October 17th, 2018
supplements for confidence/well being
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Hey guys. ive been roaming the forums for over 5 years and can count my approaches on 1 hand. Im 25 atm, wondering if Ive let my social years go by. I just dont have enough confidence. Anything I can take to improve this. I already take omega 3, chlorella, multivit and st johns wort. Anyways besides that, what can I do to get more girls in my life?
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It is a rule of thumb to say that there is no magic supplement that will "fix" you. And there really isn't. Exercise, sleep, healthy eating, those are the most important fundamental things that you MUST do to be on top of your game.

But, the most benefitial supplement I've ever taken is Zinc to raise my testosterone levels. Within about two months of taking it, I had a lot more swagger in my step, and I continue to take it to this day. I also quit watching porn and fapping. It could be complete placebo, but my experience with it has been incredibly positive. I recommend trying it out for three weeks and see how that affects your mindset, mood and social interactions.
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 Dude, Stop taking supplements unless you truly need them. Relying on them as a crutch only masks the real problems you face. I used to be in your place (as did most guys at some point in their lives). If you truly want to make yourself better quit bitching about it and go out and do something. Just start small and work your way up as you build confidence it isn't going to be easy but don't ever say you can't do something. In the long run people are people, if girls intimidate you so what? Are they going to hurt you? Fuck no. Will you survive a rejection, hell yea. Just get your shit done, go out and work on your skills and good things will happen. 
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 WTF is this bullshit, get the fuck out of your house and talk to a girl.  

Your gonna get your ass fucking blown out but fuck it man eventully you will have a clue.

As far as supplements fish oil and multi vietemins arnt gonna fucking make you talk to girls, clearly. It might make you live longer but what gives your probally still suck..

god damn smh

like dude i'm 18 living with my parents and still going out to the club solo, its fucking tough, but holy shit its fucking a blast man and dude guess what last night when i went out, I KID YOU NOT, I WAS ON FISH OIL OR MULTI VIETIMS, i know that sounds crazy..

fuck man get your life together, get a good routine going, gym, meditation, nutriotion, sleep, eventully your bound not to be a pussy.  

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Juju Shaka Khan

Juju Shaka Khan

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For more confidence, the following work great:

-Exercising regularly 
-Eating a healthy diet (fruits and veggies!)
-Socializing regularly (check out to meet new people in your area)
-Setting realistic goals for yourself that you want to accomplish
-Setting up a schedule to better manage your time and to make sure you aren't wasting time on bullshit
-Getting your financial situation straight (saving money, paying off debt, etc.)
-Meditating 30 minutes every day
-Sleeping at least 7 hours every day
-Approaching women regularly 

If you're depressed then try taking "5-HTP" daily for an entire month until your serotonin levels are balanced. 
If your diet isn't healthy, then your body will be lacking in many essential vitamins, so I'd buy a good quality multivitamin. 
I personally take "Source Naturals Men's Life Force Multiple". It's on the expensive side but it's awesome. 

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96 such reviews and from my own experience with supplements I can
tell you it's all true. From Amazon:

I am a total skeptic. I've been a successful psychotherapist for 25
years. I've had mood difficulties my entire life and have consumed the
usual therapies, medications and hormone replacement therapies and
remedies without a "cure". What was most helpful about this book was
the distinction Ross invites you to make between emotions caused by
real events and thoughts versus "false moods" that are physiological
states. Psychotherapy doesn't help correct physiological imbalances as
efficiently as seeking a physiological remedy. Next, with a simple
quiz, she divides these mood states into four basic catagories and
invites you to locate yourself into a catagory or two based upon the
prevalance of certain symptoms. So far, this is like a detective story
with you and your symptoms as the main focus. The plot thickens: She
educates you about the nature of the physical imbalance implied by
your answers and explains the action of the recommended nutritional
supplements aimed at your specific hypothetical problem. She tells you
how to know by your response whether it is working and how to
recognize when you've gone too far and should stop the intervention.
Well, I was desperate. I decided to follow her regimen to the letter.
Surprise! Her predictions were absolutely true to my own responses. If
she says you can feel a supplement start to work in 10 minutes, then
that is what it does. If she saya it takes months, then it does. BUT
IT WORKED for me. It is 18 months since I first followed her advice
and after a year or more of no supplements, some symptoms began to
return. I'm not kidding when I tell you that the results are just as
dramatic this time. I'm sold on her advice. One important result of
reading this book is that I've learned to differentiate between when I
am having a physical problem and when it is an emotional problem. Once
you know this, you are more adept at choosing whether to seek
psychotherapy, nutritional therapy, or hormonal therapy to address
your psychological symptoms. No kidding, this book has set the ground
work for me to have a similar quality of life in my post menopausal
years as I had as a healthy young person. It restores hope because it
applies logic and science. Another helpful thing she said that seems
obvious in retrospect is that the "minimal daily requirements" are
just that: Minimal to Prevent Symptoms of Disease. Think about it.
These guidelines do not spell out "Optimal Daily Requirements" for
good health. One note of caution: If you follow her advise too
haphazardly or don't stick to the regimen, you will have less than a
dramatic response and you will quickly relapse. Really do it. Take the
so called "megadoses" for a month or two, while observing the safety
precautions she spells-out and you will be amazed. I was. My body told
me that I was on the right track almost right away so my initial
misgivings about taking supplements were quickly allayed by the
obvious better energy and health I was achieving. When I began, I had
been so exhausted that for many years, even mild exercise left me
feeling wiped out. Now, I am very active again, my depression and
anxiety is minimal and I am now rebuilding my physical fitness. I did
check out the assertions she makes with other articles in her subject
areas, and although I am a lay person, her advise does appear to check
out with mainstream research. Good luck! I've reread this book 5-6
times and am still consulting it.
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 Subutiamine, Mdma, pharmagaba, tryptophan

The first 2 are addictive & the third can give u seizures if u take too much.


Show Up, Fuck Shit Up & Leave.. The real method.
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G Bizz

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"For most people, a high-quality multivitamin; a calcium-magnesium supplement; vitamin D; fish oil; and special B vitamin complex including folate, B6, and B12 will take care of the basics."

Read this from Ultramind Solution and began taking them all yesterday. I feel great. The amount of negative thoughts is almost nil, I don't even actively have to try fending them off.

Could be placebo, but eh, it's working.

Using all NatureMade vitamins except fish oil (carlson's) and the multivitamin (Vitafusion).
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Ginko bilboa
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And a good multivitamin. Most people are so nutritionally devoid the body freaks out. Get an organic one.
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Holy basil
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