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COLLEGE quest (pics)
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Been in the game on and off for a little bit over a year. I was inspired when I saw an episode of  Keys To The VIP airing back when I was living in the Philippines for a while. At the age of 14 I thought that shit was fucking amazing. At the age of 16, I permanently moved to Palo Alto with my aunt and did online schooling, until one day i said FUCK IT! All her efforts to control every aspect of my life and keep me socially deprived finally backlashed... Kind of an African thing.
Thus she sent me to finish my last year and half of High School with an uncle of mine in Sacramento. We clicked instantly, I had crazy freedom But did not put it to full use until the end of my last year.
My school was mostly full of people whom I simply refused to associate myself with: Gold-diggers, full-time pot-heads, legit gangs, Yu-Gi-Oh card players... HELL NO.

I hung with the sports teams here and there because I was on the basketball team. Then I got really close to Russians, One of my best friends is Russian, to me they had a lot going for them including the smart and cute girls. That was my new hurdle lol. I would walk this Russian chick to her car after school almost every day and never did shit. She threw subtle signals at me, but I was telling myself otherwise; I was lying to myself and stuck in this state of confusion.
SAME pattern occurred in Palo Alto when I took French class in college (my French is advanced), I walked this German girl to her car for weeks, one day SHE asked ME out.... lol CHODE to the MAX.

Anyways I turned 18, started going out clubbing with this cute Russian girl I got acquainted through social circle. She was high status, hung with the club promoters, big tease with all kinds of guys constantly trying to chase after her and girls trying to compete with her in some way. Clubbing was probably the most nerve-racking social setting i've ever been in, I was still very reserved at the start.
I started watching downloading all seasons of Keys To The VIP and watching youtube vids on how to dance. I started applying the stuff I learned, went clubbing every weekend for a couple of months and gradually got better... I LOVED game. I then got an Irish girlfriend 8 years older from the club; she literally treated me like a BOSS and turning me into a spoiled brat. The woman had issues though, the relationship burst into flames... Way to start my 2012 lol. Depression hit, a close wing introduced me to RSD but i was not as motivated anymore. 

Bullshit happened in Sac, then i lost my job. I just moved to Santa Barbara during the summer living with my cousin and her BF. I'm starting over, almost 20, returning to school during Spring (been out since i graduated HS in 2011) Been having fun here when school's been in session and had 2 lays here so far... WOOT!
First LR:
First SNL:

Anyways this thread is going to unclude FRs, LRs the nights I go out on Campus (no 18+ clubs here) and day game adventures.

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School is still out for winter break, so i have to force myself to approach downtown solo.
I have not done day game in months, let alone without my wing back in Sacramento.
If I have a wing, even if he's just watching across the street, I WILL approach without thinking twice. I can't explain it but some of you can relate.
A couple of weeks ago I took a bus downtown for day game, got downtown and hopped back on the bus after 30 minutes. I did ZERO appraoches, that's how bad it was.


Forcing myself...

Anyways 2013 is a new year, baby steps were involved.
1/1/2013 I drove downtown at about 2PM and walked around for about an hour.
Got to the wharf and noticed a woman facing my way (26yrs+ for sure), pulling out her iPhone to take pics. She turned her back on me taking another pic, displaying her BIG ASS in those leggings.
I initially went past her because I was scared then I turned around. I asked her if she was taking a pic of my ass. She laughed, I extended my arm to shake as she kept walking. It went something like
ME: Hi i'm guru. I walked by you earlier and thought you were really cute. Was kind of nervous but here I am 
HER: Hi i'm HBBigAss
ME: yeah? HBBigAss from where?
HER: Bakersfield
ME: I'm sorry i don't know anything about Bakersfield....
HER: blah blah blah... yeah it sucks, that's why i'm here
ME: Do they make good sandwiches though? I love sandwiches.
HER: Yeah!
ME: Do you? what kind?
HER: hahaha well.... all kinds. But I have to go and eat
At this point we were standing in front of a fancy restaurant. She walked in, i should have at least tried to number close.


Made SOME progress...

Got downtown a little earlier than yesterday.  I walked by Pinkberry, and through the huge glass and see 2 girls at a table. I keep walking a couple of feet down to the next store, then TURNED BACK around past the door. I then turned back INTO the entrance LOL. The girls were standing up heading towards me, none really made eye contact with me. I said fuck it, caught the cute one off guard and extended my arm and said "hi"... She smiled, shook my hand. introduced herself BUT kept following her friend out the door. Her ugly friend said they had to go.

