October 16th, 2017
Watts Reporting In
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 wtf hahaha that asain girl was crazy. i probably would have made fun of her. 
 "I talked to him for about 20 minutes cause he's in set all night long. Would have his babies tho." - Spike  
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Just wanted to update.

Haven't gone out since Sunday, due to abysmal weather. But I accidentally gamed people at work, got two women's details who are holistic dietitians and am hustling a little networking. I also got a mad cuteys number and am seeing her Saturday before going out. Purely due to momentum.

And I have a date on Friday with a 6foot German babe. /End brag.

Really enjoying this, even just after 2 weeks of going out properly. Big shit is coming.
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Wednesday 18/9

So I'm writing this a little bit late, can't really remember much from tonight.

I was chilling with Staff and two other dudes from the RSD group. Staff and I were opening plenty. Nothing was really clicking that well. Struggled hard.

Kept moving around the club and talking to people. Hit the d-floor. Walked up to some girl and waved at her. Pulled her in. Told her she was crazy. Blah blah, left.

Five mins later I see her at the bar, so I grab her and talk about stuff. We sit down. We talk and I start making her move closer while moving myself closer. Don't make out because I'm a pussy. We go to dance. I get bored and leave. Massive limiting belief. I don't like the d-floor.

Later Staff and I open more gals, they all hate us. I see my girl from earlier getting gamed by some aesthetics gym junkie guy. I can tell she doesn't like him because she isn't engaged at all. He's gaming but she keeps looking away and doesn't re-engage. I walk up and lightly slap her on the head. She laughs. I lean against the wall and pull her in. We make out.

I go and get us both a drink. Waste of money. I take her outside and we sit down and go into comfort mode. We talk about life where we both grew up. Lol. I pay her out and try to keep the energy up. Her friends come.

Her friends decide they want to leave and she has to go with them. I just flat out tell her to stay and hang out with me. She says to take my number. I've texted her since. I sent 'How's school missy?' to no response.

That was Wednesday.

Friday I met up with the 18yo German from last Wednesday. I met her in the city, took her on the train to a cafe near me, then to the bookstore to get a book I wanted.

Then I asked her if she wanted to go chill and listen to music. She says yes. I say I live 10 minutes from here and take her home. We chill in my room and listen to music, I play guitar. We make out on my bed. I have a cute 18yo German on top of me, with Gravity by John Mayer playing on my computer and feel pretty damned good. I try to take her shirt off and she says 'noo, it's too fast. I mean, this is our first meeting'. I just look at her and go back to making out. I don't get any further, but will try again later.

Ciao for now.
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Saturday 21/9

So my dad drops a fucking bomb on me today. Calls me up and tells me all this shit about how my whole family is 'worried about me' and wants me to come home. How at my age he had a real job and all this shit. Put me in a really shit place. But I met up with the boys in town and they fixed me up.

Staff, Z and I rolled into Hugo's. Staff and I hit up some girls and have a chat for a while. Don't remember this shit.

We got bored here and bounced back to World Bar. Here we started opening more. We did our usual 3-2-1 game and went up to some girls who hated us. Then I decided we needed to up the anti. I chased a few girls down to talk to them.

We see three babes on the couch. One gets up to dance. I jump into her seat and start chatting the other two babes up. They were young and from out of town. Staff dances with the third, who had huge tits, was awesome. About 5-10 minutes in, the boyfriends come back. Lol. I cbf and leave. I find Staff already dancing with two little fucking stunners. They are getting dirty, so I join in. I introduce them to me and grab them. They simultaneously grind their ass on me and I enjoy it. I am a little too passive here though. I should have been fun and led and danced, but instead I just danced near them and every now and then grinded with them. Too creepy. They left.

Staff did a cool thing here where while I was getting up with the girls he opened another group and joined them in with us. He then grabbed one girl, told her she was cute and tried to take her outside. She didn't want to go.

