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Hey guys,

I'm a 21 yo dude in Australia. I've been interested in game for like 2-3 years at this point but am yet to actually do it. After getting really frustrated with where I'm at in life, I decided to start a FR thread and start going out.

- Go out a fuck tonne
- Learn to be a fucking badass

Outside of pickup I've had to get my shit together life wise too, but I'll talk about that as time goes on.

If you have any advice or ideas about what I'm doing please post.

If you have any advice or ideas about how I write, please post. I really want to learn how to write better. <-- this thread got me to do this. Thanks Cat.


^^^^^^This is my inspiration. I have the massive hots for Yvonne Strahovsky. She's amazing. I want to date girls like her.

See ya'll in the bar.
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11/1/13 - Friday night I went out solo and sober again tonight. Still getting used to it but I'm really fucking happy I crossed this bridge. I went out with basically no expectations beyond doing at least one approach. Thats the rule, get in and do one and you can leave. Luckily after the first one I did another, then another and the night went well if not a little slow. I caught the train to the city Fridays at about 9.30. On the way to the bar a girl asked for directions to Stockies. I didn't really know where it was but I said I was walking past it and I'd walk with her. She wasn't hot or anything but it was a good chance to be social. We chatted about what we were doing and what we'd been doing for our holidays and she told me she was going to hang out with the Bali Moped guy so I followed her to the bar and hung out with them for 15 or so minutes. I was being pretty awkward about it and she was doing most of the talking.
That's the moped guy. When I was there I went straight up to the dudes and talked to them about life and everything. I really wasn't engaging girls, even though there was opportunity. I think I need to be more open and ambitious about talking to girls. Got to Fridays and went in. Went straight to the bar to get water and lined up next to a really cute South african. I started talking to her by looking over and asking how her night was. Talked to her about what she was up to and told her I just met the Bali moped guy. She didn't know who that was and wasn't impressed with it. Before she left with her drinks I introduced myself. She walked to her friends and I should have followed but didn't. I felt too weird trying to prolong the interaction by following her. In the interaction she was friendly and playing, I was paying her out for being a 'mean girl' and a crazy South African but when we stopped talking she didn't try to start it back up. Oh well. Got my delicious water and went to the balcony. I caught myself trying to procrastinate and turned and immediately opened the nearest group. 2 girls sitting down. I told them my stupid ass story about the Bali moped guy and another one about university graduation outfits looking like batman suits. They thought the stories were stupid but didn't try to stop me. Apparently they all went to my university and were in the same year / department as me. I hung out there for ages and met some of their friends as they came in. I was mostly talking to the less-attractive red head girl and the other girl was a cuter half-Thai girl. After about 30 minutes I thanked them and bounced for more girls. Opened 3 girls, maybe 7s, near the other bar in the place. They were doing something with their hands over their eyes so I walked up doing the 'L' symble and called one a saying 'Don't call me a loser you biittcchh'. I was way too high energy and talking too fast. After introducing myself, the girls emphatically introduced one of their friends like 3 times. I told them my Bali moped story and they all said they didn't know what it was and referred me to the one they kept introducing. I guess she was looking for a hook-up? I think I was obviously scared the girls would leave if I stopped talking so they were not interested. After maybe 5-10 minutes I peaced out. Ran in to an old school friend and bought him a beer to catch up. He's working 70 hours a week at an accounting firm while on holidays from studying law. Some people. Opened one or two more groups of girls and told them I was tired. Okay no more telling girls I'm tired. It's a pointless exercise. After that I walked around for a bit and got in my head. I couldn't figure out what to do. So I left the bar at about 11 to go grab a protein bar. I remembered my rule that I have to make one proper approach with intent towards the girl, so I went back to the bar. I bitched out of a couple approaches and ended up back with the half-thai girl. We hung out and talked about yoga and nightclubs until her friends returned. After a while there it was almost midnight and we were all pretty bored. I got the Thai girl to stand up and follow me to a corner. Talked a bit, she lives in the same aree as me. Asked if she wanted to hang out and got her number. WOO got a number, success. Gave her a hug and kissed her quickly and then bounced home. On the train home I texted her 'Nice to meet you. Have fun at yoga tomorrow - Berty' to which she replied the same. Awesome. I'm really happy about this after my frustration recently and after I've been really sick since New Years (still sick).
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12/1/13 - Saturday night

Good night tonight. Tonnes of shit went down and I can learn from all of it. I don't know how you all remember what happens in a night. Even sober I can't do it.