I went to get soda at some hotdog place, the cashier started conversing with me. after a while, for some reason he was selling me on parties and drinks We exchanged contacts and I bounced. NO HOMO.
Then the hottest girl i've seen all day walked my way alone. Blonde, tall, hair out, model looks. I was looking for eye contact to push me to open her but she never made it, so I choded out lol.

Intercepted a blonde 2 set with shopping bags and walked along side them. One of them was cute, ALWAYS got to bring the fat friend tho :/
Anyways sounded to me like they were speaking French so i called them out on it. Vibed with them but never really went direct towards the cute one. They were from Ohio and said there is a French speaking population there, going to have to google that soon.  Also turns out that the fat friend is the one visiting.... THANK GOD. We got into a store and I stopped, so did they. I told them I have to go and that I should get the cute girl's number to hang out. Cute girl got caught off guard and laughed, I think she realized she got picked up. She asked for my number said she would text me. I knew she would so I left, a got a text from her a couple of mins later. I got away with bringing good vibe, i think i'll have to work the attraction through text.... damn it.

I walked into H&M, there are a couple of women but too old for my taste. I ran into my one of my manager from Abercrombie and Fitch whom i worked for. She was shopping with some gay dude from the store, and I felt awkward trying to game her lol. I bounced towards the exit of the store and saw this cute brunette checking clothes out. I walked past her due to anxiousness, turned back around and approached.
Did the usual handshake and "hi i'm Guru" opening. I went direct, told her she was cute and I loved her style. She was extremely receptive and friendly. At one point during the interaction we went looking for her friend who was in the fitting room and clicked well with her as well. I told my girl we had awesome style that her friend should take pics and send it to me. Did some qualifying and probably did a bit too much push.  I wanted to feel her bicep, she was shy about it saying they're too mushy, i said "too bad I was going to have you be my body guard" I don't remember what her reactions were but i would hug her and kind of made it clear i was playful. 
We at stood at the cashier line and tried to figure what their next move was: MORE shopping and maybe a movie. I decided to bounce, right when my girl was putting her contact in my phone it died... Freakin' touch screen phones.... 
Her friend sent me the pic, i STILL need to get my girl's number lol
LESSON: Don't wait for girls to give you the signal to approach
                 Stop hesitating so much and making stupid loops. 
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Another solo day! 1st thing I noticed when I got downtown was the amount of 12-16 year olds out and couples. Wasn't looking good so far. 
I walked into chipotle to grab water. I saw a redhead sitting with her friend catch a glimpse of me when i came in then she quickly looked away. AA kicked in and I left. 
After a couple of blow outs on the street i spotted redhead, intercepted and stopped her group. The vibe was cool, talked and teased for 10 mins. I wanted to move on and # close but redhead said she was from Mississipi DAMN. Hugged the girls goodbye and bounced.... This mistake was later fixed.

I did dodge a couple more sets after that due to AA. I walked the main street that lead to the wharf. Spotted this short and well-dressed redhead walking the same direction. 
I caught up with her at a redlight, then got AA again FUCK. Light went green, I stayed behind her for about 20 seconds. Then I overtook her for another minute before turning around went direct. 
I told her how shy I was at the traffic light and she laughed. Girl was super receptive and curious about me, I relaxed and just went with the flow. Shortly after we stopped at a rail-road track, waiting for the train to pass. Thus i decided to get comfortable and sit on a 4 ft high concrete block, she mimicked. This is when it hit me that SHE was following ME. I started qleading the convo, qualifying her, high fiving, teasing and temporarily placing my hand on her thigh. Minutes after the train had already gone by, I told her we're going to the wharf and she followed very closely. I wanted to grab her hand and physically lead, but she had her hands full of pinkberry Yogurt melting under the sun. We got to the wharf and I number closed her. She mentioned the beautiful weather and I told her we're taking a picture:
She then mentioned she was supposed to meet a friend at Urban Outfitters so we walked back on the main street. I tried to kiss her on our way there but the transition was terrible and she wasn't that comfortable yet. I mentioned how adventurous and crazy we are based on the stuff we've been talking about, I then asked her if she wanted to see something crazy. LOL she kind of freaked out because she didn't know what I was going to do, and when I went in for the kiss she dodged stating "we only just met" I stayed composed. We got to Urban Outfitters she asked me to text her and I bounced.

