October 19th, 2017
Watts Reporting In
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Hey guys,

Just wanted to give an update on what's going on in this point in my life.

So active pick-up is on hiatus for a while. I'm doing the unthinkable and going into a monogamous relationship with a cutey. At the moment all I'm interested in is getting my life together and getting consistent for a while, as I've never been in an actual relationship. I've re-enrolled in University for Music and Science. I've got a job. I'm trying to get myself into the music scene. All-in-all just doing some work.

I'm also starting a few blogs and am trying to flesh out business ideas. They're all based around the free distribution of information as learning and the impact of knowledge is probably the most important interest that I have. I'm not sure whether I'll bother to put updates here or not because most of the stuff I'm going to do has nothing to do with game.

One thing is for sure, I'm not finished on this path. There's still a lot I want to learn. But as a young-ass idealist with no real world experience I figure it's time I start working on my life so that when I'm 25-30 years old I'm in a good enough position in the career that I want, that I can focus on this stuff without being a complete wreck.

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Hahah dude I read your meditation review post and clicked on your journal.  I'm honored to have written something that inspired you man.  It's ridiculous but it actually really does mean a lot to me.  So thank you. 

And I'm in man.  I'll be following along.  

PS.  Thanks for making me re-read my own shit ;)  Right now it's particularly useful.
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Thanks for dropping in Cat. I just re-read your post that made me start this journal. Absolute dynamite post.

Makes me excited to keep going day-to-day. 

Love and catnip to you.
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Watts wrote:
Hey guys,

Just wanted to give an update on what's going on in this point in my life.

So active pick-up is on hiatus for a while. I'm doing the unthinkable and going into a monogamous relationship with a cutey. At the moment all I'm interested in is getting my life together and getting consistent for a while, as I've never been in an actual relationship. I've re-enrolled in University for Music and Science. I've got a job. I'm trying to get myself into the music scene. All-in-all just doing some work.

I'm also starting a few blogs and am trying to flesh out business ideas. They're all based around the free distribution of information as learning and the impact of knowledge is probably the most important interest that I have. I'm not sure whether I'll bother to put updates here or not because most of the stuff I'm going to do has nothing to do with game.

One thing is for sure, I'm not finished on this path. There's still a lot I want to learn. But as a young-ass idealist with no real world experience I figure it's time I start working on my life so that when I'm 25-30 years old I'm in a good enough position in the career that I want, that I can focus on this stuff without being a complete wreck.


I totally can see what you mean by the "getting my life together" and the monogamous relationship.

But, don't you like the drive that you get by going out and just following your process ? Stepping up and shit ? Just handling your life in every area and being that exeption.


Gawd, she is fine^^ ;)
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17 wrote:

I totally can see what you mean by the "getting my life together" and the monogamous relationship.

But, don't you like the drive that you get by going out and just following your process ? Stepping up and shit ? Just handling your life in every area and being that exeption.


Gawd, she is fine^^ ;)

Hahah God damnit 17, you're totally right. Besides I'm already bored and want to go out!

Yvonne is so fucking hot yum yum. Need to move to LA to become her full time, bush-residing stalker.

Alright well shit, looks like I'm either gonna get back on the horse this week or lock it down. I think I really do need to lock it down for a bit though. Expand / contract. Contract till next year when I'm back at school, then pimp out hardcore and become the campus pimp I always dreamed of being.


In reference to my life I've found 2 places to live which are PERFECT! I've got a job working 8am-2pm weekdays which means I can have nights to work on sex, going out or playing music and all weekend to myself.

I also got my personal blog rolling so that I can practice my writing. I've written about 4000 words today on it and on RSD. The blog is about pick up, philosophy, life lessons. Just a white board for me to write up my own thoughts.

You can see it here:

I've also started my first non-personal blog. It's going to be a place for professionals and students to submit researched essays about whatever topic they find important. I'm starting it because I'm tired of the current misinformation given in scientific media and being a huge science nerd, it really irks me. I'll be writing the essays myself for practice and contacting all of my science student friends to see if they want to submit anything to get free references and backlinks to their own personal stuff. Let's see what happens!

