January 17th, 2019
Alexander~ Madness in AMSTERDAM - BOOTCAMP AND HOTSEAT - Don't read if you want to stay in Intermediate Purgatory!
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Hey Guys,

just finished a crazy week in Amsterdam. Atttended Bootcamp and Hotseat with Alexander. It completely changed the way I view the game!

Do you want to read more about the whole week in Amsterdam and other crazy adventures? Check out my Journal Mountaineer From Vienna: From Intermediate Purgatory To Advanced Stealth Awesomeness 

Friday Bootcamp:
For all of you who didn’t read my Journal and to my future self I want to remind me/you that I am (was) a DIRECT and FULL INTENT fan. Therefore internalizing and integrating Alexanders stuff fucked my mind up quite a bit over the last couple of weeks. My results went down significantly and I was very unsure what I was doing because different things didn’t make sense to me any more (eg showing intent vs. not showing intent). The high energy intentful stuff lead to results but they where somehow unstable and it was more of a me AGAINST the girl as opposed to me AND the girl. Also I didn’t want to be recognized as this crazy pickup dude but instead to “just” be this cool and chill alpha dude that gets laid like a pro.

The week in Amsterdam started pretty good. After 2 makeouts (not that they count anything to me anymore) I almost pulled twice and already had a Day2 before the Freetour on Thursday. Good stuff!

Alright, the moment I was waiting for finally comes. We meet up with Alexander in the hotel lobby. Attendants are Me, Zonk and some other a little bit weird behaving guy. After introducing himself and the assistants Alexander starts to give an overview of how the BC is going to get down. Then he asks us about our background in general and in the game. He recommends that everyone should watch the bonus videos before that so we understand what his approach is all about.

After an overview of the Natural Instincts Method (NIM) it’s time to hit up a bar (Lux café). Chill place with not that loud music. Normally I approach immediately after entering the bar. But this time I don’t approach on my own because I want to wait for final instructions. First Alexander sends me into a set where Zonk is already in. Have to talk to a girl I’m not interested at all. Guess she can feel it somehow.

After that I get the first feedback. I talk too fast and try to convey value most of the time. That’s not how an alpha of real abundance would act. He talks slow and is interested in the potential relationship with a girl. Because he already has abundance of beautiful girls this specific one who’s standing in front of him has no meaning to him. After figuring out how her personality is she could be “better” (more adventurous, etc.) than the girls in his rotation. But to figure this ous he has to explore her (=spend time with her). MAKES PERFECT SENSE!

At first I have to consciously push myself to speak slower and just do physical expressions every now and then but then his feedback slowly starts to sinks into my subconscious. Get a few “nice to meet you”. Normally I don’t get them because it’s more like fuck off or I fuck you. I don’t know how to interpret this… maybe it’s too less intent!?

Learn that the 4 times rule not only has a micro but also a macro component to it: don’t only stick to the set 4 times when she turns away or talks to a friend but also reapproach later when you see her again.

Open a glorious hot Dutch blonde 2 set. These girls are pretty tall. My one is fucking hot. Zonk aks me if he can join in. SURE BRO! Our wingmanship is on a pretty good level and works out awesome. At least the other one is able to engage the other girl almost always. However, the set is going pretty well as we’re speaking pretty slow and she’s opening up more and more. Zonk gets his first real shit tests from his girl. She’s a brat. It was about time!

Then they want to go for a smoke. We let them go having already in mind to reapproach them later. As I see later the 3rd BC student approaches them some minutes later. He’s very aggressive. As Zonk tells me later (because I’m in another set at this time) he reapproaches them and gets to know from his girl that the other girl is getting creeped out by our 3rd BC student.

Meanwhile I open a brunette hottie (seated). It’s a 3set. Go in pretty smooth and low key. An interesting convo starts. I always have in mind to express positive and negative emotions (as Alexander told me) and talk chill and slow. Turns out she’s not from town and has a child. Engage the dude. Turns out he’s her cousin. Shooting the shit with him. Then he tells me that a creepy guy it hitting on on her sister. I glance over and see that it’s our 3rd BC student. WTF. It’s awesome to be on the other side of the fence now where you are part of the group (set) and people are talking about the creepy guys (we used to be). It’s like you’re flying under the radar. Awesome stuff!

Initiate afterparty plotline. She’s a little hesitant. Since the bar is already about to close I tell my brunette that I go to get my jacket and will be back in a sec. Get it and talk to Zonk for some minutes. Then I see that they are about to go. Reapproach her “Let me be the one who walks you out of the bar” (line from Alexander). I love it. We’re going out together (Alexander: you have a 100x higher proability for results if you’re going through the exit door with her). However, right after leaving the bar I go again for the afterparty but her other cousin just grabs her and drags her away (FUUUCK). Guess it’s because I didn’t engage her in the first place. Why I didn’t do it is pretty simple. She was sitting away from me and it was not possible to talk to her easily. Damnit! Lesson learned.