10 mins later i ran across the street and chased after a brunette. She was receptive, but I could tell she really needed to go somewhere to i walked with her for no more than 4 mins (she had to catch the bus). Built rapport, teased a little and # closed.

I eventually spotted this Latina HBhotbod across the street walking into Forever 21 with her FAT friend. I eventually went in and greeted the girls. The cute girl was shit-testing me hard, acting all Qeen Latisha and trying to tool me lol.
Like she said "Is that your sister?" I turned my back slightly and spotted this tall, light-skinned African-American woman walking in. I said "Yeah it's my sister... No i'm lying it's my girlfriend. You're jealous?"
I could see her light up lol. However, her friend was being a detriment because she would not stop talking even when it was clear i was engaging the cute one.... like holy shit STFU lol. At this rate, i noticed HBhotbod started to get bored so i went for the #close ASAP. HBhotbod said she wasn't from around and lives 2 hours away, I asked her how long she's in town till, she responded "Sunday"
I said "cool, we'll figure something before then" she gave in, took my number and texted me. I let her get back to her shopping and bounced.
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 Hello admin my name is SAIM.. Your are having a nice nice forum. i am a new user and i will be Actively participating.. Hope you will well come me..:)
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I showed up downtown this afternoon to handle some school-related issues, then went on the main street. 
I had no intentions of having a full day game session, but I ended up with a of contacts a I was heading wherever I needed to go.
I parallel-parked on a street with 75MINS parking and turned off the car. I watched other cars cruise by, sucking a lollipop and let the radio run before I got out. Kendrick Lamar- Swimming Pools is my jam though! lol.

As the song was ending, I spotted a blonde head and brunette strolling by. I never really got to see their face but I quickly scrambled for my stuff anyways and GTFO.
They sat at a bus stop 50 meters from where I was parked. As soon as I got in their vicinity, I said "I know you" with conviction. I was referreing to the Brunette, I chatted her up in French at some rager a couple of months ago; it did not take her too long to recognize me. I forgot what was initially discussed, I was focusing on staying relaxed and solid eye contact.
I noticed these past couple of months, my eyes would drift off A
 LOT, this was not the case before.
In the end I bounced despite them enjoying my company, told them I would see them around.  
Brunette French girl is like 16-17 not fucking with that lol.

I proceeded to walk through this open parking lot and spotted the short well dressed Latina walking my way. She had earphones on, I started talking without words coming out of my mouth.
She removed her earphones, realized I wasn't saying shit and laughed. (Someone posted about this opener months ago, kudos to him) 

"I'm just fucking with you haha, but you're cute and I dig your style"
that got the ball rolling as we were walking. We built rapport off of fashion, which gave me the opportunitty to feel the pants she was wearing.
Turns out we're both in the retail business, I high 5'd her and held her hand to my chest. I'm training myself to HOLD hands day game and stay comfortable with it.
Fast forward we got to a light and she asked what I was doing. I told her what's up and reframed:
"I'm on my way to work, got to pick up my schedule and check (truth lol), It's all YOUR fault for leading me the wrong way" gave her a light shove and she got a kick out of it.
She responded with something along the lines of "Hahaha well i'm on my way to the bank blah blah blah" I think she was going to her car, so I kind of freaked out in my head. I told her I'm going back the other way, she responded with "Alright well it was nice to meet you" to which I replied "For sure, but hey you're cool let me grab your digits..."
"Haha actually let me grab your number, I don't usually give out my number blah blah"
She took down my number and my name, I told her to hit me up when she's down to have fun.
*QUESTION: How do you guys deal with girls insisting to take YOUR number because they claim they don't give out their contact?

I showed up at work, being a slight asshole to my manager and giving her a hard time for not printing out the schedule on time lol.
I got out of my store, and at that point I decided i'm going to kill time and day game. I started strolling down the main street, got in front of Pinkberry and a buddy who works there called me over. I was in there for a good 45 mins, then the weather went haywire. Dark clouds just busted all over that sun, cold mild winds started to settle in and the street clearing up. I said fuck it, called it a day and went to test drive Jags.

