situation like Alex said.
Its all good though, I texted her sorry if I was too aggressive, just tell me if I am next time. and all is good night shes texting me with kisses.

At first I thought fuck this girl she is too conservative and fridget, but whos to say she isnt a little and shes just making sure im not some creeper first. Also time is your ally, we have only spend 2hours together in total. So i think I go elbows in the mud with her, see it through, see if I can fuck her and get the lessons out of it. After all she is beautiful somebody will fuck her, might as well be me.

4 Days before the date we texted, she said the moment she thought to her self yh im going to see this guy again is when I texted: Lets meet up Tuesday, Her:I don't know, I haven't figured out my schedule yet. Me: Cool, i understand i'll ask you out again on tuesday. That last text was the one that made her think yeah im gonna see him again..apparently..but who knows.
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Good progress. The whole crew is going hard.
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 Keep it comin. Its great so far.
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