January 16th, 2019
I, Hardcase #2
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This is the second part of my analysis and advice for all the hardcases out there. If you have not seen the first thread I did on this topic I suggest you read that one first because this one will pretty much pick up right where the last one left off. In this part I will go over what advantages and disadvantages hardcases have compared to others (all based on my own journey so consider yourself warned)

Hardcase vs. The World: The clear difference between healthy and unhealthy paranoia

In one of his videos, Tyler/Owen talks about how having a healthy sense of paranoia will push someone to work harder. Hardcases do not have this healthy sense of paranoia, they have the unhealthy sense of paranoia. Up until the age of 24 or so, I literally felt that everyone around me, friend, foe or family, had something against me. I would constantly say that the world was out to get me and at my worst, I would say that everyone is conspiring against me because they are afraid that I will succeed. Nowadays I have toned that down a bit and have begun to develop the healthy paranoia that Tyler/Owen has talked about. At my job I am excluded from my co-workers not cuz they have something against me but because they are chodes and I am not. They are not the ones getting stunners numbers, pecks on the cheeks, and day 2 closes from across the counter. They are not the ones getting hooked with VIP passes by club promoters who stop in the store. They are not the ones who play the therapist to the crying sorostitute and then gets $20 from her just because you listened to her cry about her ex while cleaning (a very small and negligible) amount of throw up from her car. But I still get concerned about what said co-workers say about me but am never TOO concerned. At my first job when I was 19, however, I would get written up for bothering co-workers not because I was hitting on the female ones, but just for being annoying. I would ALWAYS ask ALL THE TIME: Are we good? I don't want to be on your bad side. And I would do this to everyone. Every dam day. It was annoying and approval seeking to the nth degree but it was because of that unhealthy paranoia.

Narcissism plus: The Ego of the Hardcase
Hardcases have some of the biggest egos ever. I can usually tell who the hardcases on this board are just by the way they defend themselves. They are literally their own biggest fanboys, defending themselves nonstop on qualities that they have zero control over, race and ethnicity being the biggest (and IMO the only relevant) ones. Why do hardcases have such giant egos, and more importantly, why do they break so easily and defend themselves so quickly and strongly? It goes back to that Hardcase vs the World mentality. They believe and are convinced that they are getting zero support from anyone so they have to compensate it somehow. Their narcissism is how they compensate. At their worst, they close their minds to nearly everything. I was like this pretty much up until I finished High School. I was a Hipster personified, never allowing myself to like anything popular and if I didn't like it, it sucked. I would complain about stuff to anyone and everyone to such extremes that it really did intoxify them. And if they had something against it, they had something against ME. So what is the upside to this? An open mind and Knowledge of Self. Truth is, a hardcase sees a lot of crazy things happen in their life, so they really can become a legit man of the people. So they have the propensity to be open minded about a lot of things and also that gives them the ability to relate to ppl on a grand scale. There are so many ppl who shop at my job regularly who tell me that sometimes I am the only one they can talk to.

Obsession plus: The Hardcase's "unfair advantage or disadvantage"
There is a reason why Tyler/Owen and Jeffy are wildly successful in cold approach. Both are self professed hardcases. Hell, Jeffy wrote TWO books on it. When hardcases focus on something, usually there is NOTHING that will stop them from getting it. That is how Tyler/Owen and Jeffy are with cold approach. That is how some of the hardcases here are with school, and that is how I am with Bowling. In September I paricipated in a Bowling Tournament where if you make the top eight in the shift you bowled you advanced. There were six shifts per day at three games a shift, and every third shift the finalists were selected. The tournament was three days long. Despite making it and getting beat out of it TWICE, I was able to make it. I bowled 33 games across two days to make it. When hardcases focus on something and want it that badly, they will turn into something else. Unfortunately, most hardcases get stuck obsessing about negative things. They don't get One-itis, they get One-Cancer. I nearly got expelled from school cuz I would follow my crush around every chance I got. I started drinking as soon as I turned 21 and in six months I was already drinking half a six pack a day. As soon as I gained access to a casino, I started gambling with money I should have been saving. And most recently I was addicted to food. Why do hardcases develop such things so quickly? It is a combination of ego satisfaction AND their need to constantly be emotionally stimulated.

That is all I have for today. In the next thread I will talk about how I began my road to recovery as a hardcase.
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I, Hardcase: Advice and analysis for anyone who considers themself a Hardcase Newbie:
Part 1 =
Part 2 =
Part 3 =  
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bigjew629, your Hardcase-posts seem to be written from a very centered place as I deeply resonate with what you are saying. Keep it up!

I wanted to post a reply to your #1 - post yesterday but I was too busy and tired to do so. Now I'm not quite in the mood for this but as I decided to post a reply let's get this done. So this is a reply to both #1 and #2.