Went out solo as usual. Went to a busy bar in the club district. After checking out the band for a second I walked out to the back bar to get water. Randomly congratulated a dude for his awesome ranga beard (I have red hair) and had a chat for a few minutes with the dudes.

After a few minutes I was like 'oh shit, this is gay, I gotta talk to girls' so I broke off and went over to a seated set. I said something like 'Hey guys what's up, mind if I kneel?' and knelt down. Introduced myself and chatted about our holidays and stuff. One of them, HB7.5 was pretty engaged so I pulled a chair over. We talked about travel and stuff.

Eventually I felt like it was gonna get awkward so I peaced out. I left to go to another club, ran into a mate who was completely smashed and decided to go back to the first bar.

He was opening every cute girl on the street. As soon as I saw this I knew it would be a good night. It was pretty awkward as he was smashed but he just plowed haha.

Went in and my mate says he wants to talk to chicks. He opens a three set, one disappears and I grab the other, HBTall. She wasn't overly hot, but was like 6'2'' and fucking talkative. She said she had to fly back to her city the next day but would be hanging out all night. I said I'll be up all night and we should catch up later. Grab her number, kiss a bit and then they bounce out to another bar. She wasn't overly hot but shit, I just seeded a hook up, I was fucking chuffed. She said to put her name in my phone as 'HBTall Slut'. Killer.

At this point my mate joins us and we bounce to a bigger club with an awesome seated patio area. He tries to chat the door chick up. Don't do that.

As soon as we get in I open some chick asking about a bucket she was carrying. It fizzled and I told her to have a good night. Some more non-exciting sets happen. My mate is hammered and approaching everything. It's perfect because it reminds me to keep going.

Go upstairs, couple more lame sets. Have overly drunk chick throw herself on me while security watches. I tell her friends to watch her lol.

Downstairs again and the second mates cousin is hanging with him. She introduces a couple of her friends, HBblonde and HBlovey. I call her HBlovey because she basically fell in love with me throughout the night. Anyway, I meet the girls and talk with them and hug them a bunch. I get really huggy when I'm out of my head, good or bad I dunno. Anyway we all go to a table and I begin chatting up the two HBs. HBblonde runs off randomly so I game HBlovey.

I think I did this really well. I was sort of just saying whatever I could think of. 'Nice eyeliner, shiny', 'lets have a black baby, you find a black man' etc etc. I kept trying to pull her in to hold an embrace but backed off because she would kind of put tension against me. Then said something about her being cool and went for another hug.

Eventually we separate and I go to wing my smashed mate with some ugly ass chicks pretending to be from California. These girls continue to annoy me all night. I need to be more fucking brutal about this, they actually got in my way.

I run into the two girls from the start of the night when I kneeled at their table. I was alone at this point so they thought I was just out alone. Whatever. There was absolutely no chemistry here and it was like they were just acknowledging me out of novelty. 'There's that guy from the bar lolol'. That's what it felt like at least as they were in the venue the rest of the night. It's whatever.

I started texting HBtall. We were texting about where we were at. I didn't want her to come to where I was because I was hooking up with HBlovey. Eventually it got to this:

Her: 'Turns out some drunk person is friends with my friends and now we have to go home?'
Me: 'Dude that's lame. I'm chilling at ZYX. Where are you staying anyway?'
Her: 'Suburbfuckingagesaway'
Me: 'I can't drive and the buses have stopped lol. Tomorrow?'
Her: 'I leave at 11:15'
Me: 'I'll see if there's some busses around, have a nightcap'
Her: 'I dunno, I'm pretty tired, if you were going to come here I'd need something to keep me awake'
Me: 'I have something. There's no buses'
Her: 'That's a shame. Just between you and me, what do you have?'
Me: 'My hard dick'

I dunno if she meant drugs lol. She didn't text back.