The test-drive was over, I then drove back to the college town and I decided to make a quick stop at the bank there. By the entrance I spotted a cut brunette, sitting all by herself in the god damn cold looking around. I don't care how much AA you have, you would have to be an IDIOT not to approach, this was like every newbie's ideal circumstance to approach.
Anyways I could only see her from the side but I could tell she had something going.
"You look bored" is what I opened with as I was making miserable attempts to get in the bank with my card; she turned that pretty face "Haha yes I am"
My dumbass went in denial about the invitation for a sec "haha dang" this motherfucker STILL trying to open the bank door LOL.
3 seconds later i gave up on the door, off the top of my head i went something along the lines of "So you want me to tell you a funny story or what?"
She's was SUPER keen about it "YES tell me a funny story!"... I headed over, sat tight close to her and silently stared into her green eyes for at least 5 secs. I had ZERO train of thoughts, without shame or care i told her "fuck it"
We laughed about it, I managed to move things forward. Turned out she's waiting on her friends to pick her up at any time, I knew I would have to work a little fast. As far as i'm aware I only managed to do rapport-building with some teasing. 
"So tell me.... what do you do here, it better be cool"
"Haha I do art"
"No way GTFO"
slight shove, "me too"
"Haha what do you draw?"
"Yeah, in fact let me show you on my Facebook"
*I pull out my phone* "What about you? And I don't want to hear butterflies and unicorns."
"Hahaha no, I do painting and protraiture"

At one point I asked her if she was Russian, I told her looked VERY similar to the girl I used to go clubbing with back in Sac... like WTF. She laughed and said her descendants are.... Nah girl you're Russian.
I told her to top that, my best friend is Russian, she got all surprised "WOW you and Russians"... Needless to say I think that gave me some extra credibility with the girl.
RIGHT after that, her friends show up to scoop her up. She felt more comfortable giving me her FB to start things off, I hugged her and she bounced.
Looking back at the interaction I did high 5 her and hold her hand for a sec, then at one point clawing her for some reason. Good set IMO, the interaction wasn't even 10 mins. Facebook game time!

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Bleh I kind of got lazy writing this up because i'm looking for apartments in my college town. 
Moving out of my cousin's, I can't pull or bring anyone there among other rules. So logistically, it's been a shit hole for me.
I should be out within 2 weeks WOOT!


Got fucked up....

My college town has parties running on Friday and Saturday evenings, they're pretty huge most of the time.
8PM I headed over to pre-game with some chill guys i know before we head out.
We were playing loud old-school hip hop music and watching football/basketball games. 
After taking enough double-shots of SKY, I stood up went to the balcony to find people walking up and down the street going to parties.
This is when I started dancing/grinding sensually to the music, I immediatelly started getting attention from almost everyone who went by. 
Some girls wanted to come up but were not allowed lol.

10PM on the clock and 4 of us roll out. (A wing from another forum was there too) At that point i was kind of fucked up but you wouldn't really know.
We're walking the streets and I run into these European cuties i met through a French girl I eventually ignored on Halloween. Long story but i regret it.
we vibed for a couple of minutes and parted ways; I #closed the French girl of the group, we had the better chemistry.

Minutes later we roll up in front of a house. We could see a rager popping in the DARK backyard, but some dude was blocking the entrance of the compound.
He was monitoring sausage fests, however getting in was a breeze because one of my buddies knows him (He knows A LOT of people, it's ridiculous)
This is when my memory kind of fades, the alcohol was hitting its maximum effect. 
We ended up getting separated and my wing is following me through the crowd. 
I opened a couple of sets and my boy winged. I don't know how I did there but it must have been a closing. I found out my phone died... FUCK.
I saw this text message from a girl I met there the next day:
Anyways I decided my wing and I bounce; all I was seeing was dark figures and flashing lights, stupid vodka. Shit started happening so fast with me drunk, sorry for the lack of details.
Next thing I know we're at a house party this time. I went for the 1st cutie i saw and said "hi", next minute I was on the couch in between 2 other HOTTIES. Was a great vibe, being super present, a lot of teasing going on. 1st girl was watching the whole thing, I feel bad thinking about it lol.
Some guys came out of nowhere trying to befriend me just to get at my set, these girls tooled them... #TeamSmartBitches.
Regardless I HATE that shit.... like GTFO.
I remember my wing laying on another couch just straight up chilling and staring my way with a grin. Turns out he was offered more drinks.
Rest of the night was history.
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Fantastic night...

