January 17th, 2019
A V8 Bird - 30 Day Challenge
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# Day 1 - Wednesday
Went to a club that was mega packed. I bounced when I saw the line (read: I pussed out), but I came back after a bit.
Inside - yelling, jumping around. It's really packed (and has too many dudes), but the girls are hot.
My approaches all look like me going up and dancing in front of a girl, smiling, making direct eye contact, shaking my groove thang.
I danced around with an african drum. 

Good: Had a lot of fun. 
Learn from: Went to a venue with way too many dudes, and went too late in the night.

# Day 2 - Thursday 
I went to a different club and got there earlier. 
I'm out sober, but a couple people asked me for Molli. strange.

## Got my first number:
Me: "Hey, let's dance"
Her: "I don't do that bumpin and grinding"
Me: "Aight"
[we dance, have a blast]
Her: "What are you doing later?"
Me: "I live nearby"
Her: some gobbedy gook about an after party
Her friend sweeps in and sweeps her away. I grab the number even though I know it's not solid.
I hit up the number after leaving. no dice.

Good: I danced and yelled a lot. Acted a fool fine. Got a flaky number (Huzzah!!)
Learn from: I'm hitting it off with a girl and her friends come drag her away. Solve this.

First 2 Days of my 30 day challenge are looking good. 
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 # Day 3 - Friday
Day one of Wintersalt.
I got there pretty early on. 
I was thinking: "oh, I'll chill out for a bit, kick it, then jump in when the dance floor goes crazy."
That just put me in my head. Snap. I'm thinking a lot. Quick, to the dance floor!
I danced and opened girls for like five hours. Exhausted, but with the party still raging, I bounce home.

Good: I opened a lot of girls.
Learn from: I got blown out a ton. Most times, it just looked like some friends smiling at each other and bouncing away.
I liked the anonymity of hundreds of people on a dance floor. It helped me open and not give a fuck if I was blown out.
I dicked around for the first hour or so. This was a really bad idea.

# Day 4 - Saturday
Day two of Wintersalt
I came much later (like 11), and immediately starting pumping myself up.
I learned that what I did last night wasn't going to cut it. I tried the opposite tonight: keep moving, keep talking.

My opens for the night went like:
"hey, what's up"
"Hey, let's dance"
Grab her hand, smile, pull in. (This one blew my mind.)

Good: Wintersalt was a huge rave in a decommisioned military warehouse.
It was the best party I've ever been to.
The best bart is that I was about to talk myself out of going. Lucky, I installed
a Tyler voice telling me I'm a if I don't follow through. 
It was a lot easier to get in the zone than yesterday.
I made out and fingered one chick. This put me in permastate for the rest of the night.

Learn from: Saw my first bonafide creep. It was hilarious to see out of the corner of my eye, some girls jumping away n such. 
I did way better tonight than last night because I started opening and dancing with chicks immediately, instead of dicking around.

# Day 5 - Sunday
Today was a wierd one. I went out and tried daygame. 
I got mad adrenaline (+ fear), and there weren't that many girls out. I went home.

Around midnight, I said, "screw it. I'm storming the parking lots." I walked around union square + up and down polk street for ~2h
as people started stammering out of bars. I half-ass opened a few people.

Good: I saw my first prostitute. 
I went and tried street game at night (it was really uncomfortable for me).

Learn From: I was about to talk myself into going out in the middle of the night.
It was a "It sucked, but I'm glad I did it" kind of night.

takeaway: I've got to beat this daygame street+mall thing if I'm going to make this 30 day challenge.
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 Keep on pushing bro, your experiences will only get better and try not to think of it as "daygame" but more so just simply talking to a random girl that you find attractive.  Also try going out with a wing so you guys can encourage each other and stuff.

- Good Luck
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 # Day 6 - Monday
I walked around the pier and chilled waiting for the fireworks. 
I hit up a friend and went to a house party. There were a lot of chill folk I didn't know. I made a point to chat up everyone there.
I danced and grooved with a few girls, and just bounced home with some friends at ~1am.

# Day 7 - Tuesday
While I'm out grabbing grocieries at Whole Foods, I talked to a few girls. 
Nothing amazing, just "hey", "cool dog", "what's up?"
It was surprisingly easy to talk when I was already in a good mood or out doing something I want to do.
Later, I went out to the mall and just chilled. 

First 7 days! cool. I'm baby stepping my way to full awesome all the time.
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 # Day 8 - Wednesday
I went out to the club early today.
On my way in, I said: "I'm just going to ride the wave tonight. Fuck it"
I start yelling, acting a fool, having a blast, dancing on tables. 
I'm out sober. People are asking me what drugs I'm on. Validating ;)

Now that I'm in the zone, I just start pulling people into it. 
Randomly pulling girls in for sexy dance time or kinda starting a mosh pit.

Tonight was a good night.

# Day 9 - Thursday
Daytime. Went to whole foods, chipotle, and the mall. Sucked a thousand dicks.
It was really wierd to see how different by behaviour is at night (fun, irreverent, sexual) vs. the day (chill, stifled, etc.).
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 # Day 10 - Friday
I get to the club at around 11 ( this one goes from 9 - 2). My mindset is "I'm going to pump my state to the max."
As soon as I walk in, I start yelling, clapping my hands, and dancing. It felt wierd for like 10 seconds. Then (I think), my brain turned on.