Continued to hook up with HBlover and cherish and shit, she seemed down. Me and my drunk mate talked to some girls from England. One of them started going on about vodka in her room that she should have drunk, because we were both sober. I just said 'why didn't you drink that?'. I should have fucking said lets go drink it. I'm an idiot.

Anyway, 2.30am came around and I wanted to leave. I hand of Godded HBlover away from some orbiter dood who followed us around asking is she was okay with me. Lol. I started to notice without her make up she was pretty fucking horific, but she had a decent enough body to make up for it. Whatever, I'll take whatever I can get. At this point of the night she was like 'oh my God I love you..', 'you're my best friend ever'. Kind of full on, guess she really wasn't used to attention? I kept dragging her off from random guys all night whilst completely ignoring everything the guys were doing. It works really well to just ignore the guys.

We go outside to the cab rank. I asked if she wanted to 'hang out later' when what I MEANT to say was 'can I come home with you'. Then she tells me she lives a fucking hour away. My place isn't really available so like fuck. I SHOULD HAVE FIGURED THIS OUT then gone over to the slutty girls house. SHIT.

I bounced out. She tells me to text her. I'm not going to text her.

Shit man. Two girls were pretty down tonight. Still nothing though and neither were super hot. But I'm happy enough!

It was gay watching the guys I knew leave at the end of the night with their hot girlfriends. But that's okay because I want to go beyond that and date super hot, cool girls. So I gotta do the work.

Anyway the big lesson tonight... Get the logistics planned out ASAP!
Early in the night I need to meet more girls and keep it 'short and sweet' like Owen says. Then as it gets late and they get drunker they're more open to you re-engaging.

I need to text the girl from Friday tomorrow. Try to get a date :)

Now its 4am. I'm going to sleep. Night bros, pimp hard.
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17/1/13 - Wednesday

I went in to the city today because there was a top model audition on, so I wanted to make sure I was at least there. I dicked around for about 30 minutes while I was there, 2 approaches.

1) I said to some girls 'you guys have any friends in this thing?', they were like 'no' lol. I said something else but it went no where. I wasn't engaged, I was just saying in passing because I knew I should.

2) Some worker chick. Sparked up a quick 3 minute convo about stuff in the city. Then started feeling awkward so I stopped talking and went all autistic. Fuck me.

Went home

Wednesday Night

I went out to dinner tonight with an old female friend. We had to patch some shit up. We ended up hanging out till like 11. Terrible choice.

It took ages to get into the bar. I cut in the middle of the line by talking to some randoms and just got chatting. It was a group of 2 dudes and a girl. All good. Then moved forward to another group. It was a few girls and guys. Got chatting about shit all until we got into the bar. At one point one girl asked me if I thought her friend was hot, I go 'yeah shes gorgeous' and pull the friend in. I didn't do anything else with the girl and just stood awkwardly around while we should have talked.

Once inside I did alright. A few approaches. The place was basically packed out and almost un-navigatable (Excuse at least lol).

1) Two girls with two guys, approach from behind and get them to turn around.
'Hey I love your dress, it's awesome. I'm Berty' while holding good eye contact. The two girls were happy and turned side-on to me. I told them a story about the Top model thing during the day. I love my shitty stories haha. Always have new ones. Anyway the set starts to fizzle after that, they say nothing so I peace out.

I dick around for a bit and run into mates. Head to bar to get water.

Do 2-3 random half assed approaches that do shit all. I should know by now that nothing half-assed works!

I head upstairs and run into these two ugly ass chicks who were stalking me on Sat night. I go full autistic and stand and look at them until they leave. Hhahahaha they were so damned awkward.

2-3 more half assed sets.

I out and decide the bar is too packed and the girls aren't hot (which was actually true, I need to get my standards up lol)

At train station

2) Cute ass little 18 yo girl looks at me as I walk down platform.
Me 'Hey, what are you looking at, what do you want?' playfully as I walk straight to her.
She retorts with something like 'I was just looking, so I can't look?'
I break my frame and ask them how their night was... I continue to hang out and just talk crap with the group. I see the cute 18yo looking at me constantly but do nothing.
I catch the train with them then go home. Sadface.
I need to be less ego protecting and more hitting up girls I like. I liked that 18 yo. She looked really slutty.