I say we need to burn this shit and go back to Hugo's. We roll outside and talk to some babe sitting down. It's her birthday, she hates us. We leave. I say we should go back in. I walk into the middle of their group and tell her friends that it looks like a high school dance, where all the dudes are on one side and the girls on the other. They love it and they love us. Birthday girl hates us. After maybe 10 minutes they stop talking to us and talk to eachother. We leave.

Back to Hugo's, I see Z do some cool sets where he literally stops girls by grabbing their shoulder and then making them talk to him. I try doing this a shitload. Basically you just need to be physical enough that she knows you're talking to her. Then you need to say something, it can be anything but it has to be simple and easy for her to hear. I just like to put my hand out at this point and ask her name. Then when she shakes my hand, I hold it so she can't go anywhere. It works.

Staff and I stand on the balcony and stop random girls walking past. Sets don't last more than 5 minutes.

I see a girl I want and I tell Staff. He gives me 3-2-1. I go in and ask her if this is a service area of the bar. We talk about shit, she lives near me. I get her to give me directions to a cool bar in our area. I say she should take me, I gotta go to my friend but to give me her number. She does. I text straight away 'Don't get lost now'. She responds later 'I'm home safe and sound in XYZ'. Good interaction but no escalation. No intent. I wanted her, I should have gone for her.

We then head back to World Bar, with awesome momentum. I default back to chilling against a wall and stop a bunch of girls walking by. I stop one girl who loves it, hold my hand for a couple minutes, then runs away.

I stop a group of about 6 fucking stunners. I just grabbed one in the middle and asked her name, then they all stopped and stared straight at me. I introduced myself to all of them to make them comfortable. But I couldn't keep it going at all and they awkwardly walked off.

I went home shortly after this because I had work in the morning. Yay.
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Sunday 22/9

Back up to date with the field reports.

I'm getting really comfortable in set now. Staff and I are approach machines at the moment.

So we rolled into Hugo's tonight, got a pizza and chilled in the booth with some other game bros.

Staff starts getting edgy at about 9 and wants to game. We find a 3 set of Mexicans and talk. They're friends come and it goes nowhere.

While walking away, I grab some fatty from behind and talk to them. They make life really easy, we get physical lol. I put sunglasses on because life's good with fatties.

We leave the fatties feeling legit, then roll out. Staff rolls up behind the two hottest girls in the bar. He opens them and introduces me. I can't even talk but he carries the convo for 5 minutes. While he talks, some dudes next to me laugh at us and make some faggotry comments to me. I just say 'yeah' and focus on the girls, but I really should have just ignored the faggots. Won't ever give a shit again.

The girls eject us and we go hit up some other chicks. We hit up a group of foreigners, they can't even talk english. We hit up a two set, a German and an Italian. My girl, the Italian, is ugly and weird. She's like jittery and shit. I do my best to occupy her because Staff is hitting it off with his girl. After 15-20 minutes I tell Staff I'm bombing and he needs to get the number cause I can't take the weird girl anymore. I make the Italian turn around so Staff can just grab her friends number without anyone being uncomfortable. I see him do it. Then I say we're going to get drinks.

Staff leaves. Just me and the other guys now. I get involved in a three set with two other dudes. I have the fat American girl. I'm being too reactive though. I think I was in my head because I knew the other guys had good game, so I felt uncomfortable. My girl didn't like me and thankfully left. So then I reverted to my game of chill on the wall and grab girls.

I grab one who stops and holds my hand. She's Norweigen and really cute. I just say shit and she says she's here with friends. Eventually I let her go to find her friends, but I shouldn't have.

The next one was some drunkish Italian girl. I tell her she looks lost, then introduce myself. I hold her hand for like a minute. She tells me that her friend says Hugo's is a really good place to pick up. I put my arm around her. She tells me she's flying out at 6am for a day. She asks me if I want to go home with her.

I say 'sure'. Lol. She laughs. I say 'haha I'm not going anywhere, you're going to turn me into your drug mule'. Trying to backtrack because I fucked up.

But we keep talking really close and the tension is still there. I needed to make out with her quickly and start escalating. Lesson learnt. Her friends eventually came and stole her.