I went over to my buddies' again and took it easy on the alcohol this time. Then entered some of the cute neighbors, I got to know them a bit when hanging with guys.
At this point I was already feeling like partying and dancing. They caught onto the vibe and wanted to take a pic, I sat on the arm of the couch let them do their thing:
The girls eventually left to do their own thing, my wing came in with a guy from another forum. The guy is honestly awkward, and I could tell at that moment he felt out of fact the whole night.
Like instead of socializing with people in the room, he followed my wing around with a redbull to his chest.
I went on the balcony doing my usual routine then we bounced. We followed a girl from the school waterpolo team to a house party. Was mostly dudes but meh, whatever, kept the grin up. When we started splitting up again, I went socializing with anybody I could to get the night started. Met a number of chill guys from sports teams.
Out of the blue, this black girl from the basketball team was walking my way.
(SIDE STORY: I barely acknowledged her but her teammates literally threw her onto me at a New Years party... fuckers. I'm not really into black girls but whatever, I went on with the flow of the night.
Told her I wouldn't kiss her until midnight hits the clock, she started gaming me the whole night. Midnight came, champagne bottles sprayed and I kissed a black girl for the 1st time...yay.)

When she got in my vicinity, she tried to act aloof but realized that wasn't working. There's NO WAY you can miss my tall black ass, we chatted for a bit.
It hit me that she was acting aloof when she asked me why I haven't been texting her lol. I told her that she agreed on text to hit me up when she's free, not going to chase her.
Minutes later me and the boys decide to bounce. On our way out I noticed a cute black chick standing on the stair case of the apartment upstairs.
Opened with good tonality, turns out she had a boyfriend but I ploughed. Ended up telling we'll exchange phone numbers as long as she doesn't hit on me. I'm practicing flipping the script, it's so funny.

A couple of houses down there is a rager going on. It was completely nuts, the party extended as far as ON the street because there is no space for people on the front yard. You'll constantly get your feed stomped on in there, screw that. We agreed on settling on the street which was a bit more convenient. I just focused on being loud as hell and having fun, opening after that was a breeze. Even had a girl who was serious about a having bf danced with me, but then pushed me away my 1st attempt to escalate. I was having so much fun pulling girls left to right it was hilarious. It was to the point where the girl on the waterpolo team, who showed no sign of interest since i knew her, showed up in the crowd started dancing on me... My mind was like HOLY SHIT; pre-selection at its finest. One of my buddies who saw me doing work decided I needed to upgrade. He called me over and introduced me to probably the hottest girls i've seen all night. I started dancing with one of them, putting my grind moves to work and teasing her.  I would high 5 her friend here and there giving her some value and showing that she's cool. Rager shut down at midnight, it's the gay rule in this college town. I grabbed a several numbers which i'm currently working on. Texting game is probably my biggest sticking

One of my buddies took these:
null Orbiter in the background was trying to get some though! null

NOTE: I didn't escalate that much but this night just really opened my mind and the importance of being myself. This was all about personal development for me, people tell me I have a super outgoing personality so I put it to excellent use and it paid off. Random girls came out of nowhere to slap my ass and encouraging me while I was grinding with some girls, they're bad tho! I has SO much fun lol. I saw potential in myself that night.

Most parties on the main street were shut down so my boys and I decided to get some drunchie munchies. I wasn't drunk but whatever, Africans be starving. I saw what I thought was a cute nerd with glasses inside a restaurant studying. I told the guys I was going to approach so they halted. I walked by the girl's table but she did NOT look good when i got close, i made it look like I was lost so i turned around and opened a decent 3 set eating instead. I forgot whatI opened with but I immediately made myself comfortable. After a while they started opening up to me; one was Half-Filipino, the 2 others were Middle Eastern. I eventually managed to get my 2 community wings in but the set didn't go anywhere. The guy my wing car-pooled with decided he wanted to go home, I honestly didn't see him doing SHIT the whole night... like what the fuck. We parted ways and I started riding my bike home thinking my night was over.

On my way back, my bike chain pops off. I flipped the bike upside down and 7 drunk dudes decided they were gonna help me out. I stayed laid back, joked with them and flirted with some girls walking by meanwhile. As I was # closing, I notice the guys walk off with my bike about 30 meters down and walk into a driveway. Soon as the girl finished punching her info in my phone I sprinted after the mofos. I found my bike on a bike rack, the chain was still off and my U-lock was bent and key hole FUCKED UP. 
NOTE: Don't ever let a bunch of incompetent drunk dudes try and fix your shit.