Broken Home

When I was about 7 or 8 years old, I witnessed how my dad, in one of his angry rages, violently smacked my mothers head against the wall, me standing in the middle of it, crying. It took me about 15 years to find out that this was a major factor amongst the shit that messed me up sort of bad. At the age of around 23, when my 3-year-relationship with my first-ever-girlfriend went to complete shit, I realized how I have been imitating the self-destructive behaviours of my dad, even though I hated him.

I realized I needed to completely detatch from everything I had learned about everything so far. I realized I would have to find out how to become "happy" and lead a good life completely on my own, and that I have to be critical above all towards my own judgements and decisions. I realized that, unlike most other people, just "living" was not going to come easy to me.

What I learned about self-developement, psychology and from the community helped me to "understand" what my dad was so pissed off about back then. The reason was simple: he's a complete loser at the bottom of the social status ranking. He was not living up towards his own standards at all, working a job he hates, having no friends at all because the only people he hangs out with are the people he dislikes, especially his relatives. He doesn't change anything about these things because he is afraid, because he is a child and never became a man. Not being able to communicate properly or to break out of the situation, the only thing left were his occasional violent outbursts (sharply contrasting with the constant underlying depressive mood).

Up to this day, I find myself staring at people around me in sheer wonder when they have interesting things to share about their family, like funny stories etc

People for whom their family seems to be a constant source of good emotions.

People who seem to go through life effortlessly. People, for whom things like travel, work and the faith that "everything is going work out fine in the end" is the DEFAULT MODE.

Whenever I encountered people like this throughout my late childhood and especially my youth, I literally would just stare at them and be like "doooh...." in my mind.

It was only after I found the community, self developement and the teachings of tyler and jeffy, that I learned that the people who wounded me in the past would never be able to make up for it. They would never be able to heal me. The only person able to do this am I.

I also learned that there are people off way worse than I, and that my childhood was probably one of the most pleasant compared to the rest of the world. That a big part of my pain consisted of me being a little bitch.

I had spiriual insights: external events can only affect you if you let them, and that you always make a choice about this.

One of the biggest self-help lessons out  there, something important in your post #1:

"The more private you think something is, the more common it probably is."

I realized, that every family is complicated. I realized that I could, even though I have just begun to do this, share the bad things that have happened to me with other people. Whenever you do this, it is almost like this wonderful thing is happening. You can give people a feeling of deep understanding and acceptance and help them to connect with their own emotions deep inside, something they were probably too afraid to do before. This is where the comfort of mankind is to be found in.

Hardcases can find so much more in game than just "banging hoes". Like tyler put it: "not only does the game force you to take massive action and work really hard, you also have to emotionally heal yourself." Compared to all the rest the Hardcase newbie can get out of the game, sex seems to be only a minor stimulating extra gift.
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 Thanks so much for this!
 Just another sleep deprived, caffeine drenched aspie. Representn' 
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 These two threads are good. RSD is geared as Tyler said in one of his vids, the Date with Destiny one, to the people who take massive action, but there are lots of people sorta like me who feel the ideas they are teaching resonate deeply but still only take sporadic action, still I meander in the mush of my own amiguity as Deida put it. It would be fucking interesting to figure out how to motivate these ppl. A lot of ppl take bootcamps and post about how they gonna hit it hard and found their direction in life, then a year later is a new post saying, I stopped for 4 months, now Im gonna do a 30 day challenge and get BACK IN THE GAME, and they quit halfway through and go back to mediocrity. 

Anyway I have a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge "hardcase ego" and heres how it manifests itself:

I would be SO FUCKING GODLIKE with girls because I am SUPER SEXY and I UNDERSTAND GAME, 


I only had the courage/motivation to TAKE ACTION


Since I dont have the courage/motivation to TAKE ACTION

I can sit at home, not even trying, but still get to think of myself as a MASSIVE PIMP, because how good wouldnt I be, IF I went out?

I had a mild social anxiety problem, was worst at 15, I was really scared to go downtown and be seen by anyone from my school, because I was an inferior loser and what business would I have to go downtown into clothing stores where only popular people went?. But I am pretty much over it. I am still fucking stifled around new people but I can warm up, I have good friends, I have fucked two chubby girls, I have more confidence and personality, I was on a day3 with a cute girl and I think I could have kissed her but I rationalized out of it. 

But Im still not at the massive action point. I can and I want to go out every tue-wed-thur-fri-sat but I don't. I only go out with my friends, and only drunk, and very rarely try to engage a girl I dont know. Sometimes when my friends are talking to new girls I'll join in, and I have done the occasional hand of god on the dancefloor, but thats about it. 

I have a journal spanning over two years, take a look if this is a subject that interests you:
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30 day challenge is tough shit dude, but I feel that you could make it work if you put everything into it. Can't wait to hear more about this.
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