January 21st, 2019
What Tyler missed at the Tony's seminar (and my journey going there)
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Since the video about the seminar is out, let me contribute with my take.
First a little song, to get into state, lol.

I will talk about my conceptions of Tyler later. Just saying, we got into separate groups, anyway that I had a eye on the little fucker during the seminar (fanboy stalkerishy).
And during Relationship day (day 4 I guess) he was out the literaly out of the room in both sections, that in my opinion were the best moments.
I rarely take notes on stuff, but my mind was like, wow fuck, this is gold. All the stuff was not remotely new, but everything was connecting.
So I wrote a 2 pages in a fucking weird diagram.

1. Tony's take in realtionship were clearly aimed to couples and long term happiness, that we, do not care about that, really.
He said that in modern world 90% of the time masculine and feminine polarity were reversed.
This came to my mind: "The Feminist movement was just a massive shit test that we failed", lol, don't know if it is original or not.
Then he got some couples to show that pratically, did his intervation proccess, breaking state and the we see clearly when the woman snaps from masculine frame into feminine, damn, like the ladies, old women even, got instanly hot and attractive, something in the smile, that was magic!
So if all girls are in macho mode, and so are we, we get into conflict, it is a brawl of verbal wits of two dudes, trying to state whose reality is dominant.
Then cues the song "dude looks like a lady" and he made the guy back into macho mode and the guy said to his wife "shut up bitch" and she was totally wet for sure.
How can that applies to us.
There's no gaming a girl in macho mode. We have to switch her mode.
How exactly to do that, let's continue my line of thinking...

in Tony's definition:
Men were made as hunters, they have to focus in the prey
Women were made gatherers, and have to focus in many things in the same time, like getting berries in the right seasons, taking care of the baby, etc
so summed with our old:
"Men Logical, women emotional" we got, women do not need things to get explained, but experienced, they love the proccess, (hmmm something to think about)
Tony called their mode: meta reporting, when they are telling as story and yet multitasking unpredicatably, they experience that again
instead of experience something again we can project our story into them and making them feel what we want, better, we can make them go to all range of emotions and it takes time.

Talk / Share / Feel
Listening / Time / Range Emotions

what we got here?
Time = Alex's Face Value (more time with her, more chances) +
Emotions = Julien's Drama (killing the dying kitten story example)
Feminine Mode (a true praise of her femininity, is certain path of melting her off)

Done, she's ours.

There's more, Tony said about (shit) tests and something about if the girls is still there, there's still chance (something of Jeffy's red signal came to my mind).
She, being there, had only to ways of comunications:
-Call for attetion
-Loving response
So shit tests are negative, yet calls for attetion "I'm a little girl trapped in this bitchy persona, show me a man that I can open up", we need to have balls and show that.
The result is a proof that attraction is already there.

Then he went to a talk about, they way their mind is hardwired, they do not talk what they want or need.
They only give clues, we have to learn to be Sherlock Holmes to identify and recognize.
or better force our will, that they probably will love it.

2. During all seminar, there is breaks to put the audience back in state. So they play techno music (like those ones in the article)
So people dance all around, I was always fistpumping and dancing over the chairs, lol, along 2200 people, really, that is peak state.
My seminar partner, a older women, said always to me that the girls were into me and that I was the only one not trying to impress (but my chody brain was like "improbable"
Whatever, after the femininity talk, Tony asked girls that found themselves feminine to dance in the stage.
That men would vote for the most feminine.
So less then 10 girls volutereed.Played this song:

So girls were really hot, the most 2 hotties entered in competition mode and worked their body really hard as club dancers.
Then came time for the voting, the most voted girl by the dudes (including me) was the one in the back that was all girly and shy.
It was Tony's practical proof, that club girls are in macho mode.

Then came men's time to go on stage.
Guess how many volutereed? about 150.
an Asian hottie from another team, that I never seen before, pointed at me that I should to go on stage. I said: no way, I don't need that.
During the song, one dude was about taking his shirt off.
When the song ended, the girls in the audiece booed the guys.
Tony said that real men do not ever need to show off. They just know that they are enough and will take action when needed.
Double points for me, breakthroughs slap you in the fucking face although the event like that. I had proof that the asian (never saw her again, damn) voted me as real male and that I acted right as declining going to stage.
(one of the guys in stage was Tyler's friend, lol)
Tony then got a really short dude in the center of the stage, Said to him "choose a woman"
and said to him in the ear "stare in her eyes, don't flinch whatever happens"
he did, she tried to break his gaze, but the shord dude went on. she said "wow, I can sense that" and then she was not able to stopping smiled.
It is Tyler's silent glare re-explained (more about that later). We need nothing to make them wet, but we just cannot force it when they are not in lady mode.