However in that driveway, I could hear the faint sound of hiphop music.... If you're lucky you can still find afterparties past Midnight that cops won't be able to hear.
I neglected my bike and walked into a decent 3-set that was nearby; 2 girls and 1 Egyptian guy. The guy had no chance IMO, it's hard to put it into words. After dealing with so many guys in set, you could tell he was being "fake" I hooked onto my girl pretty hard by doing A LOT of push-pull, then decided we all go into the party and dance. I led my girl by the hand, soon as we got upstairs it was just me and the 2 girls... The Egyptian dude fled for some reason LOL. My girl got to work and started grinding on me, did my usual routine of slowly amping things up. Run my hands up and down her body, lick her ear and breathe into it, dry humping her HARD. I eventually got to finger my girl in front of my friend, my 1st time fingering a girl on the dance floor haha, she was WET. She eventually had to leave because of another friend of hers #GirlProblems.
I number closed her and moved onto another set. 

Next thing I knew New Years black girl came out of the bathroom with her girlfriends and found me on the dancefloor. Fast-forward the meaningless bullshit, she said we'd go back to her dorms and that we would only hook-up, NO SEX. Saying I was cute but doesn't want to do anything yet. This was a classic case of ASD, I flipped the script and said something along the lines of "Hold up!!!! you think i'm easy?? I'll come to your place as long as you don't do anything funny blah blah blah"
That took care of thing and threw her off, she started laughing and I walked off the dance on my own. She pulled me back and started gathering her friends to leave. Due to logistical issues I could not get to her place. Something about her not having the keys to her place, and having her bike locked at another location... For some reason I didn't take the initiative to solve the issue, i'm gay. She bounced with one of her friends to go get her bike and go I don't know where.

I went to handle my bike situation in the 35 degree cold which took about 20 mins and went home. 
Overall the night was really fun, I undeniably felt powerful.
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Random dude trying to start shit...

Man I was pumped up and felt the night was going to be great!
The girl I took the pic with 1/3/2013 sent me a text saying she wants to come out and party with me next weekend.
Black girl from New Years hit me up late afternoon to see what I was up to. Turned out she wasn't going out to party but I could come over when i'm done partying... I took the bait of course.
I had been texting the French girl I ran into on 1/11/2013, and she was constantly following up with me to see if I was coming out to party for the weekend. I had pretty much been telling her "i'm not sure, i'll let you know" for the sake of building tension.

Anyways I got ready for the evening and caught up with 2 buddies at a kickback. I just focused on relaxing, socializing, having some Jello shots and taking part in conversations with the guys there. The 6+ girls that were in the background gossiping eventually joined the convo. 2 of those girls were actually d with great style: Tall brunette with some ass and nose ring, he friend was blonde/ginger with a cute face and body overall.
I somehow managed to put myself in a good position to engage of them. Some light teasing ensued, feeling of triceps, hugs, high 5s and fluff talk. My buddies and I eventually started getting ready to leave and hit up bigger parties, the girls decided they were going to leave too. As the tall girl with the nose ring was hugging me, she "Here's a hug for you because i know you want it" I turned my head away in confusion Lol.
I'll respond with "Hold up fuck that! Now you think i'm easy" next time I get that.

We went down to another street where there was a backyard rager. I did my thing spotted a cute blonde with glasses, leather jacket, sexy leggings and in heels. She was smoking, I prefer girls who don't but whatever.... I went in was lazer eye contact, smiling and manly tone, it was congruent to my mood.
"You know, normally i'm not into girls who smoke but i'll give you a pass... WOW" spun her around, the set hooked immediatly. As we were talking, I was holding her close with one of my hands holding her smoking arm away from us, I don't like the smoke. I'm surprised she complied, most girls snap when I fuck with their cigarettes. Anyways I lost control of the situation when her friends wanted to go to the bathroom and dragged her along. I thought I would see her again in the crowd but I was being plain stupid, I lost her. Should have number closed!