-Alexander works pretty structured
-learned how the mindset of a “real man of abundance” looks like
-engaging the friends is very important
-theres a micro and a macro level to the 4 times rule
-what I didn’t really applied was to merge sets

Saturday Hotseat:
It’s 1pm when I roll with Zonk, Alex- and Steve to the Hotseat. Last night was short so we’re fucked up. Alexander has reserved seats in the first row for us (BC students). Good stuff. After an introduction to the NIM he starts to show the first infield videos of him from back in 2009.

By showing old videos in the first place and current videos later he’s able to show the evolution of his game. From a little bit try-hard and the need to convey value and provocate a me vs. the girl to a me AND the girl.

The quality of the editing is on a level never seen before. With motion stablilisation you can see the people pretty clear. Also you can see at all times on the screen (via text) if he’s expressing pos./neg. emotions, physically escalates or the girl gives him a test. You can also see the city, month, weekday, time of the night and time in the interaction. Very good to be more aware of what is happening every moment!

The videos itself are everything but spectacular. But they are all videos where he’s going to pull the girl in the end. This is a big shift in my perception of the game BECAUSE IT’S NOT NECESSARY THAT IT LOOKS SPECTACULAR. Basically it’s all about realizing that “you’re enough”, staying in set (4 times rule), expressing a range of emotions (positive and negative) and enduring her tests. That’s all! Plain simple but so effective!

-really realized that the game doesn’t have to (better: shouldn’t ) look like you’re gaming!
-Alexanders delivery is very good and professional
-by far the best video editing job for a hotseat. With the additional information on the screen you always know what’s happening and where to focus at

Saturday Bootcamp:
After a short break we meet up again in the hotel lobby. Alexander gives each of us a short individual feedback and a few minutes later we already head out to Lux Café (again).

This night I’m much more chill and relaxed and speak pretty slow. I love it. Have several longer sets where I engage the friends more. What I figure out is that in the beginning of the night people are much more hesitant.

Alexander encourages us to merge sets. Don’t really know how to do it. Get a little bit into my head about it. The idea behind it is that “because you’re an alpha with abundance you’re screening for the best girls in the venue”. One way is to claw girls in that are walking by and get them into the interaction (topic). Try it half-assed but it doesn’t really work.

Then Zonk and I open a blonde 2set. My girl is fucking cute. Winging works pretty good. After 30min an assistant walks by and tells us that we’re heading over to a club now and we should finish the set off. Go for the number. Nogo, she has a BF. WTF. Guess I should have screened for that in the first place. Problem is that I wasn’t aware because normally (direct style) I get the BF in the first 30sec to 2min so there’s no need to deliberately screen for it.

Head over to Trouw. This is a fucking amazing club. It is big and used to be a factory building. There are plenty of quiet places (smoking area).

Do a hot blonde 2 set together with Zonk. This is a typical set how it should be done. We’re both engaging our girls. Convos go pretty good. We’re having fun to get to know each other. Try to isolate my girl to a couch nearby. Nogo. Whatever… After 15min they want to go to the dancefloor. Zonk and I already had decided that we let them go but then Alexander tells us to stick to it. So we head over to the dancefloor with them. Despite the loud music I’m shooting the shit a little with my girl. Then I realize that I don’t have to try to convey value the whole time and just chill with Zonk nearby. We’re shooting the shit. This is a good feeling that you know that you just chill and don’t have to do something all the time.

Then they want to go back to the smoking area where we finally lose them. Shit.

Do many sets and try out new stuff (claw, merging sets). Then it’s getting pretty late. Alexander finishes the Bootcamp night and encourages us to stay longer because now it’s going to be the best time to pull because the people are going to leave the venue now anyway. Zonk and I decide that we need the sleep badly because another 12hour day is already waiting for us. Therefore we call it a night.

-the key principles of Alexanders approach already sunk a good way down into my subconscious and I’m now able to start to “feel” it
-tried out new stuff more (merging sets)

Sunday Bootcamp:
Meet up in the hotel lobby again. Alexander gives us a short introduction to daygame. His approach is again completely the opposite to what I was doing (relaxed indirect vs. direct full intent).

Daygame consists of the following steps (as far as I can remember right now):
0. stand with your feet on the ground (don’t move). And don’t be too close
1. say “excuse me”
2. ask a question like “do you know where x is” – full chode mode for my old mindset
3. change topic quickly
4. indroduce yourself
5. vibe and close (insta-date, number, same day lay haha)

Alright, we head out on the streets and start our first approaches. I’m chill as fuck. Normally I’m a little stifled during daygame. At least at the beginning. Girls react pretty calm BUT don’t stick at first.