P.S. Thanks 17. Your comment literally tipped me off the fence that I was sitting on about whether I'd go quietly or get back into life full force.
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Okay so fuck this monogamy shit. What a waste of precious energy trying to micromanage some relationship. It's like I have to walk on eggshells not to hurt this girl. Maybe I just chose a shit girl. In fact, yes, I did. I let my past emotions take over and engaged with an old friend who was broken property to begin with. She can't handle the person I want to be. I'm too selfish. That's fine. I'll let her be.

I'm back in. In 100-fucking-percent. I'm not just saying it this time. I sold everything I owned. Shit all I have left is a mother fucking car, two guitars, clothes and a box of books on how to become succesful. No friends. No relationships. No responsibilities beyong my own dreams. I got shit to do. It's going to get messy.

There is one thing I give a flying fuck about: My future. My future creating something tangible. Something great. Something that helps people around me become the kind of person they want to be. But before I can help anyone else change, I gotta change myself.

If you haven't ever read this post by Tyler, read it now:

Here's a part that just tore my ass apart:

"Wherever I went, I was looking at guys. Constantly. Looking at people around
me. Playing the game. Asking for feedback. Meeting people. Looking at where
I was getting bad feedback. Watching naturals in the clubs. Meeting guys in
the community. Looking at myself in a detached manner. Ouch, it hurt
sometimes. A lot, really. I'd make progress and feel good about myself, and
then realize that I still sucked. I couldn't totally figure out why, but it
came to me over time. I feel like I still suck compared to what I could do
with more time. The community is not a good bar for what's possible. I set my
own bar for what's possible."

I don't want to get as good at game as Tyler. Being a pimp is his jam. That's his okawa, his passion. Mine is elsewhere. So I will apply like he did to get to his level in a different skill. But game will always be a part of it. I will not accept the fate of the common man. We're am surrounded by anti-depressants, obesity, young marriage and broken hearts. It's a horrible mix. We shouldn't be involved. But I will also not be involved in being mediocre. The world needs your gifts. It needs people like Tyler. It needs people like Steve Jobs, Jimi Hendrix and Lance Armstrong. Without those outliers pushing the limits, we wouldn't know how far we can take it. Fuck being John Smith. I'm going to get really good. One. Step. At. A. Time.
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Eh guess I should probably get back on the old horse ey?

Monday 26/8

My German natural bro was back in town this week, crashing on my floor with his little sister. Tonight we decided to hit up some nostalgia and go to Scubar in the city. We did the usual: a bottle of wine while walking to the city.

When we finally got there, we noticed the place was pumping, but the whoollee fucking line was just dudes. The German mentions it as we get in line. Luckily 3 cute, super young girls roll up behind us. The German gives me the nod and we start. The German tells them they should just go to the front. The girls look up and say 'oh shit, is this all just dudes?'. I lean back like a boss and go 'yeah, you guys could probably just walk to the front of this shit'. We chat for maybe 30 seconds about this and the girls look like they're gonna go for it and I hear one say 'okay but if we go up you guys are coming with us'. Hell yeah.

All of a fucking sudden, some long haired doucher yells to the girls 'heeyyyy you're in our hostel right?' and the girls run up the line to him. The German is angry and tells me for the next minute or two about how he 'truly hates that guy from his heart' and is going to hit him.

More chicks roll up behind us and two girls talk to us by asking how long we've been in line. We turn and start chatting. I ask what they're up to. Both are on a job hunt and say they just had nothing else to do (lolol, need cock). Chatting ensues. They are from Singapore (but are British living in Aus), so we bust on them for looking Ethiopian, talking French, having a fake passport. They make it super easy for us. The German is fucking awesome in general and is completely self amusing. He makes up jokes and busts their balls with such good confidence. It's really great to watch. We eventually lose the girls in the front of the line and don't really see them again. I get one of their numbers later but never followed it up.

So we get into the club and realise we're too fucking sober. As soon as I get in I see a solid bro with his arms around two girls. He kisses one, then tries to make the other kiss him. After some cajoling she does. Then he gets them to kiss. Solid hi5. You're doing good work bro.