The party was turning into a sausage fest so me and my buddy AJ (the other guy poofed) walked the street in search of other parties. We went by another party, sausage fest and the girls this time were not attractive.
I got back on the street and phoned French Girl who happened to be walking my direction with her 5 European friends. They were ALL  cute as ever, ESPECIALLY the brunette from Holland; Of all the girls she had the most swag. I went to hung French Girl, short thang and I had JUST noticed she had ass. AJ and I decided to lead the girls back to the rager we were at the 1st time. Meanwhile French girl is being funny and feisty with me, she wouldn' t hold my hand... cool lol. AJ was hitting on Holland and Germany while I was occupying the rest. We got to the rager which grew ever since we left.
Take a look at this daredevil sticking out then 2nd floor window:
All the girls went to the bathroom. French decided she would stay with me and AJ. I started staring at her beautiful hazel eyes, smiling and creating tension. She laughed and acted shy, it was fun. I started to build compliance with her because she was still a little bit fiesty and testing me. I was enjoying it but I had to move things forward. Started flirting with her, pinching her cheeks even though she was asking me to stop, she was liking it lol. I grabbed her hand spun her around and complimented her style, then backed up my statement. I was talking about how i've seen a lot of girls that night that do not know how to dress. I went bold and pointed at a super hot girl, talking about her mismatched outfit and color choice... I could see the flash of appreciation in her face, she was turned on. She started touching me and I just let her do the work.
Her friend FINALLY came out of the bathroom, they took forever. We took them on one side of the dancefloor and started dancing to hip hop music. I was yelling and creating energy within the group. 
I pulled French Girl to me and had to dip low because she was shorter; MAN did she know how to dance. As the night progressed she got less resistant to my advances, it was all about coming back later. I ended up fingering her (WET), kissing, licking her earlobe and breathing into it (She LOVED it). In return she would run her hands around my body and jerking me off while dancing.
It was hot, but I didn't take the initiative to pull her through the crowd and isolate; I was too comfortable.

Party shut down at midnight, and we started heading towards the front of the apartments. French girl went to the bathroom, we waited and I engaged Holland showing her dance moves.
Then out of nowhere I get a mild shove from the back, I turned around to saw this little hottie give me the biggest grin all night. It was the brunette neighbor who took last week's pic at my buddies':
She walked towards me to give me a hug. I pushed her back before she could, she immediately persisted, grabbed my hand and pulled me towards her. I did this as a fun punishment for shoving me lol.
I did my usual routine of teasing, she asked AJ and I to follow her and her roommate to an afterparty. We told them we would catch up, we were still waiting on French girl....
French Girl showed up fiesty all over again and we bounced the girls to the address.
It was a house party and the house was locked, I called Neighbor girl but she ignored the call :/ She was mad at us lol.
I was standing right behind French, tapping on her big butt-cheeks while discussing our next move in front of the address.
Right then a big ass Samoan walked towards me and my girl and went "Hey Bro you wanna fight bro? You trying to fight?" I looked at him and calmly said "Nah man i'm good."
He proceeded to harrass the other guys in my vicinity, and finally calmed down when he got to AJ. Apparently they sort of know each other, he said "Man you're lucky these are your boys! I wanted to punch somebody!"
What a fag.

Fast forward things didn't pan out with the Euro chicks. I left them at AJ's while they were waiting for their cab. I met up with Black Girl from New Years at her crib. We cuddle over a movie talking comfort, gave her a massge and fucked. I don't want to go over the details, I don't want to think about her.
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The night was short...

Went over to some buddies' place, with the wing from last weekend. His name on here is Maverick87, he doesn't post here though.
We got settled for a bit, playing drinking games and trolling each other lol. After a while, I called this other French girl who texted me earlier about being in the neighborhood and not being able to find parties.
I invited her and her friends over to drink then go find parties but they never made it, oh well.

The boys and I roll out. On our way to the address, half the guys started running into driveways pissing... God damn beer. 
Finally got into a small apartment. We were immediately greeted by a crowd of dudes and few girls. Didn't really matter to me as long as they were cute girls, I could work with that.
Everyone split, I guess AJ knew somebody there.
I started dancing by myself, and noticed a girl with dirty blonde hair at the corner of my eye. She was standing at the corner of the room talking to what looked like a male friend. I don't remember how I approached her but she wouldn't have it, I think her BF was nearby. Time went by and I spotted another hot blonde at the edge of the dancefloor holding an unlit cig.
I went in, strong eye contact, smile and tone "Hi" grabbed her hand and pulled her onto me. She was hooked, we fluff talked for a bit then she wantd to go outside on the balcony to smoke. I could have gone with her, but I just recovered from a 2 months long lung infection... FUCK that, I told her I would see her when she gets back. 
HBneighbor came out from behind and pulled me a few feet away as I was checking up on Maverick.
I responded by pulling her in, slowly running my hands down her sides and wrapping her arms around my neck. "Hi :)" Held eye contact for a bit, spun her around and she started dancing on me for a bit before running back to her friends. I know she had something for me, but I'm uncomfortable escalating far with social circle girls.