Anyway that was my night. Back out tomorrow.

Things I need to work on besides ACTUALLY APPROACHING HOT GIRLS:
- Breaking rapport tonality. I seek rapport hard.
- Practice an escalation ladder

From the Beginners Guide:
1. Spin handshake - just as it sounds, when I meet girls, I'll spin them around
2. Hand clasp - I usually do this right after the spin, but sometimes I'll clasp a girls hands after she says something I like
3. Spin hug - I LOVE this. Bend at your knees and pick up a girl under her ass, stand up, and spin her around. DON'T hug her -- it crushes the ribs and fucking hurts
4. Neck bite
5. Waltz Dance - while you're holding the girl, put your hand down on her ass and waltz with her
6. Eyes closed kiss - we were taught this on BC, but I don't do it. "Tell the girl to close her eyes, then kiss her..." -- I just go for the makeout with girls all the time anyway
7. Rapport rocking - this is cool if you're standing up -- just hold her like you're in High School dance (except you aren't a foot apart ) and rock back and forth and talk

Do more of this shit all the time. Those are the two things I want to focus on after the approach.
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17/1/13 - Thursday Night

Tonight I cried. Lol not really.

I went out to the bar for about 30 minutes, walked around, stared at a few girls really creepily, then left.

I've been sick since new years and it's gotten the point where I can't really talk because my throat is too sore. When I got to the bar I had a migrane, sore throat, blocked nose and was a little dizzy. I was so adamant I didn't want to be there and just wasn't able to execute or do anything really. Even talking was a struggle.

I know that's just an excuse, but it was a mental wall I didn't break through.

I'm gonna spend the next few days sleeping and will hopefully be 100% by Monday.

I have a trial shift at a 350 person restaurant tonight. Fuck me, I'll have to get drunk to make it through this.
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18/1/13 - Friday

Being a at the moment to be honest. Shit, not happy.

Got a trial tonight so I was planning to go out after it, but I'm still sick as hell.

I chatted up one girl today. I was on the train going to the trial shift and as the train pulled into the station I was looking at her through the window.

Cute little brunette with a backpack lol. She sat down right next to me despite all the other seats around us.

I assumed that meant she liked me but I still dicked around.

After like a minute of pretending to ignore her I looked at her for a few seconds then said 'Hey, how are you?'.

She takes her earphones out and says something. I ask her 'Whats up? Just finish work?'

She responds. I ask what it is, says she just started a job in marketting because she finished uni 6 months ago. I ask her if she liked the job and if it was cool. Seeking rapport hard.

I noticed around now she was staring at my eyes. I realised this and locked on. I was thinking to myself that thing where Tyler goes 'she'll stare in your eyes to see if you give a fuck' and was like, right, laser eyes.

I tell her I'm going to a job trial and am nervous. I was really sheepy about it because it's a trial as a bussboy and I felt shit compared to marketing.

This goes on till she says she's getting off soon. I say 'Are you going out at all this weekend Emily?'. I don't know why I asked that haha.

She says no. I ask her for her number and if she wanted to chat. She says she has a boyfriend and leaves. Well. Shit.

So that was a new thing for me. Probably the best interaction I've done in the day just on the street/train. Reference yay.

Got the job also. The restaurant / bar is awesome. Tonnes of hot waitresses, cool bartenders. This should be fun although I'll have to work nights.

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19/1/13 - Saturday Night

Today was a bit of a nothing day. Scored a shift at the restaurant for the night though. Working with some cool people at least. Bar girls all have great boobs so that's a plus.

We don't finish until 1am'ish though so this might get in the road of going out. I need the money but so I'm gonna roll with it.

After work I was gonna go home but ran into a couple guys from school. I convinced them to go to a bar in the city. I had a backpack on and had been running glasses for 7 hours lol, whatever, excuses.

Got to the bar, went upstairs ditching my friends. Said 'Hey girls' to some girls and got a funny look, lol. Did two actual approaches.