We get beer and see a two set. The German decides we should go in. As he walks to them he stops and says 'no no they're too ugly'. He has approach anxiety. Never before have I seen this. I ask him later if he's been going out, he says no because he's been with his sister. So even natural dudes still need to worry about momentum, or maybe he learnt this stuff the long way too. Anyway, his hesitation works because the girls friends rock up and they do the usual girl shit. I go to take a piss.

When I get back, the German is by their group and says to me 'I already did it, they're Canadians'.

I go in and say hey to one and stick my hand out for greetings. 'Hey whats up, I'm Watts, how's your night?'

She doesn't hear me.

Shit gets awkward and I make confused faces because I can't hear her. She makes confused faces too and they all leave. Me and the G shrug.

We see a three set and the G asks whether they are American or German. I say German, he says they are American. He chats to one and then points to me to introduce. I jump on the friend. She's from Dallas, damn.

I ask her about what they're doing in Aus and try to bust her balls. She says she's studying. I ask if she's a total nerd. She says premed. I say yeah, total nerd.

I try to engage the friend in the same convo, she does geology. This is going to get boring fast so I mix it up and ask whether Australians are as bad as you thought. We chat and shit for a while like this but it fizzles out.

The German says to me he doesn't understand American girls (we've had this issue with Americans a bit). I say that I think we need to be more forward with them, get physical faster. He agrees. We go back in. I tell my girl and the third wheel a story about how we were at a live gig earlier and someone did this acoustic cover of New York and I cried. We chat for 5 mins and it fizzles. We leave.

Me and the German wander around aimlessly and do a couple weak ass approaches. I stop one girl by going 'hey, what are you doing, don't push!' and bust her balls. She likes it. I talk to her later too and she's all touchy but I'm too out of it to do anything.

We call it a night at about 1am and sit on the corner talking to random girls on the street. Actually had a shitload of fun just feeling the night out.

Saturday 31/8

So this week I didn't go out because I'm flat fucking broke and can't really afford rent or food and stuff. Cool beans. Just started a new job though and they want me to be a manager. Good resume addition.

Tonight I wanted to start gaming properly again. So I got my bike out at 8.30 and rode into town. I found some cool shit around town, some run where people do the run between party tents and then finish at a rave.

Ended up going into the Argyle to try and talk to some chicks. Tonnes of available babes. Pussied out, got a beer, drank it and left.

Riding home I chatted to some babe on the street who was carrying a sleeping bag and pillow.
'Lose your home?'
'Yeah kinda, doing some charity thing where I'm homeless for a night'

Opened her because I was going to tell her to sleep at mine lol, street pussy.

She was really nice. Had a chat for a couple minutes about her charity thing. She raised $1100, some people are awesome. Wished her luck finding somewhere on the street to sleep.

Went home.

Gotta say, hooning a bike to the club is definitely my new favourite method to get around. Free transport. If your night goes shit, ride home. Have a good night, leave it locked to a post. Check out my wheels in the attachment. Yeah that's right, no pedal baby.

And bitches love getting on the handlebars ;) (They actually don't. Get a car).
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Sunday 2/9

I needed a good excuse to get myself out tonight because I was tired after three days working and still had another day of working. I found a cool jazz show in the city and bought a ticket. Rode my bike in solo and went into the bar. The place was fucking empty so I went to the bar. Free drinks. At the bar I chat to an old fella who turned out to be a really prominant bass muso in a huge Sydney band in the 80's. He's also a friend of the organiser, who comes over and starts hanging out. The promotor/organiser was fucking rad. Had huge dreadlocks, greeting me by clinking glasses then introduced himself later by shaking my hand then grabbing my arm with his other hand while locking solid eye contact. Awesome fucking guy. Drunk though.

He announces he just wants to pull tonight. The music starts. It's fucking amazing, the guitarist is amazing and I realise I want to play like him. I also start to think maybe I'm bisexual because of the boner I had for the awesome guitarist (turns out he's one of the best fucking session guitarists around). I chat with the old guy about music and drugs and making it and stuff.