That was my Sunday.
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Monday 23/9

Awesome night lol.

Started out at Side Bar at 8.30. Sat by myself for half an hour until Staff rolled up. The minute he gets inside, he hits up the first set. We're off. Opened literally every girl in the bar.

Some sets the girls fucking loved us, other sets they didn't. One set was like 'we're lesbians' to me. I stand there and go 'cool'.

We do a set of two babe German girls and one of their fat friends keeps pushing into the group. We leave, but the German mother hen keeps coming back throughout the night. Will get back to it later. We chill and slow down our approach rate, go back into some sets. Greasing the wheels. We're also being more physical than usual. I find just holding the girls hand after you introduce yourself is an easy way to show intent. Combined with laser-eyes locking eye contact, filters well.

So the bar fills up slowly. We push Staff into a dancing circle on the d-floor and he kills it while dancing with professional dancers. Can dance like a pro.

I grab girls from earlier in the night, but my d-floor game is shit and I'm really off the ball tonight. My verbals suck and my confidence is down. I'm super tired.

We're hanging with other dudes from RSD and interchanging wings and stuff. At one point I hit up a babe as fuck Canadian (HB backpack). She's wearing a backpack and is super fucking cute. I don't think the set is gonna click, but it does. After maybe 5-10 minutes I see my boys and leave her alone. I game around then see her make eye contact with me as I walk past, so I go back in. She's really quiet. Completely sober, as I am. I tell her I'm the most sober person in the bar, she's like 'no I am'. Ahh well. Her and her friend are on the hunt for dudes. Her friend is very picky and dissing lots of dudes off (like, 3-4 guys every minute. Holy fuck the life of a girl). But my girl likes me. I grab her and take her to the bar so she can get a drink.

I try to get her talkative/get me talkative by just saying shit about beer and stuff. I make friends with some girl who seems to know her. I drag her to the corner of the room, steal a sip of her beer, talk about gay people, how lesbians are hot but gays aren't, etc. It's really fucking hard going, verbals are teerrriibblee. But she still likes me. She asks me to help her find her friend. We find the friend. Hb backpack says we will go dance in a minute, I know I'm too low energy for it, so I tell her I'll be back.

I bounce outside to find Rudy, he's smoking and listening to music to get some energy. We talk about game for a minute, then open the chicks next to us. I recommend we go embarrass ourselves. We open literally every girl in the bar. I mean literally. Set after set. Girls watch us do this. Some girls are impressed, others are confused. Most girls fucking LOVE us, but none really want us to escalate. We aren't being smooth, just getting our energy up. I run into the German mother hen about 5 times. I say to her 'you're fucking everywhere'. The next time I see her, she asks if I'm stalking her, I say yes and walk away.

So Rudy and I have opened literally every girl in the bar and by about 11pm I'm re-entering sets and just hitting up the same girls. I spy HB Backpack and go in. We dance near eachother (my d-floor game is pathetic) while her friend scouts for talent. Mother hen comes up and is a to me. She's like 'good luck! Do you need help? I can talk to the girl. You need to learn how to flirt. Go, get in there!'. I go autistic to make her fucking leave.

Eventually her friend finds a dude and he drags her away. I grab HB Backpack and take her to a quiet couch in the corner. We talk. We get closer. We talk into eachother's ears. Conversation is hard going, escalation doesn't occur. I fumble and stay in that corner for half an hour without escalating. It's pathetic.

Eventually her friend ditches the dude and comes to interrupt us. I tell HB Backpack to go help her friend, I'm going home. I get her facebook because she has no phone. I drown my sorrows in sugary food. It's 2am, I have work at 8am. GAME.

EDIT: I added HB Backpack on the facebooks and it says she has a boyfriend. So I definitely need to start screening because that was a waste of fucking time. Although she seemed down, so it would have probably been fine, I'm just a pussy. ARG close faggot!
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I just made an extremely important post to my blog. The link won't work but I'll sort it out later.

My personal reflection
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Tuesday 24/9/13

So tonight I had a date with the German again. Still no bang, but she's a cool girl and I definitely like her.