1) Went outside and saw a girl sitting down looking funnily downwards. I moved beside her and called her on it. She said she was just trying to count her money.

I sat down next to her and said 'That's cool, what's been happening with you?' or something like that. Got into a chat. She was a teacher from New York, very cool.

Found out we were both 21, also cool. Really just chatted for like 20 minutes. I tried to open up the conversation a bit. To get touching happening I grabbed her hand and told her to 'promise me she'll be careful of drop bears' lol.

In the silences I tried to just sit back and wait till she filled them, which she did. It was interesting how girls will eventually fill them. I don't know if that means they like you or are just averse to awkward silences :P

I knew she was going to the hostel so eventually I said 'what are you doing later, do you want to hang out?'. She replied that she had to be out at 10am the next day to go north. Eventually her friends grabbed her (they'd been hovering around) and she said she had to leave. I told her to give me her number and that if she comes back to town I'll be her guide. I get her to text me and she gets up to leave. Give her a hug, then grab her shoulder whilst talking, then pull her chin to me and have a quick make out.

Texted her 'Nice meeting you, get home safe ;)'
She texted back 'I'm safe and sound in my bunkbed in the hostel haha. Nice meeting you too :)'

Really chilled set, we were both sober. Just nice to know this shit works!

2) Walk back through the bar, find another girl (need to start opening more difficult sets) sitting down. I do the same thing and open her with some crap. Talk really awkwardly about my job that I just got and then about the heat wave. Her friend was off making out with a big, typical Aussie guy. He stunted on me but whatever, I just said hey and ignored him.

We all sat at the table of 4 people, the 2 girls, me and the Aussie dude. I sat there like an autist for like 10 minutes thinking 'it's fine lol dude, no compuction, she might be horny anyway'. But eventually got bored and peaced out.

There was nothing to do with attraction or anything in this. It was really just like, trying to be a normal dude because I'm sick and tired and just want to meet girls lol.

I walked to the cab rank while commenting to random girls on the street. Need more opens but that's okay, did my approach today.

Sick, tired, dressed shitty, wearing a back pack, solo and sober. I still got a kiss and a number. Hahah, fuck yeah.
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Maaaan this last week has been hectic. Worked every fucking night until 12am. Because I'm working as a fucking bus boy I work late. But I'm going to move into the city so that after work I can get changed, go out, then just walk home and not blast all my money on cabs.

Anyway, I didn't get to go out until Friday, which was fun.

^^^ This song is fucking MAD ^^^

25/1/13 - Friday Night

Tonight I had a friends 21st, which was really cool. Nice party, tonnes of guys and girls I knew from high school and university. Got smashed with my best mate and just bounced around socialising. Made sure to talk to every babe at the party for good measure though, inluding the bar girls. Every time I went for a drink they started pouring me two bigass glasses haha, then when I dropped one inside they like ran to get me another one. Chicks are funny.

I've been noticing recently that chicks have been laser locking eye contact. It was really weird at first but now I kinda like it. It's harder to think when they do it but it's cool because you know they're listening / interested. There was one babe I particularly liked who I was talking shit with, laser eyes, saying random bullshit like 'oh man, snow, I haven't ever seen snow'. But she bounced early.

At about 11:30, my friend who is a club marketer and I headed off to a club in the city. At this point I was pretty drunk (I'm a huge light weight) but she was getting us free drinks which was cool. It's funny how because I knew her, I instantly felt like I owned the club. I rolled onto the dance floor solo to jam out to the band playing and about 3 minutes later the floor was packed. My club marketer friend disappeared to work (working drunk, awesome job) so I got around to hitting on chicks.

Did lots of awkward dance floor opens. I'm really shit on the dance floor and pretty insecure about it, so I was weakly going up and like dancing near the girls. Not cool. But eventually I started relaxing. I would like walk up behind girls, grab them around their waist and spin them around haha. Anyway there was a couple good sets once I started going harder.

1) HB with a bandana on. I walked into their group and stuck my hand out for her to grab. When she complied I made her turn around and pulled her in to dance. We did this for a while, dancing and fucking around. I would lean in to talk into her ear and use that to pull her in close. After maybe 5 minutes I got bored of this and went to hang out with her friends. They were cool, saying stuff like 'isn't she hot?', ''do you think blah blah is hot'. No idea what was going on here.