I watch the promoters style. He walks up to the girls, presents himself by walked obviously towards them, slowly, then stops. He either sits next to them or just stands next to them. They normally then open him because of the tension. He did this 4-5 times throughout the 2 hours I was watching. Cool style.

I leave, binge eat on sugar (serious fucking issue to deal with at the moment) and ride my bike home. Hey, at least I left the house.

Monday 3/9

Tonight I hit up Scubar again, as per Monday usual. Foreigner night at the foreigner bar.

Before leaving I had a cold as fuck shower, put my pimp ass threads on and literally ran to the bar. I was meeting with a bro from the RSD facebook and didn't want to leave him waiting around. On the way I had to talk to some randoms to succeed at a little mission this book gave me (The Flinch - read it). So I asked some random guy what the building near us was for. He didn't know. I said random shit about not knowing what it is and how crazy the whole thing was. Haha. I randomly said hey to some girls on the street and started giving everyone compliments. Feels good man.

When I got in to the bar I wanted to keep building momentum and opened a girl walking towards the bar. I leaned in and asked 'hey did I miss the crab races?'. She said something. I asked her where she was from, she was clearly Brazillian. I told her she's too brown for Australia, she has to be white like me, then I walked off to get beer. Bought beer, chatted to drunk dudes at the bar, eugh.

^^Dis how I feel right now^^

Went and opened a two set. 'Hey what's up guys, what are you doing tonight, celebrating?' They were just drinking, me too. Asked where they were from (go-to line). Chatted about shit. Bro from RSD texted so I looked over and pulled him in. Said hey and chatted, found out he was from India. Introduced him to the girls and said he was from India and he's awesome. He asked them why they were out and dove into a piece about how much they'd have to be paid to marry someone so they could stay in the country, good piece. We chat for a bit but they walk off haha.

The bro from RSD (call him Staff, don't know his RSD handle) said we needed more girls. We went near the bar drinking our beer and I saw the Brazillian from earlier, so I re-engaged. I struggled to get into the set and wasn't able to bring staff in, but being a champ, he engaged one of the friends. I talked to the Brazillian about travel and tried to make it fun. Told her that I love mountains, that she is in the beach too much, that I want to go bungee jumping etc. Staff introduces himself and I meet the other two girls (three set). Some dude was hanging around but he bounced out fast as fuck. Staff goes into his marry-for-green-card piece again, which is cool. I busted on the Brazillian saying she'd do it for 20 bucks. Staff gets into a good chat with her so I move to the other side.

The group was two hot girls, am American and Brazillian, and a not-so-hot Londoner. I chat to the chick from Florida about how I want to climb the rockies and light a spliff at the top. You'd get so super fucking high and the scenery is beautiful. She thought it was funny. We chat about school and travel and shit. We're all pretty sober. They go to get beers eventually and we leave it. Staff wants to dance.

We dance up to two Swedish girls, Staff locks in like a pro. I tell the shorter of the two I love her overall shirty thing. I see her orange nails and make her hold them up in the glowlight while I rave to it. Staff introduces me to the other girl to do what I assume is a quick switch because one of us wasn't doing well. I play around and make the taller girl throw her hair and shit. By this point our states are all going up and the girls are comfortable with us. Staff leaves the group and hits the main stage. I eventually peace out and hit the main stage. 

We dance like awesome black guys because we're awesome. I give random girls in the audience hi fives, including the Swedish girl. I go back into the Swedish girls eventually and the shorter one loves me. I steal some of her beer and pay her out for having shitty taste. Give her a hug. Play around in general, set is good, awesome fucking tits. Start to feel worried about my wing and want him to have a girl, so I do a take away and go to pimp with him.

We go to the other side of the stage where he's busting rad moves to some chicks who aren't so into him. I come over and do some dipshit stuff, jump around, yell at a girl and give her a hi5. I pulled all the girls in with Staff for a pick.

