November 19th, 2018
After experiencing Tyler/Julien’s hot seat twice, I give Alex’s hot seat a shot (differences emphasised review)
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SO! I always wanted to visit this guy’s hot seat. Over the past years he’s been visiting holland a lot for freetours and bootcamps, but every time he starts talking about new idea’s and thoughts he always came with stuff that really contradicts the good old community driven paradigm of ‘going against the system’ and the ‘how do you get the girl to do xyz’ type of mindset.
Even though I rarely understood where he was coming from, I always knew it was an error in communication on my side, because this guy was explaining in an advanced-to-advanced type of way that me and many other inexperienced freetour visitors just couldn’t comprehend.

In his guest appearance on the bonus day of Hot seat 2 in Frankfurt a few months ago he showed some videos that were to be expected in his own hot seat and I knew immidiately that this would be VERY different from the Tyler/Julien hot seat. Even though it’s only been a few months since Tyler/Julien’s hot seat, this was my only real chance to participate in this program in the next year or so. Despite my naturally difficult financial position (the end of the holiday season of course ;)), I decide to sign up.

Best decision ever.

It was insane. If you always felt like you connect with Alex more then with other instructors in a certain way, but don’t understand his video’s or if you’re having trouble translating his theory to real life practise then you’re in for some real treat. ESPECIALLY if you have already experienced Tyler/Juliens hot seat.

The Hot Seat:

The doors open and me and my long time friend claim the first row like we always do lol. Alex however says we can’t sit in the 3 best spots of the first row. He reserves those spots for bootcamp students. This later turned out to be extremely helpfull because he sometimes uses some of his infield footage to compare and debrief his students on the spot. You’ll notice that some of the students have common problems you have as well and it really fills the gap between newbie and advanced.

He starts talking and explaining his natural instincts method. He then says something that immidately strikes my attention: ‘Have you’ve ever been agitated by being the intense mr pickup guy, hitting up girl after girl only to get numbers and flakes, while that natural friend of yours who only spoke to a girl 3 times at the parties he saw her at ends up banging her?’
I find myself stunned. This is something I always wondered. I live in Rotterdam where naturals bang ho’s like there’s not tomorrow. I know and met quite a lot of them and they don’t seem to obey ANY of the rules the majority of the community suggests. Alex is on to something here..I start listening very carefully…

‘That friend of yours is using his natural instincts. In the next 2 days I’m going to show you how you can develop your own natural instincts’ Awesome. The video’s start rolling. 2 things that I noticed instantly:
- The T(+/+/+),the P or N and other notes. These are notes that pop up for a second in real time in the videos and respresent the skills that he’s using at that moment. The reason he’s able to do that is because of the simplicity of his method. If you’ve seen his natural instincts method you’ll know how simple his system is.
- All the videos show the time of recording and the total time of interaction. This is very important and usefull because of the crucial role that time has in the natural instincts method.
The video’s show and it becomes apparant that the structure of this hot seat is significantly different from the Tyler/Julien hot seat:
Instead of showing short video’s where ‘small pieces of the game’ are explained, he shows entire interactions from open to close in long videos. The video’s were occasionally paused for a short explanation. He would first show pictures of a certain girl and give a little background info. He then shows and tells the entire story of how he met and eventually closed the girl. This truly helps your big picture thinking and help bring the pieces together. It also really complements his style of having real human interactions and getting to know a girl instead of the‘target hunting’ and ‘random hit or miss’ type of styles that seem to be so populair.

There’s also one video worth noting that is exceptionally good. And I’m not talking about the one with the 20 min pull where it’s fully recorded how he opens and then closes an 18 year old blonde with huge tits in the club’s bathroom (yes, he actually has video’s like this) I’m talking about the video where the girl gives him shit in every way, shape and form possible. That girl throws every shit possible to him (within reason of course) over and over during the entire process, but in the end he STILL fucks her and it’s a real mindtwister.

What I also liked is how he sometimes showed short videos between his long video’s of deviating subjects. It gives you a better sense of who he is and what he’s about.

On top of that the entire program is build in a way that shows his growth. He starts the hot seat showing video’s of 2009-2010 periods where he’s pimpin, but it’s still a little on the intense side. He then starts showing newer video’s in the 2011-2012 phase and you can clearly see his personal development and creation and internalizing of the ‘There’s no reason you’re not enough’ concept.

You start to understand the importance of the ‘You’re enough’ believe. It goes way deeper then I initially thought and you notice this in the clash of mindsets between Alex and the audience right away. Many times people would ask questions in the line of ‘How do you get her to .. ?‘ or ‘But what if she does this and … ‘ and his answer would usually come down to; ‘it’s no big deal’ or ‘I would empathize with them.’ I was confused till he started showing more video’s and giving more explanation. It all came down to knowing that you’re enough. He’s so sure of the fact that he’s enough that he actually shows empathy and apologizes to a girl when she’s being testy or acting weird. He just knows that as a personhe is enough and it’s a shortcoming on the girl’s side. He seems to FORGIVE these girls for their flaws. He takes the role of the man in her life. And even if the situation and emotions the girl is feeling is his fault, it’s just a mistake, he still knows it’s not a big deal because overall, he’s enough ;) and you see in the videos that if you realize that, then you’ll know that you can thrust in your natural instincts to guide you and the girl through the process and experience a full arousing night of adventure together.

The Natural vibe

I have to admit I truly start to understand where the ‘natural instincts method’ name is based on. He practises 3 skills and uses them to develop and complement his instincts in way that is natural and arousing.

He focusses a lot on how the flashy stuff gets you make out and fun moments, but rarely gets you laid.
Being intense and gamey seems to be the standard in learning game nowadays and he totally flips it around. Be sure to come with a clean sheet mindset when you visit this hot seat. He fundamentally thinks different then most people and you can become very confused if you try to ‘add some of his stuff within your current paradigm’.

This also the first hot seat I’ve ever been to, where during the breaks, I walked on the streets to get some food and didn’t felt like mr pick up guy. You might be familiar with the mr pick up guy feeling. It’s when you feel like you see targets around you and want to act and behave in a certain type of way that can help you achieve these targets. It’s a weird unnatural pick up feeling. For the first time I felt that game was just something natural and not just talking to a girl while having alternative motives. Instead of ‘gaming tonight’ I just wanted to meet girls tonight and explore my relationships with them further and see where the flow takes me. I felt like I knew I just got the tools to get good at this, by being me. I am enough.

You’ll also notice this in Alex himself. He’s the first person I’ve ever met that’s this good at game and at the same time as normal as you can be. If he has any weird attributes it’s not because of his pickup skills, but because he’s just like that. He’s the most down to earth and I’ve never seen anyone make banging tons of ho’s this normal.
The hot seat was absolutely awesome and I can’t stress enough how much I appreciate his help.
If you feel that most of this stuff on rsdnation is too ‘gamey’, if you feel that you’re mr pick up guy that doesn’t get laid while everyone else is, if you feel that relaxing give you much better results then being intense, if you feel that being confrontational fucks up your sets, if you feel like you wanna bang hot babes and still be the normal same guy you are right now….

Then I suggest you take his hot seat.. NOW.. ASAP…!

Thanx for taking the time to read ;)
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Nice mate. 
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That was interesting! Good job!
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