I should have pushed this set harder. I should have grabbed her hand and taken her to a booth to get to know eachother and make out. She wouldn't make out on the D floor.

I walked away after a while but re-opened later. We did the same stuff but she still wouldn't really let me escalate. Whatever.

2) Leaning on the bar to get some water some chick goes next to me. I say something. She says something. I go 'hey look at me, wow you have gorgeous eyes', she goes 'lines, all I hear are lines'.

Her: 'You're too smooth'
Me: 'No girl I'm not smooth, I'm rough'
Her: 'That's not what a girl wants to hear!'
Me: 'Yeah it is' laughing my ass off.

I drink my water and grab her hand, we go to the d-floor where I do my shit white boy dance. I pull her in and waltz, and she goes 'this is more like it'. Weird fucking girl. We make out a bit, she's good. Anyway she wasn't overly hot so after a while of making out I see my mate and go join him.

3) After a while I head outside. My best mate is locked in on some girl and my other 2 friends, who are giants chode baskets, are shittily hitting on her friend with great tits. I roll in and say awesome shit, meet the girls, laser eye contact, those guys have no chance. We all bounce inside and I tell my mate to take his girl to a booth while our friends keep her friend occupied. I go and sit in a booth to chill and watch my friends try to dance with the friend.

I quietly think to myself 'make out with her, someone make out with her for the love of God!' to make my job even easier. Been getting off on that shit recently. But they don't. Eventually I go grab her and take her outside so now her and her friend and me and my mate are all leaning in a corner talking to our girls.

We talk about life and stuff until she says something about her boyfriend. Fuck fuck fuck. I tried to defuse this in a way that I thought was fucking genius. The conversation went kinda like this.

Her: 'Yeah are you seeing anyone?'
Me: 'Not really, I'm not really into that. I'm more open about relationships. I just want to have fun with girls and have everyone have a good time. You know like I'll never judge a girl for what she does or if she chooses to be with me and date someone else. I really just like it when everyone feels good and has a great time, sexually or relationships or whatever'
Her: 'Yeah that's so true, like, it really shouldn't matter, sex is just sex'

On and on. We then talked about going to Vegas to have 10 hookers each every night for a week. I started to think it might be on at this point. Yes, I am a bad person. She was saying shit like 'haha, you're mad. You're so awesome'. She was 17 hahaha.

Just to forecast, nothing happened with the girl. Later in the night I tried to pull her to a booth, but she literally sat down, then got up to go away. I grabbed her and was like 'I'm leaving in a second' to which she replied 'What?'. I repeated myself like 10 times and she just kept saying 'what?'. Does anyone know why she did that? It was really weird.

Later I was hanging with a girl at the bar and met some other girl who was like 'I'm here alone'. Ding ding ding. Should have gone for her but I was intent on trying to get the girl with the boyfriend. Partly because my mate was in with her friend so I thought it would work out.

Me and my mate caught a cab home at 3 and had a bit of deep n meaningful about how he isn't interested in other girls besides his ex, who he's still hung up on. I was really pissed off that the girl wouldn't cheat. Kind of fucked up. Fun night all round.
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Hey guys. I am hating on life right now. I've been working every. single. fucking. night. No going out. And now I've lost all of the ground that I gained. I've been working in a restaurant until like 12-1am every night and then been too tired to go out. Then the couple of times I have gone out I have just farted around and not really done anything as far as hooking up with girls. On the upside though is I've finally figured out what's important to me so I can actually start working directly on those things.

One funny thing I have found is that I've given up hope with all the bullshit I used to throw in the air. Now I am only interested in what I actually want to do with my time, i.e. making music, making money and getting girls. I can't even drink alcohol anymore. I have been out the last few nights with friends who wanted me to get drunk with them. I agreed each time and went to get a drink. No matter what though, I would take 1-2 sips and my brain would completely lack interest. It tasted like sipping battery acid. Just complete shit. So I have given up drinking for the most part because my brain can't do it. I am too excited by the possibilities of life.