Get my first feedback that I’m standing too close (a typical thing in the german speaking countries as Alexander explains).

Do some more sets. Get into this whole indirect style. However, I try to switch the boring asking for directions thing as quickly as possible to something that is interesting.

Then Alexander tells me that I was moving towards the girl. If he would’ve asked me if I do it I would’ve said No. Strange how your own perception sucks sometimes…

Then Alexander encourages us for a little Austrian competition between Zonk and me: whoever is able to go on an insta-date with a girl wins a warm and wet handshake. Motivated by this DISGUSTELICIOUS price we’re looking for “victims” like raptors.

Then I see a cute blonde on a small brigde. I immediately go in. At first I think she’s still a little girl. Turns out she’s 20 and from Finland. WTF this girl is hooooot. After some minutes of vibing she is about to go (already turned around and is facing away from me) when the 4 times rule pops into my head and I just say “Let’s go for a coffee”. She’s immediately down for it. Head over to a coffee shop. Good vibing. No physicality since Alexander told me that it’s a nogo during day. However, sporadic touches on the shoulder are ok and happen naturally. This girl is not only extremely hot but also very cute and has a nice personality. It’s a shame that this is my last day in Amsterdam. Would’ve been awesome to fuck her. Then I get a text from Zonk that Alexander wants to see a picture of her later so we shoot one. More physicality. Exchange Facebook. It’s time to pay. She has already her wallet in her hands and says to the waiter what she had when Alexanders “the company pays” pops into my head. She tells me that she can pay for her own but I just persist. I’m self employed so it’s not even a lie if I say it.

Head back to the rest of the Bootcamp crew to a steakhouse. Alexander congratulates me and asks me if I can introduce him to her. Nice try! Haha!

After that Alexander gives us a detailed individual summary about what we should focus on in our game and writes it down on his laptop before he sends it out to us.

Conclusion (from Alexander):
1. I want you to stop thinking you have anything more to learn about game, and identify with being sufficient in the game
2. have slower sets, plan the night, slower starts and less energy will yield longer better interactions with hotter girls
3. don’t get too close and too intense
4. Develop a higher awareness beyond your intent in the interaction
5. add an extra level of level of emotional expression, and edgy expression

Alexander is by far the most professional Bootcamp instructor I met so far. I recognized that Alexanders low key game is the real advanced yet simple approach to do it because it’s based on the mindset a man of real abundance has: “I’m enough”

If you already have experience and been stuck in intermediate purgatory then I definitely recommend to do a Bootcamp with him!

Sunday Hotseat:
This is another session where Alexander shows his current “stealth” style. You can see that he’s totally chill and relaxed and doesn’t try to convey value.

He also shows some daygame. Good stuff.

-definitely recommend the Alexander Hotseat to everyone who is able to look beyond the borders of his current mindset of high energy/intent!
-it’s worth the money 10 times


Do you want to read more about the whole week in Amsterdam and other crazy adventures? Check out my Journal Mountaineer From Vienna: From Intermediate Purgatory To Advanced Stealth Awesomeness
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 Awesome review, I learned alot.
You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist. -Nietzsche
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awesome mate hahahah that word disgustilicious is freaken hilarious!

Funny and interesting scene will be shown in Leverage Season 5 DVD series which contains the latest news about teh cast as well.
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I'm the 3rd bootcamp student and I'm fucking pissed at you!!

Haha just kidding but don't go so hard on that guy mate..
Mountaineer- wrote:

Meanwhile I open a brunette hottie (seated). It’s a 3set. Go in pretty smooth and low key. An interesting convo starts. I always have in mind to express positive and negative emotions (as Alexander told me) and talk chill and slow. Turns out she’s not from town and has a child. Engage the dude. Turns out he’s her cousin. Shooting the shit with him. Then he tells me that a creepy guy it hitting on on her sister. I glance over and see that it’s our 3rd BC student. WTF. It’s awesome to be on the other side of the fence now where you are part of the group (set) and people are talking about the creepy guys (we used to be). It’s like you’re flying under the radar. Awesome stuff!
I can confirm having had exactly the same experience after the hotseat last week. Really essential stuff that's taught here by Alex. Great review.
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Alexander~s stuff is fucking DISGUSTELICIOUS!

Got his mindsets pretty much into my subconscious now and FUCKED 3 NEW GIRLS LAST WEEK. This is just awesome.

Thank you Alexander~!
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just another guy

just another guy

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great review
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Just read your review. I've been to Alex's hotseat, but not on a bootcamp with him. Your review really makes me want to take one :) .. maybe next year when there's some more money in my account.. disgustilitious
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Best post by far 
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After reading alot of testimonials, I've decided to follow my bootcamp next year with Alexander. When are you coming to Amsterdam again?
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This is amazing , Alex method is great
 Vibe can't stop!
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