We met up and walked to Newtown. While we walked she busted my balls a bit, as chicks do on a date. We rolled to the comedy club, but it was closed due to a music performance. I decided we should just go get a drink so we walked way back up the strip to a nice chill bar and got a drink. We found a nice spot out the back next to eachother and talked about stuff.

We kissed a bit on and off. Eventually she started resting her head on my and we were kissing a lot so I said lets go.

I walked her back towards my house. At one point she goes 'where are we' and I replied 'train station'. She says 'do you want me to leave' I say 'no, stay with me' and walk straight past it.

While walking to my place she's doing like 90% of the talking (I'm not very talkative on dates. Don't know why) but I'm enjoying her stories. We give eachother shit and I pull her aside to make out up against a wall. We get back to mine and she's like 'play me something' so I put the guitar in her lap and sit next to her. We basically immediately just start making out and lay down on the bed.

I try to get her a bit worked up, but to no avail. I try to lift her shirt up, she says no. I rinse it off and try again. She stops and tells me about how she's not that kind of girl and I don't understand. I go mushy to make her feel comfortable, although I am very mushy anyway.

Eventually I tell her my favourite thing to do is massage people. She tells me to massage her. I get on her back and say she needs to take her shirt off. She does and I massage. I then tell her about how your body and your muscles are a direct reflection of your mind. She's very relaxed in general, but has some knots. I tell her that my back and neck is insanely tense and she suggests massaging me. I comply.

At this point I have a topless 18yo German massaging me. Actually pretty awesome for a Tuesday. It doesn't go any further, I walk her to the station. I'm going to have to cut this girl loose because she's looking for something I am not willing to give her. Will try another date or two, but I don't want to string it along if I can't escalate to the bang.
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Wednesday 25/9/13

This game is weird. It's very fucking weird. In the words of Kendrick, 'life's a trip when you want these things'.

So I've slept like 12 hours over the last three nights. I was literally hallucinating today at work lol. I can't keep my eyes open, but here I am going out.

Met up with Staff at World Bar at 8.30. It's too early and the bar is quiet. We sit there till about 9.30 then go outside. We sit next to two young girls who are getting rightly drunk as fuck. We join their group and chat. My girl is a little cutey, but a fucking bogan. Swears too much and stuff. But at least it's fun. I can see Staff is feeling like shit. His eyes are sunken and he can't get out of his head.

Eventually the girls go to get a drink and we chill with another wing. Then we decide to go open. We stall a lot between opens. We do like 3-4 but none of the sets last. Everyone hates me and my vibe is horrible tonight.

I sit in the side bar for ages while some boys game. I text Rudy to come save me, he does. We get a drink then go stuff around. We still can't approach properly.

Back in the main bar at about 10pm, I open a set of girls against a wall. After 2 minutes I eject and go back to the boys. They immediately tell me to turn around and approach the set behind me. I do. It's the German girl from my FR's. I go and say hello and give her a hug. I meet her friends. I ask her how school was. I tell her to go have fun with her friends, I'm just going to hang out with the boys, kiss her and let her go. I feel really anxious about this because I feel like I should have hung out with her. But another part of me says I did the right thing because I was out to game. If she gets upset it's her problem.

We all continue to game poorly. I sneak outside to get out of sight of the German girl. Rudy and I sit down and he tells some girls to join us. They start getting combative which I take to mean they don't like us. They go 'oh my god, these two guys inside said the same shit to us. And they were a tall white guy and a short Asian. It's like the fucking twilight zone!'. In response to this Rudy was like 'oh yeah, Watts these girls were just like those girls at the bar' and they seem to get really combative. One girl goes to Rudy 'you're fucking boring mate', seemingly angrily. But it's all actually in good fun. I overreacted.

They eventually leave and we go back inside. I chode around because I'm scared of German girl. I ignore her all night. I opened a girl by the atm machine while she watched. Whoops.