Some things I've learnt in my downtime:
1. Getting feelings before you've hooked up with a girl = no girl. The hottest girl at my new work had been showing a lot of interest in the first couple of weeks I was there. Always trying to do shifts with me and go on breaks with me etc. But I didn't do anything. Then I actually said to myself 'Nah it's cool, I'll just go out with her and we can date so I can just worry about getting money for a while'. Next thing I know I'm all awkward around her and can't even talk to her lol. Don't do this.

2. The universe is always giving you what you need through what you experience. What ever is important to you will always shine through the other bullshit. People will always reflect back to you what you think is important. I had a security guard at work say to me 'man it just sounds like you're throwing up all this other bullshit to put off what you really want to do, go and study music'.

Another example was that I walked in to work on Friday and had my boss tell me there were too many staff and someone had to go home. I had a good friends 21st and decided to go to that and take the night off. While out I had a fucking terrible time and realised I need to refocus my life on this. The world gave me the shit experience I needed to get off my ass and change things again.

3. You, as a man, will be much more effective if you align yourself completely with who you are and what you want. First off, how can you get what you want if you don't even accept it yourself. If you want to fuck girls in the ass but are too uncomfortable to express that, you'll never find a girl who wants to be fucked. If you exude the energy that you want, you will attract the people you need and want into your life.

4. You will always throw up internal resistance if you do not follow your path. People respect a man who is following their path relentlessly, they don't respect passive-aggressive pussies.

Anyways, I am now focusing on three things only. Music, game and money. All the other stuff like health, my current final year at university and other stuff will be taken care of, but on the back burner.

Never stop pimping bros.
Keep your retarded shit away from my posts.
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Holy shit it's been like 2 months since I've posted on this!

My shit has been so neglected.

Guys I haven't been going out cry. I've been doing nothing but working nights, playing guitar and jacking off to videos of girls I could probably be fucking if I actually went out.

But in all seriousness, I've had some sporadic on and off nights where I have managed to go out. And in my life in general I have been focusing pretty hard on the things that are important.

I.e. my days completely consist of:
Playing, learning and writing music
Saving dollarz
Putting together a business (nootropic supps in Australia. If anyone is any good at this shit holla)

I have dropped out of university (lol) and moved to a sick little pad 10 minutes from my city. Working nights in a giant restaurant and trying to hook up with all the waitresses (to no avail. None of them hook up with eachother there wtf).

It's funny though because in dropping everything I feel more solid and centred in myself. I've pissed off heaps of people and attracted new people into my life. I seriously DGAF if people wanna hate on what I love. Every time I go out now though theres like, no approach anxiety (thanks alcohol) but my outer game is fucking TERRIBLE!

Anyways. I am going to keep on working on my business. Hopefully I will have a product to sell within the next 2 weeks and can start working myself out of a job and into a position where I can start traveling and gaming at the level I want to!

Homies stay on it.
Keep your retarded shit away from my posts.
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Thursday 2/4

Yo bros, whattup.

Finally started going out again. Been doing lots of shit that isn't important, so I'm just gonna cut straight to it.

Tonight I had a bunch of mates over, drank tonnes of booze and got a bit high. Went to the club at midnight.

I was off the fucking wall energy wise. Jumping around the dance floor and going nuts haha. There was no real pick-up done.

So I'm a giant pussy. It's fucking infuriating. I'm back where I was a year ago.

I also realised just how huge my fucking ego is. Ego-protection is my main activity at the moment. You can see it in everything I write, everything I do, everything I say.

I've built up a gigantic ego to protect myself from actually having to try, having to fail, having to look stupid and question myself. It's painful to finally realise it.

But I'm excited, now growth can start.

Friday 3/4

Went out after work. Went to a club my friend was a promoter at. The hosts at the door were nice and I had a quick chat to them.

Went inside and walked around for about 10 minutes.


Went to another bar.

Walked around for 10 minutes.

Walked home.

Yeah awesome. Back out tomorrow.

I'll just keep putting myself there until I fucking approach.

Most importantly, no more ego. I fucking suck. I suck at life. I'm a and no one will help me. Gotta help myself.

Keep your retarded shit away from my posts.
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