April 30th, 2017
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 I really liked Drama's beginner's guide, thought I'd make a daygame version of it.


If you have never cold approached or it's the first approach, it's best to start out really really really small.
Practice very very very brief interactions with strangers and build up from there. You want to find the edge of your comfort zone and ride it. Don't set a task too easy/hard. If you have a coach, his job basically is to set the tasks at a good level (social pressure) weight over and over again, like a personal trainer at the gym.
Enjoy the little victories, when you start out, just approaching should be your only goal to accomplish. Realise there is an initial pain period to overcome. Enjoy the ride.

If you can't cold approach, start with a warm approach - girls working. These girls will have to approach you and talk to you. Practice exchanging names and giving a compliment/small talk. If you feel like there is some chemistry, show interest and exchange deets.
1 on 1 situations, girls sitting/waiting are often easier than moving situations. If you're not comfortable opening a girl who is walking, warm up with girls who are stationary etc.
Women walking the same direction are generally easier to approach than women going the opposite direction, it's ok to swing around and go the same direction. If they are coming the opposite direction, open before they get to you. Opening whilst they are passing is least optimal.

When most guys aren’t getting a good reaction from a girl they just shrug, give up, and walk away. If you are getting a neutral reaction it's ok to just continue, run your mouth.
Anything you say is of VALUE because it's coming from you. If you think you are enough, you are enough.
You don't need to prove it. Assume that you are good.

When you approach a moving set, often you'll end up doing a walk to nowhere. It is generally better to lead by getting the girl to stop. If they are in a rush, i prefer to do a quick exchange of details often a FB.

Most daygame situations suit direct approaches more than indirect because it's not a club/bar environment and the first question/vibe you may get from the girl is "why are you talking to me?"
Being direct sets the frame and screens efficiently. You get to know if there is a bf pretty quickly generally etc.
It's not particularly great being indirect then interacting as a friend to a friend for 30min then blowing out, when being direct and relating as a man to a woman would get the same result a lot faster.
Time is precious.

Sometimes i compare opening to rally driving without a navigator. If you come up to a hairpin, and you stay on the gas you're going to end up in the trees. (This is probably why pick up can be entertaining/cringey to watch) If the girl is initially scared, back off the gas a bit, you can apologise for scaring her, then continue with a compliment etc.

when there's chemistry, exchanging details is generally very easy. If you have already shown interest by being direct, you won't get the "why do you want my number?" question either haha. I like to text my name so they get my number, and it comes up in my recent texts (easy to track).

Coffee shops is where most instadates are had during the day. If it's evening though you can get away with a cocktail bar, after work drinks etc. Sometimes even your place for drinks if the chemistry is there.

Young women generally prefer texts, so i stick to texts. Drinks at a place close to your/her home is generally the best bet, or near where you met. Sometimes even your place for drinks if you guys really connected and you feel like she'd be comfortable. Girls rarely lead, and hit up guys for drinks/catch ups, so remember to do it for them.
Being physical with women is extremely important. It's generally easiest to get physical whilst on the day2. On the couch while having drinks. Sit on the same side etc.
Remember you don't need IOIs in order to escalate, they come after you take action. Be the cause not the effect. You give value when you express yourself.

Being present. Being ok no matter what happens (true happiness). Being internally validated.
Freedom from outcome is the spiritual side of the game, your ability to deal with shit, ability to handle social pressure. It is half the game and will make or break you in life.

Women judge men by looking them in the eyes and testing their freedom from outcome. Their ability to be present and express themselves. Every moment you spend with a girl is an opportunity to amuse yourself and have fun. If you are on a day2 and you're really high energy and you've basically thrown fastballs all day, throw a change up. Slow down, look the girl in the eyes then lips, kiss her.
She's going to pull away sometimes, don't react, you can just smile and try again. This is an example of showing freedom from outcome.

If a girl is smiling and having a good time but she is rejecting the kiss/physical advances, be persistant. "if she is still smiling keep going"
Again be aware of the girl's emotional wavelength. When she resists, back off the gas a bit, then get back on the gas when she's comfortable. Always be closing/escalating <3

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Not bad, not bad at all, I would only put that you should physically escalate throughout the interaction as well as on the instant date, but besides that you got the hammer on the head thumbs up
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 Thanks, that actually helps me with actually managing to open a girl.

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 Very good i am going to try this out tommorrow. 

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