Other stuff goes down but nothing of interest. I'm waiting to see how German girl reacts because I have no idea what will happen or what I should have done. We'll see.
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Ahh so hey everyone. I'm back on the game boat. I didn't really leave it I just sorta got lazy living at home in Brisbane. Sticking point number one: Move the fuck out of home you fucking lazy fuck.

Monday 6/1/14

Tonight I rolled solo into Dunder. Drove in at 10, walked into the club.

Did 2-3 weak ass opens, chatted for five minutes, went home. All in all 20 minutes. Rad.

Tuesday 7/1/14

Tonight I rolled into Dunder again with a guy I msg'd from the RSD Brisbane page. I got there a little early so I walked around the corner to talk to randoms without the bouncer watching. I said 'hey', 'nice bike' and shit like that to a few random girls. Eventually Ben and I met up and we went into Dunder.

Not wanting to fuck around we walked up to two seated smoking hot Finland chicks and went right into it. After like 30 seconds Ben was sitting next to his so my girl just let me sit next to her. So hot, should have stayed in this one.

I did good, established some banter and called her out for being blonde and tan while I am currently red and peeling. But I could not keep eye contact. I fucking suck at it. This is a focus at the moment. I think I'm aspergers.

Anyway both of our convo's stagnated so I told the girls we were going to get water (we can always go back later). Wander to the bar to actually get water, but no, Ben wants to go in set. Two chicks. He talks to his, a 19yo German for like 30 seconds then I intro myself to the other. She's a decently cute Canadian. Okay looking. She has good chat though. We banter about the same shit how she's tanned and I'm red, Fiji, life etc.

Luckily some dude takes the table so we all have to stand up. I piss fart around getting water at the bar, then make her join me. I challenge her to a thumb war. She gets really into it, like she's getting really into stuff. I try to get her to fight me and pretend to hit her. It's funny so I do it a lot.

Ben gets sick of his girl so he turns around and hits on multiple other women. I approve of this but it's cool because we're just working on his skills. Though I really do want to get laid. So with different goals I just chill with the two girls and fuck around. When I get a quiet moment I eat a lime and then make her kiss me.

Eventually Ben comes back but the Canadian chick tells me she wants to hit him for being a dick and goes and confronts him. She's being a fucking so eventually I step in and say that we all need to kiss and make up. I tell Ben she's a and that we'll go game elsewhere. I grab her number and bounce.

When I find Ben he's in set again with some cute Nordic chicks. I grab the friend and start chatting. She's double fisting so I steal drink through her straw. She likes me and it's good but Ben stagnated with his chick and left the group. At that point the Canadian girl comes up behind me and starts pulling on my arm. I turn around and we start making out heavy as fuck. Hands on ass, cock, etc. She's out alone just looking to get fucked.

After 5-10 minutes of this I tell her 'lets go over there' and point at the door. We walk outside where her friend is again. Her friend is with a new guy who she also hates (because she's a bitch) so I just sit quietly because I cbf. I eventually engage the dude and he's a really cool guy so I say that and tell the Canadian we should go for a walk.

We get outside and walk hand in hand down the road while she's like 'omg, I love you, you're just wow, I love you' etc. Do a devilish make out and rub her while she rubs my cock, on the main road. Breaking new ground with this one.

So I ask her where she's living and she says a backpackers. I'm not fucking her there and she's not coming to my parents house so I make an executive decision to find an alley way. I walk in the most probably direction. But every 50 metres she's being a drunk and like, goes to sit down somewhere. I keep picking her up and dragging her along. 

Eventually we post up on a wall and she puts her hands in my pants and goes for it. We then move up to an overpass that goes over one of the main roads and continue this. I start to fingerblast her so she gets up on the ledge and I proceed to fingerfuck the crap out of her in the middle of the street. Haha.

I continue to drag her, ignoring her bullshit. At one point we're at a train station in plain view of yet another busy road and she tries to pull my pants off. There's camera's everywhere what the fuck?

She tells me she'll just come home with me. Not happening. I drop her at her backpackers and she is fucking pissed off. Too bad honey, you don't meet the folks.

I was home by 11.30. Rabid Tuesday.
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