Next thing I knew the 2 girls at the beginning of last night, glancing over at me: Tall brunette with some ass and nose ring, her friend was blonde/ginger with a cute face and body overall.
I went over grabbed HBGinger, flirted with her and slowly escalated as she was grinding on me. I would glide my hands over the side of her smooth body and squeeze her ass/sometimes spank. She was getting so turned on, she decided to throw away her coat so threw my sweater lol. Skin on skin contact FTW!
Then I proceeded to gliding my hands down her arm. She would lock my hands, leading them around her body and squeezing her tits. Fast-forward her brunette friend said they had to go, party was dying anyways. I cut in front of her friend facing HBginger, handed her my phone and started grinding on her friend. Her friend laughed and reciprocated. HBginger got done, I hugged her, pecked her on the lips and told her I would text her something dirty so she remembers me (Kudos to DJninja from BravoPUA). She replied with "please do" with a slight horny tone to it, she wasn't bullshitting. 
I had a brainfart that moment so I sent her this anyways:
ME: Something dirty - Guru
HER: Awesome - suzannap

My wing, AJ and I bounced to a rager. It was uncomfortable and tight in there so we didn't stay long.
I came in loud and yelling, making random comments. Random cute brunette heard me and responded. I teased her a bit, tried to kiss her but she gave me the cheek. At one point I said something about her making me sandwiches then a manvoice came in from behind her "No she's not".. She turned around to kiss him. I managed to number close her and told her I was going to text her something dirty.
ME: Something dirty - Guru

Fast forward Maverick and I catch up with AJ at a big spot. We came in and found 10+ cuties in the living with AJ and another friend. My brain was like FUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKK.
I had briefly met 2 of those girls before. I vibed the 2 girls real quick, caught up on some stuff. Meanwhile I saw Maverick was feeling out of place because he wasn't speaking to anyone lol. I dragged him over to one of the girls "Hey my friend here is really shy, he doesn't know anyone here you should talk to him" that got the ball rolling for him, one of the girls called him out on his strong New York accent.
I snuck away to sit next to the a blonde hottie and her friend on the couch. I made myself comfortable as they did while we were watching AJ dance in front of us. She was pretty receptive, I don't remember to what extent I teased her but I definitely didn't come off as forward (I may hav ebeen scared lol). Anyways she definitely showed interest in finding out about me. At one point she started giving me a hard time about my school year. I told her I was a Freshman but she persisted I was lying. I have been said to look 21-25 but god damn, I gave one more attempt at convincing her and told her "Whatever... i'm a Junior, what are you?"
When I see her again i'll confirm that i'm a freshman, I just didn't want to be stuck in that convo.
Next thing I knew we had Photo session, one of the girls I knew got jelly and came to sit on my right lap:

I told them I wanted the next pictures to be sexier:
null null null

The girls had the munchies, so they went out except the blonde girl I know on my right. 
Out of nowhere I see her cat laying next to m Maverick on another couch, HBblondefriend went over to pet it.
I made a run to the bathroom and took some time. When I came back out AJ and the other guy were gone, and fucking Maverick was on top of HBblondefriend fooling!
My brain went "WHAT THE FUCK? How the..." 
I walked through without a word, she saw me and went "You're taking him with you" LOLOLOL damn. I realized I kinda fucked up, and If i went through the door it was over. I tried to resolve it with "Hold up i forgot something in the bathroom" I RAN back into the hall that led to the bathroom.
Funny enough they continued to do their thing for a couple of mins until she stood up and I came out. No biggie, Maverick will see her again for sure lol. Apparently they had been flirting when I left him with some of the girls, which is why shit exploded when everyone else poofed. 
You'll have to open the pic in a new tab to see bigger:
Was an interesting night overall. Went home with another number close from this German girl waiting for the cab and her friends.
We'll see what happens. 
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 1/19/2013's Lay Report

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