June 19th, 2018
Alexander SF Hotseat Review
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 I've been paying attention to alexander and watching his videos on rsdn since my buddy came back from interning with him and told me stories about him that were unbelievable. The free videos really explain Alexanders concepts but getting to see them displayed infront of you for hours is a privledge that left me fully able to repeat the concepts on my own. I'm intermediate and this is just my own opinion. I think there are things from a bootcamp you cant get from a hotseat. Like getting live feedback etc. But honestly i have been on many PUA programs with many companies. Prolly anything you can think of i've done something simular and the hotseat is the best program out there. i've been going out for 3 years. Every six months i feel like my game upgrades. If i go to a hotseat i feel like its an added 6 month upgrade in 2 days. 

Alex is the real deal.  Only in the last year have i become aware that there is  a level of game that is so beyond what i ever thought was possible its retarded. I think what might impress noobs is flashy fireworks style game. But if you have done that for a while and are wondering why you are still going home alone going and watching alexander will bring you to where you need. Seeing him pull out infield he didnt look like some guy gaming a girl. There were not people standing around gawking at this guys incredible game. It was subtle... They looked like they came together... like they knew eachother from before and in what seemed like 20 minutes later they were out the door and in the cab. Beautiful to watch like a grand master martial artist who can end a fight before it even starts. 

I left the program feeling I am enough, implementing 4 times rule, 2 notepads full of great lines, concepts, mindset, and things to incoroperate into my lifestyle and game. 
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