Then Tyler was back, we all had exercices about the subjects.
Including all the girls dancing like bellydancers and it was cool and sexy.

3. Freedom
Real late night, I noticed Tyler was off again.
Then Tony set a exercice to reclaim men's masculity.
It was really simple and powerful.
He showed Braveheart's scene about yelling "Freedom"
Then with military sounds of drums he made us yell "Freedom" so many times
stronger and stronger.
Dudes, really, in that time it was like I could conquer the fucking world right then.
My posture and voice was changed, amazing.
Tony asked "Girls, can you spot a man you would not fuck in the room" Wow
Then the day ended. I was waiting in the taxi line.
I girl from my group came by and I was like fluidly helding and hugging there, WTF, since when do I act like that? lol
She said "Freedom" made her excited. I asked if it was a tingly feeling in the lady parts. she laughed.
So I went with something "my place or yours", I could totally go baby-stepping and got a lay in the same freaking day.
Then a fatty friend came and snatched the girl from me because they were in the same hotel and would share the cab.
Wow, fuck, I lost the chance, for sure. But I learn to be aware of that happening, my mind will have a solution next time.

So how can we get emulate that power, on demand, when we are not supported by the human force of 2200 people around?

There's a lot of things of the event and I can go on and on for pages, but those were really high points.
Telling it again makes it more concrete in my mind and I hope I help and entertain you people.
This is other thing I learned and have to practice, how much powerful contributing to other people helps yourself.
It is like the world is programmed in the way that we cannot be selfish.

Now my take on the journey of going to Tony's

I am 32 and still suck at game, but 2012 was a expanding year.
I already took 4 bootcamps (including Vegas, after the event with Jeffy and Manwhore, that are amazing professionals)
Tyler was there but I was not in his team.
In vegas freetour Tyler said about the first time he took a plane and how much his brain needed to accept that.

In my mind I always thought that taking planes were such a pain.
That I should never do it.
When I found Tyler was going to Tony's. I wanted to go, but was not in my reality.
Then by luck, I had to take a plane in order to have a job in another city and come back the same day.
My brain just opened. I can do that!
This year I also moved (too late) out of my parent's house.
Now I take planes just to see a concert and then back hours later. lol.
Wow man, now I just HAVE to go NOW.
Getting Passaport and Visa are such a pain, yes, it was, lol. BUT I HAVE TO GO.
I have to thank Tyler, directly or not, he was a catalyst of chance in my (ours) life.
(and thanks Obama for the visa reform, so it can be done in one week, instead of 3 months like prior)

First day in the US, I got very shy and was not able to speak english well enough.
in the last day of bootcamp, the other student from UK said he could not believe that I was not a US citzen that my english was perfect.
See how much limitations are only in our minds?????

at first I really wanted to have Tyler around the event, sure, osmosis of learning Tony and have a direct interpretation from Tyler.
But getting into separate teams turned out to be better, I had such a great time in the event and met such wonderfull people.
Seeing Tyler is also good to realize, that in the end, he is just a guy. (a guy that worked his butt off) but just a guy.
(but, no, Tony is alien or saint)
In the seminar he was low profile and was wearing glasses and hoodie.
"This nerd is the pick up legend from the internet???"
He really transforms in the club, and he even appears to be taller.
He uses the glare and eye contact with everyone, not just girls, maybe we all should do that (?) lol.
What all instructors have is that, they do not fuck everyone, but the DO grab the attention of all girls they interact, it may not last, but for whatever period, magic is there.

Thanks Brad, Julien, Jeffy, Tyler, Manwhore! (the ones I met personally) and all other instructors.
Thanks 2012

I will field test some theories and then report back:
- Projecting the Tony's 6 needs in the girls
- Loss aversion in Buyer's frame
and vanished
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 Awesome story.
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This is one of the awesomest posts I've read in a looooong time! I really appreciate you actually giving us some useful & applicable information! Thinking about brushing up on Tony again, thanks to you!
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Interesting, I didn't know Tony Robbins was teaching stuff like this.
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Heh I was reading this post expecting something lame but this was a cool write up, thanks for doing it. I'll go watch Tyler's video now and see how it compares and maybe there is other info, I did not think Ton'ys stuff would go into masculine polarity..
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cool story.
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 Shit dude, awesome! Did Tony ever write this stuff down in books can we only get this on live events? I only read awaken the giant but don't remember him havin books on these topics.
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Very cool story
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Hey dude.. amazing write-up, wish Id been there. You Paulo? Ill remove your name if it matters. Remember what we drilled on repeatedly on program together and with the girl we grabbed to work on it with? Probably makes a lot of sense now even though I know it got a bit frustrating.
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great write up
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Hey man. What is the 6physical needs of feminine and loss aversion in buyer frame?
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