I'm having a ball, and I run into this latin chick. We grind hard. I've got to hold onto some staircase railing to keep my fotting hard.
And then she skips away. 
It's funny how often this happened: where I'd go up to a girl, or she'd come up to me, and we'd get really sexual fast, and she'd run away.
I think it's hilarious and super fun, but I can't make heads or tails of what's going on there (for now).

There were lots of dudes walking around, frowning, dick in hand, mean mugging, or puppy dog eyed. 
They looked really strange and funny.
It was hilarious to watch a girl blow off four of these dudes in succession. Like bang bang bang bang.
Of course I had to go talk to her. We were like: "it's probably just shaking your shiny(read: glittering) ass, dicks just compel dudes to rub it."
Her friends come and we all dance, they grab my ass, I go in, they playfully push my off, and again, and again.

I go to the water fountain near the bathrooms, and everyone's standing in line there.
Except one cute, short chick is dancing. I start dancing with her, and we start grinding. 
I have to hold on to the side of the wall because of how low and hard she's going lol. The folks around are just sort of watching.
Then I get a "Oh no, my friends are leaving me! You're cute!" and she runs off. (?)

There's this one group of ok looking girls that I must have gone up to 6 times. 
I tried coming up from behind, bringing my own awesome / yelling / dancing with, pointing and holding out my hand with solid eye contact.
It all failed, but man was it fun.

Near the end of the night, I was really relaxed in this place, like a night and day difference from how I was here just 2-3 weeks ago.
Two chicks are obviously all over each other. I step up to them and one pushes me away aggressively (there's a first).

I stepped up. This was a good night.

I'm third of the way through my 30 day challenge.

Some self notes:
- Write my field reports morning after for more details and insights
- More detailed field reports are more fun to read / write.
- Step up harder. Step up more.
- Night game separates men from boys. But daygame separates champions from men. Do it. (How to do it:
- Being under 21 is a pretty hard limit on how much night game I can do. None of that matters during the day though.
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 # Day 11
I went out during the day and met up with a wing. We hit up the streets for about 2 hours. I had a lot of fun, talked to a lot of girls, approached big groups,
couples, girls out on their own, girls on the phone, one with her family. 

It was a good day.

# Post Mortem (to look back and cringe)
I got sick, underslept, and I changed cities, so I cut this 30 day challenge short. I'm keeping up Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, hitting it up hard.

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 # Tuesday

I talked to about 12 girls on my way home from work. Approaching after a day of being in work mode was hard, but I made myself do it.

I opened with:
"Hey, excuse me, you're cute, I have to meet you" and
"Hey you're adorable who are you?"
or some variation.

The first few times I opened I stood to the side or only barely slowed down as girls were walking the other way. That didn't work at all. 
The next couple of times I did a hard stop a couple of feet in front of her to give her time to stop.

I got ignored a couple of times (probably came off like I wanted to sell something),
I got amused and engaged a few times. 

What worked:
Every approach was funnier than the last one to me. I swung my mood around pretty fast.
Approaching during the daytime during rush hour. The streets were packed and I could jump from girl to girl.

What to fix:
Talk louder
Try stopping in front of her / walking with her and stopping her.
Post every day out.

I dig it.
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 # Wednesday

Hit up 10 girls on my way home today.

Most of them were walking in the opposite direction. Today I wanted to stop one and bring her walking with me.
I got a couple of lol rejections, a couple of smiles but no stopping, and a couple of girls that I stopped.

There was one girl that I stopped that was smiling. I saw the split second that I could've wisked her away come and go. Didn't react fast enough. lol

There was one really cute girl in high heels that I started chatting with at a stop light. We walked and talked for like 20 minutes.
Then my brain skipped a beat and I split. lol

What I did well:
I was a lot better today at getting directly in a girls path, smiling, and putting myself out there.
Though I was stifled and logical, I was in a generally positive mood even when I got rejected a bunch of times in a row

What to fix:
Try out different openers. I notice that when I'd approach some girls direct, her brain would just short circuit and she'd scurry off. 
Do different things to get myself more talkative faster. Yell. Dance. Whatever.
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 # Thursday
Went out. Walked around for an hour. Bupkus

# Friday
Had an awesome night out.

I met up with some friends at a street fair. We walked around for a bit, chatting, grabbing food.
I jumped into a couple drum circles or dance circles and started dancing. That put me in a sweet mood.

Then I see a big one and I jump in, acting a fool. I catch eyes with a girl that I've caught eyes with before, and I pull her in.
We start dancing. She's teasing me hard. I laught it off and pull her in.
After a while, she stops to talk with her friend. I go hug them both in and we introduce ourselves.

The first girl slowly dances away. Me and the 2nd girl are immediately all over each other.
We maul each other down till the festival closes. We go to the subway. Her friends, the first girl and another dude, already left. 
We run into the friends on our way by chance. We had a fun chat riding home. 

Me and my girl try to split from them on the subway by jumping off a couple stops early. No dice.
I try to invite myself over here, she says not tonight, we exchange #'s, makeout some more, and split.

What I did well:
Got myself into a free, fun, social mood fast
Led with a strong sexual frame.

What to fix:
I didn't lead logistics well.
I didn't make solid plans to meet up again. 
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