Then I see a MAD hottie with a flower in her hair next to me, with no dude. I put my arm around her waist, lean in and ask her 'are these your friends?' She loves the confidence and instantly puts one hand around me and the other on my chest. Unfortunately I realise now my question was bullshit. I should have just asked her name or something. She instantly loses interest and stops talking to me. The group leaves a few minutes later.

We re-engage the Brazillian group by dancing up on them. They think it's fun because they're all just standing around drinking. I go back to Florida girl and ask what she's doing tomorrow. She says Brazil is leaving, so I give Brazil a heart felt hug and say our time together has been amazing. She says 'the last half an hour?' I say that it's been amazing. I go back to Florida and say I want to go to Bondi tomorrow, she says that her and London just said they wanted to do that tomorrow, I suggest meeting up.

She gets me to put my number in her phone. I hug and peace out.

Go find Staff. We go shove our asses on some girls for fun. It doesn't work. I say lets play blind man game where you pretend you can't see the girls reaction and just say words. I go into the group who we just rubbed our asses on. It's a bunch of girls with their boyfriends lol. I talk at her about the soccer on the tv and how I went to a game and really loved it and it would be like going to a baseball game in USA and blah blah. Her bf literally pulls her aside and physically moves into me so I have to move. I tell him I'll leave em alone now, don't worry bro, just playing!

Staff needs to go to bed and peaces out, it's a work night! I go back to the Swedish girls for the last time, because another take away would spell death (did 2 already). I re-enter by running up to the shorter one picking her up from below her ass and spinning her around. She squeels in delight and yells 'yaaayyy'. We dance around and shit. She's with her friend still and there's only one of me and about 4 of their male friends, so I'm too scared to escalate. I keep it to hugging and stuff.

I pull out my phone to text Staff saying goodnight and the shorter (HBTits) one says 'cool phone!' because I have an old shit-fuck of a Nokia that doesn't do anything. I tell her it doesn't even call and give it to her. She puts her number in it and calls herself, then puts my hand on her bag to feel the vibrating phone. Awesome. Her friend then takes my phone, reads the number and says 'it's the right one'. Man, Swedish girls are really nice.

This shit goes on for a while. At one point I need to take off my overshirt, so I have it hanging over my shoulders. She uses it to pull me in and we do a hug thing. Still too to escalate. I then turn to chicks next to me and ask them whether I should put my shirt over my shoulders or waist. They think I'm the most awesome retard ever and say waist, so I do that. Then HBTits pulls me in and makes me dance with her. Methinks jealousy plotlines may be useful. (Any advice here guys? My natural mate hates it when I talk to other chicks once we have a hooked set. What's your experience like?)

They all go to the toilet so I go to the bar and open some American girl. We talk about the usual shit, travel, Sydney, partying. I tell her I'm gonna go jump around like a douchebag.

I go jump on the stage and dance around. I see the Swedish girls heading outside, so I go outside. I stand in the middle and text Staff and pretend not to see them. Eventually I get their attention and HBtits waves to me (I felt weird following them and didn't want to walk up uninvited). We chat about shit, they have job trials tomorrow, only been in country a few days, staying at hostel. Buh boww. Their dude friends all start coming out, so I out. I let them go and say goodnight to HBtits (god they were yummy). Walk home feeling like a million bucks getting one solid number and maybe another with two cool chicks, just through being a normal, cool dude.

I waited about 30 minutes until I felt the time was right to text HBtits:
Me: Good luck at the trial tomorrow. Get home safe. Watts.
Her: You too. Thanks I'll need it. Sleep tight x. HBTits

I'm going to call her tomorrow night. Will let you know how it goes bros!

What I learnt tonight:
- Work on state early and get the momentum built early
- Play blind man game while getting into the vibe of the night. Blind man game is where you think about being blind while talking to chicks. That way you don't react to their reactions to you and just talk.
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Whattup niggazzz!

Short post. Didn't go out tonight. Did accidental daygame instead lul.

Walking to beach wearing thongs and a fucking sexy beanie, I see some hot babe chilling on the grass. I go up and ask her what the buildings around here are used for and she says she dunno. She tells me she works in one doing graphic design for some magazine or something but wants to get out and start doing freelance or app designs. I tell her my brother is trying to do the same, that his mate made a million off one app and told her to check out the Millionaire by 25 guy (I sent Corey an email about start-ups and he responded. Really nice guy I recommend you check him out) and send him an email.

