January 18th, 2019
Review of Alexander~ Bootcamp in Amsterdam 2013
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Review of Alexander~ Bootcamp

Hey Folks!

The only one RSD program I’ve attended before was a hotseat with Julien in Munich in March 2012. Back then it was an eye-opener for me, and the start point of my “serious” game career. Actually his and Tylers type of game doesn’t fit best to my personality. Anyway, I had some success with their methods and strategies. As I’m an observant reader of RSD content on RSDnation, I also was getting in touch more and more with Alexanders~ content and his Natural Instinct Method. I recognized that his type of game is perfect for me and I also could see that I already was using some of his techniques. With some pressure from my wing Mountaineer- I finally decided to attend Alexanders~ hotseat and bootcamp Amsterdam.

This shall be a review of my experiences during Alexanders~ Bootcamp in Amsterdam in the beginning of 2013. If you’re also interested in the review of the Hotseat, you can read a review here
Furthermore, you can also read my field report of my week in Amsterdam here

1st day
The first day of the Bootcamp started on Fri 4th of January 2013 at 10pm and ended around 2:30pm. In beginning Mountaineer- and I meet Alexander~ and his assistants in a hotel. He explains the schedule of the upcoming three days/nights and what he is expecting from us. He asks if we really want to commit to do what he’s going to tell us during the bootcamp. This is the last chance to quit the program and get a refund. Of course, everybody of us (Mountaineer-, myself and a third student) commit. Furthermore he gives us an overview of the Natural Instinct Method and we introduce ourselves. We tell him our age, our profession, what we know already about game and our previous progress. After that we spend the whole night in a chill bar, with silent music. Sometimes Alexander~ sends us into sets and asks us to do several moves and/or lines. Between the sets we often get feedback from him and what we can do to improve our game.

2nd day
On the second day, Sat 5th of January 2013, we start around 10:30pm, after the Hotseat ended. The night lasts till 4am. Alexander~ reviews the first day and give us individual feedback. As well as on what we shall focus in the sets. We start the night again in the same bar, just as warm-up. Around midnight we change to a big club. So the game is a bit different than the day before. There is more distraction and also loud music in some parts of the club. Like the day before, we get continuously feedback from him between our sets. He also asks us to merge sets. That’s a real challenge for me, as I’ve never done it before, at least not consciously.

3rd day
The last day starts already at 1pm, as this day is dedicated to daygame. This was the day I had the most fear of. As I haven’t done daygame seriously before and this probably would be the biggest push of my comfort zone. Again we start the day with a review of the previous day. Additionally we get an introduction to daygame. For you, here very short how a daygame approach shall look like:
1. Open with “excuse me”
2. Ask a simple indirect question like “do you know how I get to xy square?”
3. Excuse for interrupting and introduce yourself
4. Change topic
We spend the afternoon in the city center of Amsterdam. Walking relaxed through the streets and try to implement what Alexander~ explained before.

We finish daygame around 5:30pm and have dinner in a restaurant. Afterwards we get a debriefing or rather review of the whole bootcamp. This is one of the biggest advantages of the bootcamp. Alexander~ is analysing your game and writes down the five most important topics you should work on. These are the 5 tips Alexander~ had for me:
1. the enemy of great is good, so play the game to amuse yourself… start the fire to supercharge the sets
- that’s going to take you to the next level.
- There has to be a bit of craziness
- Read TUCKER MAX’S book I hope they serve beer in hell
- I want you to be thinking ‘fuck the comfort zone’ you need to create your own arousal
2. To convert your many good starts to actual finishes you need to have longer slower sets
- include the fun crazy expressions in the set
- stalk the girls when they leave the bar
- don’t practice approaching plan the night out as a structure (refer to the attraction manifesto for the structure of the night)
3. become a wizard at expressing a range of emotions
- even if it sounds out of place in German you need to use the range of emotions
- move away from the platonic conversations and into something more edgy
- insults and compliments
- thing of the range of emotions used in the Hotseat
- you a combination of love and hate
- use a combination of physical push and pull
4. Stop trying to hook the girl physically with moves and body language
- inspire her attention not TAKE her attention
- gaming yourself and including her, not gaming her
- leaning back,
- pushing the girl away sometimes
- telling stories
- pleasing yourself and including the girl
- it will take some trial and error to learn how to self-amuse
5. Seek out the beauty in the person that you talk to
- you will become more romantic and develop empathy
- it will bring out a passionate and emotional side of you
- it will further help you to stop focusing on the game and more on the interaction

It’s fascinating how detailed Alexander~ is able to analyse you and your game. You get a lot of individual feedback, as well as general explanations of the Natural Instinct Method. Not to forget, that during a bootcamp you have a lot of time to ask detailed and individual questions, which is the chance to understand every small part of the game. Doesn’t matter in which special topic you’re interested in.

A RSD Bootcamp isn’t that cheap (2000$). But it can be the biggest push in the development of your game. And actually you get around 16 hours with the most experienced game instructors in the world. So, you don’t pay more than for consultant in other industries. From that point of view the price is justified.

If you really commit to the process, if you really want to be successful with women and if you want to stick to the topic for a longer time or even your whole life, than no question, it’s definitely worth to sign-up for a Bootcamp. But decide wisely, with whom you want to share this great experience. Choose your preferred instructor consciously. Before you sign-up, think about which style of game fits best. And then: TAKE ACTION and give your game a turbo boost to the next level!

@Alexander~: Thank you for a great experience and your professional and always friendly way of teaching.
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Alexander~ Bootcamp (Amsterdam 2013)

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