Chatted about living in Brisbane cuz she used to live there, said I worked up the road, exchanged names, left it at the and left. 10 minute convo, really chill. Cool times, I literally approached by accident.

That's all I did.
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Whattup boys. Words:

Wednesday 4/9

Went to the bar in Kings Cross. Got a beer. Walked around for 20 minutes doing nothing. Left. Binge ate. Went home and forced myself to stay up all night drinking coffee and working out as punishment. Yes.

Friday 6/9

Rolled into Ivy in the city. Did no approaches. LOL. Went home.

Saturday 7/9

Tonight was awesome. Met up with Staff at the Shark Bar with a plan to meet all the other RSD guys from Sydney. We sat there for like an hour and no one came. Eventually we met one other guy and chatted. Then eventually I found out there was like 20 dudes there and we went and met them all. The whole crew rolled to Scary Canary.

Some boys were awesome and approached and stuff, some guys didn't, it was cool though. So we get in and I go to the toilet. On the way back I spy two girls up in the corner and go in and say 'hey girls, whats up. How's your night?'

They point out their friend on the stage and say 'it's her birthday, she's 18, isn't she hot?' I throw a peace sign to the girl and start getting awkward with the two girls and leave.

Go back to the crew who are in the line. I join the line and open two babes next to me with 'Cocacola, do you girls like coke?' then pretend to snort coke. It's funny, they are either high, drunk or retarded and make funny faces. I cbf and move on. Turn around and make some girl hi-5 me. Keep chilling in line and eventually the other dudes open the two girls I opened about the coke. They actually get the girls into a convo. We all fuck around until we get our drinks. I hit my water and go around the club to find womens.

On the dance floor me and one of the RSD guys drop our moves. Two babes in super tight clothes come close and start dancing, both the RSD guy (K) and I know what this means. We dance closer and K puts his arm around the two and pulls them in. One of them is really into it, the other is more offput. I try to join from the other side, but don't have the swagger. Eventually K moves away and I take the attention to try and get them comfortable. While K dances with the blonde (I thought she was into him, but she was just openly into grinding) I make the brown offput girl spin and try to get her to dance with me. No avail. I want to make her comfortable and say to her ear 'you're the responsible one here, aren't you?' She tells the other girl what I said and they laugh. I have found that cold reading is REALLY effective in conversation. Who doesn't like talking about themselves?

Move on and approach a 2-set. Cute short girls. Ask them how their night is. They say they are leaving to go to the Ivy. I tell them I wanted to go there but cbf because it's $40. We talk about that for a minute, it gets boring and I leave.

I find Staff and we get on the stage to drop moves. We drop the fucking fire on stage and I get Staff to dance up on the 18yo who's birthday it was (from the girls who pointed her out earlier). He does stripper style dancing and the girls start screaming and lose their shit. Eventually he joins the group of older chicks who were nannying the 18yo and dances with them for ages. I can't be fucked dealing with that and go to the bar.

I open a cute girl with glasses. Ask what she's up to. She's on a bar crawl with a bunch of Londoners. She's cute and likes me, keeps great eye contact with me. She talks to her friend and her friend points to her then me then back to her as if to say 'you two, alriiggghtttttt'. I talk about Londond and ask if my accent is funny and blah blah. Don't escalate because I'm sober and a pussy. She smells funny. Eventually she grabs her male friend and goes to dance. Haha, rejected.

I move on and find Staff. We open a group of four girls. They're Londoners. The girl I'm talking to is open and into talking. I talk about Bondi, ask if my accent is funny. Maybe 5 minute convo. Staff starts running out of steam and I introduce myself to the other girls. It doesn't go far and I wish them a good night and move on.

We go lord around the dance floor and I mess around with all the people I've met tonight. The hotties we were dancing with before I tell one she looks like my Ukranian friend, but she's a local. Meet some Canadian dude in a Macklemore jacket and roll to the bar with him.

While he's alpha'ing me in the line (talking really loud AT MY FACE in close proximity, moving me around as he pleases. Whenever I looked away, he'd push my shoulder to make me focus back on him. He took my number saying he wanted to party with Australians, going out with him would be good to observe alpha behaviour). He hits on two of his friends while their boyfriends are both here haha. One girl is like 'you're gay for Watts' and he goes 'I would be but I'm too into you. Come here baby' and grabs her arm haha. Fully alpha stuff.

While Canadian dude is distracted with people I open a chick in line, Medgirl. She's a Med student from America. We bullshit and she's rubbing her side on me so I assume it's on (but didn't escalate. Sticking point is obvious). I tell her that the most interesting thing I've studied was the urinary system (it's really fucking interesting. Ask me about it). We talk but eventually I run out of stuff and we fade apart, so I leave.

Go find Staff and we decide to chill up on the seating area. I just chill against the wall wanting to relax for a bit. Staff won't stop dancing. He dances up on some Latino girls and they just laugh at him. Kudos Staff he didn't stop, but he really should have just chilled out.

I see a girl with niiceee boobs in a green top make eye contact with me. I chill and decide I'll open her when she's in a better position (rather than sitting with 6 friends). Eventually they're all standing, so I go in.

I tap her shoulder and introduce myself. I ask what she's up to, if they're celebrating or just hanging. Just hanging. I ask her how they all know eachother (screening for boyf); they're all old school friends. Awesome. I cold read and say 'you aren't a party girl huh? Don't go out too much?' I'm right. She's a teacher or something. I tell her I just really wanted to come and say hello to her. I start to run out of words and tell her I'm gonna go jump around like a douchebag. Me and staff leave. Foreveralone.jpg.

We go to a different, more chilled bar. Staff gets another drink, we go chill downstairs. I just want to chill before going back into set. Our energy is too high and I'm tired. Staff is scared we'll lose momentum. After 10 mins I go and open 2 ugly girls. We get in set and lock in for like 15 minutes. My girl is playing with her hair and keeping the conversation going and all basic attraction stuff. Interesting how when you don't care because she's ugly, it's just easy. I get bored and don't want to talk to the ugly girl anymore and say we're leaving. We go upstairs.

Staff has lost his balls and can't open. We go dance. I see two babes that I think are watching me. I go in and approach. While I approach, 2 guys start talking to them. Lololol. I engage them all asking if they are with the hens party. Talk shit. Introduce myself, ask how they know eachother. The dudes say they're all mates. The girls say they are just leaving. They are being nice. I wish them a good night, the dudes thank me and they all leave. How pleasant.

Back on the floor I tell staff I'm leaving. As I go to leave I approach two mega hotties who are dancing with a black guy. I shove my hand out to one hotty and say 'hey, I'm Daniel'. She laughs at me and wants me to leave. I tell her not to leave me hanging. She gives me her name, I thank her and peace out. Go home.

Sunday 8/9

Tonight I was really fucking depressed. When I got home from work I watched Magnolia instead of practicing guitar. Made me angry as all fucking hell, so I was drinking tonight.

Out in Kings Cross with Staff. We meet up and chill. I go to the bar to get a drink. While I'm at the bar, there's two girls next to me. I ask them how their night is going. They tell me it's alright and ask me. I say it's good, just getting a drink. I get my delicious rum and wish them a good night. Sit down and Staff goes to get a pizza. While he's away I see the two girls again and ask if they are looking for their friends. They say they are looking for somewhere to sit. I tell them to join us. They do.

For the next 30-40 minutes Staff and I chat with the two birds about life and everything. I tell them why I stopped eating meat after my Vipassana retreat (actually a really interesting thread. Will use this story more often). The girls go to get a pizza and we wonder whether they will come back. They do. We decide we need to get them moving and isolated, but don't have the balls. We tell them we're gonna go to the terrace, if they want to come. They don't. That's okay, more time to practice. We go outside and open two random girls on the balcony. They are there in a huge group for their sisters 18th. One is 19 the other is 33 married with 2 children (still hot thought, good work girl). We chat for 10-15 minutes. At one point the husband comes and meets us, I give him props, he leaves us be.

We get bored eventually and leave. I dance through the floor to the bar to get water. See two girls near the bar and open. They tell me how impressed they are with my busting of moves. I am a black man.

This set fizzles in 5 minutes. We move on.

Out on the balcony we open a two set. Staff locks in and is doing good. I talk to the other girl and she's from Latvia. I tell her about how the bouncers laughed at my face when I came into the bar. She says the bouncer is a great friend of hers. We talk about where is the nicest suburb in Sydney but it's fucking boring. She leaves abruptly.

Staff opens some girl so I go talk to a group of 1 dude and 2 girls. They are Canadians. We talk about how awesome we are being able to go drinking on a Sunday. The main girl is kinda into me. We get a picture together. I tell them that they can have a picture without me if they want (I'm reaalllyyy empathic allll the fucking time. I think I need to lower this and be less nice sometimes). I look at my phone cuz Staff lost me, the group says 'haha we're so boring you're texting your friends'. Don't know what this means, but I said no, I ditched my mate and he wants to find me. A few minutes later I say I'ma find him and go.

Staff and I see a two set sitting down and decide we want to open them. I ask how we can get engaged in a two set. He says 'act first then ask forgiveness'. I agree. Calibrate after the fact. I suddenly announce a count-down. 3-2-1 and we go in. I kneel beside one and Staff opens verbally. We ask them what they're up to tonight and get their names. They are looking away from us and one starts playing on her phone. Not a good approach. Blah blah.

We leave and go to the balcony. See a two set and Staff does the count down. We open wayyy too high energy and the girls look freaked out. I say 'hey sorry, we have been dancing around too much and are a little high energy. I'm Daniel' and meet her. She chills out seeing that I'm normal. We have NO conversation here after staggering through the open. Staff tries to plow as usual (definitely need to learn this) but I just wish them a good night and eject. She wishes me a good night too and is really nice.

We see a three set, countdown and in. They are REALLY French. Two girls leave because their French is so bad. We talk to the last one about France and Australia for a couple minutes then tell her we'll let her get back to her friends. She apologises. We leave.

We go sit on the couch. I go to get water. When I get back, Staff is in set. I think the two girls are lesbians but I can't talk to them. Rolled my chair to a girl sitting away from the group and opened. Asked her if she was with the Polish people. She says no. I rant how everyone going out atm is a foreigner. I then tell her I'm with my Polish friends. She's confused and goes 'what, but you came in here all annoyed thinking I was a Polish person'. I backtrack and say 'yeah nah, I'm just with my mate, we just met those Polish people'. She accepts it because it's the truth, but then her friend comes and she disconnects me, I leave.

I get back to Staff and some dude is now between him and the girls. I eject him and drag him inside. We see a two set on the couches. I do a countdown and we go in. We sit down and Staff opens with a question. They are NOT interested and make it obvious. We leave.

Go back outside and some chick steals my beanie. I pull it down over her head and she goes 'oh what, am I ugly or something??'. Her name is V and she's English. We talk about stuff and she introduces me to her French friend. The friend is cute, and drunk. She instantly starts leaning all up on me (French girls are very forward) and we talk. I make her hug me and then we lean over the balcony talking. She insults me for never being in France. Can't remember what I say. Staff leaves with V to get drinks, she bought us all drinks yaayyy. I talk to Frenchy. Make good eye contact. Want to make out with her but she's drunk, since fucking when have I ever had morals? It's a cover for my own lack of balls.

V comes back with Staff. We all drink and chat. Maybe 10-15 minutes of chatting, I'm still paying out Frenchy in return for her payouts. Eventually she's like 'I don't even like you anyway, I'm going' I say 'okay, bye'. She leaves lol.

Staff and I decide to go. I go to Frenchy and go to give her a hug, but she's pretty unhappy about it, drunk chicks man, fucking hell. We leave.

On the train home I open two girls. They are reaalllyyy French, been in Australia for 4 days. They have bad English. I tell them good luck.

End story.
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